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  • Description:Identifies the need has been changed, since the ancient Egyptians created the first sign. But the ordering process and production of signs and other customized printing products has always been a complicated and time-consuming. 2005, we think it is some revolutionary changes in time. We combine the professional knowledge of sign production, innovative technology and superior customer service, customers will be a hundred years old today. We created buildasign. COM, a new custom printing company
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    I had a couple signs made and was very happy with not only the quick delivery but also how nice they came out. The price was great as well. I plan on using it for some upcoming events I have going on.
    I ordered truck magnets. When they arrived we put them on a clean truck, only to find when we took them off less then two weeks later they had damaged a perfectly good paint job. They damaged the clear coat and made the paint bubble. The company had there excuses about why this could have happened, putting the blame in us. Then they wanted to refund half the cost of the magnets, and do nothing about the damage there item caused. I just want to warn anyone else thinking of buying there car/truck magnets, because if I had known it was gonna cost me hundreds or more in damage I would have never have put them on a vehicle!
    Sent unsolicited email to me. Clearly just buying up a list of domain registrants and spamming them. The lowest of the low.
    Gave me the run around telling me the sign had already shipped. Once I got the Fed-Ex tracking number it was clear they had been lying to me. Worst of all when the sign finally did arrive it looked awful. I made sure to send high resolution files to them and was assured the file was good enough resolution. The other vendor I selected and sent the same file to made a beautiful sign and shipped it ahead of schedule. Skip these jokers, totally not worth it!
    BuildASign - WASTE of time!! To sum it up, I ordered 50 signs online. The art department needed better images they said. Which I emailed in right away. I than waited for a proof, and waited, and waited. I received little to No response to my requests for a proof, till 3 weeks later when I finally canceled the order. Then you get the emails and calls from rude reps wanting to know what you wanted, you canceled your order, but we are here to help. All I wanted was to order a few SIGNS!! Here's your sign - shop elsewhere!!
    This is one of the most marketed businesses for custom signs on the Internet, so I chose it mostly for the exposure. Nonetheless, I still placed a small test order to see the quality of their work and level of customer service first. Sadly, I was disappointed in both. Here are the pros/cons of doing business with this company: Pros - Professional web site with easy to design customization of product - Fast delivery Cons - No automated e-mail was sent confirming my online order. I had to request it. - Product ordered had uneven borders and distorted text - No reply to two e-mails over ten days to correct the situation (yes, checked my SPAM filters) Conclusion - Skip this business and try one of it's many competitors.
    what there automated price qoute was and what they then tried to charge us when we placed the online order was completely different. When they said our product would arrive was off by 2 business days, our shipment was split up in unorganized manner, signs came 2 days later stands for signs came. Some signs had in smudges all over the signs.