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  • Description:clickinks。COM &nbsp;提供了令人惊讶的低 &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp &nbsp价格;在一个大;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp的选择;&nbsp;&nbsp;兼容,再制造和&nbsp;&nbsp;OEM &nbsp;&nbsp喷墨&nbsp;和激光墨粉;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;令人难以置信的子弹。&nbsp;&nbsp拥有它;&nbsp;其&nbsp;&nbsp产品兼容;&nbsp;以&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp &nbsp相同;ISO标准;&nbsp;&nbsp;原来nbsp;制造商&nbsp;&nbsp;用。<br />其&nbsp;&nbsp;价格,与耦合&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp贪得无厌的;&nbsp;&nbsp买得到;2 &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp 1;自由的交易&nbsp &nbsp;和自由;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp &nbsp航运;对所有订单;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp,使;clickinks。COM的&nbsp;&nbsp不可抗拒的产品。
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    I purchased 3 ink cartridges from Clickinks after buying a Groupon for reduced priced ink. I made a purchase WELL ABOVE the options offered on the Groupon. Immediately after placing the order, a charge was placed on my credit card. When I finally received my ink, 2 out of the 3 registered as empty. I emailed immediately. Please see below for the painful blow by blow email between us. This company has customer service that cannot handle follow up and staff that is just plain incompetent. I would rather pay full price than deal with companies like Clickinks!! My advice to anyone.....avoid this company at all costs. ****************************************************************************************************************************************** ****************************************************************************************************************************************** TO: Clickinks Date: Tue, Mar 22, 2016 Subject: Order #11237194 I received the above order. Only 1 of the black cartridges is working. The other black and the color one state empty when put into the printer. I tried a 2nd printer and they did the same thing. Sandie ****************************************************************************************************************************************** FROM: Clinkinks Date: Mar 24, 2016 Subject: Order #11237194 Dear Sandie, I am sorry to hear about your cartridge problem. If you could first please advice your printer and cartridge models and let me know the specific problem you are having. For example, if the cartridges are being recognized or are flagging up with a low ink error preventing you from printing and so on. From this information I can ensure the best possible troubleshooting steps are sent to you in order to resolve the problems you are experiencing. Alternatively, you may be able to find the answer to your question by visiting our user-friendly Support Center here: Support Center Knowledgebase You simply need to type a key word of your problem, and you should be provided with a quick and easy solution. If you would prefer, you can call our customer service team on 800 706 4657 and we will be happy to resolve this on the phone for you. Sincerely, Alex Regards, Hilda ******************************************************************************************************************************************** TO: Clickinks Date: Mar 24, 2016 Subject: Order #11237194 The order number is in the subject line, so you can get the information there. I just need a return number so I can return the cartridges that do not work. My husband is an IT Tech, so I do not need to troubleshoot. The cartridges are just empty. Sandie ******************************************************************************************************************************************** FROM: Clinkinks Date: Mar 30, 2016 Subject: Order #11237194 Dear Sandie, I am unable to locate an account with your name / email address. Please reply to this email with an order/invoice number or alternatively your email address you used to register with Clickinks and I will be able to take the next steps. Sincerely, Alex Regards, Hilda ******************************************************************************************************************************************* TO: Clickinks Date: Mar 30, 2016 Subject: Order #11237194 The order number is the subject line!!!! Are you kidding me??? Just send me an RMA number Sandie ******************************************************************************************************************************************* FROM: Clinkinks Date: Mon, Apr 4, 2016 Subject: Order #11237194 Dear Sandie, You have recently been in touch with Clickinks regarding the query detailed below (#8016), and we have not heard from you for a few days. If the issue is now resolved, you can ignore this email and the ticket will be automatically closed in five days time. Should you still need assistance or advice, please reply to this email and we will do our best to help. ******************************************************************************************************************************************** TO: Clickinks Date: Apr 4, 2016, Subject: Order #11237194 This is a joke, right? Do you have any idea of what is going on in your Customer Service Department? All I want is an RMA # to return the useless ink. Sandie ******************************************************************************************************************************************** TO: Clickinks Date: May 2, 2016 Subject: Order #11237194 It has been