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  • Description:USA large health care products franchise shop, its aim was to Live Longer&Save Money (that is, to live long + money). Vitacost provides a wide range of well-known brand products, including its own brand -- NSI. Thousands of vitamins, nutritional supplements and over-the-counter drugs are based on the wholesale price sales, most of its products are sold at the market retail price of 33% ~ 75%.
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    for the love of god don't order from that site, the worst service , the lamest solutions for the problems they making, ordered twice products and they failed to arrive, not only that they are telling me that it will take 60 days to "make sure the shipment is lost" so i need to wait 60 days for my refund. in conclusion don't order from them AVOID ordering from this site!
    The company now does not inform you of an item being out of stock until AFTER you place your order. Then they send an email informing you that they are drop shipping to arrive 9 days later. And then it doesn't show up at all.
    I've been using them for over 3 years and have had no problems. When I made mistakes on my orders, they've taken care of it in a speedy manner with awesome customer service.
    We often see great promises about companies standing behind their products and promises of superior customer service, but often these promises turn out to be hype. In the case of VitaCost, everything they promise is TRUE! I had occasion to have a bad reaction to a supplement I had purchased from VitaCost. I filled out an online request for refund yesterday afternoon citing the problem and I'll be darned if this morning in my email, I found VitaCost had already responded with a refund! I am totally impressed and this experience has solidified my commitment to use VitaCost for all our supplement needs! Thank you, VitaCost!
    Vitacost's customer service improved a lot in recent years and customer service agents are friendly and eager to help. Besides, shipments are well packaged. The prices are great and you get lots of sales offered.
    I've been a long-time customer, at least ten years. I've ordered regularly through them. I've always read reviews, good and bad, about products. Something happened recently. They've scrubbed their reviews, and have deleted a ton of negative reviews on products. I've tried posting a negative review of their pumpkin seeds sourced from China (Go Raw products), and they refuse to post it.
    If you want to go through hell or a lot of stress, then use this company. This is the first time I didn't get my order in my 10 years shopping experience. The most ridiculous and hopeless shopping experiece ever and customer service is useless. Vitacost = bunch of scammers. They are driving you crazy.
    I bought 13 bags Nature's All Foods Organic Freeze Dried Raw Strawberry from Vitacost but didn't like them at all since they were too sour (strawberries are freeze dried before they are ripe). I gave a poor review of the product on their site but they did not publish is!!! THEY ONLY PUBLISH GOOD REVIEWS-- Dishonest business.
    2 days after being informed second order was not shipped and no reason why, cannot get answers by phone or email. First order of exactly same supplement a few months previously was fine.
    I have been using this site for several years. I find it easy to use, and their prices and selection are great! Items arrive very quickly. No complaints here!
    Love prices & shipping is good. I went back in to remove credit card numbers & can not get to my account. Not happy please help.
    I have had problems with delivery of items from vitacost when they utilized OnTrac, Fedex, or USPS, however, they have ALWAYS fixed the situation. One time of the many times that I have ordered, some merchandise was inadvertantly damaged and they made good out of it for me! In my opinion, this is an honest and customer service oriented business and I highly recommend you all give it a try!
    I bought Indian Healing Clay for my acne and it took only 2 days to come in the mail. No damage detected, I for sure will be ordering from this site again.
    I ordered 6 items, they sent 2 and indicated on the invoice the other 4 items were shipped separately. They canceled the back ordered items, and never let me know. They gave me a $10 discount as 1st time customer, showed it on the invoice, but my credit card showed they charged me more than the invoice without the 1st time customer discount. I emailed several times, they would not honor the promotional code that their website offered and accepted and applied when I paid online. They gave lots of excuses, would not honor discount. I opened a dispute with my credit card company and they charged back the discount to Vitacost immediately. It would seem VitaCost is very disreputable.
    I bought a particular product that is cheaper at Vitacost than at other sellers. I put up with Vitacost's horrendous spam both through regular mail and email. I had opted out of receiving sales literature, but Vitacost chose to ignore me. I have had to chat to Vitacost more than a few times to stop it. I think that it has finally stopped. I would like to put Vitacost on a sellers black shame list of those who spam customers without customers' permission and/or sell/lend their customers' addresses and personal info to others. I found another product available from another seller that was even better than the product I had been buying from Vitacost . I notified Vitacost that I wanted to cancel an order that had not shipped and return another order that was on its way. The customer representative said no problem. However, Vitacost shipped the order anyway, so then I had to return two unopened packages. Vitacost told me that it would take 14 days and 72 hours to process my unopened returns. Basically, Vitacost holds onto your money for more than 17 days after you return your item. This is bad bad customer service.
