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  • Description:Guitar  Center is the largest America electro acoustic musical instrument retailer, founded in 1959, headquartered in California USA, has chain stores in almost all american. The main products are Guitar  Center Beth, guitar, drums and other percussion, wireless Headset, live sound equipment, IPAD etc.. America territory free mail, all confirmed the database of goods, delivery time is about 1-3 days.
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    Just purchased my second Evolve 30M online through Guitar Center. The unit arrived yesterday in great condition but was missing the backpack case for the poles and speaker. I called customer service and they said that the used unit didn't show any accessories. I told them that the photo for the listing clearly showed the case. They would not budge. This will be the last time I will buy something online from Guitar Center and not sure I will even buy anything from our local store. Buyer beware! Products used:Evolve 30M Service Value Shipping Quality
    I ordered a used DigiTech 2120 effects processor for $249.00. The condition was listed as "great" but that wasn't my reality unfortunately. The unit listed looked perfectly fine, faceplate lettering knobs screen (display). All looked immaculate. Do they even test this stuff before it leaves the store? I couldn't even get any sound out of it or through it. Products used:DigiTech ffects processor. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I have bought keyboards, drum sets (2), harmonicas all from Guitar Center and have always loved them until I was on the hunt for a left-handed mandolin for my husband. When I saw the prices for a lefty verses a right handed one I was shocked. That is so ridiculous to charge almost double the price just because someone is left-handed. I'll never shop with GC again. Service Value Shipping Quality
    I've been emailing with an Eric Eldridge with guitar center and he sent me a bad Ibanez and won't exchange it for me. I took my guitar into guitar center to get looked at and they didn't recognize they sent me a bad one. Instead charged me $100 for a horrible setup and sent me on my way. Very unhappy customer with Eric and guitar center. Don't ever buy from them. Sweetwater seems to care more about their customers than guitar center.
    3 months ago I purchased a DigiTech GSP5 online from GC. It arrived on time and shipped well. Upon finding a power cable they did not provide, I discovered that the clock battery was shot. No big deal, $3 and ten mins I had that in. Annoyed, I moved on getting the equipment into my rack expecting to use it for modulation more than anything. Well, it emits a squeal and horrible noise on every setting. It just does not work. I contacted GC and was promised a refund, they were sending a label to me to send the item back. After several emails, I still do not have my refund. No label. And a boat anchor in my rack. Suffice it to say I will not buy another thing from them again. GC. NF. Never again for used equipment. Products used:None, it as broken Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    Drove 20 miles to the Hallandale FL. Store. Purchased a set of headphones and a Fender Mustang Micro guitar Amp from David a guitar salesman. The Mustang Micro is a little gadget that you plug into your guitar jack and use with headphones. Well I got home and opened the box and the instructions were torn open from the plastic bag and re-taped with someone's hair stuck in the scotch tape. It was missing the plastic cover on the gadget, the box was torn where you would remove the headphones jack adapter. I guess these salesmen kids opened this item, played with it in the store and put it back or it was a return. Either way it should of been taken out of inventory and not sold to me as being a new item. They basically tried to pawn it off on me and I don't appreciate it to say the least. I believe they tried to pull a fast one and apparently they can't be trusted at this Hallandale location. The manager at the Coconut Creek store took my return and was very helpful. I recommend to anybody who is going to shop at guitar center in the south Florida area that you drive the extra miles if necessary to the coconut creek store and avoid the unscrupulous ethics perpetrated by the individuals in employ at the Hallandale store. Image of my proof of purchase receipt has been included with this review.
    Went to Southington store today where Staff member named David went above and beyond to help me with a long unresolved problem. Snnchonty Bank and other Guitar Center staff did absolutely nothing and totally ignored my problem. David is equivalent to numerous outstanding employees in one. All others can learn a great deal from him if they would make an honest effort. Once again, hats off to David at the Southington Guitar Center! Service Value
    The store in Santa Maria has a bunch of dumb salesman. The manager was beyond rude. Don't go to this store. The reginal manager also was there and backed up the lame manager. Just order online if you must. Products used:Amp Shipping Returns
    These shleps will charge ya 100+dollars, for something they bought for 50 bucks, i would not recommend to anyone!
