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  • Description:Jesse Pani, one of the world's top 500 enterprises, was founded in 1902, is one of the USA's biggest chain of department stores, mail order catalogue and e-commerce retailers, mainly sales of men's, women's and children's clothing, jewelry, shoes, jewelry and Home Furnishing supplies, with its excellent services and competitive prices of commodities by the consumers of the pro lai.
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    If you need "regular" clothes in a hurry and don't want to spend much you can go to Kmart or JCP. Probably better quality than Kmart but about on the same overall level. They do have some good kid's staples and better than walmart bathroom product quality but not as much selection.
    Why is is always 100 degrees in JCP!! Seriously my 4 month old is sweating and so am I! Get some AC please!
    Would buy again
    Shop here at Penney's all the time, love the products, sizes and the Customer Service!
    I have bought many items for me and my husband and always happy with the prices!Thank you for service!
    affordable and clean.
    Not big enough discounts on many sales
    I ordered from the first time recently, a couple of pillows and a new set of sheets. They were on sale, I had a coupon and it was free shipping. My order arrived fast and I couldn't be happier! I will be sure to order from them again.
    I can find satin sheets for my dad
    JCPenney use to be my favourite online store but I found recently they have drop in the quality of their clothing. I use to buy 3 to 4 dresses in one buy but now I can hardly find one. I still shop there for underwear for my husband as I find the prices are very reasonable.
    if you've read some of my prior reviews, I'm in my early 60's; so what I might like would be dreadful for younger women. I know, because I was young once. JCP is my Go-To store for my clothes. Their prices are very reasonable, and JCP has a wide selection of clothes for different age groups and sizes. I'm on a fixed income now, so getting inexpensive clothes, at a moderate price is essential for me now. I don't buy shoes there, because I can't find the kind of shoes at the quality level I like-shoes should last a long time, so I'll buy elsewhere. JCP has a decent return policy, too. I buy dresses, jeans, T-shirts, casual and dressy shirts/tops, underwear, and sleepwear there. What more can I say-I've gone overboard already! Thank you!
    I like the store, the grocery department seems to be a small add on only
    Good prices, nice clotes. A good place to shop
    Why can't your employees do their jobs and give me a left and a right shoe. Cause clearly I don't have two RIGHT feet. And when I came back to get a Left shoe, the store is all out?! Ok apparently they don't keep track of their damn shoes. WTF Never shopping at JCPenny every again.
    I have been shopping at JCP for forty years. I really enjoy the store and the quality merchandise they have.
    Love this site. No problems ever. They called me about a problem with an order I had transposed the numbers on. Online I've had not one issue with them. I get what I paid for and its like it looks in their ad.
    They're coming back and that's great!
    The kit includes 7 pieces. Scissors, nail file, tweezers and nippers, tweezers are very convenient, do not compare with others. Case fairly hard, leather-embossed Croc different colors with metallic trim, compact size slightly larger than the Palm of your hand. It can be placed anywhere, even on the shelf, at least in the bag. Zinger set conveniently take with you on a trip, because all it is complete it is quite light and will not cause any inconvenience. It is easy to open and it securely snaps to the lattice-itself does not open even if you fall. Inside with sleek mounts are placed six essential for manicure items.
