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  • Description:Babies  R  Us was founded in 1996, belongs to Toys  R  Us, is a well-known professional to provide large retailers all kinds of children's products. It opened its first store in West bury Town, currently in the whole American area expanded to more than 260 chain stores. Babies  R  Us provides a variety of baby products, reasonable price, to meet the different needs of life for baby. It provides products mainly include: baby food, cleaning supplies, such as baby mattress.
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    this store rocks
    Great delivery expectant date & customer service
    It is unusual for a website to give me a better experience than the store but this one did! Babies R Us has more variety online than in-store, they have great national brands,and whoever their purchaser is, that person is amazing because I can't think of one of their products I wouldn't use. The stores tend to cater to the higher-priced items, but on the website I was able to find that $20 baby gate (in store the cheapest one was $60 and I only needed it for a dog!). I really appreciated the selection between higher and lower priced items. I didn't want to spend my entire life's savings on a highchair or potty, but I knew my diaper bag would be with me until my youngest was at least six (not because of diapers, but because I'd need a large bag to haul around extra clothes snacks, and shoes). I found the most beautiful diaper bag here that I actually still have in my closet today. I cut off the sewn-in diaper changing pad and it makes a beautiful purse.
    I can't say enough Good things about this store which is Amazing I'm obsessed I always shop her its gender neutral and I love it
    I purchased a gift and it was defective. I took it back to the store with the receipt in hand. They refused to exchange or refund my money unless I let the scan my ID which could by DMV id passport ID or military ID. I didn't mind them typing in the information but they would only do the return/refund if I let them scan it. I contacted the company on the following Monday and they had me file a complaint form which I did. They had the local toys r us manager contact me in stead of the babies r us so disrespectful and rude are babies r us. I will NEVER shop there again nor will I accept anything they have sold from anyone. I was a good customer to them and now I'm sorry I ever went into their store
    This is the absolute WORST store to shop for babies or have a registry. The prices are about 25% higher than anywhere else, the selection sucks, the customer service is USELESS, the ONE order I've placed recently came screwed up... I had my daughter's registry there a couple of years ago. I literally gave away hundreds of my money to this horrible place by overpaying. I was a first time mom and I guess didn't know any better... Was excited with their "rewards" card, which is pretty much garbage. You do earn rewards with the card, but the money you earn expire very fast, so even though I've earned over $100 in "rewards", I didn't have a chance to use ANY of those. I had another baby last year and used Amazon for the registry. What a difference that was! I was even able to return a registry gift for the full price (not promotional price) back at no cost. Do yourself a favor and stay away. Update 4/18/16 I was unfortunate enough to get their gift card recently. My order included a changing pad cover, which was $19.99. Instead of the cover, sent me a crib sheet. The invoice, however, listed the pad instead. I called their customer service to let them know of the mistake and to make sure they refund me $19.99, not $16.99 price for the sheet. Finally, when my order was received on their end and the refund confirmed, I got $16.99 back on the card, instead of $19.99 I originally paid! The babiesrus also wanted me to pay for the shipping that they messed up! I'm not going to call back about those $3, but that's one of the examples of what this dysfunctional company does.
    I have attempted two separate orders for the same item (halo swaddle sacks). Both times the wrong item was delivered (never the same item). These are not available in the two stores near me. There is not an email/online option to get this corrected. You have to call customer service and the wait is excruciating. Customer service reps are at least pleasant, but my refund could only be given to me in a gift card (original purchase was split between credit card and gift card). I will be going to instead. It's unfortunate because the competition in this area of sales is so competitive and both Toys and Babies 'R Us seems to be steadily failing and surrendering to bigger box stores like Target and Walmart. Perhaps if they paid a bit more attention to details when shipping and offered more convenient methods to contact customer service, they would have more success.
    a little pricy but anything you need you will find at this store.
    always good experiences
    Great site
    I buy for my friend's kids all the time via this website. I like their selection and their service.