over a month and I still have yet to get a response from you. If I do not get a response by noon tomorrow, I will be hitting social media with bad reviews. Sandie ******************************************************************************************************************************************** FROM: Clinkinks Date: May 2, 2016 Subject: Order #11237194 Your request (14166) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff. To add additional comments, reply to this email. Clickinks Tel: 1-800-706-4657 ******************************************************************************************************************************************** TO: Clickinks Date: May 2, 2016 Subject: Order #11237194 What is there to review?!?!? I will throw away the junk you sent me. I will do reviews on your company on any site I can find, including social media, that your company is a scam. I will also be contacting Groupon, where I received the coupon for your company to let them know you are not a good company to deal with. Thanks for wasting my time and money. Sandie
    This company has horrible customer service, internal processes, and staff that is just plain incompetent and rude. Placed my first oder wit this company because I had a groupon on April 10, 2015. By June 10th, I still did not have order and called. After attempting several times and being on hold for 20-30 minutes and giving up a few times I reached someone and they told me they would research and get back to me yet that day. After a couple days of not hearing from anyone, I again went back in to telephone hold and finally reached the same person after several attempts. He told me the order was returned as undeliverable by the post office but as we confirmed the address, they had the correct address. He first said I would have to pay for shipping to get it shipped back out to me and then after checking further they would ship for free again but if it was returned I would have to pay for it the next time. Unbelievable! So after not receiving it on June 23, 2015, I tried to call and after 30 minutes of hold, gave up and called today June 24, 2015. Got to speak to Traneisha and she said that something was not set up right and so they would have to go back in and credit my account and they I would need to go back in and place order again. She was not able to just do what they told me they were going to do....ship my order. She would not let me talk to anyone else as she was the supervisor and nobody else there to talk to. So I gave up, went to my account and placed the order again. I have no confidence I will ever see my order. My advice to anyone.....avoid this company at all costs. Its not worth any price. Horrible company!!!!
    Great prices, great delivery - and ink cartridges that do not print. You get what you pay for. In my case, I got a pair of cartridges that would not print and had visible fingerprint corrosion on the contacts. I bought official OEM cartridges and my printer worked on all colors. I put ClickInk in again - making sure all cartridges were free of corrosion. The same two colors failed. ClinkInks agreed to refund my money. I returned the ink three months ago and I am still waiting for my refund. My beef is not with customer care/tech support. The men and women I have talked to do a fine job. My beef is with the management. The check is printed. It is waiting for approval. There's something wrong with a company that will immediately agree to refunds then take three months to refund the money. I used a groupon coupon to get my ink. I know I will never get my Groupon money back but I at least expect to get my money back from ClickInks. Three months and counting. Reference number: LTK1221603056861X
    The customer service is horrendous. I asked to speak with a manager and the person I was talking to hung up on me. A legitimate company would never even thing of hanging up on a customer. The ink doesn't even work in my Epson NX430 printer. Please save your money and the headache. Do not use this company!
    Ordered inkjet cartridges for $48 - they did not arrive after 19 days waiting. I called them and got a combative customer service rep (she could not find my order at first) - they backordered the cartridges and did not inform me earlier. I cancelled the order. I ordered the cartridges on Amazon for $25 an received them in 2 days. Clinkinks is terrible !! Never again for me.
    This is the mos unreliable company that I ever dealt with. I returned unopened cartridges and it took 7 months to get a refund after 7 calls. Their customer service representatives lied to me regarding the refund and told me it would take two weeks. The cartridge chips were not programmed correctly and I could not use them.The manager never called me back. Please stay away from this company.
    Horrible company. Sent me inkjet cartridges that didn't work and charged me a 20% restocking fee to return and I had to pay an additional $10 to send back because they don't pay for return shipping. Even worse, a month after they received the authorized return they have yet to credit back my account. Each time I call they promised it was being processed that day. Ugh!
    Order lost by USPS. Returned w/RMA. Took 3 mos. to receive refund and then only 55% of my order price!! They are horrible! I ordered from inkjetsuperstore and had my order in 2 days from fedex!! Not much more expensive. Go w/them!! Clickinks is horrible and the customer service people are not helpful at all!
