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  • Description:Seiko Epson Corp was founded in 1942 May, the headquarters is located in Nagano Prefecture, Japan Suwa City, is the world's leading enterprise in the field of digital image.
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    Bought a large format printer that arrived defective. Company is refusing to replace it because it's "too big", and they keep telling me to try setting that I already have and they clearly don't fix the problem. Customer service people are not keeping their communication up, and just ghosting me after telling me that they'll call back or email me. After spending thousands of dollars with them, I thought I'd at least get some sort of resolution, but at this point I just feel scammed out of my money by a giant corporate monster that has zero accountability for their defective products. Absolutely don't recommend doing business with them. In the photos you can see that the printer randomly stains my photos with red tint, and there's absolutely no rhyme or reason to it, and absolutely no way to fix it from my side. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    Do NOT invest your hard-earned money with any Epson product. They are easily the most frustrating and ethically bankrupt company you could imagine dealing with. We're on our second 5040UB projector which is now suffering from the same malfunction as the first. When they replaced the original one, we were given a refurbished unit which has now failed. Numerous calls to Customer Resolution have yielded zero results. Worse yet, I forwarded official Letters Of Inquiry to their CEO, Keith Kratzberg as well as a Senior VP and weren't even provided the courtesy of a response! Sorry, but as a journalist and consumer advocate for over thirty years, I've never been slighted in such a way. And here's the kicker: I spent hours doing my homework, including interviews with five different Epson Home Theater Dealers. The feedback was eerily similar and entirely disconcerting. The takeaway was that, if your projector actually lasts through the end of its two year warranty, you've done well. Yes. That's what I was told, over and over. A disposable $30 toaster? I get it. A disposable $3000 projector? That's a crime. Again, don't do business with this company. In fact, don't walk away from their products... RUN!
    Have 2 epson units, really happy with them for a few years. One developed an issue feeding ink from the cartridge and support is basically non-existent. Sad.
    Without exaggeration, since buying this printer at the end of JULY 2020, I have needed to contact Epson each and every time I have needed to print. Each And Every Time! I am beyond frustrated with it and want to throw it out the window, then run around the house to go stomp on it for good measure. HOW can we be so advanced in so many areas, and yet Epson's connect and print technology is still so outdated and crappy? SERIOUSLY, you'd think that with the EIGHT different bloatware programs their "lite driver" (I'd hate to see the non 'lite' one) installed on my system, ONE of them would actually be able to communicate with the printer, but noooooooo! After being on hold with them for 27 minutes, someone just picked up, then hung up. #&%@[email protected]! After finally reaching someone and after an hour and one minute of 'troubleshooting', I was transferred to a supervisor, and then a Level 2 Escalation Technician... THE very FACT that they need Level 2 Escalation Technicians FOR SIMPLE PRINTERS, ought to tell you something. Stay away from Epson printers. NOTHING worked, so DID indeed throw it out the window after Epson did not even offer service or replacement on a practically NEW unit. Let me reiterate: Stay away from Epson printers! Tip for consumers:Terrible product and terrible customer service.
