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  • Description:Toshiba  Direct is a $60 billion global company, with nearly 200000 in 30 countries around the world to employees. In you can purchase directly from manufacturers Toshiba notebook, Toshiba tablet computer, Toshiba projectors and other Toshiba brand accessories.
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    My new $1,000 laptop came with the FN key and card-reader not working. I am deaf so cannot use the phone for support. Emailed their "customer service" and got no reply. Filed a complaint with he BBB but Toshiba still refused to email me with some support. I filed a complaint with the Justice Dept. for violation of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). We'll see what happens. BAD BAD COMPANY AND POOR PRODUCTS.
    I've been on the phone 11 times in the past 2 days. I simply wanted to replace a dead toshiba hard drive that failed within 2 weeks of purchasing. Toshiba will not just send you a replacement. They will give you a coupon code where you can purchase Cr@p on their "less than satisfactory website "". The coupon code they emailed me did NOT work.A wasted 3+ hours and this nightmare finally/hopefully ended with me begging them to just send me a drive replacement. We'll see if these incompetents can deliver. Caesar heads up the group of incompetents, as well he should. He has proven to be the most incompetent of all. Needless to say, I will never recommend toshiba ever again to my clients. I used to like their hardware. After this fiasco I am done.
    Tried 3X to order from them and finally gave up! My orders kept getting cancelled with a vague "customer data verification" reason email. No calls, No emails, nothing. just canceled. I have successfully ordered from Dell and Amazon dozens of time using the same exact information. Calling customer service does not help at all. They are unable to inform why exactly the order was cancelled and are powerless to correct it or even reorder. Besides, the CSRs are a bit rude, evidencing their complete lack of ability to resolve customer's problems. If this is how they treat paying customers, imagine when the time comes to deal with a defective product! Forget it!
    DO NOT USE TOSHIBA DIRECT FINANCING. It is impossible to get ahold of anyone who has anythign to do with the credit card they qualify you for and send you. Their payment method is bogus pay-by-phone only BULL SH** and they never tell you how much you have left to pay or anything, only option on the phone is to enter payment amount. They hope to God that you leave an outstanding balance on your purchase so they can ramp up the interest after 6 months and send you a hefty bill. So far my computer has been excellent but toshiba's "bank" or whatever they want to call it, Toshiba Direct, is bull and probably means the company itself is full of crooks.
    In April 2011 I purchased a new Toshiba Canvio 500GB external USB drive. This drive failed after about 2 months of light use. I used Toshiba's Acclaim system to return the defective drive. They gave me a coupon to be used on to buy a replacement. I ordered a new Canvio USB drive from ToshibaDirect using the refund coupon. The drive arrived DOA. I returned it to ToshibaDirect using their RMA procedure. AFter more than a month and over a dozen phone calls to and Toshiba Acclaim, I have received an $8 refund of my shipping. No money back and no replacement drive. I will never ever buy another Toshiba hard drive, nor will I ever buy again from The only thing worse than the quality of their hard disks is the quality of their customer service. You have been warned. If you choose to do business with ToshibaDirect good luck to you.
    I purchased a Toshiba Satellite from Toshiba Direct. It crashed at 33 days old. They only have a 15 day return policy even if their computer doesn't work. They will not let me return it. Sent me around in circles on the phone. A manager will not even talk to me. Sending my computer in for repair. I'm stuck with a Dyna Dock that's 33 days old, too, that I'm not happy with and they won't return or exchange it. I WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY AGAIN. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. I spent $1,600, and I have been treated like this!
    Scam site, sells defective products - I ordered a Toshiba laptop online. The machine crashed within one week. I sent it back. I received a "replacement" laptop after 3 weeks. It crashed after one week. Now they will repair this broken computer, not give a refund. It will take up to  one month to do this. I will be out over $600.00 and have no computer for the next month. DO NOT USE TOSHIBA DIRECT TO PURCHASE ANYTHING! YOU WILL BE RIPPED OFF! CUSTOMER SERVICE IS EXTREMELY UNFRIENDLY.