    Do NOT order from this company. After I submitted my order, I got an email from them asking me for my driver's license number, my utility bill, even my credit card statement. NO OTHER COMPANY ever asks for this information because it is a VIOLATION OF PRIVACY LAWS !!!!!!!!!! I immediately cancelled my order. When I asked for a refund, they told me I will get a store credit. Obviously I do not ever want to buy anything from these scamers and I do not want a store credit. I will give them one week to credit my money back before I file a FRAUD charge against them.
    I will NEVER again buy these ink cartridges. While they were much cheaper than Epson, I have had NOTHING but trouble with them. My printer will sometimes use them but mostly not. I will throw most of them away. You get what you pay for!!!
    Ordered ink cartridges for my HP printer. I called first to verify the they would work, not a problem. They did not work, my printer would not recognize them. I called CSR and she said she would email me instructions on how to get them to work, didn't work. Called back and told her I would like a refund , she emailed me a return label. I put the cartridges in same box and label on top of box. Waited a couple of weeks, checked my credit card to see a refund was credited, nothing. I called CSR, and was told they never received it. Come on I used their label, had to be correct address.
    Fraudulent scam artist. do not buy from this company unless you want problems and yu want to lose your money.
    This company promises and promises...received my inks (wrong one's) and called them to notify them that the ink I just received were the wrong one. They instructed to send them back (hurray). Not so hurray....we received the same ink cartridges that we sent in (waited a week and half) for replacement. Called and explained the situation once again, and was told that I would have to ( you got it!) send them back again (and wait another week and half). Asked if I could get a rush delivary for the inconvenience (NO WAY) was told I could get expedited delivery as long as I paid for it. So much for customer service and return business. I asked to speak with a supervisor (What supervisor) and was told that everyone has gone home for the day (chuckles). I asked if I could callback the next day and speak with a supervisor (are kidding) and was told that it would turn out the same way (no kidding...they told me this), excuse me I said...I asked again (stay calm I remedied myself), so your telling me that if I call tomorrow I will NOT be able to speak with a supervisor that will be willing to help me. Yes, I was told. SO MUCH FOR BUYING FROM THIS COMPANY AGAIN. CHECKOUT REVIEWS BEFORE BUYING...CLICKINK NO MORE. JR
    There where difficulties with my order from the get go, but it didn't daunt me because I thought that they were just being extra cautious about verifying that I was the card holder. It took several days to place the order. The real hassle came in when I found the ink not to be up to par and I requested an RMA to return the ink cartridges. It took several days to get the RMA number. Then, once I sent the items back, I didn't receive confirmation that they got them so I called them up only to find that they can take up to 3 weeks to actually process the arrival of the returned items!!! They where completely unapologetic about the inconvenience and when I asked their Customer Service Supervisor for a refund, she let me know that it takes 2 billing cycles to put that through. ABSOLUTELY THE WORST COMPANY I HAVE DEALT WITH ON INTERNET SO FAR!
    I'm glad that I Stopped before I Started with this business. I ordered 3 cyan & 3 magenta cartirdges from this site last week. Our accounting people wanted a filled--in W-9 form. And after calling & e-mailing a number of times over many days, we got no response at all. I even tried to use their "Live Help" and no one ever picked up. I did some searching online today and found a number of reviews that said that is a Scam site. So I cancelled my order. Hopefully they will acknowlege my cancellation.
    Battled a year and finally gave up. Ink was not compatable. Didn't answer e-mails or phone calls. Finally after 3 months received e-mail to send ink back and would be refunded. Sent back and didn't hear from them. Again impossible to get through or anyone to answer. After more weeks was told that would not be reimbursed because it took too long to send back, even though I required a form in order to return items. I tried for months and never got answers. Lost $50.00 and a tremendous amount of time. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM.
    Slow with refund - red flags - <p>They billed my credit card upon the placement of the order.  They followed up with an email that the product is out of stock.  I called and cancelled the order and was told I'd have a refund to my account.  I called back 2 more times over 19 days to get my refund. On the last call I made today, the Customer Service rep said that the person in charge of refunds assured her it would be processed today and I should check my account in one more day.  As of this writing I have not verified if the refund actually took place. I felt that even if the refund actually occurs, they are still showing red flags.  This lack of responsiveness indicates a company with cash flow issues.  Stay away - no telling which companies will go under these days and hold onto your money.</p>