    Haven't been able to reach anyone from or the company they used to ship my order. Their site is now conveniently experiencing "technical difficulties" when I attempt to use the Contact Us as well..... Save your money! Shop and surf elsewhere!!
    I live in Canada. I placed an order for Digestive aid capsules on Nov.15/2015 with Vitacost for the first time. I was hesitant regarding having the items shipped to me in Canada worrying that I would be charged further costs e.g. duty, extra postage etc. I read in the online reviews that this did happen to others who placed such orders. However the parcel arrived today Nov. 19th by Canada Post as I was told it would be delivered by them and received exactly the order I placed. I was impressed and pleased by how well the this transaction played out especially being given free shipping and an additional 10% discount on my purchase. I will definitely order from Vitacost in the future.
    I have ordered from Vitacost two times and all of my items were received well-packaged box in 7 days after I ordered express shipping to Cyprus. I had absolutely no problems with my orders and service except from the part that I had to pay 20 euro extras for import taxes. Overall, great range of items and service considering I'm on the other side of the planet, would probably order again...
    Best prices, my hair conditioner is half price, and super fast shipping
    I discovered about six months ago and just received my third order from them. Each time I shop there, I do price comparisons across the web to see if I can get it anywhere else cheaper. Most of the time, for the things I buy (mostly essential oils), Vitacost wins in the price department. Then, there's the shipping. With this order, I wanted an accurate timeline since I always feel like it arrives quickly, but had never paid attention to how quickly. With this order, I checked out only minutes after checking out an Amazon Prime purchase (with free, two-day shipping). My Amazon order arrived yesterday. My Vitacost order (which qualified for free shipping thanks to their low threshold) arrived today. Free, three-day shipping without paying for such perks is an excellent example of great customer service! I have been nothing short of happy with Vitacost and will continue shopping there regularly in the future.
    I have been ordering from Vitacost for several years now. I have never had a complaint. Most of the time, the order comes the day after I order it! I love it! The prices are great and any time I have a question, it is answered with accurate information.
    After being a long-term customer of another on-line drugstore competitor, I just found Vitacost has the same products at a lower standard price (with no hassle), they are not out of stock AND I can buy Burt's Bees AND Stonewall Kitchens products (which I did!). I am anticipating great customer service and hope I am not spammed to death as others have indicated. Was able to utilize 3 promotion codes. Wish they carried Honest Beauty products from The Honest Company - anyone listening? Will update review if there's a reason after receiving shipment. So far so good!
    I made the mistake of purchasing something (and later found it cheaper someplace else anyway) and have been punished with relentless, daily spam emails. I've unsubscribed, contacted customer service (who lied to me and said they would stop emailing me.) It's all over the internet, complaints like mine. Buy ANYWHERE else unless you're so lonely that you want daily pushy sales emails.
    I read the reviews before I decided to order my product and I admit that the negative reviews made me a bit hesitant... I purchased FX Texture Dirt texturizing Hairpaste (if anyone cares). This product is actually almost impossible to find and the price through Vitacost was amazing considering that most other companies offer it for about 4-5x the cost. It was shipped to me from the U.S. (I live in Canada) in 6 days. Amazingly fast and cheap with absolutely no issues! I will certainly order from there again.
    If you want to save 10 bucks (minimum order of 30), use this link -->
    I've been ordering lotion, shampoo, essential oil, bar soap, lip balm and supplements from Vitacost for about 2 years. Their products are usually less expensive than brick & mortar stores, their service is great and the shipping is fast! They really do take great care in packing your order - all my orders have arrived in perfect condition, with no dents or leaks!
    I stumbled across this business several months ago and have ordered from them multiple times already. They have lots of the products I buy at Whole Foods, Kroger, Publix -- at great prices. I usually receive orders within a few days of placing orders -- and that is with free shipping. Honestly have been happy with everything about them thus far!
    They have everything! And usually at a much cheaper price than stores and online stores. I find it to be a little more educational than other vitamin selling sites as well. I get most of what I need on Vitacost and shipping is quick.
    I'm thinking out of all my online orders that this one is far superior, Everything arrives very well packed. The prices are very good and the customer service is awesome. I will use this site to order most all my health foods and supplements. Great company!!
