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    Just bought a phone (Elephone P800) and quality, price and delivery time were extraordinary. As promised on the site, it came in 3 days, tracked package with clear and informative statuses, unlike some other sites. This was my second time buying at Coolicool and both experiences were great, unlike some of their competitors (another review here)
    DO NOT BUY FROM HERE !!! many other websites sell the same phone, buy it from somewhere else!! Terrible customer service. here is my experience. 1. Paid for express shipping - took 1 month to arrive 2. Phone touch screen failed to sense touch. 3. They asked me to send it back for repair, as due to long shipping no longer covered by the replace refund guarantee 4. Paid $50 to send it back. 5. after 3 months of having the phone it was sent back. 6. Still broken with the same fault. 7. they refuse to do anything but make me send it back to them again for repair, even though its clear they cant fix it, at another $50 expense to me its just wasting money. Terrible customer service, i sure if your phone is not faulty then things may be ok, but it's not worth the risk. So many other websites sell the same phone, i strongly suggest you buy it from somewhere else.
    Last year I have ordered my first phone from this company. It arrived in a mere two days, and everything with it was fine. This year when ordering my second I did run into a problem, when paypal made my payment an extended one (beware: Use paypal's built in dollar to euro calculator instead of the number the website gives you when selecting euro, to prevent this). After exchanging the emails all was solved and well. I am very happy with this company and its service. Would definitely order again.
    DON,T USE THIS COMPANY This companies customer care and after sales service is rubbish, they keep asking for clarification of your problem and when you ask for a refund of return postage ( after following their instructions using the most expensive method possible they ignore your emails. Go to another company to purchase your items.
    This was my first purchase from coolicool and given some of the reviews I was somewhat sceptical. My experience however has been mostly positive having ordered the Oukitel k000 on Pre-sale just before the release date. After waiting a few days after release I contacted Coolicool as to its status and was informed it was out of stock but was assured it would be available in a few days. How could that be I pondered given that it had only been released? To my amazement in a couple of days I was notified that it had been shipped and was given a Tracking Number thru Netherlands Post which on check proved to be a viable Number. The only snag in the process was Canada Post which was to receive the parcel from NL and thru which I could keep on tracking the parcel. This never happened as Canada Post never recognized they had it nor recognized the Tracking Number, but low and behold today it arrived via you guessed it Canada Post. All in All the shipping time took 4 weeks which from China is quite reasonable. Thru all of this I could find no fault with CooliCool certainly not for the shipping issue and certainly not for the merchandise which was packaged exceptionally well and was received exactly as described. The Oukitel Phone is absolutely amazing at least for the short time I have used it and from my experience I would certainly order from CooliCool again. Reviewer - Lou Barry
    Coolicool ref 20151118314636 I will post more reviews on all 'public review sites' until this order is filled ------------------------------- Ordered 2 x smart phones (not top of the range - Leagoo Alfa 5's) as well as action camera and headphones - paid extra $41 for DHL delivery (even though postage free in original price). That was on 18th November 2015 - all confirmed - delivery 3 - 7 days, then the delays started.... The headphones and action camera (Go Pro lookalike..) were eventually sent to HK after 1 week ..... I paid the customs fee via DHL UK - (whilst still in HK...) - delivery stated as 1st December...I will update as to actual delivery. Smartphones ... Originally not told anything - just order accepted delivery 3 - 7 days OK Then I was told 'slight delay for 2 days' ...OK ... no sweat. Then told out of stock and restocking in a few days ... OK liveable Then told out of stock and don't know when they are going to be in stock - these were bought as presents... absolutely miffed now..!! Lots of emails bouncing around - really annoyed I used them IF YOU ARE THINKING OF USING THEM - BEWARE OF THE LIES I am now registering the dispute with PayPal but will no doubt lose out on the delivery charges as well as waiting weeks to try and get my money back.