    Is it too much to ask to actually type in a 1 paragraph description? 'Guitar is used in Excellent condition. There are some fine pick scratches on the front, a small ding on the bottom as well as the lower horn (pictured). There are no chips, neck is straight and frets are roughly 85-90%, electronics all work as they should although the tone pot is slightly scratchy.' See... that took me 60 seconds while looking at the guitar I bought at a local pawn shop instead of buying the same guitar off GC's website! Service Shipping Returns
    ..was talked down to by the lesson manager in Danvers. He was very snarky and condescending when we asked a follow up question to the last conversation we had (to find out when a lesson would be that he said he would have to figure out the scheduling for). Unfortunate. Really didn't have to happen. Service Value Quality
    Worst online experience ever. Most of their workers fit the dumb musician on weed profile. They cancelled my order for a reason nobody knows and they will not release the funds from my card. Now my son will get a late birthday gift and I am out 250 dollars. $#*!s Service Value Shipping Quality
    I ordered a new $1500 acustic guitar from guitar (had it shipped to my house) it came in exactly 5 business days, the receipt said it would email you when it was on the way... But I didn't get one, so be on the lookout for you guitar or equipment on the expected date. It was wrapped up in thick bubble rap; around a hard case, It was brand new just as I'd bought it. Very pleased. I'm sorry for everyone else's bad experiences but this gets a five star from me. Service Returns
    I called Twice to cancel a online order. I even got a confirmation number, Yet it was shipped out! Tip for consumers:Do not buy online…Go to a REAL store Products used:None Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    Be careful buying any guitars right now, lots of counterfeit knock offs have been retrieved by border agents custom's and DHS if memory serves me correctly.. Tip for consumers:There are good Pepe's at guitar center but be careful a lot of counterfeit guitars from out of country have been being seized by agents Products used:Guitar's Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    February 2023, I purchased a Bose 900 sound bar with 700 base module and items were back ordered. The following week, I found this Bose System 200.00 cheaper. I called for a price match refund and Lily credited my guitar center credit card for 219.90. In March they shipped my base module to me and recharged the 219.90 price match refund back to my guitar center credit card. As of today 7/8/23, they have Not corrected the charge. Terrible to do business with and they are Not to be trusted. I never gave they permission to charge 219.90 back to my credit card and Synchrony Bank hasn't corrected the problem either Service
    Just try to unsubscribe from this CO. You can't through the website. I called 2X.They said I was removed. I still, after almost a week waiting, get one to two emails a day. I even forwarded one of their emails back to them as they requested. No luck. This company needs help with their own day-to-day communication operations. If you are reading this, Guitar Center, I promised that I would keep giving bad reviews and telling people not to shop with you, if you did not unsubscribe me.
    I was in the market for 2 Alto TS312 Powered Speakers. First, it shows they inventory at store, got their but no they don't have it. So sameday on Sunday I ordered online. Wednesday no tracking info. Called their customer service and "they have to reach out the store to see if they have inventory". No one were available. So I got fed up and canceled. The process I learned is just Stupid. They don't warehouse is fine but the store doesn't update their inventory status. Tip for consumers:Inventory control Products used:Alto TS312 Service Value Shipping
    I ordered some DJ lights at guitar center at Jw clay blvd Charlotte nc. After standing in line behind a customer for about 10 minutes. Finally I get to the counter. I gave the salesman my information & then another customer steps up to ask the salesman a question. The salesman steps away from the counter leaving me at the counter & begins to help the other customer for about 5 minutes as though I wasn't even there. That was very rude from the salesman & the customer & very unprofessional.
    Avoid this GC location at all costs. All the negative reviews should have warned me. Went in to buy an amp, ant the sales person told me they were having an "in house sale" and quoted me a pice for the amp he said was in stock. Waited around 20 minutes to find the amp. Salesman said the amp was MIA, but they would order the amp. I said OK. I waited around 20 more minutes, for him to only say he couldn't honor the price he quoted me. 40 minutes wasted on these losers. Avoid this GC location at all costs. The parent company of this location should take note of all the negative reviews about this location Tip for consumers:Avoid this GC location at all costs. All the negative reviews should have warned me. Went in to buy an amp, ant the sales person told me they were having an “in house sale” and quoted me a pice for the amp he said was in stock. Waited around 20 minutes to find the amp. Salesman said the amp was MIA, but they would order the amp. I said OK. I waited around 20 more minutes, for him to only say he couldn’t honor the price he quoted me. 40 minutes wasted on these losers. Avoid this GC location at al Products used:Fender amplifier Value
    The man the was helping me tried to get me to buy a bass that was way out of my price range, seemed like he took me for a sucker because of how young I am. He jumped in to help me for commission when the first gentleman walked away. The first gentleman actually had to step in when the first guy tried to sell me the bass I wanted for full price when it needed to be fixed because of fret buzz. But other then that the people there are nice and have a great selection of gear. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    My buddy waited for over a month for used guitar to come off of police hold. He was waiting outside today, the first day available to buy and found out the manager Ron sold it out the door at 7:00 am before the store even opened. Can you say SHADY KICKBACK! Unscrupulous business practices at this store! Ron wouldnt even come out of his office. He knows he did something shady.This was the Hallandale Beach, Florida store btw. Tip for consumers:Stated Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I walked into Guitar Center in Winter Park with my 1990 Gibson Firebird. I was interested in selling the guitar. The second I walked in the store I felt every employee in there was completely cold and just had an attitude like they didn't want to be there. Kyler the manager took some pictures of the guitar he said it was going to be sent off to California and I never heard back. I called the store numerous times but they thought it was fun to just keep me on hold. Once I got in contact with Kyler he said oops I never sent the pictures but you should have an email well guess what no email no reply and absolute ridiculous service these guys don't want to be there they're just there for their hourly. Service Value
    Class-action lawsuit. A business operating under the guise of a legitimate business, set out to lie and betray customers is reprehensible. Falsifying in-stock items, selling used equipment as new, to profit over the expense of customer fulfillment, lackluster customer service, all serve to earn permanent closure of Guitar Center. Service Value Shipping Quality
    I ordered 2 separate times for 2 different guitars and both orders were canceled with no explanation. 1 was showing back order so I didn't mind that sweetwater had it in stock. The 2nd was showing in stock on their web page but after a week my order didn't move and today the money is back in my acct. Won't buy from again. Horrible service. Signed up for lessons buy I may cancel those as well. Tip for consumers:Ask if this guitar is from their wall or new in box. I wanted a new guitar that not every tom $#*! and Harry played. Products used:I bought the guitar from a different company Service Value Shipping