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  • Description:USA large health care products franchise shop, its aim was to Live Longer&Save Money (that is, to live long + money). Vitacost provides a wide range of well-known brand products, including its own brand -- NSI. Thousands of vitamins, nutritional supplements and over-the-counter drugs are based on the wholesale price sales, most of its products are sold at the market retail price of 33% ~ 75%.
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    Continued receiving damaged items, often missing item. Needing to spend hour(s) on phone with customer service ( or sometimes LACK of service!) Today received a badly busted 1 pound bag of paprika, plus unordered item, PLUS missing ordered item. The list goes on for past orders-unusual to get an order that something isn't wrong! My advice is order from Amazon- no need to order $50 worth to get free shipping- plus hardly,if any price difference, PLUS 5% if using their card. Tip for consumers:All info is in my review Products used:Missing one ordered item One item busted Quality
    Can't log in, stopped trying for a few years. Tried again. They don't care. They do nothing. And their delivery provider leaves impossibly heavy delivery in mailroom at top of steep stairs, repeatedly, instead of to apt door in spite of clear instructions given by me to them. Think Vitacost would try to accommodate me on THAT if they can't even service problems with their website? Products used:food and vitamins Service Value Shipping Quality
    Spent two hrs putting items that showed up on website, it went trough and I even got charged. I received an email for delivery date and tracking. After few days Vitacost I for me trough email that 19 items out of 20 is out of stock. Huh? They sending me only a can of coconut creamer for now. I had plans to bake and cook for the weekend. They ruined my plan. Vitacost if you don't have the stuff why you put it on website and why you allow people to waste their time. Are you going out of business? Tip for consumers:Dont waste time ordering. You will not get it. Most their stuff is out of order Products used:None showed up Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I am extremely disappointed with the services provided by Vitacost Not only was their customer service unreachable, but the phone number listed on the PayPal transaction was working only for new orders option. This made it incredibly difficult for me to address the issues I was facing (never receivedthe order) I hope the company takes steps to improve its accessibility and customer support in the future. Service Shipping
    I signed up for autoship; first one went fine. Then, nothing. Tried to check my account, it just keeps changing the date of when the order "shipped", but still not received. Customer service (their little chatbox) couldn't "help" me locate the order. Guessing they just don't want to ship it because they want to raise the price; they could just tell me and I might have been agreeable. Now I'll just never order from them again. Tip for consumers:Would like to get an actual answer regarding my auto-ship status. Products used:dried fruit Service Value Shipping Quality
    I received my order with 2 missing items. Called customer service and was told that they will reorder the items. After almost a month a new package was delivered from Vitacost with an item that I've never ordered, and I am not familiar with. What a disappointment of a company. Such a waste of time and aggravation. I will never work with them again. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    Excellent sales prices on Bob's Red Mill products. Great and fast free shipping. Best packaging I have seen from any online seller for flour products. Never any problems with orders. Products used:Bob's Red Mill products, dish soap, laundry detergent Service Value Shipping Quality
    They cancelled one item from our order that turned out to be out of stock. However, they did not credit the full amount of the charge back, for no obvious reason. I communicated a number of times by email and attempted to call unsuccessfully, and they did nothing. In addition, one item was shipped in a bag with no cushioning and it arrived totally smashed, while two other items were left off the shipment entirely with no explanation and no credit. STAY AWAY! Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    The shipping company, Veho, Vitacost uses is incompetent. Cannot make deliveries during regular business hours. Veho customer service contact is by text message only. Veho still has my items after the first delivery attempt 5 business days ago. Service Value Shipping Quality
    I have been a customer at Vita Cost for years. Since the transition to Kroeger customer service has gone down in standards. I have spent the entire day asking for manager and supervisors to resolve my problem with their customer order taker over the phone. The customer rep. By the name of Cynthia and Malik and another male who I did not get his name has really crossed the line. Rude and hanging up the phone each time. They took my order, and I never received any confirmation. They took my credit card, and they can't find my order. Cynthia was being very rude and start letting me how much she is educated and way out of line has nothing to do with her customer service in finding my order. She started screaming at me behaving very unprofessional on the phone. She still can't locate my order. I am not sure why they can't find my order if they complete my order and take my full credit card information over the phone. But no trace of me placing an order. I spend the entire day seeking a supervisor and yet I can't get in touch with a supervisor. They keep giving me the run around and keep sending me back to the order line. Horrible customer service. Dreadful. I would like the CEO of Kroger Rodney McMullen to investigate as to why this poor customer service which I never had before. Tip for consumers:Horrible customer service. Not like before. Products used:groceries Service
    I cannot begin to describe my hatred for vita cost. I was a loyal customer for many years, but now whenever I open their site, i immediately regret it. They have ZERO customer service, they require a phone number in order to make a purchase, and they make absolutely everything more difficult than it needs to be. Do yourself a favor and shop literally anywhere else. Service Value Shipping Returns
    I've bought here for years. Not many issues with the products or shipping. Now they get one star because I checked all the right boxes in my email preferences MONTHS AGO and they were to send me ZERO emails except for the CRUCIAL ones relating directly to my account. Now I am getting requests for surveys thanks to their disrespect. I am no longer a customer. Tip for consumers:you will never stop getting emails Products used:my business Service Value
