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    I purchased a cigarette case in August 2014 as a gift. To my embarrassment, the catch broke within two days. I contacted Bewild and they told me to return it for an exchange. I sent it back and have never heard from them again. I have emailed them numerous time for over a year and they never respond. I have called and get a response of "we will look into it." So I've paid for the original item plus shipping, plus the cost to ship it back and I have no merchandise. In essence, they have stolen $30 from me total. As far as I'm concerned, they are pawning off crappy merchandise to unsuspecting consumers and they should be shut down. If anyone else stole from me I could go to the police. But there's really no recourse for this kind of thievery except to write a bad review. Don't make the same mistake!
    They screwed up a simple order. Sent wrong product. Had me pay to send it back. Lost it in shipping. Month later, still nothing.
    I bought a couple of t-shirts from this site because one that I had been looking for was cheaper on this site than elsewhere. I ordered the second t-shirt because it was funny and different. The shirt that made me place the order to begin with turned out to be one of those cheaply done vinyl-feeling lettering (the kind you can't put in the dryer because it will flake off). The lettering had stuck to itself during shipping so the writing was all messed up. The other shirt had a piece of tape on it and the tape residue never came off. I called to return the shirt with the messed up writing, they were rude and told me just to write down the information on a piece of paper to send it back. It took forever to get a refund and they did not reimburse me for the shipping even though it was a defective product so the return was not my fault. They ignored all my requests for a full refund.