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  • Description:Godaddy  domain name registration; is the world's largest, Godaddy management domain name more than 50000000. At the same time, Godaddy is also the largest host service provider, according to display multiple monitor, the number is placed on the Godaddy website has more ranks first. In addition to the domain name of products, Godaddy also provides Linux, Windows host, VPS, server, website development tools and software package, a variety of electronic commerce application etc.
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    I have been using GoDaddy for about 6 months now for several web hosting services. I have been impressed with the ease of use for their web design services and the options that are available on the design interface. The custom service has been great for me. I have received a call about every 6 weeks from a rep asking how everything is going just checking in to see if I have any questions. Try it out!
    After speaking to a manager of GoDaddy's customer support, I am disgusted. Being mocked when requesting for a refund, I must say the company's reps can be very rude. And there refund policy is a sham, as one has only 5 days to return a domain. Seriously, if you're a company giving your customers a 5-day return policy, then you can care less about customer satisfaction. There are plenty of businesses out there, like Bed, Bath, and Beyond, which offer great refund policies, with no time restrictions. Businesses, like GoDaddy, that rely solely on ecommerce, need to be monitored more closely, as there refund policies are not at all catered to the customer. All in all, GoDaddy has bad customer service.
    Godaddy does not have ethics of treating customers. The hosting servers are the worst place where you can put up your site. The servers are down intermittently without any prior notice. You can expect a 40 to 50% availablity of more that that....99% availablity is a myth. Customer care is just pathetic. NO SLA is defined for uptime. No timeline is defined for issue resolution. Just STAY AWAY from GODADDY.
    i have several services with them, all happy with them, even me not being so computer smart, besides that, there's always a phone number with real people to help out.
    i'm never afraid to buy anything from them for two reasons: 1. excellent refund policy if I'm not happy with anything. 2. great customer service that are willing to help you with everything
    I moved my site from Weebly to Wordpress GoDaddy Hosting. The site was beautiful, but it was so slow that it wouldn't open. At All. I built a third site in Square Space, and after a week of late nights I called GoDaddy to cancel hosting, repoint my domain, and get a refund for the s* product that didn't work. They were helpful in repointing, but they kept my moneythat they didn't earn. F* businesses that feel that their best, their products that customers pay for, don't have to actually work. I'll be looking for a new place to buy my domain next time.
    I tried purchasing a domain and web hosting space from, the order didnt go thru & the money got deducted frm my CC, I had to go for a legal fight with them to get my money back and it took over 2 months for the same, pathetic customer service & poor responses is all you get from them.
    GoDaddy is like a glitchy, terribly designed, difficult to use version of Weebly, sadly. And I actually spent money on this. They sold me a package of domains when I only needed one, so I ask what the hell do I do with the other 3 domains? Their builder is bad and they desperately try to sell design services to you. GoDaddy is thoroughly terrible.
    i was using their website builder last year , now they have charged me £72 for website builder for this year on my card. I have rang twice today to get them to cancel it - unhelpful, say i have to do it online - how ?
    The site is full of upsells, even in the admin panel. Layers of ads are seen before you could do whatyou wanna do
    takes you in circles, charges you after you've cancelled items and then takes you in bull$#*! circles so they can make every penny off you they can. Yet another bull$#*! company out to get every dime and people be damned! They need to work on their people skills.
    Easy to use tools to manage your web site, fair pricing
    My site was down 4 times within 1 month. They kept bull$#*!ting and telling me that I need more resources for my site, but it didn't have any visitors back then. I gave up and switched to another provider.
    These guys have a grand model, but they do not protect what you write. I have had an enrollment and could not figure out why all of a sudden business went totally south/like zero after being robust after many years. This lasted 3 months, website resulting businenss/revenue usually was $4K a month. Talked to godaddy, they "fixed" their problem on my enrollment page and offered me $30. They cost me $4000. $#*!s, pound sand godaddy. I HATE these people. They can go pound sand/die/go to hell. What else bad can I say? I would say it, I hate this company so much. They owe me $20 thousand. Until they pay me for screwing up my website (they admitted their problem, not mine), I want my money back from them.
