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  • Description:GiftCardMall is a professional gift card company. It is mainly served by mail or traditional post, these gift cards can be widely used in site or local distributor retailer. It lets consumers on important holidays, can be more simple, quick to share gifts with friends, relatives and colleagues information. GiftCardMall provides a gift card from the major brands, such as: Sears, GNG, Gap, Forever21, Pacsun, Amazon etc..
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    Bought a card in July 2020. Gave it as a gift. Person I gave it to tried to use it in September. Didn't work. Tried the website doesn't match records. Press 1 for customer rep - hangs up on me. Sent mail inquiry never got a response. Went back to store purchased card from computer printout received of activation when card purchased. Sent that to mygiftcardmall - still no response. $100 wasted. Service Value Returns Quality
    DO NOT purchase from gift card mall. They are a scam company. They take your money and deliver worthless goods. I purchased a $100 gift card to give as a birthday gift. Received a worthless card with a ZERO balance! Contacted my bank who investigated and said since I received the card, I received benefit since they cannot tell the balance on the card. I contacted gift card mall who goes by different names and they gave me the run around. Customer service was useless and talks in circles. Sounded like they are reading off a card so they must be used to complaints. Bottom line I'm out $100 and had to buy another birthday gift to give. Tip for consumers:Stay away! Scammers! Products used:Nothing! Gift card had ZERO balance when received. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    Gift card: 50 dollars Ability to actually use it: Zero Website: Only the area for purchases works. I get a server not responding message from areas dealing with post-purchase cards. Conclusion: They are thieves and should be held accountable. Products used:Gift card useless. Customer service non-existent. 50 dollars down the drain. Service Value
    Thought I could get an easy extra 75 dollars by buying 3 150 dollars cards from them. Went to type the Number and Pin into on my order screen and surprise surprise I get the "Did you enter your Lowe's Gift Card number incorrectly?" No I copied and pasted it from the email. With spaces, without spaces it doesn't matter. Stay away if you like actually using your hardearned money. Someone needs to shut this site down.
    My company ordered us a gift card $455 09/23/20. When I went to use this card November 11th. It was declined. They scammed $308.83 and I have called customer service *******283 and they opened the case #DS0092556. They requested fill form, purchased receipt and pictures of the card. I have emailed them more than 6 times and I have all email copy. Customer service is ZERO AND THE DISPUTE PROCESS IS BASICALLY USELESS. That's worst experience of my life. I will never use this idiot card. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    Received $25 gift card for gift and tried using it at Walmart only for it to ask for a pin. I didn't have a pin so I called the automated system and chose change pin which doesn't ask you for an existing pin. I set the pin, tried using it a week later with pin and said declined. I called the number again and it still shows a balance but says to go to website to register card. I go to website, put the card info in there and hit submit only for the website to say page can't be displayed. $25 down the drain for my friend who bought it and me. Service Value Quality
    I placed an order for 2 separate $50 gift cards (Michael's and Target) and immediately after submitting order I received message saying my order was cancelled and I would receive a refund in 7-10 days. Upon chatting with online representative (computer I'd guess) they could not answer my question as to why my order would be cancelled. They also said I was not charged and said the message about a refund was a "standard" message. I believe they may be capturing personal credit card information to sell or for other illegal use. There is no other explanation - otherwise as a company surely they would have given me one. Tip for consumers:Just don't bother Products used:None as I couldn't Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I purchased one of their giftcards at a major grocery store, activated it that night. I went to uae it the next day and the balance was zero. Icalled themand went online and did a chat and they said they couldn't help me. Scammers are waiting for you to buy and rhen you're $#*! our of luck. I am attaching a photo of the company that took thw money. I called the number and it's busy anytime of the day.
    I don't know what problems other customers had, but I went on to get an "iTunes" card, after being disappointed by another big brand website, and I placed my order, and literally 3-8 minutes later I had a message saying my gift had arrived!... I had absolutely NO Problems... and I am a very happy customer... kind of funny too, b/c I read the bad reviews after already purchurcing my card, freaked out, logged in to check my estimated wait time, and to my suprise found, they had already sent my gift card!... I will definitely be back!... THANK U GIFTCARDMALL...:-))))
    I got a roblox card from a Kroger store and i noticed it was not fast card (What roblox normally uses) and i thought it was strange, i go to put in the code, and it doesn't work at all, only time it hasn't worked was that particular card, so i contacted support on roblox (still waiting for a replay on my actual problem) but anyways scammed out of $25, DO NOT BUY THESE CARDS be on the lookout for fakes like this one Visa card sends you a unrecognizable card you can't register with false advertising customer support, live chat will tell you your on the wrong website which is clearly on the back of the card and a number that can't verify. You can write a personal letter to get help, by sending a letter by Pony Express. Your money is unavailable and unrecognizable mysteriously Someone has a nice vacation home Absolute fraud and they have a successful system to steal your money
    I ordered a gift card two months back which they kept saying is under process and never did I get it. After getting fed up of their response, i asked them for a refund and till date i havent received that too. Please never use this site for any purchases. They will only loot your money!