    DO NOT BUY FROM THEM I have bought a phone from but shortly after I decided to cancel my order. They have shipped the phone anyway. As their return policy suggest I have did not sign the package. The phone returned to their warehouse and I was promised a refund. I haven't got my money back yet. I have written multiple emails asking about my refund before. Now I started paypal distpute with them hoping paypal will give me my money back because I have lost 122 £
    Hello to all, I'm to report this bad situation, I bought a new Elephone P2000 at 2014-10-30, at 2015-05-10 the phone started to give me problems, and I sent it to the warranty, I did everything like they told me to do, I payed 6.60€ (I still have the bill) to send the package to the factory (china) like they told me to do. Now after 2 months of waiting, they tell me that they lost the package that is in Post office has delivered (see picture bellow). I tried to change for a new one for the price I payed plus the difference (that was of around 20€), and I got the answer of that they couldn't give me the money I payed, only a coupon of 20€. What is this? I buy a new phone, it has something wrong with it, I even pay to send it to the warranty, they lose the package, and don't want to give me my money back? This is Europe, not china, I have rights, and my rights tell that when the seller lose the item bought or when the item goes to the warranty and they have to replace it, I must be contacted to know if I accept it or I want my money back. I want to know were I can report this situation. Best regards. Hugo Alves
    i bought a smartphone from coolicool ,the customer service is good ,i will go to that store again
    A very good high end phone with a lot of performance for the price! The phone quickly and easily attached to my WIFI system and the speed was excellent for browsing and down loading items. I show a speed test result in my attached video. I got 18.03Mbps download and 2.54 Mbps upload and I am paying for 18 download and 2 upload so the test results were very good.
    This phone is more than expected. I was a little skeptical about purchasing a phone from anyone other than a dealer or electronics store. The phone is very user friendly - not that complicated to set up and had it going in about 30 minutes with all my contacts and stored media from my old iPhone. Takes a little getting use to. Like a lot of the features - miss a few from the iPhone but overall very happy. The screen makes it easy to read email or search the web.
    I am very happy with this seller. I ordered smartphone. Communication was very fast, beautifully wrapped, I recieved my order for 3 working days of dispatch with DHL. I have only one thing that disappointed was false status on the websites. There have been written in stock so I prdered and paid for but the phone wasnt in stock. So I had to wait for about 3 weeks then they shipped it. Smartphone is very nice, working well I have just little problem with charging. I reccomend coolicool for everyone.
    This is my first time to shop at coolicool,the customer service is really good and i will shop to coolicool again
    Good site.i was waiting for my smartphone only 7 days at total. recommended
    Hello, I received the package and everything is fine. Thank you, you have a good service and reasonable prices.
    The service is very good.Perfect experience!
    The best store. I did a lot of orders, sending very fast. Excellent prices. Pleased technical support, always answer the questions, don't have to wait! My first choice in buying Chinese electronic products.
    Ordered a mobile phone that was "in stock" and paid for it immediately. Shipping was 1 - 2 business days. Waited a few days, nothing, email response "awaiting stock". Few more days, email response " phone will be posted in 6 days time, definitely, apologies for the inconvenience etc etc". After the new date i emailed and asked if phone was not going to be shipped just send me a refund. Sick of waiting. Following day money refunded with no explanation, they just could not / would not fulfill my order. Waste of time. There are far better companies who appreciate your custom!
    I find it strange that the makers of the elephone p3000 decided to sell their phones to these morons. Avoid like the plague.
    I've bought a portable charger. It's delivered very fast, just 2 weeks.The quality is amazing. Very useful and interesting item.Support were very nice and informative.