    They have a lot of products and brands to choose from, but it takes forever for anything to ship. Did not used to be this way, but lately, you have to plan weeks in advance for things to arrive. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I placed an order in November for nine products. After 2 weeks and no product or information, I checked on the tracking number and found out that the shipment was damaged and undeliverable I went to the company's website and was able to reorder replacements. I got a notice 5 days ago that my order was delivered but it was not. Again upon following the tracking number I found out the order shipped from their company went to several locations in Las Vegas and then went back to their company it was never delivered to me. I sent multiple emails and got no response. Today finally I tried calling and it was useless after over 20 minutes on the phone the agent could neither tell me the status of the order, or what happened. I asked to speak to a supervisor he put me on hold for 7 minutes and then came back and said the supervisor was not available. Then I asked for a refund because my items had not been delivered and he refused, and said someone will investigate it and get back to me. However I already had multiple emails with no response so I have no faith. My credit card has been charged and they will not refund for items they did not deliver beware Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    Let the buyer beware. Scrutinize their products closely. For over a decade I bought most of my high lignan flaxseed oil from them. Their price was the best and their quality acceptable. The offer disappeared for awhile. Now it's back at the same price. I bought it but noticed a considerable drop-off in quality when I consumed it. Then I looked more closely. Now they label it as "flax oil" and they're mixing with sunflower oil and powdered lignan. I could get my money back probably, but I destroyed the box and shredded the bill because I trusted them. I just donated it. For free it's all right, but I don't want it. WATCH OUT FOR THEM Value Quality
    I've been a loyal customer of Vitacost for years, but I will no longer be purchasing from them. I stocked up on some supplements during a sale, and it backfired on me. I opened a Vitacost brand container, and the bottle was empty except for the cotton and silica gel packet. (I made a video while opening the bottle as it felt suspiciously light when I pulled it from my stash.) Vitacost won't do anything about it because my order was over 60 days old. Very disappointing. Tip for consumers:60 day return/refund policy in force regardless of situation. Open every bottle you receive within 60 days to confirm there is actually product in the container. Products used:I have purchased all kinds of vitamins and supplements over the years. The product for this review was Alpha Lipoic Acid 600 mg. Service Value Returns Quality
    I wrote the company an email asking for non-plastic packaging for two glass bottles of sunflower oil. What I got was enough plastic to make a pair of arm floaties, thanks to two big squares of double-ply foam. I have purchased this product before and it was wrapped very well in paper and cardboard. Not only can sustainable packaging do the trick, but it must. On top of everything, although the bottles said refrigerate after opening, they were both sent with large cold packs. This kind of overkill, ecologically speaking, kills.
    Be ALERTED: Vitacost has CHANGED. I have been a very satisfied, regular Vitacost customer for 15 years. Vitacost provided excellent customer service and product satisfaction. Not now. I have tried numberous times to contact get in contact with customer service to return an unopened item and I get no response, and I am out $92. I've put many of my friends onto Vitacost, and I am stopping completely from order from Vitacost and alerting my friends. QUESTION: How can a Vitacost customer get Customer Service's attention and a get a response?
    I was told a refund would not be issued because they are not accepting returns. The product All Max Leucine powder does not dissolve in water. I met their terms (purchase in US and request within 60 days of purchase) and yet they deny my request. According to their website, a refund was issued And when I followed up one week later, I was informed of their decision. Nowhere on their website does it say "all sales final" or "we reserve the right to reject requests for refunds". They can choose to take items back but to refuse a refund of less than $60 is pathetic and bad business practice.
    The box came with no packing in-between glass jars, several were broken and leaking in the box. A heavy container of laundry liquid was in the box with the glass jars and the cap wasn't screwed on. Most of the order was ruined, broken glass and sticky everywhere. Have ordered from them for years, they used to package the boxes better, they are good about replacing things, but it is so wasteful and careless to pack a shipping box like that. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    They really have gone downhill. Use to ship items secured in boxes with wrap. Last two times I have ordered the product's have come in just a bag and both times the glass vitamin bottles have broken. I tried to file for a return in the account never ever did they contact me back. I had to contact my bank to get a refund. What a joke. Unsubscribed from ever getting spam from this company again oh and yeah never EVER purchasing from again. Look elsewhere. Products used:Perfect Energy Multivitamin Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    The occasion of this review was a failed (international, so not so easy) delivery. It required some prompting and pushing on my part, but I received a reasonably timely refund. No real complaints there... Otherwise, I have been ordering from Vitacost for years. They have a good selection of supplements and good prices. The only thing that stands between Vitacost and five stars is the vast quantity of spam e-mail they send. You probably do not want to register with your main e-mail account. Service Value Shipping Quality
    Talked to three different reps, even a "supervisor" - ALL, said "there is nothing we can do" and "we don't understand why this is happening" and "we are dealing with a number of these". Well - this happened to me TWICE. 9/22 and 1/ how is this not a thing? Then - they give me the number to Kroger, and tell me that they will just send me back to Vitacost. Cool, great - customer NO service. Thanks for wasting my time and apparently you don't want my $$$. Tip for consumers:Just avoid - not the same Vitacost Products used:Food, natural cleaning products Service Value Shipping Quality
    I have ordered from Vitacost because I really like the products they have BUT each package arrives with something broken or spilling. Going back to Thrive Market!
    I tried to cancel my order about 2-3 hours after making it and was told my request couldn't go through due to "technical difficulties." When I tried again the next morning the order had already Been shipped and I would not be able to return it unopened for a refund. But then I complained again and the issued a refund and told us to keep the product! Products used:Kashi Go Lean original cereal Service Value Quality