    I ordered some coconut oil and apple cider vinegar while deployed overseas, and honestly was a little nervous as to what kind of condition they would arrive in. Both arrived safe and sound, even with the boxes all banged up. They did an awesome job wrapping them to ensure that they would arrive safely, and even placed them in plastic bags in case anything were to happen and they were to leak. I would definitely recommend ordering from this website.
    I first want to say that the prices are the best out there and the customer service does an amazing job they are very fast to respond and quite friendly. The shipping was fast and on time I'm new to Vitacost but I can definitely say I am a hooked customer I will be buying many things from them. Thank you
    $10.00 off your first vitacost purchase! $ 10 off first order over $ 30 on your first order. International shipping. I am very pleased with the customer service, a wide range of products, ease of ordering and weekly discounts. I recommend using this online store. To receive the discount, follow the link and register on the site. You will receive an e-mail promo code . Duration of the promo code 60 days. Good luck shop Vitacost!
    I've had 2 instances where I had to contact Customer Service about either an order that was sent that should have been canceled or a product I received that didn't agree with me. Both times there were no questions asked and they issued me a refund within 2 days of my email or phone call. I use this company all the time due to very good prices and their hassle free customer service.
    If you get a damaged item in shipment, or find, as I did, that the Vitacost brand Ginseng was padded with half rice flower, you will have to wait up to 24 hours to get permission to send the item back, and pay the return shipping without reimbursement - even if the item is defective. Schiesters!
    I am writing about an email I received today from I am on the Vitacost mailing list, and I received a notice that claimed "BOGO 75%" with the remark, "Limited time only. Exclusions may apply. While supplies last." There was no indication of the time limit (an hour? til midnight? 24 hours?). I read the email when it was only 16 hours old. When I clicked to view the offer, it was already null, with the message, "We're sorry! This sale has ended but you can still buy one get one 50% off". This email notification seems like a classic bait and switch. It was misleading and dishonest. I do not want to do business with a company that employs duplicitous practices. I have sent this same message via the Vitacost service portal. I also want to cancel my address from the Vitacost mailing list, but this option is not available on the site or within the emails. This is also a very negative practice - most mailing lists allow a member to directly cancel at any time. With Vitacost I have to write a personal request! UPDATE: Today I received a response from a representative of Vitacost. First there was an apology for any inconvenience. Regarding my complaint about bait and switch, I received this: "As disappointed as we were to hear that we didn't exactly hit a home run with you, we really are grateful for your feedback, because it helps us better understand how to meet the needs of the people who matter the most to us—our customers. Thanks so much for taking the time to share your comments." The representative further explained that there *is* a link to request removal from the mailing list on the promo emails, and said that it had been removed as requested Well, on *that* point I am satisfied. Stats: at 90 reviews, almost 1/3 (27) have been rated at 1 star.
    I've had this happen with Vitacost twice now, I've received email that says my package has shipped and got a tracking number but the package was never shipped! The first time, I chose to have them ship the package again, no problems with customer service. The 2nd time, I chose refund and customer service wasn't so great. Customer service was very condescending and I received a partial refund. I'm done with Vitacost. There is an issue with Vitacost's shipping department, and the customer service doesn't have customer's interest. There are other online shopping options that provide good deals and selection that I actually get the items without being treated rudely by customer service. has almost every brand of vitamin, supplement, healthy snacks and even found an amazing healthy protein coffee creamer there called Ripped Cream! Shipping is always free with a $50 order and I usually get my order within 2-3 days!! Love them!!@
    I ordered two 6-packs of Zevia from Vitacost. They arrived right when I was told they would so I was very pleased about that but when I opened the box one of the 6-packs was damaged - one can had even busted open. I logged onto the website and chose the option to chat with a customer service rep. I told them what had happened and they gave me two options: a refund or a brand new 6-pack of the same flavor which had arrived damaged. I chose the brand new 6-pack as I really like Zevia and I also didn't want to take more money from the company because they had done what they promised - to refund me or replace the damaged item. Because of this I'll give Vitacost another try!
    BY FAR THE BEST COMPANY TO ORDER FROM! I buy lots online from various websites and my experience with this company has been the best so far! In fact I NEVER write reviews for company websites. Usually I write reviews ONLY for products. I have now ordered 4 times. I live in Canada and usually get my order in one week or a bit over one week ... which IS HUGE in itself. NOW the PRICES ... WAY CHEAPER than ANY OTHER site for the same products. PROMOTIONS and discounts are fantastic above and beyond cheap prices. Last but not least ... cheap shipping to Canada and FREE shipping to USA. AWESOME!