    I livevtheir baby registry service! When my son was being born we registered and family and friends who live far away were able to purchase online and all we had to do was pick up at the store! So convenient. My son's crib and mattress were of the highest quality. Lots of great choices!
    They tell you products are available then you wait for weeks they don't return calls and then tell you the product is out of stock. The worst service ever. Don't order from this store.
    A lot of the time when I go into my local BabiesRUs I love what I find, but a lot of it is for girls. Like clothing and toys specifically, also bed sets and anything related to babies. If you can't already tell, I have a boy. And I am all for gender neutral items, but there's only so much yellow and brown I can put up with before I go in search of more baby friendly items. And sadly, locally there are only a small handful of stores where I can purchase him things of quality that I can feel alright in giving away as hand me downs because they aren't too destroyed. Which is generally what I find with a lot of the products I get at BabiesRUs - that a good percentage of the items I purchase can receive a lot of love from my son and then can still withstand going to another home and being just as loved and still be in one piece. I just wish there was more of a boy selection.
    For my daughters son she registered on the site. It was very easy to do and we went to the store with the list and within about an hour we had almost everything she wanted to furnish the new baby's room. They had a great variety of cribs, dressing tables. Swings and strollers. She had a great time picking out what she wanted for her new son. Quality was great and we looked at reviews before we went shopping. Returns were also easy because we returned at local toysrus. Highly recommend
    The prices here are astronomical compared to Target, Walmart, or Amazon. They try offering a price match promotion, but good luck finding the products here in any other store. (SO basically you will never get these items for any less). I made a registry here YEARS ago not knowing how expensive they truly were & what a hassle they gave me about completing it and cancelling it. They would either call me or email me daily about it & being pregnant, I especially was annoyed. Their products are cute, but not what I am willing to pay.
    A lot of confusion and even though products are organized, I have to say I have the feeling of being at WallMart. Don't like that feeling of uncontrollable confusion. Not to say the lines at the registers.
    got my nephews so many great gifts he is a newborn and i was surprised at the things you can find for them, specially the super hero themed.
    I'm happy to order from you, the product is real good
    my boy like it
    Is the place to be
    I created a registry for my baby who was born in September, and didn't get everything on my list. One of the items on my list was a diaper bag, which I obviously felt the need to purchase for myself. Upon purchasing this diaper bag through my account (apparently a registry isn't the same as a regular account?) I paid $50 for it and had it shipped. I never got an email with my information, I never got my package, but I did get charged and they are unable to look me up to ship a new one to me or refund my money. Absolutely ridiculous.
    I got this monitor as a gift about a month before my daughter was born. We hooked it up immediately and thought it was great. Fast forward to my daughter being 4 months old. The monitor screen wouldnt turn on anymore and you could only hear sound. I called the manufacturer and they sent me a out a new camera by accident. I called them back and they immediately sent me out a monitor. They didn't even ask me to send the other items back. Well now my daughter is 7 months old and the monitor turns off when you take it off the charger.
    Wat can I say... it's the place to be!! Love love love ❤
    Arrived on time
    Two pregnant daughters registered here, just a fun and easy site to navigate.
    Great rewards program!
    i love it
    I've had a few things from here but I have received damaged good so wasn't overly impressed by this! Especially as we had spent over £600
    I used this as my registry for my baby shower because i found items that i wanted for my baby but when my friends tried to order online they said they couldn't locate my name or my address is wrong or the item was not available, and one of the gift was even shipped to the wrong state, and so i double checked my account to make sure my info's are all correct and it was so i don't really know what happened there.
