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    Of course you have your home depots and lowes, but I love Harbor Freight. Good deals and same quality tools. It's the first store choice for me when it comes to tools.
    I have been buying stuff from Harbor Freight for years, but after my last experience, which still hasn't ended, I am officially done. Finito. The end. I purchased 3 of their solar lights that would have been exactly what I needed if they'd worked. 2 out of 3 that were sent me were defective. Right, that's 66%. To top it off, unlike Ebay and other e-commerce sites, they don't send you a return label you can print from your computer. Instead, you have to WAIT for WEEKS till they snail mail you a label, which I still haven't received, and THEN they claim they will refund your money. Folks, don't be fooled by the cheap prices for junk that is made overseas (you know where) that breaks right after you open the package. You get what you pay for. AND it's not easy to get your money back.
    On their website, I posted a review regarding a dangerous situation with one of their products. After 7 days, the review has not appeared in the review section for the product, leading me to believe they will not post it because it is negative. I had purchased a 500 amp Load Tester item # 91129. The first time I used it, the item smoked. I thought it did so because the item was new & the user manual stated item can get hot. The second time I used the item, it caught fire. I had to use a fire extinguisher to put out the flames. Inside the case of the tester, the positive cable insulation was badly charred & the negative cable insulation slightly charred, but the flames had engulfed the whole inside of the load tester case. It seems the cables used on this item are not sufficient size to handle high amperage. At the time of the second test, I had set it to 425 amps.
    Buy all my tools there. It's hard to find a sales person on the floor, the free giveaways such as mini flashlights, etc are usually gone by the time I get there. Prices are great. They make almost all that they sell. Better than any other tool, supply store I've been to. Easy to buy more than you intended if you're into tools, etc.
    Almost everything is poor quality, but they fill that niche - when you need a one time use item or, for me, extra tools too keep in the outbuildings & sheds. Since they are only occasionally used, I do not want to duplicate with the type of expensive tools I keep in the shop, so Harbor Freight tools fit the bill. As many have said - expect to get what you pay for.
    Really good prices and sales. Quality isn't the greatest but you get what you pay for. Something’s are better than others you just got to know how to find them. I’ve been a long time customer mainly because of their customer service. Very reasonable company, never had a problem.
    HarborFreight is a great place to buy power tools along with random home and industrial products. Their prices are often better than what you would find at Home Depot or places like that. I can't lie, I'm a Harbor Freight fan.
    I love the harborfreight store ,,how ever I go to the store to shop and some times just to kill time and make a wish list ,,I get coupons in my e-mail that I use at the store too,,and the coupons save you even more off the already on sale price and they have pretty good stulf,,have bout everything from tools to a toy rc airplane
    Harbor freight sells cheap tools. Some of these tools are very high quality, some are not. They have online reviews done by customers that help a great deal on determining what is good and what is just cheap. Harbor freight has good customer service and delivers when they say they will - no deception. The prices are what keeps people coming back - great prices! Site is easy to navigate and ordering simple.
    They have an extensive collection of tools and hardware. Prices are incredibly cheap BUT... quality ranges from "piece of junk" to "decent". However, generally you get what you pay for. If you pay $7.00 for a set of 10 pliers just expect it to be worth that price and no more. That way you won't be disappointed. The tools are OK for sporadic amateur work though and are a great way to add rarely used tools to your collection at a great price. Shipping costs are reasonable given the weight of tools. Their shipping cost schedule is a little strange - e.g. if your order is below $15 it will cost $1.99 and between $15 and $30 will be $5.99 so it is cheaper to place multiple orders if possible. Shipping time is very good as I received my product within a week. My detailed ratings: 4 stars for relative prices (as in "you get what you pay for"), 4 stars for selection, 2 stars for quality, 4 stars for relative quality (relative to price), 3 stars for shipping cost, and 4 stars for shipping time.