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  • Description:USA well-known women's clothing retailer Bebe  Stores has a high-end brand, products related to women's clothing, accessories, footwear, bags, sunglasses and other categories. Its products reflect the woman self-confident and beautiful design, changeable, relaxed leisure, be just perfect performance of advocating modern aesthetic tendency of personality, natural, no publicity, especially for females aged 21-35.
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    Trying to get decent customer support online is next to impossible. Employees tend to be rude and condescending. I recommend Amazon where one can actually deal with decent customer service .
    TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! I hate that I need to post a bad comment, but tonight I just had THE WORST experience with a purchase I made online from I ordered "Satin & Lace Detail Pants" (100$) and after 8 days I received the pants, but not the ones I ordered. I NEVER EVEN TRIED THEM ON but decided to return them in the store near me and save the $7 return cost. I know $7 is not a lot but I personally was thinking this will be the faster way to get my money back so I could get the pants ordered. Also the option of returning of the pants to the store was listed on the receipt. I WAS TOTALLY WRONG. When I returned from vacation the pants were received on March 3rd. Exactly the next night my husband tried to return the pants to the store in Burlington mall. He had talked to the lady who said to him the pants are in new and unworn condition but right exactly before they process he realized he did not bring my credit card so they could'd do it. Keep in mind, I had never tried them on previously. He came back tonight and the lady there said the pants were used and there is white mark inside them and she can't return the money because they are unsellable condition. I will reiterate, this is literally how I received them. I called the lady in the store who said that she is the manager, but she didn't want to say her full name, just Carissa. After I explained to her that I never tried them on, that this is not the pants that I even wanted to buy, she again said she will not return my money. The day prior, the manager even said that she would've returned them however this other girl Carissa made the situation personal and decided not to return to them. I asked if she thought I am a liar because I clearly said I NEVER PUT THEM ON. Maybe I was rude, but I refuse to be polite when there is something so inappropriate. As the customer, I purchased the pants from bebe and when they send me a wrong and defective product, I believe I should receive an apology. This was absolutely terrible experience and its really sad for a good brand like bebe. Because of unprofessional customer service like this at the Burlington mall they lost me as a regular customer. I never will order or buy something again from bebe.
    Bebe is my place for body con dresses but quality is bad sadly/
    Love their store their online store and their customer service. The quality of their dresses is superb and I receive tons of compliments whenever I wear their stuff. So worth it!
    I ordered clothes online from Bebe on Black Friday. When it arrived several items didn't fit. I tried to access a return mailing label on their website so I could return the items. You can't do that on their website apparently. I went on the Shoprunner website. Bebe is a partner with them, and together they were supposed to offer free two day shipping and free returns. I am a member of Shoprunner. Their website says to access it on I have called Bebe a total of EIGHT times trying to get them to send me this stupid return mailing label. One lady told me to just pay the $30 to send it back, and they would refund me. I don't think so!! One lady had me on hold 5 times, could barely speak English, and finally after being on the phone for 30 minutes understood what a return mailing label is. I asked her what I should request of I had to call them back so that the person on the phone would know what I was talking about. She just sat there in silence. They won't put you on the phone with a manager. It is do frustrating. I hate calling these people. I will never order from them again because it's January 5, and they still haven't gotten the label to me. What a joke.
    I made a purchase on las black friday. I called to verify if it was Ok to return at store and they confirmed this. When the items arrived, my invoice said "final sale" and they were not able to take my return. I am still trying to complete my return and get my monet back. So frustrated and disapointed.
    When it comes to date/ party/ event I like Bebe, first, it fits me always perfectly, I know my Bebe size and it always works, compare to stores like express, limited etc Bebe is definitely more sexy and it made to show of your figure. In order to avoid tacky I always look for a fabric content and not too much of detailing( if you buy sexy dress that made out of cheap fabric you will look tacky, so I try to avoid it) I don't know, may be I'm just lucky but the stuff I bought from Bebe turned out to be great and are my favorite pieces, also I tend to get compliments wearing them, so I enjoy it a lot.
    September 26, 2015 I purchased $1,000.00 in clothing at the Columbus Circle store in New York. I informed the store that I didn't receive the catalogue with the 20% off coupon until the sale ended. The sale went from September 10-13th, it was only a 3 day sale and the catalogue was delivered to my home September 21. The store representative was not helpful, in fact, she left me and started helping other customers while I was waiting at the register to complete my transaction. I then called the 877 customer service number 8 times. A few of the calls were dropped by the call center and when I did reach someone I was transfer numerous times with zero results. I tried emailing Bebe twice, both times I received a return email reading that I would be contacted within 24 hours. I have yet to be contacted, and it is October 2.
