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  • Description:The leading brand American baby garment market, products include core products baby need, baby, baby suit series, light clothing and pajamas series. The starting point of Carter 's series products is to help mothers to solve problems, and design for the mothers, fathers and children really concerns. Advantages of Carter 's product is its practicality, comfort and softness. Whether it is soft fabric, or unique fresh style color, tailoring and technology, are attractive
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    Ordered at website to be sent as a gift for my one year old niece. Only received emails stating my order was delayed. Waited. Waited... Finally called and was told my order was cancelled since the shipping didn't match my billing. I had to call to.learn this but worse of all you cannot place gift orders to be delivered to recipient of gift. Total bs. Never again for Carter's Tip for consumers:Cannot order at website for gifts to family Products used:None Service Value Shipping
    My shipping address got mixed up. I contacted them immediately after the order was placed. The customer rep told me to wait 30 minutes since I just placed it. 30 minutes later they said because the order was in process already they couldn't change it therefore I had to wait till the order got shipped out and contacted them back to change it. When the order shipped out guess what they said they couldn't do anything. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS BUSINESS, SO INCONSISTENT AND NOT HELPFUL! Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I placed an order a week ago with Carter's, and later got a notification an item was out of stock so the order was canceled & I got my money back. They gave me a discount so I went in to place a different order. I tried to place it, was charged, but the website stayed on the "my Cart page" and didn't process. It did this twice. Customer service told me it wasn't an actual charge, but the money is clearly still gone from my account. The next person told me to wait a few more days, but stated they can see on their end that multiple charges tried to go through & I was charged twice. The person after that left the chat. Wish I would have read reviews on this awful website before placing an order with them. Will never ever do it again, I suggest you do the same.
    The site often empties my cart, and screws up my shopping cart. I can usually find the same clothes at kohls for a cheaper price. They have great deals around holidays though and the quality is always good. Love the site to store pick up option too!
    So many trackers and spam, it's unbelievable. Impossible to place a simple order. Incredibly disappointing. Customer Service is of no help whatsoever. Products used:Products are okay, but their website is the absolute worst thing ever. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    Unless you allow all 47+ trackers, it's impossible to place an order online. I wasted over an hour of my time shopping to only have it all disappear. After the third time, I gave up and put an order in at Gerber's. Service Value Returns Quality loadjsReady({ event: 'app', checker: function() { return typeof app === "undefined" || typeof app.profilePicture === "undefined"; }, callback: function() { app.profilePicture('undefined', 'undefined'); } }) Maria I. 1 review 0 helpful votes Follow Maria I. Send Message loadjsReady({ event: "app", checker: function() { return typeof app === "undefined"; }, callback: function() { // } }); Share Review “WORST EXPERIENCE BUYING FROM THEM” April 1st, 2023 Bought $200 in baby clothes for my 6 month old baby, for her to have stuff to wear for the next 6-8 months. The package was lost, I never received it. Since the tracking shows as delivered to a 3rd party shipper (who never got it), they wont reimburse or replace my purchased items. They suggested I complain to my bank! WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE EVER! Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    Terrible customer service. I bought 4 pieces for of winter clothing, all same size, the one my toddler normally wears. I washed them all before wearing, as suggested, to find that one of them is significantly smaller than the others. Carters won't address this and won't exchange the item for a larger size because it has no tags and washed. Beware of their sloppy sizes before you waste your money. Standards
    I worked at the carters in williston Vermont. The place was run by an incredibly rude women who will never follow your availability, demand you work more then you agreed on in the interview, wont let you have water on the sales floor, questions your health even when you tell her you have medical issues, talks smack about you and makes it very clear you wont have friends. It was horrible. Tip for consumers:Dont work there, it's not worth your mental health. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    Today I walked into a Carter's baby clothing store and immediately felt lost and confused by the way the store was set up. They mixed all the girls clothing with the boy clothing making it very difficult to find anything. I asked the girl at the counter why the clothes were all mixed in together. All she said is that corporate was experimenting with new changes and likely would keep the design the same. I asked if what they were doing was implementing transgenderism into their model to cause gender confusion. No answer. It's clear they have gone WOKE and I won't be buying their line of clothing anymore because they want to pervert and corrupt the minds of children. SICK!
    Paid off my account last month and this month I received a bill for $2.00. When I asked why, I was told it was interest charges because of a late payment 3 months ago. I paid a late fee and interest charges already. That was acknowledged and said this fee doesn't post until you have a $0 balance. Seems shady to me Tip for consumers:Great service in the store. My issue was with the credit card company Service Value Quality
    After buying multiple winter pyjamas for my baby, I realized that my baby is suffering from skin allergies, so i read on the material, it turned out to be 100% polyester. I have trusted this brand since i was buying the summer collection which was made of cotton. How on earth do they use polyester for babies? Please be careful for the safety of your babies Tip for consumers:Don’t buy their winter pyjamas Products used:Pyjama for baby Service Value Quality
    Such a nice experience it was. Great site for babies collection. I ordered the clothes. There is variety of range in kids ware. Awesome colors and pattern are available here.