    JC PENNY CO.....we all love this place only the company seems to hate itself. There is no store in america with better product lines. HUNT CLUB is amzaing as are lines such as City Streets & Lee Wright. It goes on and on. We loved Pennys so much that several family members actually decided to work there, and my mother who worked at the outlet store outside of atlanta mainly did so to shop as she worked the stock. I was surprised she even had a paycheck the way she bought clothes there. Another thing is Pennys clothes LAST. This winter I was sporting my great and stylish Hunt Club coat from circa 1990! I added a wool scarf from Pennys circa same era. Both brought compliments. The reason I gave them a low mark is basically its a MIDDLE MARK. And thats where it lands when you factor in my own like and loyalty with all the corporate sabotage the admin is doing to this beloved institution. Product wise they are solidly a 5. Finding a local store anymore a 1. Finding an outlet store anymore a 0 = they dont exist. Expecting this store chain to see another decade a 1. Knowing that this store stands in a class all by itself a 5. Wanting this store to come back a 5. Stopping the catalogue 1. Going to all online a 2. LIKING ALL MY JC PENNYS CLOTHES....5. I even have a JC Penny garden tiller from 1992 and its still in great shape. If this company can make up its mind and actually decide to see the vision of a certain JAMES CASH PENNY....they would realize that this same man in his own lifetime went up against the likes of Sam Walton for several decades in the 50s & 60s.....and won hands down. THATS RIGHT> PENNYS ORIGINALLY BEAT WALMART ALMOST TO EXTINCTION AT ONE POINT. WOW that to happen again would be sooo grand. -kevin
    I order from JCP every now and then because of they offer tall sizes and women's size 11 shoes not usually carried in stores. Service is generally fast, online and texted coupons readily available and often, reduced rates on shipping. If you have your order shipped to your local JCP, shipping is free. I often chose that option if I'd otherwise have a shipping charge as my store is close to my home and work. I have given 4 stars vs. 5 because of service received at my local store if I do have things shipped there or if I need to return something. While this has nothing to do with the website, it does affect the overall experience. My local store's customer service area has been downsized tremendously. It is not uncommon to have to wait for a long time to get someone to come to the customer service area if help is needed. I've often had to ask a floor clerk to call for assistance. Once someone does arrive, service is generally quick. I appreciate that things can still be returned more than 30 days after purchase. The website itself seems out-of-date to me for some reason. I guess I just don't really like the way things are shown. Some items only have a picture of one view. At times, I have tried to add something to my cart only to find it was no longer available even though still pictured. I do appreciate the customer reviews available on many items. If you can't find what you need at the local store, chances are, it will be on the website.
    Ordered a lot of items from J C Penney online.. Not only did I not get my items, they kept charging me over and over. Wasn't a good experience, and I will not shop their online store for any other sales
    I have gotten super service and quality products from JCP. Prices are fair and quality is excellent. Customer service has always been great.
    stuff is pretty expensive..
    I like shopping here, because they usually have a good selection of clothing, and they are not outrageously priced. I like that there is usually a sale going on for what I am there to purchase, anyway. Their clothing is current with the latest fashions. The few times I have had to return something, it was always easy and the sales people have always been helpful and nice.
    Bought my son clothes for Christmas online, they quickly replaced the color he didn't like. Great prices.
    I feel compelled to write about my Incredibly negative experience with J.C. Penny, specifically through purchasing furniture through their online store. We decided to purchase furniture through J.C. Penney's online store, as we had recently bought our first home and we wanted a store with generous financing options. We bought a sectional couch and bedroom set, including bed and frame, through them. The initial payment was made on 11/24, and the first sign of trouble was the amount of time it took to get any of these pieces delivered. It wasn't until mid to late December that we received even a portion of our furniture, and of course their delivery guys ended up beating up our walls on the way in to set it up. What's more, when they delivered the couch to us, it was the wrong couch. The delivery guys had to pack it back up and bring it back out our front door--we ended up cancelling that order, as at that point we were convinced JC Penney was not competent enough to fulfill an order. The coup de grace was that, as of our current statement, we are apparently being assessed interest on what was supposed to be a 0% interest promotional purchase (Nothing is truly free, and I am sure we paid more for these product precisely because they were qualified promotional purchases). It seems JC Penney was trying to scam us out of interest on part of our payment, hoping we wouldn't notice. Needless to say this will be the first, and last, time that we will be buying from JC Penney. This company needs to go ahead and die already--it's time has come and gone.
    J c Penneys always has great quality clothes and fashion styles at an affordable price.