    Do not buy anything in this site! they have the worst costumer service. I ordered a phone and it didnt arrive after more than 2 months and nobody helped me and no reply. Ido
    I ordered a black phone case for a UMI C1, and at first they sent an email saying that they didnt have it, so they would ship out one in white, cos they ran out of stock. I agreed..and they sent it out tracked, However, they pulled a scam, whereby, they shipped it out, with only partial address, got to my country, and the postal service had no choice but to return it to China, as i discovered in horror, when i used there Track & Trace, phoned up, and this was confirmed. I emailed Alibaba about this, and told me that they received it, and would be sending it out, and should have had it this week, and course I havent, had no expectations whatsoever. Bloody chinese are all crooks, thats how Alibaba work too. Theyre lying comunists.
    I dont know where to begin but perhaps let me start by summarising this: I have been buying online since the very beginning of the internet revolution with my first purchase on Amazon in 1994 and in all these years I have never experienced such horrendously bad service from any retailer whether online or not! NEVER!! I have always heard of other people suffering bad service but it never occured to me that I would fall victim to such bad service in 2014 / 2015 from an online company that is well know. STAY AWAY FROM they are not to be trusted as a reputable or as a professional company and here is why in bullet form: * I ordered an expensive phone for almost $300 from on the 20 November 2014, and was told that stock would arrive on 25 November and that my phone would be shipped the following day. * Since I paid extra for DHL expediated delivery I was told that my phone would be shipped on 26th November 2014 and that I should receive it between 4 - 7 days. * So I carried on with my life expecting nothing other than the above or at the worst a few days delay. After all I have ordered from many websites in China before and I have had no major problems other than faulty product or damaged or delays in delivery but at the end I always got my product. * On 27 November I decided to log into the accounts manager on as it was a weeks since I ordered and I expected an email with my DHL tracking number but I did not get one yet. So I logged in and saw the status as "Paid. Confirmed. Unshipped." Odd, unshipped after 7 days of paying. That is very odd. So I decided to contact them. * They dont have a telephone number, live chat or any other way of contacting them other than this one email address: I thought how could I have missed that! I always check if there is either an email and phone number or an email and live chat function before ordering from new websites. Oops I must have forgotten this time... So I had no other choice but to email them. * 24 hours later they responded with " So sorry the phone is still not in stock but we will get it early next week and we will ship by the end of next week" * I replied back with no problem as soon as it is sent please email me my tracking number thank you. * On the 6 December I emailed them again as I heard nothing that whole time. 24 hours later they reply back with "Sorry but we still have not got the phone. The manufacturer promised that we will get it but we dont know when. What is your decesion with this order?" * I thought to myself HUH??? They dont know when?? Surely you must know some estimate at least of when you will be getting your order. Especially since I heard that they had ordered a lot of ounits (as per their website 1000). So I sent an email saying please give me an estimate date. * No reply. I emailed back and they said that they will can refund me or I can wait until stock arrives. So I decided to wait as this was not really their fault. I cant blame them for this as it was the manufacturer who delayed not only Coolicool but every other website worldwide who was selling this phone. * My problem is not really with the above its with this: Yesterday I emailed them as I noticed on the phone manufacturer's website that the phone has now been delivered to all retailers, etc. I received a reply from to inform me that my phone has been sent and that I will receive a tracking number once the system is updated. * Well today is the 23 December 2014 and I did not receive my phone or tracking number yet. So I emailed them back. By them I mean Grace and Candice from who were the only two I spoke to and they sent me this email and I will copy and paste this one directly unlike the ones above where I typed it in from memory so you can fully understand the impact this has had on me: 1 MONTH AND 3 DAYS LATER I GET TOLD THIS: Dear customer: Thanks for your message. 