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  • Description:From the famous French no pollution resort of Provence, has been thirty years of history, its products all come from nature, with natural and aromatherapy principle, and to ensure that no pollution in the production process. Products are mainly raw materials for the bee by-products, with high-quality essential oils, such as lavender, geranium, developed many series of different functions of body care products.
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    I never personally had a problem with receiving items from this site. I really like their moisturizers. Their under eye cream works wonders. I have been really happy with this company and the products I have ordered.
    I love their verbena shampoo, and hand creams. However, they have the WORST customer service EVER!!!!!!! It happened three times on me that they canceled my orders. First time was a week before my friend bday, and I bought her a gift set soaps as well as a shampoo for myself on L'Occitane website. After couples days I ordered them, they send me an email saying sorry that the shampoo is out of stock, I replied "that's ok, just make sure to send me soaps on time." then, after almost a week, they send me another email, said the soaps are out of stock, and my friend's birthday was just in couple days. YUCK! the second time, I bought a lotion and they offered a gift set together with my order. but,again, after couple days I ordered it, they sent me an email saying the gifts were out of stock!!! I was so angry!!! they ask me if I still want the lotion, I first replied yes, but just after couple hrs I saw they didn't reply and I relied them again and said "please don't send it to me, I'll reorder it together with other products in order to use anther promotion code." HOWEVER, they didn't reply this email finally, and sent me the lotion! I was so angry and emailed their customer service, and they replied me very rudely, and highlighted the email I sent them first time w/ sentence "please still send it" .... I'm done w/ L'occitine, they have no CSM