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  • is the world's leading hotel service supplier, provide passengers with the Internet the most extensive accommodation options, including the global more than 22 monomer hotel, a large hotel chains and self-help type hotel. provides one-stop shopping experience, price of hotel facilities and services, and vacancies and other information, but also good at providing accommodation services for passengers in the rooms sold out period. Evaluation of the hotel unique can help you find the right position of the best discount hotel. And the commitment to customers can be free to cancel the reservation.
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    They say they offer a price match guarantee but after speaking with 8 different reps and having my case escalated to a supervisor who never calls still nothing. This is the first and last time I will ever book with them. Absolutely awful and a scam as far as I'm concerned. A better price was available on the hotel website (Marriott) and I should have just booked there. Service Value Returns Quality
    I gave my debit card information based on them asking for it- in order to hold a hotel room. Instead of holding it- they charged me for the full 7 days and took the money out of my bank account. I immediately canceled to get a refund and they said it will take 30 days to get a refund. They are an awful company! Do not use them as they say what is needed to get your money during this pandemic. Tip for consumers:Do not reserve a room unless you intend to pay right then.
    I recently had to cancel my vacation in may, due to covid 19. I absolutely did not want to cancel. Was gonna see a band I have been waiting 20+ years to see. They charge 30% to cancel up until this Friday! Then it would be 100%. I'm sorry but in this pandemic, this is hwy robbery. You can't call anyone there, and I tried several times to use there messaging system. Without any response! I will never reccomend this company again! I will do everything in my power to tell people what they are actually about.
    Not only the customer service people were unbelievably rude and unhelpful, they also kept lying about what the hotel was saying and what they could/couldn't do. One of the employees actually made fun of me and snorted when I explained my problem and asked for a manager. After wasting my time on the most rude and dishonest customer service employees I have ever met, I got fed up and confronted the hotel myself in order to solve my issues. I will never use this website ever again.
    I contacted them in reference to the Design Suites in Miami because the mattresses were full of mold and dried urine. They completely ignored me and continue to promote this establishment. They don't care about their customers. The minimum stars you can give a hotel they promote is 2 stars. How does that give a realistic review? They continue to offer rentals with horrible reviews and misleading/false ads. Part of the Expedia Group with vrbo, hotwire, orbitz, travelocity, trivago and car I am boycotting all of them for manipulating the travel market and taking advantage of people Tip for consumers:Stay AWAY & Stay AWAY from Design Suites! Products used:Left hotel early when we discovered the filthy mattresses. did not protect us, instead blamed Design Suites because they had not responded to a phone call. Service Value Quality
    They will support and cover for even the worse hotel. We booked Galveston Beach hotel in April 2021. Very strong mold or fungus smell through out second floor and especially in our room. They will not allow cancellation or credit if not cancelled 24 hours prior to date of stay. Others have reviewed same hotel for same unsafe environmental. A/C was not working - spilling water onto floor, building access key not working when we tried to enter hotel at 10:30PM also blocked me from reviewing this hotel on their website. Tip for consumers:avoid booking through and staying at Galveston Beach hotel Products used:hotel stay
    The service is terrible! I searched for hotels in my area, and I booked one that was recommended. I noticed very quickly that the hotel I booked was actually over an hour from the location I searched. I canceled within 10 minutes, but was then told I wouldn't get a refund. I called and spoke to three people for over two hours asking to either get a refund, get a credit to use at another hotel, or get the booking reinstated and was refused. Absolutely terrible service. Do not use! Service
    I wish I knew before booking the hotel that, in the event I clicked a button to cancel, I'd be charged the full price with no credit, no refund, and no way of reinstating the original booking. They stole my money and went and rent the room to another customer. How can that be legal? I will never deal with them again--stick with airbnb. cares nothing for their customers. I don't even get the rewards points. Tip for consumers:Don't use the site! Book directly with your hotel or go to airbnb. is an absolute rip off. Service Value Returns
    After being a loyal customer for nearly 16 years I was given no help whatsoever when urgently requesting at least a partial refund or discount on future bookings after I had to cancel a reservation due to bad weather. I canceled a few hours after an artificial deadline and well over 30 hours in advance of checkin time. Refused and didn't care. Never using them again. Tip for consumers:Don’t use this site. They don’t care about customers. Service
    I can't reach them by phone or online. My trip beginning March 30 was cancelled due to COVID19. Initially when I called, I received an automated message that said call us back when your trip is 7 days a at or less. Then I was automatically disconnected. Today, I tried to call and the message now is your trip must be 72 hours away or less. Click, disconnected. I have been a customer for years but they have lost me over this fiasco.
    Booked a stay with a refundable hotel (so it stated on the website and signed up for the insurance through We had a family emergency and had to cancel a few hours later. Well we didn't get a refund they stole our money They are thieves and liars!
    With 4 day out to my travel date I found the booked hotel 30% cheaper somewhere else. The no hassle portal at allowed me to submit my claim and I received a refund withinb30 min. No ifs or buts. This is in line with their overall quality of customer service!