20141120199698 We can not send to your country, because your country can not allowed to import the Electronic Products,so sorry about that ,so what is your decision as for this order? If you still have any futher questions, please contact us,then we will do our best to help you . Best regards Grace WHAT THE HECK??? * Firstly let me clarify that my country ALLOWS imports of Electronic Products WITHOUT any conditions other than paying the normal custom tax & duty like virtually every country in the world. I can import any mobile phone or any consumer electronic device from China or any other place as long as I pay the normal customs. Which is exactly what I had planned for as I knew that anyway after all it is not the first time I am ordering electronics from China. My TV, my laptop, my current cell phone are all from China from the same area as So what are they talking about??? * Secondly, it took them 33 days (1 month and 3 days) for them to tell me that they dont deliver to my country? Look some websites dont want the hassle of international delivery so they choose only to deliver to some countries. Thats cool. No problem. But they dont write on their website "yes we deliver to South Africa", then take your money for a whole MONTH!, only to tell you that they dont deliver to your country. * I decided to contact my governments department for imports. They said that this is absolute nonsense. China is a partner of the BRICS member block of which my country is also a member therefore there is an open trade partnership between all members of BRICS so how can they say that we dont allow imports of mobile phones from China. This is nonsense and a lie. So I emailed them back to tell them this and I received this reply: Sorry sir, my mistake, we dont send anymore to your country. * I really dont know what to say any more. They take my money and lie to me that my country prohibits me from buying a phone from China. I contact the government department and they tell me that there is NO prohibitation of importing electronic products from China. In the meantime an email came from system saying that my money has been refunded and that I must check my paypal account. I did but it is still not in. I DONT WANT A REFUND I WANT MY PHONE!! THAT IS ALL I WANT. I have orderer a tablet from Chinavision 2 weeks after I ordered on Coolicool and this arrived. They both are in China, so why is Coolicool lying to me. * Why am I not happy with a refund? Well, because I bought this phone during pre-sale so that I could get it for less which means that I paid $200 for the phone on 20 November. Today the phone costs $400!! Double the amount of money. I dont have that. And all I want is my phone I paid for on 20 November 2014 for $260 including DHL expediated shipping from, do you think they will do the honest thing and send me my phone? It is Christmas after all and I have had such a bad year as it is. I hope Santa (Coolicool) is listening. STAY AWAY FROM COOLICOOL.COM UNLESS YOU ARE BORED AND LIKE PLAYING GAMES FOR ONE MONTH ONLY TO GET A REFUND FOR A PHONE THAT COSTS MORE TO GET A MONTH LATER!
    I bought a lenovo octa core hoping to save some money. but until now I have not received a report of my shipment of the product they having chosen shipping with DHL would have already arrived home. Customer service is terrible he could not even give me the track number to see my shipment. HAS DESTROYED THE CHRISTMAS TO ME AND TO MY DEARS kind reader of this comment a tip from a friend not to buy from I haven't any photo becuase i have not any smartphone Thank Again Robbers
    They are not honest if not worse. 25th Nov I bought Umi Zero smartphone. Offer was who buy it till 25th shipping start immediately and on spanish site (which I used) they had clock downcounting and I did that 4 hours before deadline and got their confirmation in few minutes. But day after they booked my order as 26th and moved shippment to 20 Dec. I complained and answer was that that was by chinese time. My respond was that they on their site was using european time and that now have to follow it and send me what I payed. After that no words from them. Reading some reviews here I think how this start I could be happy if I will get anything anytime from them
    Very poor service. They advertised a smartphone on their site that they never had in stock. Then they ask you to order something else instead and had to pay the full difference. Then they say it will be an EU SHIPMENT. They shipped from Singapore and had to pay VAT too. Item ended up being significantly more expensive then if I bought it from amazon or eBay.
    Write your review t Last October I made the purchase in Coolicool the phone MPIE G7. I have to say that mobile meets my expectations and after several days of testing it be when everything is positive. As for the service of Coolicool I must emphasize that was positive. I had to make several questions and the customer service was very good, fast response to my questions. On transport took about three weeks, is quite acceptable. Everything went perfect and I'm happy.o help others learn about this online business
    Absolutely good service. I got 2 parcells to Ukraine ontime and good condition. I like it. Thank you.