    I was attending a baby shower and the mom to be was registered on this site. I wanted to get her something off her registry so I ordered from the site and paid for expedited shipping to be sure I would get it within in a week. 4 days after I placed the order I logged on to the site and my order was in a status of located in wearhouse. I then called them and the woman on the phone said she didn't understand why my order was saying this and she needed to open a ticket to have somebody look into it. I said I need the gift in 2 more days and if I couldn't get it I needed it cancelled. She said she would note that in the ticket. The next day I get an email saying my item would ship soon. I contacted them again and said I need the order cancelled. This time I was told that once an order is placed it can not be cancelled and I would have to either refuse the shipment or return it once it arrives. This has been the worst customer service I have ever experienced from an online site and will never shop there again.
    As a new mom I am frequently researching and purchasing new products for my son. Babies R Us is a comprehensive website that provides reviews, safety ratings, specifications on each product, as well as the option to shop online, and even ship to a store site. There are frequently great sales and coupons offered on the site that are easy to take advantage of and their customer service is very helpful as well.
    Ok service with on line but great at the store.
    Initially I used this site for my baby registry, but found another site that had=s much greater appeal to me. However, I did keep the registry on for the few items not available on the other site. So far, I've received two gift orders from this registry, and made one purchase myself. One complaint that I have is that despite negative consumer reviews on the site, BabiesRUs continues to sell clearly faulty merchandise. I bought a Whirlpool infant tub at the store, and had to return it after reading the 100% negative reviews on it. Why continue to sell it when almost every review (15+) references leakage into the battery compartment that corrodes the metal? Does BabiesRUs *WANT* kids bathing in battery acid?!!! Many of the products sold by this retailer are low quality and there seems to be a lack of range of high-end items. If someone wants cheap.....can't they just go to Walmart? Another issue i have is that both gift registry orders I've received have been missing items. The first time it took me about two weeks to notice the missing items; I was reviewing registry items and realized I was short. When the second package arrived, I checked it right away. Duoh. The missing items were replaced quickly and without hassle, so I can only complain a bit. It does bother me that I almost did not check the order contents because they were gifts. fortunately, they do include a packing slip. I'm not a fan of sites that have "rewards" programs based on points and award levels. It seems silly to me in this day and age; cash reward programs are far more effective. One that note, BabiesRUs *is* a member of UPromise. This is a cash-back to college expenses program. Unfortunately, BabiesRUs only contributes 1-2%. A bit of a sham for the leading Baby-stuff retailer. What else....?...The shipping for BabiesRUs is slow. It can take upwards of two weeks to receive an order. My family member who bought the first gift registry order sent me an email they day he shipped it. I did not get it for weeks. Plus one of the items ended up being backordered....and I need it and have absolutely no way of canceling it. I checked with the person who ordered it and he had no idea it was backordered. It did not show it on the site or the purchase invoice via e-mail; it only shows now when he looks at the shipping order form. Ultimately I will buy it from the other site and return the one from BabiesRUs when it arrives....a big waste of my friends shipping expenses! I don't like going into the retail stores; they seem a bit dated and warehouse-like. The website is easy to navigate but every now and then scripting crashes the browser. It is well organized and there is a lot of product information. I appreciate the product reviews...they are helpful. The registry is very easy to use, both to add and modify items. get a LOT of spam when you register! On the up note....when I called CS about the missing items from the order....I ACTUALLY spoke with an American. ********* EDIT 11/15/2011 Changed from 3-stars to 1-star ******************** So I was given a shipping quote of about $11.22 after a $20 discount. I received an invoice and suddenly the shipping charged to me was $45+ Seriously? I called CS and had the worst experience. I tried to speak with a manager and none were available. When I said I would hold....i was told all they could do is take my name and number and have someone call me back. NOT ACCEPTABLE. I will be taking back all of the purchased items to the store for a refund. I may be out $45+ but I will make my purchase elsewhere. I HAVE CANCELLED MY REGISTRY ON THIS SITE AND WILL NEVER EVER SUPPORT BABIES R US AGAIN. Rip off, frauds, with low quality merchandise and ghetto attitudes. Also, one item would not ship for over two weeks from now, so I tried to cancel it, and the CS idiot told me I can not cancel it. WTF. Just a joke.