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  • Description:Guitar  Center is the largest America electro acoustic musical instrument retailer, founded in 1959, headquartered in California USA, has chain stores in almost all american. The main products are Guitar  Center Beth, guitar, drums and other percussion, wireless Headset, live sound equipment, IPAD etc.. America territory free mail, all confirmed the database of goods, delivery time is about 1-3 days.
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    Just try to unsubscribe from this CO. You can't through the website. I called 2X.They said I was removed. I still, after almost a week waiting, get one to two emails a day. I even forwarded one of their emails back to them as they requested. No luck. This company needs help with their own day-to-day communication operations. If you are reading this, Guitar Center, I promised that I would keep giving bad reviews and telling people not to shop with you, if you did not unsubscribe me.
    Class-action lawsuit. A business operating under the guise of a legitimate business, set out to lie and betray customers is reprehensible. Falsifying in-stock items, selling used equipment as new, to profit over the expense of customer fulfillment, lackluster customer service, all serve to earn permanent closure of Guitar Center. Service Value Shipping Quality
    I ordered 2 separate times for 2 different guitars and both orders were canceled with no explanation. 1 was showing back order so I didn't mind that sweetwater had it in stock. The 2nd was showing in stock on their web page but after a week my order didn't move and today the money is back in my acct. Won't buy from again. Horrible service. Signed up for lessons buy I may cancel those as well. Tip for consumers:Ask if this guitar is from their wall or new in box. I wanted a new guitar that not every tom $#*! and Harry played. Products used:I bought the guitar from a different company Service Value Shipping
    I ordered a fender acoustic guitar for my wife as a gift said same day pick up as well I got a electronic drum set to mess around with over 500$ for the Oder and it's definitely not same day even tho they have the product in store. If your going to offer same day pick up it should be the same day Service Value
    This karaoke speaker sounds terrific. It came with two wireless mikes that work perfectly with the machine. It also has two ports for wired mikes. We tried it out already and everyone was delighted to participate. The sound quality sounds professional with the mikes provided and the karaoke machine speakers. I recommend this to my family and friends.
    Ordered 3 sets of strings + a free tuner. Two months later, they cancelled the order because the item was out of stock. They still had plenty of strings and tuners, and tried to sell me strings alone for more money, or strings and a tuner for even more, but insisted that they couldn't fulfil my order because they were out of the "bundle." What a complete scam. Customer service was rude and disingenuous, wasting over an hour of my time and refusing to fill my original order. Proof of purchase cut and pasted from email confirmation. Tip for consumers:Buy from a reputable merchant Products used:none- I never got anything Service
    I was looking forward for Williams digital grand piano II. I went to guitar center store and they ordered this piano as well as other items for me which cost me around $2500. The day they deliver it, the delivery man refuses to enter the house or even the front yard to deliver the piano. He says that he is going to leave it on the curbside on the street. This will be thte last time ordering from guitar center. Such a waste of time. Products used:I need to try to find other or same product somewhere else Service Value Shipping Returns
    Friendly and helpful. Took the time to help find the perfect Christmas gift. Sam Tollefson excellent customer service! Products used:Guitar amp Service Value Quality
    On 8/7/2022 my $2,600 beautiful Martin guitar was stolen from my vehicle in Stafford, VA. The thief sold my guitar to Guitar Center - Laurel, MD and it was subsequently sold to a customer. Guitar Center - Laurel was made aware by police that they had purchased a stolen guitar with the confirmed serial # of my guitar. They have done absolutely nothing to reacquire my guitar and return it to me nor have the Laurel police department. It's difficult to know that my stolen guitar has been located and neither Guitar Center - Laurel or the police care enough to get my guitar back to me. Service Value
