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  • Description:Bose by Amar  G.  Bose founded in 1964, headquartered in America Massachusetts, is a global well-known engaged in large-scale Multi-National Corporation audio and acoustics system research and manufacturing. It is by virtue of the enterprising spirit, continuous innovation, improve the quality of life for human beings. Bose now has more than 400 innovative brand, has obtained 100 patents of invention, product line covers the high-end home audio, car audio and sound professional venue, sales of products mainly include: home theater system, speaker series and Headset etc..
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    You can just about pick anyone of their surround systems. But get to the BIG DAWG and you feel bullets flying passed your ears and get rattled to the Bones. Oh then Turn it up!
    The sound quality is absolutely good, crystal clear and lightweight and this is one of the best headphones i've had in years
    Just received my QC25, nice and light, great sound but shipping was a hassle, customer support was not very good either, would recommend them to improve in this field.
    Needed portable speaker for camping , different rooms in the house and had a task researching and quality testing etc. when I stumbled across the Bose and what a find =) reasonable price and compared to the sonos found better features from 1 speaker and a remote , was exactly what I needed