    Flytouch F101.Pretty good for the price, even survived a reckless fall to the ground. It split wide open, but popped right back together, no problem. Screen could be better, but you get what you pay for. If you are buying this tablet for anything other than checking e-mails and running kid game apps stop, turn around, and walk away. You will not get a great new tablet for this price...ever.
    Ordered Smartphone, paid extra for delivery by DHL. and customs clearance. advised Phone had been dispatched and I was given a tracking no. after non delivery, and several requests to Coolicool, I contacted DHL direct who advised they had no record for this delivery, Claim made via Paypal and money refunded. Do not believe item was ever dispatched. avoid like the plague. Keith Spain
    I have purchased items from this retailer and I would say it is one of the best I have experienced so far. I would recommend them to anybody and will continue to be their loyal customer. From the pre-sales customer services to the after sales customer services are absolutely brilliant. Their staff are always there to help. I receive my order very quickly sometimes before the given timescale.
    Package arrived for 20 days without any remarks. The phone is exactly what I ordered and expected. Thanks very much courtesy, definitely will again use your services. is one of the coolest internet shops I know, because of huge quantity of products they offer with really great prices. I have ordered lots of things from this shop and I always have been satisfied with the quality. Support team is very responsive, so if I have any questions I will get the answer very soon. I really recommend this shop, because of quality, price, shipping cost and speed."
    wow, coolicool is so great and the service is too good .I bought a phone in this shop and the proce is so great .
    Hello. The 13th of August I bought a jiayu from coolicool. They sended to me through PostNL. I live in Spain. The first of September at the web is shown as delivered but, I hadn't it. After several emails with Coolicool they suggested to me that I should talk with PostNL, because the order is shown as delivered. I tried to talk with them but it is not in English, it is in nederlandes. So far, I don't know where is my mobile, what I know is that I don't have neither my money nor my phone. Thank you. Hola companyeros. Mirad os explico que me paso. El pasado 13 de agosto viendo las buenas referencias de coolicool i viendo sus precios tan competitivos decidi comprarme un jiayu g4s a través de Coolicool. Hasta aqui todo bien. Me mandan el seguimiento a traves de PostNL y yo cada 2-3 dias comprobando el estado. El dia 1 de septiembre, SORPRESA, me sale como entregado. Pero yo no lo tengo. Decidó esperarme unos dias para ver si tardaba algo en llegar o si alguien me lo tenia que traer. Al cabo de unos dias al ver que no recibia nada empiezo a escribirles correos a los de Coolicool. Despues de uno serie interminable de correos me dicen que a ellos les sale como entregado, que hable con la companyia PostNL. Intento hablar con ellos i hasta el momento nada. No me han dicho nada. Encima esta en holandes que ya me direis. A dia de hoy no se donde esta mi movil. Dos meses y pico despues. ¿Qué harias vosotros? Yo ya no se que hacer. Un saludo a todos.
    Hello Coolicool! I want to thank you in public for your super services and support! You are amazing and professionals back there! The best e-shop in China definetily! I want to thank Peter Payton of coolicool in public. You are the best! I am waiting for my new phone to send it out! Thank you very much! And for the guys here who don't know what was happening. I bought an Elephone p6i in July. The phone arrived but it was problematic. Peter Payton from after sales service of coolicool tried to solve the problem by guiding me on what to do. He was very patient with me because i don't know much about flashing etc. So, when he realized that the problem of phone couldn't solved he told me to send it back and coolicool would pay for the shipping charge. I told him that i don' t want the same phone and they agreed. So i payed the difference to buy another one better than that. Everything is good now and i am waiting for my new phone to come! So thank you coolicool for your service and support! Guys, i recommend this shop! It is fast to send, with super after sales service and support!