    Bought 4 epson FX-890II-N and 2 DFX-9500 printers in 10/2019, all advertised with 3 years warranty. Tried to get FX-890IIN serviced on 04/07/2021, their web site claimed it is out of warranty? They don't seemed to honor it? Bought them directly from epson and provided their order #. So far no cooperation, been in business since 1985, guessed I will have to recommend Okidata? Such sad company... DO NOT EXPECT EPSON TO BACK THEIR PRODUCTS... Tip for consumers:They are not honoring their 3 years warranty Products used:dot matrix printers Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    Within 1 month the WF-4833 printer began pulling multiple pages from the paper tray when printing or copying. It now does it consistently. I contacted Epson and followed all their test procedures after which they determined it needed to be replaced. I sent them the receipt for the purchase and the serial number. They replied saying that the serial number indicated it was not purchased from an Epson Dealer, therefore there was no warranty. Period. No more discussion. I purchased this on Amazon from a seller called Wintshop. When I contacted them about this, they replied that I was no longer within the 30 day return window, therefore they would do nothing. This was day 35 after the purchase. I am out of luck, stuck with a printer that 100% of the time does not function. The product is poor and Epson as a company is poor as well. They honestly expected me to research who I was buying the product from and somehow confirm that buying from them would not void the manufacturers warranty. This was a new, unopened box purchase on Amazon. Beware. Tip for consumers:When you buy on Amazon, beware that the seller's product is eligible for the manufacturer's warranty. Products used:Still need to replace this defective purchase. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I was denied a price adjustment on a projector that went down in price a week after I bought it. Beware of their business practices. Tip for consumers:Avoid at all costs. Products used:Projector Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    Steve C's review here doesn't belong--he's reviewing the product, not the site. Moreover, his assertion that "Nobody really can compete" is ridiculous unless he's made a thorough investigation of all competing products, which is not credible. My review is of the site, as used for support. The written support is pretty good. But think hard before you phone for support. The level 1 support personnel (the ones who take your call) are almost universally clueless, and will take an unbelievable amount of your time, which may or may not solve your issue. The level 2 personnel (to which level 1 can connect you) may be better, but don't depend on it. I speak from sad experience with my XP-420 printer, which although I rarely need to use it has necessitated a dozen support calls in just a few months. Every time I call I'm kept on the phone for close to an hour or more.
    I have an Epson WF-4740 Workforce Pro machine that has a failed scanner function. This device is just over a year old and I have used the scanner function sparingly, it is used mostly for printing an copying. When the scanner function stopped working, I called Epson support and was told that it is a hardware issue with the machine. I was told that since I was just out of warranty that I would have pay big bucks to get it fixed - that I may want to consider just buying a new one because that would be cheaper. Way to go Epson! It's a problem created by you and yet you refuse to make good on it. This will undoubtedly be the only Epson printer I ever buy! I highly recommend buyers to stay away from not only this model, but Epson overall. What good is a company that won't fix a problem created by them?! You want to charge me to fix your malfunction?! Goodbye!
    No need to bother with refueling, pre-set CISS only facilitates the process. Good print quality. Scanner and copier that is always at hand. And it's all in one device, whose name is Epson L210.
    My last three printers have been Epson Printers. I had problems with them but nothing serious like I have had with this last one I purchased. I have a problem, since day one, with the printer connecting to internet. I can't do any kind of internet printing. I purchased this printer in August of 2017 and it is still under warranty. I talked with Epson support many, many times about this problem They try this and try that but nothing works to get it on network. I have had Microsoft, Driver Support and many other techs try and fix it. Some have spent days working on it. So, this week I talked with Corporate offices about it. They have THREE of their senior techs try and fix it. The last one thought for sure he had it fixed. I tried it, no, it's not fixed. The printer cannot find the computer nor can the computer find the printer. Corporate sent me an email saying they would exchange it but when I tried to do that it was flat out refused. They say they cannot give me my money back nor will they exchange it. They refuse to honor their warranty. First statement they give you on their website and emails is "we repair to your satisfaction. Not ours but Your satisfaction". I told them I wasn't satisfied. They refused. Now, I'm stuck with a printer that doesn't work and isn't even backed by their company. Epson is NOT the place to purchase a printer. They don't hold up even for the warranty period. They do NOT honor their warranty. They are the worst of the worst for printers. DO NOT BUY EPSON PRODUCTS
    Nobody really can compete with epson printers for the semi-professional photography market. Canon is trying but sadly their inks/papers just do not meet the criteria that epson has created for itself over the years. I highly recommend their higher end printers and have the 3880 myself. Inks are a little pricey but if you want you can buy 3rd party inks or papers but IMO those are not as good as the epson originals. I will say do not buy the inks here, but instead do a bing search for epson inks and get it cheaper. I would recommend buying the printers here because they will offer you a warranty and for printers I think that is essential as the drum or something is always going to break if you use it enough.
    I can't say that the overall quality of their printers is that great. I hav had 5 Epson printers and 4 of them stopped working within 3 years. Two of them stopped working within the warranty period and Epson replaced them immediately. However, they were replaced with remanufactured which is standard procedure in the industry. I received the replacement in two days.