    Today I have lost my all 4 sites due to Godaddy worst service Godaddy Server like a lovers park or sea beach. Where every day hackers hacks millions on websites. And after that Godaddy charged you for providing backup near about 5000/- INR. My 4 websites were hacked by hackers which were hosted in Godaddy today moring. One more question how hackers moves into to their secure server. As you were demanded world best hosting provider. I think that hackers not came out side. May be godaddy Inhouse hackers team hack our web site data and your have charged for pay you I have not putting my comment intensonaly. My I have resisted godaddy customer more than 2 years. For clarification email me: or call: 91-9438358383 So my all friends do not deal with Godaddy in future.
    I have used GoDaddy for creating my online presence for several businesses. They have always been very responsive and the sales people don't keep pestering about other things. GoDaddy has really helped my business.
    Never had ANY problems with Great prices and good customer support. People complaing about "Auto-Renew"? Just deactivate it - it is not that hard!
    I was hoping for better hosting with this hosting provider but it turned out worse than my previous hosting provider. I went to check on my website one day and found it gone. Really what's worse than that? A hosting provider that doesn't host the website. They took it upon themselves to delete my website even though I had paid up front for a full year when I took the account off "auto renew". They didn't even contact me. When I found the website was gone and asked them why they took it down. I got no answer except an apology which quite frankly didn't make it all better on my end. I had a terrible experience with them and there customer service was terrible and I found them rude. I contacted them a few times to ask a few questions and I felt like I was bothering them. They just didn't seem interested in helping me at all.
    I use godaddy to register my domain names. There was a bit of a mess when my account was registered with the wrong email address (a typo) and it was a huge hassle to resolve. However, since that was resolved I've had no problems with them - I had some queries about how to set up my account, as my website is hosted elsewhere, and they helped me work it out (if their FAQ was set up properly I wouldn't have had to ask, but at least when I did ask the online chat person could direct me to the correct page).
    I actually LOVE Godady! I use it for all my clients, as it provides a clean interface to all of the services they offer - domains, hosting, etc. So far, all my clients are even happy with Godaddy -- and I love how it also has automated processes to setup stuff like Opencart, Wordpress and so on. There really isn't much to fault!
    I once had a site hosted by Go Daddy. They have very poor customer support and their hosting sucks. The staff aren't very friendly and they called me by phone about canceling my website. DON'T CALL ME! EMAIL ME INSTEAD DAMN IT! That's about it.
    I mostly use their domain service, their hosting service have restricted features and costly and the bad things is they dont have live chat support only phone support.
    cheap domains available
    They are a rip off for selling you your first domain names at a discounted price and dont tell you that the price to renew will be completely different and give no discounts for renewing. What they also do purposely is when you search domain names they will fool you and have them show up in the search results when they are not available at all and are registered. This is a fact as i have searched my own domain names that i own they appear as available as far as going in to the shopping cart and when you go to buy then are not there. TOTAL FRAUD SCAM AND THEY KNOW IT
    I know goDaddy since a longtime. Their service is great.
    It gets the job done. Although I find their site confusing!
    My website has been down for nearly 3 months. Go Daddy repeatedly acknowledged that this was their fault, but refused to refund any of the money that I had paid for the site and services. I wasted over 40 minutes on the phone with customer service today, and got nowhere! I was actually told that I would not be allowed to speak with a supervisor! This was the worst customer service experience I have endured in years! There are so many other option, please think twice before choosing Go Daddy. When you factor in the website down time, pathetic customer service, and hours of frustration, it's just not worth it!
    This is worst quality service i ever met.
    I've only used godaddy for buying domains - never for hosting, as they don't have the best reputation for that. As a place to buy a cheap domain, godaddy is usually very good - you can't beat their prices. Unfortunately, recently their customer support denied me a domain that I wanted to purchase. They demanded to see all kinds of ID before I can buy the domain. It felt like one of these TSA security checks before you board your plane. Godaddy is the cheapest place to buy domains, but service is not pleasant if you ever have to deal with them.