    Ich habe das Elephon P8 gekauft, bin total zufrieden. Schnelle Lieferung. Achtung bei Einfuhr von anderen Ländern ( Zollgebühren werden fällig ) Der Service von Coolicool ist nicht zu toppen. Sehr zuvorkommend bei Missverständnissen usw... Jederzei wieder
    Recently i had a purchase in coolicool, a JIAKE I9500 MTK6572 cell phone. Of course they are fastest in delivering but I had problem with that site. Some problem in loud speaker and can't fix it up in local repairing shop. Now I am confused on how to fix it out. My rating is on two for this site since because of the bad experience
    I bought a phone at coolicool. It was about two weeks ago. I got it some days ago, so they were really fast. The shipping method is also a good choose, cheap but quite fast. The phone itself was really brand new, and i get it in a protective packet. They are really careful. I offer them everyone. The communication is also fast, and they helped me instantly if i wrote them. I rate them five stars! :) I think I will buy always at coolicool!
    coolicool was the best site I've ever shopped till now, very fast, easy negotiable and reliable. There was no problems with anything, shipped very fast, money back guarantee is great and communication with the site is great. 5+
    hi guys recently I brought a kingzone k1 turbo ( 2gb/16gb ram ) from the website I got to know the website from random surfing , and it promised a cool price compaired to otherwebsites. Though I was scared to buy from the website, I just made a try .. They offered me $20 as a discount coupon + free q1 original wireless lether case as a gift.. The customer care was pretty good, they responded well for the quories I made through email… The parcel which I received was a pretty standard one and the mobile phone was working good. Looking forward to buy good electronic goods from the website I strongly recommend Cheers!
    I love coolicool! The website has a wide variety of quality products at good prices. Living in the US the product I ordered took a while to get here from China. But it was well worth the wait :)
    Reputable and reliable online shopping site. Hot selling products at reasonable prices.
    Reputable and reliable online shopping site. Hot selling products at reasonable prices.
    Excellent customer services. First Class! "Good user experience and best prices.
    a vast product's house is lightIn the box website where you can find almost all the products you want.
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    Lies from start to finish... I ordered what I thought would be a really cool octa-core phone in March 2014 to be delivered to the UK. It is now the end of June, I have no phone and have lost lots of money. The phone was eventually delivered, weeks late, following numerous emails (and after paying extra money to the couriers to cover import duty). The reason for the late delivery was "high demand" and "we need to test it before we send it". My phone worked great until I tried to charge it - disaster... To cut a long story short I returned it. Their minimum email response is 48hrs (if at all) and they like to send reassuring emails that "we are fixing it" and "we are testing it". I grew tired of this and asked for my money back - obviously they then quoted their 30 day period, and that I wasn't entitled to a refund - their delays made sure that this was inevitable. Email after email saying I should be patient gets tiring! My last response was abrupt, stating that I will be posting a video review on Youtube about their service and lack of moral responsibility. I hadn't actually planned to ever do that but now I will! It's not about the money, it's the principle. Sure enough - they didn't reply. I am one person, I work hard, I'm honest and have come to expect a basic level of service from online traders. I honestly believe Coolicool have a policy where they deliberately and randomly send defective products to certain countries, because they believe people won't complain. Well I am here, and I am speaking up for myself and for the others that these companies think they can step all over. If you post a negative review on their website, they delete it too (see for yourself - they are all good). I am half expecting a reply to this, but don't let them fool you, nothing will be resolved! They just tell lies. There are some fantastic Chinese retailers selling amazing gear, but I'm sad to say Coolicool is not one of them.
    First buy at coolicool, i found a phone for my daughters birthday and ordered one. Didnt pay shipping and it was shipped with swedenpost and that was not a good idea. I did wait for 4 weeks and still no phone and my daughters birthday was one week later, i asked for refund or re-order but had to wait for a few days. But wanted a phone in one week so i order a new phone but choose DHL shipping..... That was awesome, phone was in 2 days in the Netherlands!!! The other phone wasnt still here, track and trace for that phone was not clear so ask again for refund and coolicool add me at whatsapp so there was very good contact. after 75 days still no phone and i got refunded 100%. Special thanks to Wata!!!