    I ordered two pairs of sandals which were supposedly delivered this morning at 8:40am to the "side door" at my address. Well, there is no side door so I would like to know where my package was dropped off. I asked the neighbors and even the store next door. It's nowhere. So I contacted the delivery company and all I got was an automated response saying they would get back to me within 48 hours. Gee, thanks for the customer service! I am so upset and will never order online from them again! Service Shipping
    My grandson never received the $200 gift card I sent. Called and asked them if they would pay the mailing fee to send it with a trackable number, but they don't do that. So they would rather lose a $200 sale and customer, than re-send the gift card with tracking. Will never do business with them again. They don't care at all about customer service Tip for consumers:Do NOT expect good customer service Products used:None -never received the gift card I ordered Service Value Shipping
    Unlike many other reviews here, my online shopping experience with Carter's was good. I got a nice good Friday promotional offer, and the package was shipped in 2 days, and I received it 4 days after placing the order. I was a little apprehensive after reading many negative reviews, but in the end, everything went smooth.
    Is there really someone at customer service? I don't think so. I waited for 1 hour then clicked the option to have them calm back-Don't do it! You don't even get two rings, they are gone and you can't call back. Stay on hold for 2 hours! Really! So not worth it. Then to be told that I could take 28 days to ship, why didn't you tell me that before the order was placed. This company is the worst. Not worth it ever.
    We love carters. They are a very rare brand that still makes clothes 100% cotton for a very good price. More so than that I needed to leave a comment about the employee (Jaimie) who just was all around amazing person and also had excellent costumer service and people skills. Not only was she helpful and genuine, all while being extremely professional, she was all over the store organizing patiently and multi tasking! I truly hope that she advances and gets career she dreams of, because she has all the traits of someone that would be an asset for any company. Oh, we were shopping at west palm beach, fl outlet location (on palm beach lakes). I didn't know her name until I looks at our electronic receipt and just needed to Praia this wonderful young women! Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    Web site does not accept payment on the date it is sent. Finding payment web site is not user friendly, and when login is unsucessful it sends you to another web site. Late fee is high should payment be late. Entering payment on web site on due date, the site will not accept payment until the next day. Then they charge an additional late fee the next month. For example I entered my late fee on web site and it would not take it that day, and next month they charged an additional late fee. A total of $69 in late fees for a $131 purchase. Phone support is not helpful either. Tip for consumers:This review is for the Carters Credit Card by Comety Bank, NOT the Carters clothing line Service
    Whatever warehouse/delivery companies they use are atrocious. The delivery men (yes that's right, two of them) that dropped off my package in front of myself and my toddler playing in his little water splash pad in our front yard made me feel extremely uncomfortable when they didn't leave for a bit and then had their phone facing out the passenger window as they drove away staring at me. Weird Encounter. Will never order again.
    I always get a beautiful experience while shopping here and Aalayah just made my day even more wonderful. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I purchased a PLAYSPOT GEO Foam Floor Tiles playmat (Blue Ombre) and they had the nerve to ship me a used playmat. Just tossed in a box! Didn't even take the time to wipe it down, who knows where this mat has been or what it has been through. I called customer service, they were of no help and refused to let me speak to anyone in management. I will never buy another item from this website.
    I used to be very happy with Carter's products and service. Now it seems they're going downhills. The store in our area closed. The only way to buy from them now is online and there's no way to see the items and decide if they're good or not for me that way. So 2 of the sets I ordered were synthetic and my daughter is allergic so I need to return them. NO FREE RETURNS. Every other store has free return even by mail, but not Carter's, it's at least $6. I've had things ordered and returned overseas, that cost a lot less, and their shipping cost is a lot cheaper. So now I have to drive to their closest store which takes me over 1 hour. And the only way to contact them on the app is a robot. So much for their So disappointing. It used to be a great brand. Now I guess, no more ordering at Carter's. Tip for consumers:That they don't have free returns by mail Products used:Several clothing items Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I had a problem with ordering online. But based on these reviews I shouldn't be surprised. I'll just stick to buying your clothes for half price at ross from now.
    I do shop here on a regular I have a 2 year old and we are limited to options for kids, buy I find it is a bit pricey especially when toddlers and infants grow out of clothing so fast I prefer Walmart and winners for affordable prices caters is if I have no options
    Worst looking clothes I've ever seen in my life. The same size is different for each out fit. I hate this brand. One more time someone gives me this brand for my baby I'll flip out. I have problems with all the clothes textures they are horrible. Either thin and scratch or the material that should never be touched. I am so god damn mad. I'll see if my father can return it all over $1k in clothes. I'm so $#*!ing pissed. I hope the creator of these clothes has a horrible death. I can tell you don't care about babies at all. You have to be a horrible person to think this $#*! is okay. I'm sick of this company being so expensive for clothes that are beyond cheaply made. Walmart brand clothes are better. Tip for consumers:Do not buy anything from this brand Walmart is better. Products used:None. They are all horrible from socks to sleepers. Onesies look like they were made in the 1800s Value Quality