    It's to bad this stores became so bad. I spent, Thousands of dollars on instruments. Now they customer service is horrible. And they knowledge as well. It became a toy store. I'm done with Guitar Center. Tip for consumers:Honesty, and avoid not giving the promotion they Advertise Products used:Got a Yamaha Keybord. And decided not to buy the Speakers because of the customer service Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    Bought a guitar case online, it showed up with a broken latch, I was told to swap it out at the local guitar center they refused and said I had to reapply for the progressive leasing program. I told then to take it off my bill which they did and I'll never do business with them again. Tip for consumers:Guitar center should have honored what I was told, to simply sawp the case. Instead they 2anted me to reapply for what I already had so im done with them Products used:Fender guitar case, also the last fender product I ever buy Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I placed an order for two speakers mid October, at $269.99 each; After a week or so, I still couldn't see any dispatch notification, so I called up, and was told they went out of stock. Fine. On Black Friday, I thought I'd give it another try, and the online chat told me they have them in stock at $349.99 each, with 15% Black Friday discount, which amounts to $297.49 each, which is still nearly $30 more expensive than my previous unsuccessful order. I hence asked why and whether they could honest my previous order price, but was told no, because my previous order was 'clearance' item, and the current ones are 'brand new'. I went back to my email looking for words such as 'clearance' or even 'not new', but couldn't find anything indicating the previous order was for 'non-brand-new' products. This is just straight dishonest. I will not bring business to a dishonest merchandiser like this any more. Tip for consumers:Be very very careful, and be prepared for inconsistency in service and possible dishonesty Products used:never received the item, and was cancelled later Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    Guitar center cuxs my teen daughter bought guitar lessons 4) only received 3 they do not honor what the are selling you Beth is not a lady of here word and the manager is one sided only this location is at creek side in New Braunfels tx.
    I ordered an advertised drum set and was told it was in stock. My cc and order was processed the next day I received an email stating I cancelled my order. I called and informed the call center I had not cancelled. The customer service rep began a run around about a more expensive drum set, excuses about the set maybe incomplete, the whole experience felt like a come on. Go else where.
    On Nov. 28th, 2022 I ordered a Martin 000-28 Acoustic. I returned it because well just look at the pictures and see for yourself. I ordered the second one. Same thing but way worse. I returned the second one and stupid me thought ok one more time, third time is a charm, right? Wrong! Not only did I receive the third one but it was the same one I had ordered the first time! Same box that had been opened and MY shipping tape was still on it! SAME! I spoke to 4 different people about the issues. Not once did any of them apologize. One guy even told me that is just the way they are making them! So I sit and wait on them to credit my bank account. SWEETWATER, here I come! I should have gone with them the first time around. They actually show you pictures of the one you are going to buy before you buy it so you can check it out! Santa will be late coming to my house but that's ok with me. Products used:I did not use any of their products. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    Ask a employee at guitar center to check on something over the phone forget it. They don't call you back, or give you the time of day. Hopefully they go bankrupt again. This time for good. Tip for consumers:Don't bother. Products used:None Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    Today I stop by guitar center in Arizona no one never came up to me ask can they help me with anything I were very happy to have my wife me first time here on vacation so I told her let's go she said that's a first you're ready to leave before me Service
    I ordered a fairly expensive guitar in March and more than 60 days later the order status states "Processing". The item in in fact back-ordered and will likely be another 30 days or more, something I had to learn on my own. "Processing" as an order status is straight up BS. If an item is back-ordered, say so. I've been a Sweetwater customer, and my first purchase at Guitar Center. Already starting to regret.