    The Reseller pack of godday is very costly. But Techanical support is good.
    Excellent website for domain registrations.registered 3 websites wothout problems Ross
    i have a account with them for about 3 months i wish i never had account till this day i cannot open my store i wasted my money poor service i hate them do your homework before jumping in please i made the mistake huge don't do the same
    They Can not fulfill my expectation they have huse term and condition that is problem for user. their customer service is also bad.
    I purchased a hosting package from them and for the first year it was fine. However, for second year they increased the price and charged more than what was agreed. I asked for the refund and they said that is not a problem. However, the money cannot be transferred back to my account and can only be used on GoDaddy. So essentially, it is like saying we wont give you your money back, once we have it it you wont be able to see it again. Be careful what you purchase on their site !!!
    They are cheap. This is a good thing and a bad thing. Their service is incredibly in expensive, but they try to upsell you on EVERYTHING. Wanting to buy a domain? buy these ones too. bought a domain? why not buy some server space. it goes on and on and on and on!
    Like the site builder, email is okay. Easy to use for beginners. Support could be a bit more convenient.
    the domain registration is cheap and even cheaper with coupons you can search the internet for. Easy to manage domains, edit or forward to a new ip. I Recommend Godaddy.
    over the years Godaddy's service is pretty OK, no special problems besides maybe one time when they accidentally charge me double (and canceled it)
    Half decent, They started up with decent prices for domains. Price quickly adds on though, I personally buy from namescheap now and transfered all my domains out of them but they were very helpful when I was transfering.
    Godaddy Hosting is real scam They dont tell you all the cost, you will be surprised by issues like DB size is limited. The website is no running keep giving internal server error and the support is not able to fix it Stay away from Godaddy hosting , domain names are fine
    Good customer service, and deals on domains and service. It's fairly easy to use, but they have a weird way of giving you an account number for a username.
    I am agree with "Chuck C." 10/10 to Godaddy for notification mails and calls regarding domain expiring. But feedback calls are really annoying
    I use Go Daddy for my website domain and hosting and have for a few years now. The price of the domains (provided you are not trying to buy one from someone else) is reasonable and if you want a domain that isn't available, Go Daddy will often have good suggestions for a similar one. Hosting is also good, and the site typically runs fast and loads quickly. What I don't like about Go Daddy is calling for technical support. It feels like every call takes hours ( they don't always, but feels that way). When calling you are often transferred several times and even when you find someone who is helpful, there is almost always a pushy sales pitch. It seems every single time I call, someone is always trying to convince me I need this or that. Some of the items, yes, are things that I could benefit from but often times they are trying to get me to review domains or hosting for extensive lengths of time or add various things to my account. I feel bad when I tell them no and feel pressured throughout the call to purchase the items they are telling me I need because they rare good at convincing you that you really need these things. I have gotten much better at fixing things that go wrong with my website ( they are typically my fault anyway) and rarely call Go Daddy anymore. As a result, I am happier because I get a decent service without the pressure of buying something else. I would recommend Go Daddy as a good choice for people who can follow self help topics posted on Go Daddy's website, or someone comfortable with designing and maintaining their website with minimal assistance.
    I cannot comment about their hosting services because I never tried it. But this is where I buy cheap domains! :)
    my all domains are registered in godaddy. An affordable and reliable company.
    Redundant. Hard to find items of importance. Tries repeatedly to sell add-ons not desired. This is a difficult site to navigate made more difficult by the hard sell pop-ups.
    Horrible did not get a refund after the site they built for me was no good. It did not function. SCAM stay away ....... it cost me over 600 and got NOTHING for the money and no refund and charged for nothing. I never got my money back stay away stay away stay away.
    They hijack domains and hold them hostage. I tried to transfer away from them. They say turn off the privacy. No problem. I tried to update the e-mail contact but their system said error organization is invalid. So to save the e-mail, I had to change the name of organization too. Now there's a 60 day transfer lock because organization was changed. Domain expires a week before the lock ends. Avoid this company. They are like the mafia. Each department in their customer no-service keeps passing me off to another as well.