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  • Description:Bon-Ton is a large regional department store. It stores are mainly distributed in the American central the Atlantic and new England, and Northern New York and the state of Pennsylvania. It is committed to provide users with a comfortable shopping environment, high-quality products, reasonable price and good service. Bon-Ton provides the main commodities include: men and women clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry, cosmetics, perfume, children's clothing, Home Furnishing products etc..
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    I ordered a wool pea coat from the web site and it was so inexpensive that I was wary. I also got free shipping and it came faster than expected. Well, I love the coat and now wish I had gotten one in each of the other colors while that special was running. Very satisfied shopper here!
    Special trip to buy a record player on sale tag 60% off when I went to pay for it ended up being double a retail price less 60% off which was $60 more retail stores sell for and not the price tag on the floor and the manager was rude don't be misguided by they're going out of business sale
    I used this site awhile back to buy a couple of coats. I was really happy with the quality of their products. The prices are also very affordable. They often have special deals where they lower their prices. This is definitely a store to check out.
    I found the personnel at the Stroudsburg Mall- Stroud Mall very helpful. I purchased an item from Clinique and when my foundation was not the exact one that I had, Jackie made a special effort to help me pick out a shade to my liking.Her co-workers also very pleasant and friendly to the customers around me. They even assisted others in finding the correct department for an item they were looking for.
    I tried to log into my account, Bonton, Carson's, it didn't matter. I entered my password and it said it was wrong. I tried several times and eventually hit the "forgot password" to reset it. Well, that's when all hell broke loose. Not only did I never receive a temp password, but after calling customer service and having a IT person reset my password, I still haven't received an email. I was told that no human error is responsible, but the holidays are bogging down "the system". What? Bandwidth? I don't get it. I was told to wait an hour and now it's been three. I still haven't received an email for a password reset and I still can't log in. I never changed my password. It just stopped working. Something is going on with their "system".
    After reading some of the negative reviews, I was hesitant to order from However, I read a review from a satisfied customer and decided to take my chances. The product I ordered was significantly less expensive than any other store, and I received it a week later without experiencing any problems. I can't address customer service issues, as I had no need to contact that department.
    Ordered 2 dog beds with a $50 off coupon, they cancelled my order, didn't offer an alternative and wouldn't honor my coupon on a substitute item. Toll free number to reps working out of their homes have no manager or supervisor to connect to and do not offer any solutions. My emails are being ignored also. Facebook is loaded with similar complaints. No wonder they are doing poorly. I will never ever purchase from this website/store again.
    I ordered a top and when it arrived it was nothing like described. I then attempted to return it, but the email address where you are supposed to send return inquires just sent everything back 'undeliverable', I then called and left multiple messages. Finally, someone called my back at 8pm on a Friday, but did not leave a way to contact them back, so I left another message and sent two emails to the general 'contact us' address. I have been getting the run around for over two weeks and still nothing about how to actually return the item. Today, I received an email stating that my item was final sale... there was nothing stating that when I purchased it. This is ridiculous and horrible customer service.
    I went to the store and exchanged a comforter for a larger size. I was told that it wasn't available in the store but that it was online, so I paid the difference for the larger size and was to have it shipped directly to my home. However it never came and when I called asked where it was they said it was out of stock and yet I never received my money back. Will never buy from them again.
    I ordered a bunch of Carter's leggings for $3 a piece. After reading the reviews, I immediately wished I didn't order and lowered my expectations. But, my order came within the timeframe they said (I wouldn't order last minute, they are not amazon...), and at the prices I ordered them for (which were great prices!) What more can one hope for? I have no reason to give any less than five stars.
    Bon Ton is my department store of choice for clothes, jewerly, housewares, and everything in between. Their yellow dot specials are great. Thank you Bon Ton for making my Christmas shopping easier.
    This department store has great sales and is usually offering 15%-20% off at any given time including sale items and if you look for promo codes, you can usually find free shipping as well. I will shop here over Macy's anytime.
    DO NOT ORDER FROM BONTON, be forewarned #1 no communication unless I reach out #2 when something is communicated, it's taken back (their reps gave out wrong information twice, on the phone and via email. #3 then a decision was made I'm not to receive the boots, nor the shipping charge I was promised refunded and I only find that out because I reached out again. This company promised a refund of shipping, they rescinded, I have the promise in writing, and on the phone. They don't have a manager on duty, yet that is the person who changed my order. DO NOT ORDER FROM BONTON... find what you're looking for from another company and check their consumer affairs rating. It's worth any price difference. I ended up wasting money and have no product to show for it.
    Buyer beware: I placed an order for a king size down comforter, and was sent a microfiber twin comforter that retails for $10 in the packaging of a down comforter. Upon receiving it, I contacted their customer service and they insisted I send it back so they could exchange it for the right comforter. I did so but when they received the inferior comforter back, they said they would instead refund me and asked me to buy the down comforter again at a higher price. I would have never sent the comforter back had they sent me the correct one, but now they want me to repurchase at a higher price for their mistake?! I have never heard of such terrible customer service in all of my life. If you do purchase from them- be prepared to get the wrong item, possibly even packaged in the right retail packaging. And if you do return it- be prepared to jump through hoops and fork out more money, all in an attempt to possibly get the correct item.
