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  • Description:Selfridges, founded in 1909 and located in Oxford Street, is a famous department store in London and one of the most frequented shopping malls by foreign tourists in London.
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    On my part I will never shop there again. Bought a branded product in London Selfridges, broke after 6 days, at their request sent it to Selfridges on a tracked service. Arrived there (Royal mail photographed) but they have lost it. 8 weeks in and we are in a perpetual circle of being bounced to the item manufacturer and back to Customer Services. A different person deals with the case each time so we never progress. I feel sorry for the people at customer services who have to work in such chaos. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    Bought a designer bag and they sent the wrong one, which I'm sure they hoped I would accept it. Polite customer service but absolutely useless. 5 phone calls and hours spent on their online chat. They always promise to follow up and never do. So stressful. Tip for consumers:Never order from abroad! Zero support on returns Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    It appears I am not the only one that is a victim of Selfridges empty box scam. They have done absolutely nothing to help this situation. We ordered a ring in December 2020. When the shipment arrived on Dec 10 the box was empty. There was absolutely no ring! I had to chase Selfridges every few days for updates. Not once did they reach out to me on their own after I filed the claim. This was a $5000 ring! My ring doorbell camera captured the delivery, as well as me opening the box on my doorstep with a witness present. I have live and camera snapshots of the box and the condition it was while in the delivery mans arms. The box did not appear to be tampered with. I finally received a email today 20 days later from a representative saying that it's to bad that it's empty, and that their CCTV show the item being put in the box so they will not refund my money or replace it. End of story... not even looking into their shipping company. They completely left me out of $5000 and no ring. I have no idea if they put insurance on the ring when they shipped it, but they have left me stuck and it's like it's no big deal. Selfridges email response; We write with regards to your missing item claim of the Messka My Twin Toi & Moi 18ct white-gold and diamond ring. As part of our investigation into your claim, we have undertaken a thorough review of the process leading up to delivery of your order. We can confirm that after reviewing all available information, CCTV footage reviewed and completing our investigation, the item was correctly packed into the order and sealed correctly before delivery was made to your address. Delivery has also been made successfully with no noted damage on receipt from the courier. For this reason we are unable to process a refund. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    Absolutely disgusting service, placed an order for three tablets costing nearly £900 only to have my order cancelled the following morning stating I hadn't passed security checks and by pure coincidence the price of each tablet had gone up from £297 to £349. On speaking to a member of customer service they informed me it was not actually anything to do with a security check and that it was Samsung that had cancelled the order and not Selfridges and that they would contact Samsung to find out why and get back to me. Apparently the items are shipped straight from Samsung and they can cancel your order even though your order is placed with Selfridges which is not on. No one got back to me so after 24 hours I contacted customer services again and spoke to a different member off staff to be told a completely different story and that the order was cancelled because it hadn't passed the security check but no actual reason was given and that what her colleague had told me previously was wrong, so basically I've been ignored and lied to and they wont honor the original price. What a circus and I'm sorry I didn't see all the negative reviews before I placed an order with these clowns, the staff at Chicken Cottage have better customer service skills so vote with your wallets and buy elsewhere because the bottom line is that they simply do not care, you have been warned.
    This company sells used items as new. They don't honor their return policy and lie about condition of products Tip for consumers:DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY Products used:Valentino garavani Rockstud bag Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I finally received a refund for one of the Kids Electric Ride-on which I returned. Refund for the Vehicle which Selfridges received back on 21st July, this was after Selfridges admitted they have received it and it has been lost within their distribution centre. I have still been calling Selfridges and emailing them every other day regarding my other return which they received back on the 29th July. I keep getting told either it's with the inspection team or someone else is dealing with it and someone will get back to me. Eventually, I received a phone call on Wednesday 12th August from someone from Selfridges who told me a refund had been issued on the 11th August and should be with me by the end of the week and he gave me a £50 voucher as compensation for my troubles. I did not receive an email confirmation that a refund had been processed so again I called Selfridges on Thursday 13th August. The advisor I spoke to said that no refund has been processed for this Item and again someone else will be in touch. No one got back to me so again I called Selfridges on Saturday 15th August and the advisor I spoke to said someone will get back to me by email by 3 pm. I received an email from George who said the returns team have an issue with my return and have decided that they will not give me a refund. And he has requested for them to provide him with additional info regarding this. He also requested info regarding the fault as well as mentioning the faults of the first vehicle which I returned. This has all got me confused and stressed the First Vehicle was faulty and it was not going straight it was tilting to the left whenever you try to drive straight and that is why I returned it. This item got lost in Selfridges own Distribution Centre and after all the emails and phone calls during 3 Weeks Selfridges gave me a refund. Why is George quoting the faults of the first return when this vehicle was lost as Selfridges admitted. The Fault with the Second Vehicle is there was a Wire which is detached from the Vehicle Motor and I noticed this as soon as I took the parts out of the box. For this reason, I did not even attempt to build the vehicle and called Selfridges straight away to arrange a return for this. Again it is coming up to 3 Weeks and Selfridges are now saying they will not give me a refund, This is absolutely ridiculous. They give me a £50 e-voucher and tell me they will not refund my £230 they can take that voucher back I just want my refund for the faulty item. This whole experience has been a nightmare for me and my family. The amount of stress Selfridges has caused me in the last few weeks is unbelievable. I did not order 2 Kids electric ride on worth £220 each and £10 each for delivery for FUN neither did I order them to have them delivered so I can just LOOK at them and send them back to Selfridges. I ordered them as a gift for my Niece who is still waiting for her birthday gift. I want my refund as a customer I have not done anything wrong I received Faulty Items and I returned them. I am sick of all the excuses and problems Selfridges have created. They get things mixed up they get the info incorrect and I am the one who is suffering in all this. The other thing is I provided a Cover Letter attached securely inside the boxes of both Vehicles which clearly states what the Faults are with each Vehicle and why I have returned them. I just want this nightmare with Selfridges to end so I can put it behind me and move on, I will have to seek legal advice if this endless nightmare continues. I am also attaching a picture that clearly shows there is a WIRE DETACHED FROM THE MOTOR. If that is not classed as faulty then what is.
    Selfridges is great, service, products but I expected a little more for what it was. I bought a very expenvise perfume for 170pounds which I think is a lot! And they didnt even give me a small gift, not even a giftcard not a tester - nothing, well they packed the perfume nicely but come on, customers expect more attention