    Guitar Center in Towson, MD - I came in to trade in one of my guitars. They tried tuning it and snapped the E string. They then came back to me and told me it would cost me $30 for a re-string or they wouldn't take it. Wtf? You literally broke the string and you want to charge me for it? Never returning to Guitar Center again. Tip for consumers:Don’t shop here Products used:Nothing
    Bought three less expensive guitars from Guitar Center over last three years. One was mine and had no issues. The other two were my dad and sisters, both of which came needing extreme neck adjustment to be able to play guitar at all. Luckily I was able to do this on my sister guitar which was the most expensive out of these three. On the hand my fathers guitar which he was using to learn and didn't notice the buzzing on the lower half of the neck right away. After trying to adjust the neck(keep in mind I've made lots of guitar repairs and know what I'm doing would never bring a guitar in for this simple adjustment), But after trying to adjust it correctly it still does not work... Neck is completely lined up incorrectly same thing with sisters but could fix it. I believe guitar center stores their guitars very very poorly and will sell the floor model that hundred of people have touched instead of giving you a knew guitar if thats easier for them. This happened to me and i was notified after the guitar was in the mail on the way to my house. Theres supposed to be a discount for floor models. Basically sold something i didnt buy and it came broken. Awful experience with guitar center especially if you're a beginner guitarist. Order from Sweetwater insane how amazing their support is. You get a call when you place your order just to ask if you need help with any of the products. Absolutely outstanding service from Sweetwater. Awful corporate like inpersonal experience ordering from Guitar Center. Tip for consumers:Go to sweetwater and don't waste your time Products used:1 out of 3 guitars Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I ordered a new $1500 acustic guitar from guitar (had it shipped to my house) it came in exactly 5 business days, the receipt said it would email you when it was on the way... But I didn't get one, so be on the lookout for you guitar or equipment on the expected date. It was wrapped up in thick bubble rap; around a hard case, It was brand new just as I'd bought it. Very pleased. I'm sorry for everyone else's bad experiences but this gets a five star from me. Service Returns
    I was in the market for 2 Alto TS312 Powered Speakers. First, it shows they inventory at store, got their but no they don't have it. So sameday on Sunday I ordered online. Wednesday no tracking info. Called their customer service and "they have to reach out the store to see if they have inventory". No one were available. So I got fed up and canceled. The process I learned is just Stupid. They don't warehouse is fine but the store doesn't update their inventory status. Tip for consumers:Inventory control Products used:Alto TS312 Service Value Shipping
    Be careful buying any guitars right now, lots of counterfeit knock offs have been retrieved by border agents custom's and DHS if memory serves me correctly.. Tip for consumers:There are good Pepe's at guitar center but be careful a lot of counterfeit guitars from out of country have been being seized by agents Products used:Guitar's Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    Beware of online service... I ordered and paid for a new Epiphone J45 guitar, through Guitar Center and it came from LV store. I was absolutely disgusted. I had never seen an item packed so poorly. Firstly it came in damaged ripped FENDER box, so no original packing. On opening I find a partial bubble wrapped guitar (loose bubble wrapped head, and loose bubble wrapped base, nothing else), no other protection, no inner box etc. It was clear from the onset this was not a new item but one off of the display shelf. The strings were loose and stretched. The battery cable was just hanging and the battery pooch was missing. I had to take to my local Mam and Pop guitar center to be setup and they found a pooch for me from an old Gibson. I contact CS and they had the Store Ops Manager call me. He was very apologetic and told me he was very new to the position. He asked and was sent pictures. He also confirmed this was indeed a display model and also told me he could not understand why a new one wasnt sent, when they had two boxed and in stock, or why it should be packed as it was. I was offered a new guitar but would have to send the original back first. I cant do that because the packaging was poor and damaged... I would be help responsible. So I asked if he could send and I would resend in the new packaging, or I could drop off at the Tampa store. I was told unfortunately this wasn't an option. So what I have, is a display guitar, that was sent with no warrantee, no sign off check list and not even any of the unwanted Promo. There is only one loser here... the Customer. In my mind its clear that for online sales the ethos of Guitar Center or at least the Vegas store is to clear old inventory and replace with new. I also contacted senior management but as expected recieved no reply... Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    This review is for the Athens Ga store! Jacob really needs to learn to use a phone…. He is very short and offers no help at all! He does not communicate well and he could at least point customer in a direction, but you can tell He is just there for a paycheck! His attitude was so poor … we will be buying a keyboard from Sweetwater!