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  • Description:USA large health care products franchise shop, its aim was to Live Longer&Save Money (that is, to live long + money). Vitacost provides a wide range of well-known brand products, including its own brand -- NSI. Thousands of vitamins, nutritional supplements and over-the-counter drugs are based on the wholesale price sales, most of its products are sold at the market retail price of 33% ~ 75%.
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    I've been a loyal customer of Vitacost for years, but I will no longer be purchasing from them. I stocked up on some supplements during a sale, and it backfired on me. I opened a Vitacost brand container, and the bottle was empty except for the cotton and silica gel packet. (I made a video while opening the bottle as it felt suspiciously light when I pulled it from my stash.) Vitacost won't do anything about it because my order was over 60 days old. Very disappointing. Tip for consumers:60 day return/refund policy in force regardless of situation. Open every bottle you receive within 60 days to confirm there is actually product in the container. Products used:I have purchased all kinds of vitamins and supplements over the years. The product for this review was Alpha Lipoic Acid 600 mg. Service Value Returns Quality
    They sent broth boxes that looked like they ok at first. I left them in the plastic bags just in case they leaked. A few weeks later I went to use the broth and the boxes looked like they exploded and leaked all over my pantry. They credited me the 2 boxes but I asked them to replace the drawers in my pantry that had warped. I took pictures and also gave them a picture of the replacement costs of the drawers (under 125 each). They kept telling me they were evaluating it. Then they ignored me for over a year. I will buy somewhere else. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I've ordered from this company for about 20 years and shipping has always been rather quick. I had always received my items within 3 or 4 days, now it's a week or more. Also, since Kroger has taken ownership, you have to watch the expiration dates on the products. I've received some items that were past or close to the expiration date. Products used:food Service Value Shipping Quality
    I bought a bunch of cleaning supplies which never came. I told them and they said they would ship again, I got an email confirmation they shipped, but again they never came. I then requested a refund which they gave me, minus $10, so I essentially paid them $10 for nothing apparently. Don't trust them, but somewhere else. Tip for consumers:Buy some place else Products used:None, they never arrived! Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    Before placing an order, had my daughter check the order page to make sure everything looked good. Once I got the email and checked it, I saw that the order was going to old address. I called immediately, they would not change the address because they said I could only cancel the order within 15 minutes. Sorry, your loss. I will never order from this company again. They used to provide good customer service, not anymore. Steer clear! Update: picked up package from current tenant. Shipping was fast and items were correct. Removed old address from account.permantly. Tip for consumers:Steer clear
    Be ALERTED: Vitacost has CHANGED. I have been a very satisfied, regular Vitacost customer for 15 years. Vitacost provided excellent customer service and product satisfaction. Not now. I have tried numberous times to contact get in contact with customer service to return an unopened item and I get no response, and I am out $92. I've put many of my friends onto Vitacost, and I am stopping completely from order from Vitacost and alerting my friends. QUESTION: How can a Vitacost customer get Customer Service's attention and a get a response?
    My order from August was damaged in shipping; items were damaged and missing. The missing/damaged items were resent, but that package never even reached me: it was again damaged in shipping, but this time was returned to sender. They refused to reship the items. They said it was against their policy. They supposedly issued a refund for those items but it took a month and a half and many follow-up inquiries and complaints before I received the refund. I am done with Vitacost! It would be against my own policy to order from them again.
