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  • Description:Dillard's is the world's well-known operating mainly in the fashion clothing and accessories mainly Home Furnishing retail stores. It is committed to provide consumers with quality products, reasonable price and high quality customer service. It provides the main products include: men and women fashion clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry, underwear, beauty products and Home Furnishing decorations etc.. Sales of Dillard's products contain a large number of well-known brands, such as: Lancome, Nike, Miss  Me, Calvin  Klein, Born, Coach etc..
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    Perfect place to get you guy his Polo scent and sample other scents as well.
    I have been their customer for years now, their store brand shoes are my favorite ones. I only took one star off because they don't offer free shipping ever, which I guess is good or I would be totally broke from buying their shoes when they go on sale. For the price Antonio Melani and Gianni Binni are the best quality shoes I have ever seen or wore. Sorry overpriced designer shoe manufacturers. I don't need a designer name to make me feel good about myself and walk like a tortuted puppet in uncomfortable overpriced heels.
    This is my 2nd bad experience with Dillard's & their customer service. I had bought a watch & wanted to exchange it for a bigger dial. Dillard's Rep couldn't locate the item# on the return receipt & told me to contact their manager in customer care. Their manager was not helpful & she didn't tell me any work around options about store credit or gift card! She was so rude that she told me to gift the watch to someone else if I don't like it!.. I know there are people who have returned merchandise after 3 - 6 months of purchase. All Other stores like Macy's & JCPenny accept returns using a return label then why not Dillard's? It's ridiculous!!
    Was ready to purchase shoes until I saw the shipping cost to Hawaii,$35.00! Macy's, Nordstom, Neimans, Amazon All ship for free and very rude customer service when I inquired about it. The worst on line shopping experience ever
    Today we decided to shop at Dillard's at Eastgate, near Cincinnati. There were two purses on sale at Dillard's, same purse as my wife purchased two months ago at full price. However, the prices marked were different. I went and saw the sales manager and she informed me that we were correct and both would be sold to us at the lower price. My wife and I looked around and picked out additional items and when we went to pay, we were told the prices would be different because the original prices were different according to the Store Manager. When it was discovered that the original prices were indeed the same, he informed us that it did not matter what the sales manager told us, he would not approve the same price. Accordingly, I informed him we would never shop at Dillard's again since they will not honor what we were told (Difference if $25 on a COACH purse, is not much). What shocked me is that he told us he did not care if we never came back and Dillard's did not want our business. So much for Dillard's. Maycy's and Nordstrom here we come!!
    This store is absolutely the worst, none of these associates want to help, they just want to stand there and make money. Their departments are filthy and full of mold and rats. I can safely say that I'll never shop there again after the associates in the shoe dept started to swear at each other because they were trying to make commission off of me. Really terrible service even with managers. I asked to speak with the store manager and they said he was unavailable because he doesn't speak with customers. That whole department store will be run down thanks to the people who are running it. I'll give it a couple years before they go out of business.
    i was just fired today by a group of managers mr dewey and my manager karen , what i never got is what happened to the day i was physically and verbally played with. i was sick and was told by my manager to hurry and work fast , sick, so i asked to go home, when it became a verbal argument i tried to call the store manager in which point my shoe manager slammed the phone and tried to rip out the cord, now few months later they tell my my sales goals are not good enough and i need to go asap even followed me outside like an idiot. where is the video you denied me of when when slammed the phone on me that i asked for for my attorney? why would you kick me out like an animal although i was just walking to clock out. and why would you blame sales when we got 4 new people and you waited till its slow season to rid of me, one thing is i want a lawyer to get that video and show the world what you do. you fired a hard worker and an honest one but most of all you verbally and physically abused me, and that you need to get fired for. no empleyee should go through your games and torture
    Yesterday's fashions at Dillard's...
    Dillards has Ten Star products both online and in store. I have shopped the stores while on business and they have great quality items. I take stars away for the shipping, return shipping cost, and the failure to have coupon codes often. I have never had an issue with Dillards ( I used a coupon code and had no need to return) as they often have limited edition items which only Dillards carries. However, the coupon code made the sale possible other wise the item would have cost an additional 11.95 and returns are on you. Macy's and others make online shopping with Dillards not necessary- as they are much better with shipping cost and returns. I will continue to shop brick and mortar Dillards and only online with codes. Sale prices are not the best as Dillards is not a competitive in pricing.
    Like TN said, they have great shoe sales. Having bought a pair of shoes from endless that fit well, I found another of the same style but in different colours on dillards and ordered them. They charge about $8 shipping but if you're sure of the style and fit, it's a good deal. I had to change the address after the order was processed and usually I've never been able to have a retailer successfully do that, but dillards was able to. Very impressed! Their customer service was also extremely helpful and timely.
    OMG the handbags you can get on this site in the sales and clearance category!!They carry Fossil, Steve Madden, BCBG,Lucky, Gianni B, KVZ, Jessica Simpson, The Sak, etc. They are actually having a great sale today 40% off sale and clearance 07/28/11...The only reason for 3 stars? The shipping is pretty expensive.Must see this site!!
    Usually if I cannot find what I am looking for at I am sure to find it at I have gotten some really good deals from them from dresses to jackets. They are a very reputable company and sell designer quality items. I have never had a problem with any of the purchases from Dillards both in the store and online. This is a very good clothing store.