    I purchased 170 Visa Gift Cards on 12/02/2021 for our employees as Christmas gifts. It took them 2 days to tell me the payment was still not processed and that it would have to be done manually. I waited 2 days and called them and they still told me it was not processed so I decided to cancel. It took another 2 days to cancel and now it will take 7-10 business days to be refunded! I do not recommend using them to buy gift cards. Period. Tip for consumers:Do not buy your gift cards here! Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I've received two cards (as Gifts) for $100 each (on different occasions), and each time the card didn't work. I tried them at a variety of different vendors to see if that was the issue, and I checked the balance online to verify of the card had a proper balance—which it did. Nevertheless, I had no success using these cards. I finally was able to contact someone at Giftcardmall, only to find out that it had been used by someone else, who had zeroed out the balance. This country is in serious trouble, because too many of the businesses are just fleecing its customers, and it's getting considerably worse each day. Hell, is this company even located in the United States?
    I was given a Visa gift card and it was by giftcardmall. I registered the card, set up the pin, and everything. But at first I could find ANY store that this card would accept it. I feared it was completely useless. The giftcardmall says there is $50 on the card, but I could not use it. It seemed worthless. I thought they just stole my friend's money when they got the gift card. Finally, after trying places over and over and being rejected, I did find one place that accepted it. What a pain!
    I placed an order on line on December 17,2020 to Gift Card Mall in hopes it would arrive before Christmas as a gift. Not only did it not arrive prior to Christmas, by January 1 it had still not arrived. I called the company on January 2,2021, there were excuses about the mail, and I was told to call again on January 6 if it had not arrived. I did not make that call. The card did arrive on January 11, twenty-five days after ordering it on line. I would question a business using that outlet as a means for gift cards, and I doubt I will use it again. Tip for consumers:The average time it takes for a person to receive the gift card from the time it is ordered. Products used:Gift Card Service Value Shipping Quality
    I have placed many prior orders with this company. They've always delivered what I paid for... always. Yesterday I placed a gift card order, & today I received an email requesting me to call them. I'd been randomly selected to answer a customer survey. They asked questions such as what website I'd ordered from, why I placed such a large order (2 gift cards), and what cross streets are near my house. I recognize the questions as identity-verification questions... so I'm comforted they're working in an honest manner. The clerk informed me I'll get my cards in 7 to 10 days. I'm confident they'll send me the cards I purchased... they always do. Normally I wouldn't write a review on a company so solid, but I was shocked when I saw this forum and saw all the 1-star reviews. It doesn't make any sense, so I felt compelled to post my experiences with them. In the last 2 years, has always delivered a professional product. I appreciate their efforts to sell to legitimate buyers and thresh out the money-launderers.
    I had a really sweet family give me 100 dollars for tutoring their child during the pandemic. The day I activated it, someone (Scammer) made a $99.95 charge online leaving me 5 cents. Please do not waste your money. It is so disappointing.
    Bought a card for $125.00, went to use the next day and funds were not there. Checked website and card had been used to purchase on Amazon and some car place in Georgia. I'm in new Jersey. No answer over the phone or emails. Total scam. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    Ordered $100 iTunes gift cad from ebay, paid $80 for it. Received it by mail today, went to iTunes website, entered number on back of card, value $100.
    They have stolen from me twice on two separate cards. Beware and do not believe anything they say because they are a scam. Tip for consumers:Do not use them Products used:Gift cards
    Repetitively lost data, reloaded on it's own, malfunctioned, required back buttons to enter same info, blanked the screen... no amount of patient attempts would work. Not reliable or intuitive or easy or anything other than excrement.
    As advertised, the VISA gift card NEVER worked. Contacted the one of the useless customer services. The card only works in 80 stores. I am not sure why US govt. Allows this kind of web site to do business allowing to cheat on customers. NEVER BUY GIFT CARDS FROM THIS Website. Tip for consumers:DONOT BUY FORM THIS SITE Products used:giftcards Service Value Shipping Quality
    Ordered American Eagle gift card in November. No tracking number for a week. Then a tracking number but had not been picked up from the shipper 10 days later. Called and said no tracking on file! I gave them THEIR tracking number and was told someone would have to call me back. Which they did not. Today 4 weeks later, I was on hold for 15 min and talked with 2 different reps. Seems the trail for the tracking number ended in another state. Asked for it to be cancelled and was told I would get a call back... contacted my credit card company and disputed it. This is not a legitimate business in my opinion. UPDATE: Received card. Credit card was charged. American Eagle said not a valid number, to bring it in. Covid shut things down. I lost my $125.00.