    I ordered for the 2nd time from Vitacost they added a can of oatmeal to my order that was dented and open. Also an extra pound of black eyed peas I didn't order. They don't respond to emails they will not answer the phone and when they called me there was no one on the line. I will Never order anything from them ever! Tip for consumers:Don't buy from Vitacost Products used:Peas Shipping Returns Quality
    This company hits all the high points i. E. the ones mentioned in the subject line. Their prices are very good, but what also differentiates them is that, unlike iHerb and AllStarHealth, their packaging is 100% environmentally friendly. Kudos. See the attached image of my order from this week. Products used:Various vitamins and supplements, and organic instant coffees. They also have some food products that we will be exploring. Service Value Shipping
    I then talked to customer service who told me that the code was expired even though I had signed up for it ten minutes prior. He then offered me 10% off. This is the second time this has happened to me exactly the same scenario. Vitacost is scamming you. DO NOT SHOP HERE! Tip for consumers:DO NOT USE VITACOST IT IS A SCAM. Products used:none because they tried to scam me. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I ordered 2 day shipping and they didn't even tell me that the product was out of stock. Then when I went to cancel the order, they told me I was only alllowed to cancel within 15 minutes of placing it. I complained and they did cancel it, but still, terrible customer service. I shouldn't have to argue to cancel an order that hasn't even shipped yet.
    I placed an order on 11/23 confirmation # *******. It arrived several days later with no invoice and missing item #MRM - **************. It also included two orders of Tom's toothpaste in error. I have since attempted to speak with a customer service rep by both email and several phone calls. Today's call wait was 31 minutes with no response. My last call was to request a call back which has not occurred. I am extremely disappointed given I was referred by another Vitacost customer and I made prior purchases since being referred. Quick ordering and payment processing in place but not so in getting help. I hope this has not happened to you. I would not refer a friend or family member at this time!
    I used to order from this website frequently until my account was hacked into and my email was changed then I contacted customer service, as the email suggests if you did not consent to this email change contact our customer service. They did nothing to help, therefore I'll take my business elsewhere. BUYERS BEWARE, NOT A SAFE WEBSITE NOT CUSTOMER FRIENDLY Tip for consumers:Don't use this website because if someone hacks into it they'll do nothing to protect your personal information. Products used:Food Service Value Shipping Returns
    They shipped the wrong item and they want 3 weeks to replace it after they do an investigation. The item had free shipping and a 15% discount, I did not want a refund, I wanted a replacement. Their prices are no longer good. If you don't get their 15% discount their prices are no longer competitive. Avoid this Company! Tip for consumers:Avoid them Products used:Vitamins Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I started ordering from Vitacost pre Kroger. I was part of the Vitavoice team and the customer service was stellar. I imagine that customer service is too much of an expense for this company because they have no customer service. I have had zero success getting in touch via phone, chat or email with a customer service representative. Usually I am ordering a replacement item because almost every package comes damaged. Most recently, a shipment was lost or damaged during delivery and it took days to get a computer generated email informing me about the delivery date. When it did arrive two of 6 items were damaged and there is no way to get a replacement for an order that was a replacement. I have found that ordering one or more items that come in a glass jar will arrive damaged. The level of frustration isn't worth the 20% off. Good bye Vitacost. Tip for consumers:Don't order anything that can break or crush. They will replace but the replacements come broken as well. Don't expect any access to customer service, not even an email or chat. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    If you want it quickly go somewhere else. They seem to ship when they get around to it. Even better, buy local if you c. Tip for consumers:If you want something quickly, go somewhere else. Products used:Bought different vitamins / supplements. Service Value Shipping Quality
    When you have an issue with a company you've spent thousands of dollars with over several years, you expect your problem to be adequately resolved. This was the first issue we've had. They do have a 60 day return or refund policy. We've ordered this product in lots of 6 and only open the small box when a bottle is used up. The sealed bottle in a sealed box of Liddell Vital Age Defiance spray was empty. CS response "Well, I guess you'll open the boxes next time, won't you?" Vitacost is owned by Kroger. We will no longer do business with them. We've reported them to the BBB and are contacting their corporate office in Boca Raton. It's just a $26 dollar item, but I'll bet there are thousands of folks out there who are being ripped off. Don't do business with them. At the least... open every single box you receive.