    Booked a hotel to celebrate my birthday. Received a confirmation in the mail, as well as a notification that my booking has been confirmed. On the second day, during a conversation with the operator, the operator forces me to cancel my reservation. They want more money, although they initially confirmed a lower price. Don't trust their prices. They'll ruin your party. I canceled a more expensive booking to take advantage of this offer. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    The site's rewards program is chock full of gimmicks. Just one example: have to wait a long while to redeem nights earned. If you're traveling and want to use them quickly, forget about it! You have to wait 35 days. Also, customer service gives you runaround.
    They SCAM customers they have it worked out perfectly they do not honour their price guarantee and know what to say and do to frustrate you to the point you give up. Book through Agoda or a provider not associated with them Expedia and is also owned by the same group avoid them. Tip for consumers:Avoid you can get better prices and better conditions hotel.con (pun intended) doesn't deserve to be in business Products used:Hotel roo. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    First they couldn't accommodate me after trying to pay them several times for a room I booked a room for a night, when I arrived there was no room reserved under my name therefore I had no room for the night, called customer service and was told to call back in 2 hours because the "system was down" like a whole joke they kept "transferring me around to nobody as they would hang up the phone. I don't recommend this to anyone ever. Please consider something else for the money
    Been using the app for six years. I travel 200 plus days a year. Use it for the free night every ten days. Problem is the customer service will hang up on you in the middle of a call (just happened) app does NOT REFLECT THE HOTEL AVAILABILITY! If you check on the app a lot of times it shows no availability and there is! This summer multiple screw ups. Unreliable, horrible and rude customer service. The 800 number is awful! Wasted several hours of my time for the last time! Don't rely on them!
    Had to cancel my 2 room trip with family due to Covid 19, got refunded a gift card for the same hotel. Tried to use the gift card to buy the two rooms later in the year to be told that this was only allowed for one room. Contacted to be told in poor english that this was the terms and conditions of the voucher. So I now have a useless voucher and will pocket my funds. Very poor - stay away from this site.
    This site overcharges but I figured it would lead to a reward night. Little did I realize that after one year your bookings toward that one reward night disappeared if not used. The prices are higher than other sites and these crooks then take away any reward you would have had if not used in a year, so you better have booked 10 nights AND used your reward by then! Don't bother with this site! Talk about fine print!
    Awful company. Promised that you could get a voucher if you cancelled your booking due to covid. I cancelled my booking, waited 5 months and today was told I could not get my voucher. Horrendous business practices, useless customer service team and flat out liars. Use one of the other hotel booking sites (, etc).
    I paid for a room and received a confirmation number. My son arrived to the hotel at 11pm, and they had no record of his reservation. They told me that OVERBOOKS the rooms with the hopes that someone will cancel. My son, who just turned 18, was stuck in the middle of nowhere late at night and the young man at the desk of the Hampton Inn told him he had no record of his reservation and it essentially wasn't his problem. No assistance in finding another room in a mostly booked town., you can do better. Anything for a buck I guess. Service
    Trying to cancel a reservation during this time of crisis. Can't even get an agent. This is unacceptable! Hopefully my credit card company will come thru as I have disputed the bill. I have also contacted attorney general.
    On Saturday, May 1,2021 I booked a 2 Rm Suite at Embassy Suites Jacksonville Baymeadows for 1 night. I arrived at the hotel to check in only to be told by the front desk that my reservation could not be found. The receptionist informed me that never sent the reservation over. She gave me a number for to call and get it squared away. After waiting on hold for almost an hour, I decided to book directly through the Hilton App so I could get some rest and deal with this matter later. After speaking with someone twice via the toll free number given to me by the hotel staff, I received an email reply from support that reads as follow... Dear Frederick Poole, We advocated with the hotel on your behalf, however, the property at which you booked your stay for itinerary *******981131 has declined to waive the penalty for your reservation. We sorry that your request was denied. Thanks for choosing Hotels US. Sincerely, Rosa J., Salrjimenezbarahona1 Hotels US Customer Support I believe there was a glitch in the system when I made the reservation. My reservation included free cancellation until 12/31/69. I'll be speaking with my attorney concerning this matter. Service
    We booked a room for one night through at Guest Inn Pigeon Forge. The room was nasty and smelled of cigarettes. The floors had white powdery substances all over. The floor bounced as we walked across. We wanted our money back but the attendant refused. She moved us to another room on 2nd floor. The room was even nastier than 3rd floor and the ceiling was cracking each time someone walked on 3rd floor. The tiles were bowed under due to the pressure. We demanded a refund and she said we can leave but we would still be charged. I disputed the charge with Discover and they refunded my money in December. On 2/2/2022 the charge appeared again due to Guest Inn rejecting my dispute. has been of no help so far. Beware of both!
    In March of 2020 I had booked a hotel in Key West, FL to visit in April 2020 and then the island was shut down due to the pandemic. Yes, it was shutdown with absolutely no admittance. would not give me a refund or a credit to use at the hotel at a later date and when I addressed it with my credit card company they stated that I booked with a no refund policy. Even my airline gave a 100% refund due to the situation so this is unacceptable. I had always used them and will never use them again! Tip for consumers:use it to compare prices only Service Value