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  • Description:Godaddy  domain name registration; is the world's largest, Godaddy management domain name more than 50000000. At the same time, Godaddy is also the largest host service provider, according to display multiple monitor, the number is placed on the Godaddy website has more ranks first. In addition to the domain name of products, Godaddy also provides Linux, Windows host, VPS, server, website development tools and software package, a variety of electronic commerce application etc.
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    Worst American web services company I have ever had the displeasure of doing business with. Hours on the phone wasted likes it a 1999 and errors that lose me business!? Thanks for charging me 14 dollars to get me site back on line when you made a mistake! I'm so made I'm sorry but I need to warn others! Service Value Quality
    I have been with Go Daddy for over 20 years - now retired and do not need the services. They make it just about impossible to cancel a product. All it gives you is "RENEW" no "CANCEL". Call them and they fight you every inch of the way. Somehow along the way they lost their morals, values, and ethics. I would have kept a couple of products, but they crossed the line - I canceled everything - totally "P"ed me off.
    After ten days the domain you purchase turns into a domain. You have to pay more to use the domain. So, I might be the only person who misunderstands, but YOU ONLY GET THE DOMAIN - zero ability to access it. And Go Daddy acts like it's completely beyond their capability to refund your purchase. Horrible service. Tip for consumers:You're only buying a domain - zero ability to access it. Products used:Domain registration Service Value Returns Quality
    Last year they automatically canceled my domain and could only fix it after hours of phone calls and tons of emails. They promise that this will not happen again. One year later the same thing repeats itself and I lose access to my business email account and they make me pay 60 USD to reactivate it, after wasting so much time and having so much inconvenience, I think this is simply not acceptable. Products used:pay for their mistakes Service Value Quality
    Been with GoDaddy for many years, products have been OK though they always make you buy more than you expect, the essentials always needing to be added. In July they stopped email services not using Outlook and forced everyone onto Outlook. My company uses Apple and email got lost and the service did not work. GoDaddy refuses to refund having broken the contract and caused my company a lot of headache, cost and concern. We moved to which is much better, both in terms of service and flexibility. Tip for consumers:Don't - if they change their services you will not get your money back Products used:Email, website builder etc Service Value Returns Quality
    They will not even allow us to change our own Domain A records! Then our CSR support is literally the worst!
    We signed up dedicated server at They sent a notification saying that they will migrate our server to the latest Gen 4 VPS. Problem is we paid for 3 years of dedicated server. And they decided to give us VPS. In addition, Doing the migration will affect our business as server will not be available for at least a week. They claim that they will not be responsible if anything fail to work after the migration. To avoid that, they want us to purchase a new plan. Also, no prior intimation was provided. No calls, no mails. Just on the panel a generic message was displayed which does not even fully explain what is happening. They also mention in that in case of an automatic shift, the sites might stop working, which will lead to loss of business for us Despite investing 1000's of dollars in their current dedicated server, they wanted us to invest more and purchase a parallel server and spend more on it. Even the price for the new server has been increased dramatically, forcing us to spend lot more. Service Value Quality
    This is good to use for work or creating your own website. Having an email account is best to have with this software Service Value Shipping Quality
    Customer service is horrid. Unless you like chatting with bots that cannot handle simple tasks. Bumped off phone call after waiting hours. Bumped off of chat too. Email issues with their system have gotten worse. Customer service has gotten worse and worse over the years and if you can find a human, they want to sell you products more than solve problems.
    I was a customer of Godaddy for years, overnight, my whole account disappeared and I could not access it, I lost my email and everything that goes with it. I asked customer care what is happening, it is now over a month I get nothing from their side but requesting copies of my ID. The worse part is that someone now wants to sell me back my domain! In general, Godaddy is trash from top to bottom and in every aspect, I do not recommend it to anyone, not even my enemies! Service Value Quality
    Customer service RUDE! Website data was deleted by GoDaddy. Irresponsible and wreckless company! This happened 10 years ago. Someone is attemting to access my old account. Contacted GoDaddy and representative was rude and hung up! Same treatment I received before. If you do businesss with GoDaddy you are at risk of your personal data being compromised! They DON'T CARE! Service Value Quality
    Our previous company had no issues sending emails/bills but go daddy said, after hours of being on the phone and losing clients, that they will send us a article from Microsoft and we won't help you. Go Daddy allows 25 emails per minute but the system won't allow for it to go out automatically and we have to send over a thousand emails by clicking for hours. Terrible service and they don't care about your business. Absolutely DO NOT SWITCH TO GO DADDY. SCAM ALERT! Products used:email service Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    Awful company, spoke to Nongam and Sagan on Live Chat and they are refusing to refund an auto renewal for an unused domain which was not authorised to be charged to my card, when I am cancelling well within my 14 day statutory right as a UK consumer. Their own contract states that as a UK consumer I have 14 days to cancel products and services ordered from GoDaddy, yet they are insisting that a refund is not possible. As per the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013, clauses 29, 30, 31 and 32, they are currently breaking UK law by refusing to honour my statutory right to 14 day cancellation as a UK customer. Trustpilot, please investigate this, consumers need to be protected from this horrific level of illegal malpractice. And if you're thinking of getting a domain from GoDaddy, stay WELL clear. They will keep your card details on file and extract money from you years down the line against your will, then refuse to pay it back when no services have been provided. Absolutely disgusting. Tip for consumers:Don't even think about it, they'll rip you off and extract money from you against your will using your card details on file. Products used:Domains Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    GoDaddy says they have 24/7 customer support. Not true. Their servers are slooowwww as well. GoDaddy seems like a good deal, but you get why you pay for. Tip for consumers:It seems like a good value for the money, but the service is terrible, and the servers are slow. Products used:It’s a website builder Service Value Quality
    I'm an long time customer but notice they time and time try to cheat me, this was the end I think when buying their bigger package with ssl, mail, domains, hosting pretty much eveything they got for a high price and long term contract. Found out they didn't provide me with what I was expecting when took the issue upp they was either u pay or pay no responsibility at all for false advertisements or customer service. Can't recommend anyone to be their customer Tip for consumers:Don't do business with the. The end. Products used:Hosting, domain, email, ssl Service Value Returns Quality
    Customer service is horrible. I canceled my subscription 5 months ago and they keep charging me. I have called for months now, spent over 20 hrs on hold waiting and can't get anything done. They say they will have the dept call me back and they never do. I ask for a manager and they are never available, say will have one call me back, but never get the call. Stay away from this horrible company. I have called 8 times now and still can't get this handled.
