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  • Description:H& M is a Swedish garment retail companies said it will fashion and quality, the best price. They provide clothes for men, women and children as accessories and cosmetics. Investigation shows, H  &   M trendy fashion and their product quality is what most attract customers.
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    H&M has brought back the era of department store dictatorships from places like Russia and China. If you buy something online and it is faulty or some other query, you cannot get help in-store because of all the rules at H&M. My way or the highway style of thinking. They are autocratic, dismissive and rude. Myer has great customer service. You can return online purchases at the service desk. H&M has no such desk. It's just way too smug. Tip for consumers:customer service is the most important thing. Learn from Myer Products used:clothing Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    Pathetic, poor quality. I didn't know H&M products are so poor quality. I just wore for 5 min and had a painful shoe bite. When I was buying I believed I was buying quality product as this is first time I was buying H&M but for future big no for this brand. Is Myntra aware of the bad quality this brand offering. I would not recommend this product or brand ever to anyone Service Value Shipping Quality
    I wanted to return my cloths but that girl was the worst person to interact with. She was keep on making mean and rude comments. She said such wires means words while I was just standing and staring at her. The most uncomfortable unprofessional customer service I have ever see. Toronto downtown Etean center. Guys If you want to enjoy your day don't come to this H & M they will make your day worst! Their fabric are the worst. In two week of time you will see ther worst side of their phabric! Worst place to buy anything is H and M! Tip for consumers:Wost items. Don’t wast your money you will regret it !!! Products used:Worst quality
    Takes more than one month to get back my refund and this company hates people to return, giving me a warning email ……… I returned some but also kept some, they only emphasized my return that's ridiculous!
    Why have a customer service dept. when they aren't remotely helpful? They need to fix their online system for those who need to make edits on their purchase. Customer Service literally can't do anything and make poor excuses. Your clothing may be nice, but your online customer service needs to be trained better and have better control of the site. Or at least fix the process of your orders. It's a waste of time as your consumers to need to wait over 48 hours to make a dumb missing package claim for a simple refund. Fix your system. Products used:toddler clothes Service Returns Quality
    You should have the delivery driver take a picture when/where the package is dropped off just like amazon. I never received mine and was waiting for it all week. Shipping
    After the item reaches the warehouse it takes them 14 days to process it and initiate your refund. When you call or message them on live chat they keep saying the same thing and keep sending the same thing instead of giving you any update as to when your refund will be initiated. Then I asked them what was the refund amount, their answer was, you can see the amount in your order of the items returned you can calculate it. They are all clueless about everything. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I recently purchased a gold chain from h&m Cookstown Ontario. My product was not put into my bag. After contacting customer service and speaking to a call center representative she hung up on me! All I wanted was a refund on my visa for a product I did not receive! H&M are a global company you need to do better! Your customer service is terrible Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I have no problem with H&M not about the quality or delivery but about the discount codes and staff behavior. Once i had discounted code of 150€ on my account but it was withdrawn again because they said we mistakenly added this to your account but hope they try to solve their technical problems Or in France the girl who worked as a cashier didn't use the discount code for me because I'm not French while I live in France and i use French account. I little became disappoint by their behavior to their customers but still i love products of H&M.
    I absolutely love H & M! I have a family of 7 and I buy for 6 of us from them. I spend anywhere from $200-$500 every couple of months because I love the quality of their clothes. Usually I don't have a problem but when I do is absolutely ridiculous dealing with customer service. Customer service are the worse! They are rude, condescending and abrasive. When speaking to the agents they treat you with robotic phrases, demeanor and solutions. You may get more understanding from a robot. H&M warehouse sent me a $200 order, ALL with the wrong sizes and refused to replace the order. They said for me to take a refund and reorder everything if its available, no compensation for me reordering it, no help replacing the order, no let me figure this out and no replacing half the order, nothing. In fact the last representative I spoke to, over talked me the whole time and she was a supervisor, she didn't care that I purchased stuff all the time. They told me to start ordering in UK sizes, which is wrong because the warehouse messed up. I've been ordering from them for 7 years and sadly this experience was so bad, I'm canceling my online account. I've never felt so mistreated by a company who actually made the mistake, sending me all the wrong sizes and then acting like I did something wrong. H&M clearly only cares about money not their faithful customers. Tip for consumers:If H&M make a mistake in anything it is never their problem it is yours. Products used:Bought clothes and shoes. Clothes were all the wrong sizes, can't use them for a while.
    H&M has NO inventory in physical stores for maternity and nursing clothes so you have to order online. First, you have to order a bunch of stuff to get free shipping (3-7 business days). Then you immediately get an email that your order is delayed. I got my order a day late and because the stores are useless for pregnant/nursing mothers, there is no other choice. Finally, the order arrives and one white shirt has pen marks all over. I call H&M and their response is "order a new one and wait another 7 business days to have it delivered". Also, need to return the damaged item and waste time on that. Overall, this has been the worst experience buying clothes online. Worst customer service. Tip for consumers:DO NOT BUY ONLINE!! You are better off ordering from another store. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    It had been over a year since I shopped here and not really sure why I stopped shopping there but I recently decided to purchase a double-pocket felted shirt jacket. It surpassed my expectations. It fits true to size and excellent quality. Shipping was pretty fast, about 7 business days, which is always great. It has been a while since I shopped at but I'm very happy with my purchase. I will definitely be shopping more here. Products used:Jacket Service Value Shipping Quality
    Really bad services on delivery I ordered sneakers and tshirt 23 days ago and i just got a delivery confirmation today and it says it will take atleast 13 more days to delivered and on the website it ws 6 to 7 day even after Covid -19 delays. Plz never get anything online from them. I will try to find other platforms as well to inform ever1 too Thanks
    Apparently you can't return bras anymore. But yet you can try them on in The store and not purchase. That makes NO SENSE. THEY LOST ME and MY KIDS AS CUSTOMERS. NO MORE H& M for us!