    JCPenney is one of my favorite stores when I was a child my mother would go to jc penney and I would i be so happy and today its still one of my favorites so many products customer service is awesome affordable a great store thank you for so many great shopping experiences many kudos to a terrific store
    For a big enough store as JcPennys is, there was absolutely no one working. We walked through the store for about 15 minutes trying to find someone. As we found someone, she was busy with a customer already but had to fall for assistance. So she took us in the mean time. While we were checking out the pair of pants we had didn't have a tag on it, so the lady said I'm sorry you have to go back and get another pair. And there's also a customer service desk on the way. First of all, you are a sales associate, you can look up the pair of pants on your computer and reticket the pair of pants with a matching one. Second of all, we walked all the way over here because you were the only one available, why send us somewhere where there is no one else? Unbelievable.
    So much brand and styles and good price
    I shop online as I live in Australia. The choice and quality of clothing is great. I couldn't find fault with their shipping cost. Thank you JCPenney.
    My favorite store to shop at. I always get good deals, reward deals and coupons. I average saving 40-80% at any given time.. Awesome sales.....
    if they aren't relatives, they are salespeople who want to keep a job
    Every order ships wtithin a day or two. Quality is always good. Love the selection.
    I like jcpenny sometimes you can find really good and cheap stuff here just need to have a keen eye, but i mean the quality does suffer though.
    My sister and I shop here a lot and love them. We love looking at the clothes and feel inspired since the quality is really good.
    Ordered my husband 6 shirts for Xmas they got there money immediately I had to wait 3 weeks for my order to arrive. Unfortunately I ordered the wrong size shirt and instead of doing a straight swap I loose £26 off my original order and the shirts in the interim have increased in price their attatude is absolutely awful and they have no costumer service I would advise anyone to think twice before ordering anything from them!
    I ordered several things for Christmas 2015. I paid with my debit card so they got their money the next day. I am still fighting to get my money from the order they canceled since they didn't have the merchandise, it was out of stock, then the order was canceled on the 23rd by them! Every time I call they say the same thing it takes 3-5 business days to get my refund! Well it sure in the heck didn't take them 3-5 business days to get my money for stuff they didn't even have in stock!! I WILL NEVER buy ANYTHING from JCP again!! NOT HAPPY
    JCP has a wonderful selection of Big & Tall clothing. In particular, I love their Stratford and Arizona lines. I have also purchased luggage, bedding, and bath items from JCP. All in all, JCP is my favorite among department stores.
    Placed an order on 12/18 for home delivery. Order receipt stated delivery between 12/21 and 12/24. Follow up today (12/23) and UPS doesn't even have the order yet! Called customer service. He stated that since my order was placed on a Friday it wasn't processed until Monday. I asked if they worked processing orders the last weekend prior to Christmas and he said no. What retailer online or brick and mortar doesn't add staff and hours for the Christmas rush....He said they only work Monday through Friday - and my order will likely be delivered 12/28 - Swell - Thanks for nothing JC Penny. I will never shop online or in your store again. It's no wonder your business is floundering....
    I ordered from web site because always had great experience, but NOT this time. Thank you for a disappointing Christmas 2015. your website gave me the option of store or home I chose store because of the value. after receiving tracking number I then found out it doesn't deliver to store so my package was returned to original sender --- now product OUT of STOCK.(thanks) the bad part was customer service NOT trying to satisfy me with any kind of option. JCP needs to understand GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE is the product you need to sell. I will seek the product from other retail and spend more but I WILL receive GREAT customer service.
    I've always been happy with my purchases from JCP. Their prices can be a little high but I can always search coupons on my phone to use at check out.The quality of their clothes, in particular, are good and hold up well in the laundry.
    I wrote a bad review of several weeks ago because I was very displeased about something I ordered only to be told the item was out of stock by email several hours after I had ordered it. I called the 800 number and explained the situation and the customer service representative bent over backward and managed to find me the item and have it shipped to my home all for the same great price. The item just arrived and I am very happy. Thank You! I would like to reverse my bad rating.
