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  • Description:GameStop is the world's largest video game retailers, sales of all types of electronic games, such as: XBOX  ONE, XBOX  360, PS4, PS3, PC etc; selling games include: FORZA  5, RYSE, SKYLANDERS, CALL  OF  DUTY.
  • GameStop Review

    Good video game selections.
    They are always more than willing to help a customer, and nearly always have what I need in stock. Their prices are definitely the best because they have both used and new games. If they don't, they will point you to the closest store that does with a smile.
    Pretty good site, plenty of games and other items.
    bad bad bad
    Game stop is an amazing place both online and in store. I prefer to go in store so I can get the best deals. They do trade inS on games consoles, controllers, games and accessories. You get credit for the items you bring in for something new for you to take home. Save your credits for something big or use your credits on your purchases. They also offer a great rewards program which allows you to earn points for each purchase in exchange for prizes in the catalog. Game stop has a variety or games for many gaming systems.
    Awesome place to shop for video games.
    Good games to find.
    I would give it 5 stars for the game selections, but subtract 3 stars when you realize that you brought in 10 games and the trade in value was $5 total.
    hm..needs something else ..something is missing
    super place to buy new video games
    The best video game store available.
    Good place to find video games.
    Good place to find video games.
    Awesome place to pick up video games.
    good place to find games
    Game stop will sell you a game for $50, then turn around and try and buy it from you for $2. This is sickening, and it makes for bad business reviews like this one. At the end of the day, even a pawn shop will give you a loan for the value of the merchandise. It's obvious, if I am trying to sell you a game that I either need the money, or I want to get back in value close to what I paid for the game.
    Didn't know which game to get my nephew and these guys knew the best games out and helped a lot
    Their gaming services are just amazing. Being a customer I am happy.
    Solid place to purchase hard disc games
    Amazing place to purchase new video games
    Great place to pick up games. Beware of the trade ins though, that never works out
    Fantastic place to purchase new games. However with everything switching to streaming now days I expect it will turn out like blockbuster soon.
    Great service
    Like their store but the quality could be better and also when you trade games in or sell back they dont give you very much even if its brand new you may come out with 2.00 credit for a 50.00 game
    my grandson love game stop he can buy games at a good price and can get a good price when he sales them back and like the price to
    It is an ok place to get ahold of games. Although everything is going to streaming so I think it will go out like blockbuster soon.
    Great place to get video games.
    Great source for video games.
    You can find any game you want @ the online gamestop store. The only problem is you will be paying alot higher retail then most other stores. Still a good video game store. 4/5
    I was so dissatisfiedwith my last order! Stay prepared to be raped by the trade ins.
    Fantastic video game selections.
    Great place for video games
    Exclusive DLC is the cancer of the video game industry.
    Pretty good place to find video games.
    Good selection of new and used video games.
    Really good choice for video games
    I orders 6 funko pops they all came damaged two with clarenece stickers. They resent the shipment 2 were broken. They resent those and one was damaged. Not from shipping. They clearly send what they can't sell in stores. Hope we don't complain. Its a scam. Will never order online from them again.
    If you like video games this is a great place to start. They have people qualified for any question you have. The good thing is that they probably hire people who play so they can tell you if a game is worth the play or don't bother. If you buy a used game ( cause they sell new and used game), you can try it out for, I'm not sure if it's 8 days or so, and if you didn't like it you can exchange it for another game or get your money back. But, if you buy a new one you can't, you can sell it to them and they give you store credit to buy yourself another game. You can buy game consoles, joysticks, controllers, chargers, even little video game action figures... well almost anything that has to do with video games. Some GameStops, if you're lucky, have the old school video games and games ( atari, nintendo, sega genesis, etc). The great thing about shopping in the store is that you can ask questions.
    Decent place to buy video games.
    Pretty good place to shop for video games.
    this is were my do all their game shopping . great prices and great people. 100s of games , easy access. gaming made easy
    Good place to find video games, downside is the trade ins.
    Good video games.
    What a rip off. The trade in value is a joke.
    O yes this is the best place to buy video games. (Outside of streaming) So much to choose from, and usually pretty good deals on their trade in games.
    I come back to Game Stop to keep purchasing my bf some games here and there. Decent prices on used games makes it quite easy to find good deals.
    My favorite video game store. So much to choose from.
    Pretty good video game products. The return kind of sucks, but the selections are great.
    You can get games cheaper elsewhere, the rip you off if you want to sell or trade in your games.