    Awful experience. Grill arrived and the box was clearly ripped open and taped back up again. Only item in the box was grill. No drip pan, instructions, etc. I called and the nice lady told me they would send out another one right away, along with a confirmation email. Never received confirmation email, sent several emails inquiring, no response from BonTon. Called today and they want me to ship back the box, told me the original customer service person didn't know what she was doing. This means a trip to the post office I dont have time for and another few weeks before I get my item. So disappointed.
    Warning. Do not trust this company. They never sent my rebate and have ignored all attempts to contact them to rectify. They are a horrible sham of a company.
    I bought 12 wax melts, all came in discolored and melted. Also bought 3 woodwick candles 2 of them broken glass when they arrived. Bonton charges 8.95 for shipping regardless of why you are returning.
    This site is ill prepared and just a shell of a company. With poor planning and poor customer service, it needs to disappear and allow real sites to step in and handle business.
    The management team and poor attitudes, scheduling, and just incompetentence. First night of labor day sale. No staff on in furniture Dept. Asked to speak a mgr. Stated someone could call next day. Asked if wuld honor discounts from tonight, said yes. But they called and wanted 10% more. I should have ordered online that night. Oh but good news is Goodwill sale will be better on Wednesday, okay waited was 10 more. So I just did it our order was supposed to be in on Friday 15th. And would call with delivery time. Okay husband took day off called they were rude to him and said the furniture Dept isn't in. Called corporate they told me that furniture was there but can't be scheduled for delivery until they check it in and did not have a way of getting hold of anyone until Monday. Well here we are told next date for delivery Sept 23 no sooner. Ask to speak to mgr whom stated we did read the fine print that the furniture is only in wearhouse doesn't mean delivery. But they would waive delivery fee of 100 dollars. They also stated they had no way of contacting or controlling there schedule. Well cancelled order. And will no longer do business, cause apparently that don't want to either. Guess they will be closing soon too with lousey service and a lack of having contact to speak to forget it. Went to a real furniture store spent my money 3 day delivery guarantee already scheduled. Thursday. NOT Saturday 3 weeks later.
    Part 1:12/26/17 I ordered perfume set along with my free gift. My free gift was shipped first for some reason and was "delivered" but I never received any package. Sent several emails but no answer. My actually perfume supposed to arrive Friday, so we'll see... Update: Recieved my perfume set with no free gifts. I got an email back saying they were out of stock for the free items and then another saying they weren't able to send me a free gift anymore. I will definitely NOT be purchasing anything from this site. ACTUALLY LISTEN TO THESE REVIEWS PEOPLE!
    I purchased two pairs of shoes from Bon-Ton Feb 10 2016. The shoes were priced nicely and were delivered quickly. I have had this type of shoe before so after making sure they fit I recycled the boxes. About a week or two later one of the eyelets for the shoe strings came loose on one pair. Bon-Ton's return policy states the merchandise must be returned in the original packaging so I tried twice to contact Bon-Ton's customer service via their online customer service and never even received a response. Good prices and quick shipping DO NOT replace good customer service. If you buy form this merchant you had better hope you don't have any problems because you won't get any help from Bon-Ton! I will never use this company again.
    After ordering Christmas gift a watch for my brother. They sent a cancellation notice after 4 days. Looks like this guys are not a professional online sellers. They don't care about customers. I try try calling the customer care they are not even responding to my call. No more buying anything again in bonton.
    Bon-Ton is unprofessional company and they have poor customer care service... I didn't receive what I ordered... called them 3 weeks ago, they said that they are going to refund me... they never did... called them today they told me: we didn't refund you and we don't know what to do. NEVER DEAL WITH BONTON... as you don't want to get robbed!
    I am an long-time Bon Ton customer. On Monday, 11/28, I tried unsuccessfully to place an order online. I call the customer service number for assistance. After an exceptionally long hold time, I left a call back number as the automated system suggested. As of today, Friday, 12/2, I have yet to hear back from customer service. On Tuesday, I then submitted an email on the website, explaining my problem. No response. On Wednesday, I submitted an second email through the website. No response. Today, Friday, I tried reaching the corporate offices in York, PA with absolutely no luck. Finally, I ended up back in the phone queue and this time I decided to wait them out. I held again for an incredibly long time. Eventually, someone did answer. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told there was no supervisor present. After explaining my issue, the truth came out that supervisors do not take calls from customers ever. I was told that I could leave my information and they would call me back within 48 hours. I have absolutely zero expectation of ever hearing from anyone. This is the worst customer service I have ever encountered. Bon Ton absolutely does not want to hear from you. I am considering just closing out my account, returning the multiple rewards cards I've received from them, and calling it a day.