    I wanted to let you know about the incident today at BEBE in Chinook Center. I purchased a dress for my birthday, with my debit card, it said approved. I took out my card and their system went down. The manager then tried to tell me I did not pay for the dress. I pulled up my TD bank account and there it was the debit from BEBE. They still would not give me the dress. She told me to pay again. Of course I was not this naive to this fraud. I went to the TD bank in person, the lady then printed out my account and wrote a note and signed it that indeed I did pay for the dress. I went back to the store, showed her, the manager then was rude to my daughter and me and told me I was still not getting the dress. I went to the security showed him my payment through the TD bank receipt; he even admitted this was wrong and I should be able to have the dress. I then asked him if I go back and take the dress would he stop me. His answer NO he would not stop me. People that know me know that I will be a professional about this, that does not mean I will take this lying down! I want everyone to know about this dishonest store. I want everyone to know how it feels to make you feel like a criminal when they fault is at the store you purchased from. The dress was for my birthday, I hate shopping. Anyways I am sure this has happened to other people and they need to be aware. You pay for merchandise you should be able to take it home and not be made to feel like a criminal.
    I can't get enough dolman tops. They always seem to have a cute selection, and the knits are gorgeous! Touches if lurex ad a bit of sparkle.
    "Very bad customer service in the store located in Egypt, Citystars mall I was there and i bought four soiree dresses it cost me more than 8000 Egyptian pounds And there was an offer ( get a bag when purchasing above 3000 Egyptian pounds ) <br>I bought my things in two separate receipts but they gave me one bag , i told them i was over the total of two bags but they refused and it was very rude from them to tell me so Because i already paid a big amount of money Very bad attitude
    I recently made a return at the Bebe Store in Smith Haven Mall. It has now been 7 days and I still have not received my refund. I have called customer service numerous times who can only advise me that my issue was forwarded to their Sales Audit Team who is investigating my "claim". I asked when I can expect my refund and the associate did not have an answer for me. This is the most ridiculous example of customer service I have ever seen. They told me my refund would be 3-5 days and now I have to wait longer?! Their clothes are not only poorly made but expensive to boot! $190.00 for a dress & now I'm still waiting for my money back?! I will definitely no longer be shopping in this store and I will be calling my bank to report the charges as fraud since they are "still investigating".
    I am very upset. I placed a large online order with enormous shipping fees. I received the clothes and they were poorly made. I keep getting a call center in China and they are trying toget me tto buy more instead of resolving the pro lem. I am very dissapointed in bebe greed and return policy. Bebe lost an excellent customer due to greed. Save your dollars and shop at Express.
    I recently purchased from here and it was great! I had no problems and love their selection. They have a lot of nice stuff and i'll definitely be buying from them again :)
    well I am writing this review manly because of the great customer service, I wish I can give them more than 5 starts for that! I know that their stuff can be really tacky, but it depend and how you wear bebe and to choose what is right for you, I don't like to expose a lot of skin, I agree with some of the reviewers that some stuff are over priced or too pricy comparing to the quality, I'll I have is tops, sweaters and dresses, they're all good quality and made me came for more, I don't own a jeans so I can't talk about that although it seems very hard to find a good quality stretch pair of jeans this day, I just had an incident with a dress was sent to me and I still gave it 4 starts but let's say it was defective, they ask me to sent a picture and process a replacement order- as I ask- right away! I shop online a lot and is my favorite, they made asos and guess so meh!
    Some people say Bebe is too tacky but I think it's super-sexy. I love their mini-skirts and tops. Their website has even more stuff than their stores and sometimes there are deals you can't find anywhere else. No matter how old I get, I'll always be a Bebe fan!
    worst customer service ever. they provide a tracking # that doesn't actually track the package- been waiting for my package for 3 weeks and every time i call they say they don't know where it is. well first I asked to talk to a manager who apparent was "unavailable" all morning. when i got tired of waiting, I asked for a refund , and perhaps some kind of incentive to want to shop at again, was given $5 for a $300 order that never arrived. wanted to like that store/site, but its not worth the headache. btw- i own a retail company and would never treat my customers that way.
    I used to buy from Bebe all the time. It was my number one store. Everything is made sooo cheap now. My jeans rip and fall apart after a few months. This never happened before. Everything is MADE IN CHINA! what happened to the quality??? I never shop here anymore because they jeans cost $100-$190.00!!
    Bebe has amazing customer service. I buy online from them every other week, and I've never had an issue with my orders. Every time I have contacted them, they respond very promptly and politely. Highly recommend shopping with bebe! Great clothes, great prices, and great customer service!