    I've ordered a couple of times from Vitacost and was pleased with their selection of products and service. This last time was different. I placed an online order on 11/13, received a notice that it was shipped on 11/14, and my credit card was charged on 11/15. I kept checking on the status and couldn't even tell from their website where it was. On 11/22, I finally decided to reach out via their chat function on the website. Turns out there is an issue with the warehouse and they are now unable to ship from there. I was told that they would refund the payment because they couldn't ship to me. I'm wondering if I hadn't called, would have I received my refund? I won't be ordering again from Vitacost.
    This company, Vita-cost are liar's and thieves. I accidentally made 2 orders of the same item and wanted to cancel within 12 hours on a weekend order. It states, processing orders are taking longer then usual, so, that gave me plenty of time to cancel the extra item. I was then told that it was already processed. I said " Really"? It hasn't even been deducted from my account or on hold and they already processed it? I told them to stop the BS and process the refund for the extra item. They don't want to give refunds for ANY reason. I've dealt with companies like this with the pandemic going on and I'm not buying that it's already processed and sent out because so many people have to wait a long time to receive mail orders. I'll never ever order from them again they can stick their products up their $#*!. That's the way I feel about them. Tip for consumers:Don’t order from Vitacost you will definitely pay the COST. Products used:Hair product and it states refunds accepted within the USA only ,but that’s a lie also. As well as them lying about it was already processed within less then 12 hours on a weekend at that. I’ve dealt with companies that refuse a refund due to needing money. It’s BS & Its not my responsibility to keep them afloat. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I was looking for an alternative to Amazon a few years ago and discovered Vitacost. I buy everything from bulk herbs and vitamin supplements to toothpaste and food! I have not been disappointed yet! I even had a mishap where the laundry soap wasn't fully closed. It was in a bag, so I wasn't too upset. I let them know just to let them know, I wasn't expecting anything, and happily they refunded an item for me to make up for it. Products used:food, toothpaste, bulk herbs, vitamins, herbal supplements, noodles, chocolate, mushroom powders Shipping
    I normally don't write reviews but I get tired of companies using every excuse to not deliver their products and have bad customer service. I'd give NO stars for Vitacost if I could! I've waited weeks for a box of simply items and still waiting then just today after another round of excuses as to why I've not yet received my order I get an email from Vitacost saying one of the items I ordered weeks ago and they had said was on its way is out of stock. Yet they took my payment weeks ago and also I paid for shipping! Bad customer service and horrible excuse for a company in my opinion and I will never order from them again. Service Value Shipping Quality
    I ordered a product based on image and title ( grade b maple syrup) The image said GRADE B and title did not specify. Glenn Herris gave me a hard time saying I should read the product detail before I order and said that it clearly shows it is Grade A and could not refund me because it was clearly shown and I ordered the wrong product. Vitacost is falsely adversing products. He said there is a disclaimer saying item received may be different than what is pictured. I would think this is right if the label or packaging has been updated. We have been using vitacost for years and never had this type of experience. I will not order from this site again because who has time to compare images and read product detail to make sure it is right? How do I know what is right product, the image or the description? Terrible custom service! Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    Sent wrong items (packed with care by Maria R), called customer service and they were useless. As soon as I asked to talk to a supervisor, they hung up on me. Called back and supervisor Tracy told me that it would now be 7-10 business days to reship my items due to a "Bin search" that is Vitacost policy! Since when did their mistake become the customer's problem? Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I've recently placed 2 orders with Vitacost. The first order resulted in them sending me the wrong product, so I have 3 huge boxes of product to return, but no meaningful response from customer service. The second order has been completely cancelled by Vitacost (? Due to not having the product they advertised), and I've now received at least 50 emails telling me that they are not sending me anything. This company should be out of business. Products used:None Service Returns
    A couple of years ago, Vitacost had 20% off coupons for the entire order. Then 15% became the norm. Now it's VERY seldom you see even that! I like this website, but will shop elsewhere for better deals if these coupon codes are not made available.