    Ordered T-Shirts on line & picked up in store...everything was very easy & fast! The prices were great & service was perfect!
    Hi, I wanted to alert everyone on the tricky billing policy that JCPenney has for their customers in- store. I had purchased a couple of items on Nov 26th(Thanksgiving day) and made use of the in-store coupon of $10 that they had provided for the customers who came in for the door buster sale, towards my purchase, which applied to all items on my bill, per line item. Yesterday when i went to return many of the items except one. I noticed that when they returned the amount to me $10 was not applied towards my new bill, instead only that portion i.e. $1.89 was applied and when i asked them for an explanation I was shocked to hear what they had to say. They told me that $10 was applied to the bill on that day, but since u returned most of the items, you will be eligible only for whatever was applied to that item. This is ridiculous, then what is the point of me going for the Door Buster sale, if i can't make use of the coupon they gave me as a privilege. Is this how JCPenney repays me for all the loyal shopping that i have done with them since long??? I'm totally disgusted with their customer service and will think twice about ever shopping with them again. The manager was also so rude to us, which really made me furious and think what sort of a reputation JCPenney is trying to build amongst their customers. Guys watch out!
    Holy crap!!! How horrible is this store?? Completely staffed by nothing but idiots!! I placed an order on the 16th for pants. Get the order confirmation and then got the tracking email. The order listed on the tracking email is NOT what i ordered and the tracking saysit was delivered.....BACK IN 2014!?!? I call in later that day and tell the agent about this. She tells me that they recycle tracking numbers and that the tracking and the order listed on it will update the next day. Well, low and behold the tracking updated, but the i order was wrong. I received my package on Friday and needed the pants for Monday. I call in on Sat morning and tell the agent yet again about this. She says that i got the correct order, but when I tell her the item numbers do not match, he story changes. Then she tell me that I have to pay to return the items or go to the store. Why? This is no where near my fault? Now I have to go through the whole BS with the supervisor. She apparently see the error and and is sending the "correct" pants out for a Monday delivery, free of charge. Ok. So, later on I get the confirmation email and everything looks good and then a little bit later the tracking and..........wrong order again. So, i call back in and I am told there is nothing that can be done; the order is already packed. I tell them to cancel the whole thing. the reply is that they can't. So, Monday comes and goes and no delivery, so I assume they canceled it. Until this past Friday the 26th. Here is a package from JC Penny. I open it to pull the pants out and to throw them in the trash and whats this? No pants, but I get a pair of pink socks and box of Kuerig decaf coffee pouches. ARE YOU $#*!!NG KIDDING ME?? I hope this chain burns. Screw this place and anyone who works there.
    I placed on online order for a gift for my elderly aunt. I even paid extra shipping to ensure the gift would arrive in time for my aunt's birthday. After I initially placed the order, I received a message that my payment wasn't authorized. (That's another whole issue, VISA decided that a $200 online order two weeks before Thanksgiving must have been fraudulent.) So I called back and used my AMEX and everything seemed to go through fine. I asked if I would get a new order number and the customer service rep said no, that the order number would remain the same. She seemed very competent and helpful, so much sol that I even participated in the online survey after resolving my issue. The day before my package was set to arrive, I decided to double check that it was on track to arrive on time and found that my order had been canceled. I called customer service and was told they had no record of my AMEX number. I was then transferred to a customer service supervisor who barely offered an apology. I will never do business with this company again - no wonder they are in such deep financial trouble. They can't even manage a simple online transaction!!!
    Ive been shopping at JCPenney since I was a young girl and I will most likely Always shop here. Always Ggod quality items and some of the Best deals....
    The best manager ever is Tracy and she is the best and nicest and sweetest person I've ever met she works at JCPENNY on Salinas ca at the north ridge mall and I always go to shop now at jcpenny just because she make me feel wolcom all the time and I suggest that jcpenny company let he teach the othe staf how to be the best like her and how to get to wolcom the customers and make them feel home ,and if I was the owner of the company I will raised her right away.