    I always check Vitacost before I buy anything these days. They have the best prices on everything. They sell some of the same brands that my ND sells. They also sell brands that have the same active and non active ingredients, of different brands, that my ND sells. They also carry the same organic skin care line that an herb shop here in town carries. Vitacost sells it for a nice percentage less. Plus I always take advantage of the free shipping.
    Not only are they daily sending emails to constantly waste your time, they also send junk mail thru the USPS to hound you, waste your time, violate your privacy, despite phone calls and emails telling them to keep their spam emails and junkmail to themselves, They simply will not stop. So unless this is what you want, do not ever go into VITACOST website when searching for something unless you want them hounding you daily forever.
    I'm shopping from Canada and Vitacost charges what is supposed to be our HST tax of 13%. However, they charge this on every item in my cart, including all food items, and grocery food is not taxed in Canada. I complained about this twice with regard to my order of March 9, 2015. It is May 8 and they still have not resolved this problem. To me, this is a deal breaker. I am searching for a place with the products I want that doesn't take money they have no right to take. I had this problem once with Swanson's and they corrected it right away. Too bad they don't have all the things I'm looking for because their customer service seems to be GREAT! UPDATE: I finally found a very dedicated customer service woman who sent my complaint to her managers and contacted their courier service, which calculates the taxes. The courier service refunded some of the taxes. Unfortunately, the courier doesn't seem to understand how taxes in Ontario are calculated and on which products. They are always wrong in the amount they charge. With each order I request a review of the taxes charged, and I get a partial refund. Sometimes they refund too little and sometimes too much! Although I usually end up paying a little more tax than I should, VitaCost selection is really great and the total cost of my orders is a little less than at Swansons, who don't have quite as good a selection in the items that I'm looking for. VitaCost rep is doing her best and overall I'm happy. Don't know if I could resolve these errors easily if this particular rep leaves her job.....
    I have no questions. Just want to let you know I was very please to receive my products already and very please with what I got. Thank you for such prompt service.
    $10.00 off your first vitacost purchase! $ 10 off first order over $ 30 on your first order. International shipping. I am very pleased with the customer service, a wide range of products, ease of ordering and weekly discounts. I recommend using this online store. To receive the discount, follow the link and register on the site. You will receive an e-mail promo code . Duration of the promo code 60 days. Good luck shop Vitacost!
    I wrote to Vitacost three times between 3/5 and 3/25/15 to ask about a product (their Noni juice) that tasted MUCH different than usual. Product delivered end of January. Opened it after finishing the last bottle we had left at the end of February. Taste and smell have changed considerably. Used this product for years and years. Know Noni juice isn't supposed to taste great, but the last order/lot # 692074 tastes REALLY strange or possibly turned. Also has a different and bad smell. Husband and I noticed we haven't been feeling too well since we started with it. Just a coincidence? Sent in review (and notified that Vitacost would let me know when my review is posted) but never made it to the web-site's product reviews (nor were any for this batch). Hate to throw out since we stocked up on the last BOGO sale. Just waiting to find out if it's safe to drink. Order # 903949017
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    I order many things from vitacost as they have good prices. Quit often they run specials....such as buy one and get half off a second. Also if they run a half off special you can also use an online coupon getting an even greater value.
    I've seen some of the negative reviews and am scratching my head. Kelly's review (3/9/15) is suspect, as I've been buying from Vitacost for around 10 years and never had had any of the problems she mentions. always use a promo code and it ALWAYS goes through. I've never had anything buy excellent custer service with the company and nothing has ever been misrepresenetd. It makes me wonder if she got the company mixed up with another one or just likes to complaining. Everyone experiences an issue perhaps once in a while, but for everything to go wrong with every interaction and multiple negative interactions with CS? It sounds weird and I don't buy it. In the 10+ years we've been buying from Viatcost (we used iherb before that, but VC prices are consistently better AND we always get a promo code) there was 1 time I can remember a package took longer to be delivered than what we expected.
    I bought many natural facial products in one order from Vitacost, hoping they were as good as described and as in many reviews. However, I was very disappointed. They smelled a rancid smell when I put them on my face, which indicated that they already expired long time ago. What a waste of money! I switched to other merchants.
    I buy a TON of supplements from this company. They're almost always FRESH product (expiration date far into the future). Some other sites (or even stores) you get product from, will have products that have sat on the shelf for months or years. Vitacost must have a high turnover for that they sell, as almost everything comes in with a long expiry. Very fast shipping, good customer service, and usually the best prices when you qualify for their free shipping deal.