    Even if not enrolled in auto-renew they take $ out of your account and won't refund it. They will not help at all. Don't recommend them Tip for consumers:Don't use them! Products used:Website, email and all. Got robbed and not refunded Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    My email address was missing after unauthorized transfer to 365 platform. The godaddy site wouldn't allow me to recreate my address. After over an hour with customer service, they did not do ANYTHING to help, they did not comprehend that my address was missing and site was not malfunctioning and just kept spewing that emails were transferred. I decided to transfer my services to another company. They're refused to cooperate, after I requested authorization codes 5 TIMES in writing (their site instructions were fraudulent, they directed you to things that didn't exist). When I put the transfer through, they rejected it several times. I'm still dealing with this. Of course they refuse to refund any if the 5 years they automatically renewed my domains for, before they sprang their charges without consent. Service Value Returns Quality
    I switched out credit cards on our account and I kept having domains not renew emails not renewing they said we have to log in and independently click on every single item so it will automatically go to the new card. I asked them are they out of their mind I put a new card on file. We shouldn't have to do that. Service Value
    Go Daddy has plunged in my estimation to a 1. For two days I've attempted to get a human being on the phone to renew only one product -- not the several products they email me are up for auto renewal. There is no completion of the process of updating my payment method -- the same method for the last two decades but new "expiration date", they have not called me as requested, the bot seems clueless. And like so many report re Vrbo that also has millions of customers, GoDaddy will simply drop you -- this after taking many hundreds or thousands of dollars from you. They will simply END the interaction. I'm "old school" and alienated by the overpowering money grabber overtones.
    I cancelled my hosting (yearly) and told them that I wanted 1 month of hosting and then for it to cancel. They never cancelled and it just carried on, unfortunately I didn't notice as i was too busy (mum dying of cancer) and they continued to take money out. Now they deny i had that conversation and only refunded 1 month. They can clearly see the hosting has not been used. This is shocking, very disappointing service. Tip for consumers:If you cancel you need to check and check and check to ensure they dont continue to take money out Products used:HOSTING Service Value
    My server was changed without prior informing me, subsequently my server was down, called and support person said it was now fine. 24 hours later and l0 phone calls from clients unable to book, I called again and the problem was solved. I pay for 40 hours of SEO monthly, have multiple websites 19 years with godaddy, I spend plenty of money with Godaddy services regularly and expect quality service, this blunder has cost me standing with google, waste of my time and effort all due to lack of honesty by it's employee. What should Godaddy do in order to make this right other than say we are sorry this happen. Tip for consumers:Don't trust their word, verify, unfortunately I was not able to verify when told it was fixed. Products used:Hosting support, Service Value Quality
    I am definitely cancelling my subscription, not over reacting but this is honestly the worse service ever provided in my life, there is no help center you have to hire someone for help the dashboard is not clear and concise instead it just bombards you with things you can buy. I would give negative stars if I could. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I own an online marketing company and I've always used GoDaddy and recommended GoDaddy to my clients. Their services have always been a little clunky and has had it's issues but their customer service was the one reason I stuck with them for so many years. Their customer service was impeccable for seemingly a decade. Now it seems they have outsourced their customer service and it is atrocious. Issues take 3+ calls to resolve now, the wait times are much longer, and the service reps seem absolutely incompetent. The only reason I've ever truly had to stick with GoDaddy for over a decade is now gone and I'll be moving my clients and my domain, email, and web hosting needs elsewhere.
    Lost use of our emails and website after reporting a hacker using our godaddy office 365 emails. We are now unable to renew our subscription, because despite 3 attempts to prove our identity ( which they claim is a 72 hour turn around- lies!) they will not allow us to reset the passwords to our accounts. Our business is being affected and they do not care. There is not a complaint procedure and there is no way to appeal or get actual help. Try calling their service phone number and count how many times you get hung up on. Tip for consumers:Hopefully you never get hacked, because godaddy does not have any complaint procedure or effective problem solving. You will get the runaround worse than you have ever seen in your business career. I sincerely doubt all the positive online reviews for godaddy. What a total scam. Products used:2 domains and emails for employees through godaddy's office 365 Service Value