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  • Description:Panasonic Electric Industrial Co. Ltd. was founded in 1918, the founder is known as the "God of management" by Mr. Konosuke Matsushita. Inception is composed of 3 small workshops, one of which was later Sanyo founder Mr. Ige Toshio. Through the efforts of several generations, today has become a comprehensive electronic technology international enterprise group, world famous, and in countries around the world to carry out business activities.
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    All my life I have owned and used Panasonic electronics, and, with very few exceptions, I've been extremely pleased with their high quality and longevity. That being said, runs a strange business. They abruptly discontinue excellent products, even those that consistently receive 5-star reviews, and many of their items are extremely overpriced (for instance, I can't see spending $500 for an electric razor). But, once in a while, they have an online sale, and the prices can be very tempting. During one of these sales, I bought a couple of wireless speakers. One of them was terrific; I couldn't ask for better. The second one was defective. So, I went online to find out how to return it. That was the beginning of a long, long journey. Apparently they don't like for people to return their products. It is almost impossible to find an e-mail address or phone number for customer service. I eventually found a number and called. I was put on hold for over an hour. When finally somebody answered, she transferred me to another department. I waited at least another half an hour, at which point someone answered and transferred me again...(more waiting) the FIRST person I talked to. It took me nearly three hours to make them understand I wanted to return an item. Once this miracle occurred, they said they'd send me a postage-paid return label, and we finally concluded the call. Two days later, I got an e-mail with a return authorization number, and two days after that I received the return label so I could mail the item back to them. They did not charge me the 15% restocking fee, so props to them for that, but it was several weeks before they removed the charge from my credit card. This was such an irritating experience that, no matter how good Panasonic is, or how good a price on their website may seem, I will NEVER AGAIN order anything from them online. Only Overstock has worse customer service, and that's saying quite a lot.
    Most irritating site of a consumer company I have seen. If you go to find a service centre near your home, you would be taken for a ride through so many places , yet you won't be able to get the number. Even a national service centre number line is not easily visible on the support landing page.
    I bought a wet/dry shaver- 3 head- when you open it it has 2 heads. I bought this on Amazon- returned it and obtained replacements. The product still stinks-works terribly- when I contacted Panasonic in the USA- no one called- no one cared- and Amazon-stated they obtained it from Panasonic- and to contact them. Well who to you contact-customer service reads a script-will not deviate- and the products are garbage.
    Bought this Panasonic 60' plasma in 2013 about $800 and while watching it just turned off. No sound, no picture, just the red light. There wasn't any power outage of any kind, it just shut off and wouldn't turn back on. I read a few things online from others with the same issue and moved the TV to another outlet, vacuumed the back of the vents, held in the power button for 10 seconds, etc., nothing helped. From what I read here it doesn't help to call Panasonic. So we're just out our money and TV? I agree w/ the others here we should have a case against Panasonic
    Their products are excellent but their replacement batteries for a cordless phone are WAY out of line. They wanted $21.95 for a replacement battery where I got the same Panasonic battery on Ebay for $7.99. Yes, it was new and still in the original Panasonic packaging, and I did not have to bid on it. The mark-up for their replacement parts are unacceptable, and you can get much better deals with OEM parts on Ebay or Amazon.