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  • Description:Eddie  Bauer (eddiebauer / Addie Bauer) was founded in 1920, has been 80 years of history, is a famous brand America outdoor lifestyle. Its products although the price is not high, but has the first-class quality and workmanship, has gradually developed into a global brand. At present, it has more than 600 stores in America, Canada, Japan, Germany and the UK, is a large Multi-National Corporation. Eddie  Bauer main products include: Men's casual wear, casual wear, children's outdoor sports equipment, shoes, bedding etc..
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    I was an Eddie Bauer customer for more than 20 years. Lately the quality of their products is very poor but they will still charge $30.00+ for a plain white cotton t-shirt. Most of the clothing I have bought from them in the last few years (not much), I have had to throw them away or use for car rags within a year. Wouldn't think of donating because it would be insulting. Just ordered two cotton sweaters for a Christmas 2015 gift. They have been washed twice (cold water and no dryer) and look like faded, pilly rags. My husband wore them a few times. On sale, I paid over $40.00 for each one. I went to their outlet last summer and bought a cotton T-shirt for $5.00. The original price was marked as $ about mark-up. Done with Eddie Bauer.
    “Shame on you Eddie Bauer! Your customer service should be called DIService. I tried to return one of 2 items I received as a gift from my spouse at your store in Littleton CO. I did not find anything I wanted to exchange so asked them, with my receipt in hand, to credit the item back to the card on which it was purchased. I was told I could have store credit or mail it in for credit. What is the difference???? Oh, the $6-12 you charge for return postage. I DROVE to the store to return it but because I did not bring my husbands credit card, I was told I had to take store credit. I don't have to mail in my credit card when I do a return by mail!!! I will now be returning both items and shopping at REI from now on...NEVER had an issue with any returns and they always take care of their customers. I even called Eddie Bauer on the phone as I left the store...again...what customer service???”
    Very disappointed after $200 First Ascent coat started leaking after 5 years. Despite all marketing propaganda in store and on website, you only get a FULL refund if you kept the receipt. They offered me $59 for my coat, which is a joke. I will buy from lands end or llbean in the future, as they stand behind their guarantee!
    If you are Canadian do not purchase items from Eddie Bauer online. I got a catalog in the mail which had a sticker on the front stating Borderfree delivery to Canada. It also stated that there was free shipping on purchases over $99. I started to purchase a coat which was only available online. When the final payment was calculated it included $24.77CND for shipping and $21.57CND for duties. Before putting in my credit card I called and asked why these charges were added on given what I saw on the catalog. I was told that there was something amiss in their system and to call back when the order went through. They said they would remove the shipping charge. When I called back after Ihad made the purchase, they said it was a mistake. So Eddie Bauer's claim of Borderfree delivery to Canada is bogus, there is NOTHING FREE about it.
    My husband really like there Polo shirts
    I buy most of my nicer outdoors clothing, sweaters, hats, socks, etc. at Eddie Bauer. Shipping and customer service are both better than average.
    This is a great brand. The clothes are high quality, and the store has great customer service. I love their outerwear: sweaters and jackets.
    This is a pretty good site. The searches are easy. And, if I needed to return anything, the store's gladly accepted it.
    They promptly replaced an order that was lost in transit and sent the replacement by fastest method. Good customer service and their products are really good too.
    This is the best ever site for outdoor clothing for camping and weekend play clothes. I have a pair of 15 year old leggings from eddie bauer that still look and fit great- they had the best quality and I hope they maintain this. The best leather gloves just perfect. My company use to give eddie b gifts at conventions which made these meetings bearable, hence my love for I hope they never change as they really do customer service well. Many eddie stores closed a few years ago, but I found my self shopping on line more so no hard feelings. Eddie Bauer items are wonderful thus far.