    H&m is absolute cheat brand. I placed around 30-35 orders with multiple items. The returns were sent back all carefully from my end. Then they told me they haven't received my returns after 6 months when I chased. I had to prepare an excel sheet to track all my orders and returns which consumed so much time. They refused to give my refunds for 2 of my returns of 1039 and 799 rs. Be very careful with them. They don't initiate return until u chase and sometimes not even after chasing. It never happened with any other shopping site. Customer service literally says. There is no one above us to escalate and they are so unwilling to help. I literally cried when I had to explain too much to get my genuine money back and still dint get. Boycott h&m. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I ordered some stuffs online in Canada, within Toronto area. It took a month for delivery. This is not a brand nor international organization, its some retail store half way around the globe trying to fool Canadians. I felt like I order some stuffs from China which took a month to deliver. My advise, dont every order from H&M,, rather go buy from wallmart. You will regret,, not worth a month wait when u pay and bought some stuffs.
    I attempted to order clothes from the website and found it very difficult to navigate but once I found my way through I was able to find what I wanted
    I have now ordered from the H&M website on two separate occasions. This is now the SECOND time that I have ordered and entered my delivery address only to get the shipping email confirmation. It shows my delivery address is my email address. I call customer service and they tell me o'well you should have refreshed the page. In my online ordering, I have NEVER had to "refresh" a page to make sure my address is correct. H&M should be ashamed of themselves. People already spend a lot of money on the clothing then have to pay all this money for shipping, only for THEIR system to not work properly. I now have had to pay additional money to UPS to have my packages shipped to the right address. This will be the LAST time you will ever get my money. If I had the option to give NEGATIVE stars I would. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    Today on May 13th, 2022, I ordered four shirts and checked out with Paypal. The processing auto-filled the shipping address without any option to change it. When I saw the incorrect address (which was an old address to which I am not associated to whatsoever), I immediately called H&M customer service. It was 4 minutes after the transaction. I was connected to a kind fellow called Randall, with a soft Indian accent. He let me know immediately (after checking my order number), that because it had passed the 15 minute mark, nothing could be changed on my shipping information. PLOT TWIST: IT HAD ONLY BEEN 7 MINUTES. So H&M somehow was processing orders in a future 8 minutes ahead of time. Kudos to H&M for their quantum order processing. Randall was as kind as he could be, given his restrictions. I thanked him and left 100% dissatisfied with my online shopping experience. There was no room for help. Only to speak with Randall. I guess that is the perk of horrible shipping policy and product shipping logistics with H&M. There's no changes that can happen, at all. Even if a request is made within a few minutes of purchasing. I do not reccomend shopping with H&M online. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I made an order to an old shipping address (which in an entirely different state) by accident, I call customer service minutes after, and they tell me they 1) can't cancel order because I used express shipping 2) can't change the delivery address after order confirmation 3) can't refund because they don't have a refund button. The only thing that can be done about this was a "missing parcel," and no one even offered to refund immediately. It's not the customer's fault and the customer shouldn't be penalized for a mistake such as this one. I'm never shopping with H&M again - they don't deserve me, or you. Service Shipping Returns
    I ordered a few items April 13. I paid online as due to the current situation they have disabled cash or payment on delivery. Finally my things arrived May 13 and the courier requests I pay... again! I've emailed them 3 time with no response. Forget calling the company, the number disconnects and never rings. NEVER AGAIN
    I am rating with one star for cloth quality but regarding staff, it's less than 0. Really bad experience from H&M Ahmedabad Satellite store. I am really disappointed from one sales person whose name is Anil regarding bad behaviour, and very unprofessional behaviour by that staff person. My son age is 2 years. And we are waiting for fitting room with long queues and long period for that and that time my son just play with stool. Anil has to take a jerk stool from my little son. And then I complain for the same, he was angry with bad language. So I am really feel bad experience. Just I want to suggest to authorized person, staff should be supportive for customers, But it's not in ahmedabad store.
    Horrific experience. I normally shop at H and M often and love their prices but their response to covid is absolutely horrible. I ordered a package like three weeks ago and it's been saying that usps is waiting for the package to arrive to them so they can ship it. It has been saying that for days. I contacted customer support and waiting for 40 min before an agent started a chat with me and the moment the agent got on, the cat randomly stopped and wouldn't let me say anything. Then I emailed them 2 weeks ago and still no response. Absolutely trash. Extremely dissapointed. Pacsun got my order and had it at my doorstep in a week, even though covid is active. H and M is garbage, don't order online.
    Warning. If you normally shop at H&M in the stores do not try ordering anything from them online... the experience is not the same! I ordered clothes for my nephews birthday online 2 weeks ago. I would think ordering three weeks in advance I should receive them on time. My items still have not even shipped yet! So I called customer service to figure what's happening and the agents were so rude. I was hung up on once. I called back in again and the agent was so mean I asked to speak with a manager and the agent said no and hung up. I called back the third time in tears finally got through to a manager and the manager was silent while I was crying. He showed no sympathy or interest. He said that they can not tell me when my items will ship and when I'll get them. He recommended I go to the store and buy my nephew a new birthday present... as they can not tell me when I will receive my items could take months due to warehouse issues. They also can not cancel orders either even if it's not even shipped. Avoid H&M online orders. After this experience I won't even be shopping with them period in the stores
    All the cards can be used in all the merchant, except for H&M. Have to do a refunding call again (third times). Tip for consumers:no idea Products used:none Service Value Shipping Returns Quality