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  • Description:USA large health care products franchise shop, its aim was to Live Longer&Save Money (that is, to live long + money). Vitacost provides a wide range of well-known brand products, including its own brand -- NSI. Thousands of vitamins, nutritional supplements and over-the-counter drugs are based on the wholesale price sales, most of its products are sold at the market retail price of 33% ~ 75%.
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    I tried ordering 5 products from this company. The coffee sucks. Stale and did not even smell good, altho organic. Also they need to tighten up the order fulfillment portion of the company. My order came with only 4 products and was missing one product. I will never order from them again. I have been waiting to talk to someone for 39 minutes on my way home from work. They never picked up. Not really sure what is going on with them. Maybe they need to hire more representatives?
    This morning I was advised that my order that had shipped, was returned as could not be delivered as addressed. There was nothing wrong with the way it was addressed and it was correct. If they had an issue, why didn't someone contact me instead of returning everything? This was my first time using Vitacost and it will be my last! No mention made of returning my $60 + dollars. The day after I wrote this, I was finally able to contact the company. No one could explain why the order was returned and a second order is on the way. I'll let you know if I receive it. The CS personnel was very kind and very helpful. We'll see what happens! Tip for consumers:See reviews before you purchase, it after
    I am really disappointed in the service I received. I contacted Vitacost within minutes of placing my order to make a change because their website would not let me (didn't have an account). An employee said he would make the correction. I didn't hear from him until 7+ hours later. The update could not be made. They would not cancel my order even though their system had an error. I will no longer be using Vitacost.
    I ordered some red split lentils. Paid $5.44 for bag plus $5 shipping. They arrived a few days later but they were not red split lentils they were just red lentils. Also they expired the next month. The bag looked very old as well. They refunded me the price of the lentils only. Not sure why I should be responsible for shipping cost of product that I didn't receive. Will try reaching out to company again to get refund in shipping. Update: I reached out and they refunded my shipping. The only issue I have then was the product was incorrect and expired soon. But good customer service so they get 4 stars
    During the extremely challenging time Vitacost quietly changed the return policy and refusing to refund a product that i included in my order by accident. I've been a loyal customer for years and never had these issues before. I've spent hundreds of dollars for my supplements every year and will be taking my business elsewhere as my business is not appreciated here going forward.
    I got scammed big time by this website. It was my first and last purchase with them. I purchased omega 3 supplement that never arrived to me so I contacted their customer service several times, but they say they are not responsible and not willing to issue a refund. I tried to write a complaint to BBB, but they still didn't care and never agreed to issue a refund. My money is gone now. Service
    Vitacost sent a purchase to the wrong address 2 times and would not correct it in any way! The first time I figured it was my mistake and took the hit because I was not sending to my default. The second time I was uber careful and triple-checked where it was to be sent on the very last screen and it still went to the wrong address. The worst part is that customer service refused to take responsibility or help.
    Their online order system changes order totals of $50 or more to take away one item, so that they can charge you $5 postage. This occurs after you have placed the order to cheat you. They also take away promo codes to cheat you. They just did this to me. Then, I called customer service and the girl said "too bad" and refused to correct this, costing me $10 more than I should have paid.
    Worst customer service ever. They do not stand by the products they sale. I had an unopened item. Still in the shipping box and they would not issue a refund or exchange. This order was for almost $200.00. It was a product I found out right after reordering that it was causing a horrible allergic reaction. They would not accept the return at all. Tip for consumers:Choose another company ! Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I ordered just some real expensive vitamins at the beginning of July. Today again contacted vitacost for the 2nd time. Shipment still in process and they told me international shipping terms will take 70 days according to their policy? This is totally crazy. I ordered more times before but always fast delivery before the covid-19 pandemic! Never ever again for me! Ordered more vitamins a Iherb and other stores later this month and got them all within a week after ordering. Products used:Solgar omnium 180 caps Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    Most of the time no problem. But this last time I was informed that I had a shipment delivered when it was not delivered. I don't know if it's vitacost or FedEx at fault. Maybe it will come today. FedEx says I have one in route
    Kroger and their dishonest business practice is running Vitacost into the ground. Absolutely piss poor customer service. Dishonest coupon offers! Disgraceful operation. You are better off getting your supplements at any other supplement provider. Vitacost since Kroger is no longer what it used to be. SHAME!
    Ever since this company was taken over by Kroger everything has been downhill. Product, customer service, shipping, and even the sales such as BOGO are deceiving. They are using new marketing techniques to trick you into thinking your getting this great deal. This is not the same BOGO sale they ran in the past. So Buyer Beware! There are many other companies that will value you and I advise to go elsewhere. At least try, and see if you don't want to take my word for it. For those of you giving 5 stars... give it time, you too will be a 1 star client soon.
    Contacting company to ask why not items were sent was impossible online & long wait on phone. Cannot recommend. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I've struggled to find an acceptable store for quality healthy groceries since moving from Washington state to Tampa. I can only get so much from Costco, so I've had to order from different online sources here and there. After discovering Vitacost, the struggle finally ended! They have a remarkable selection of healthy food and household items that rarely make an appearance in stores. I placed my order and received it two days later in the midst of Covid, where everything has been slowing down. The package was put together so carefully with exceptional packaging methodology that I've never seen from other online stores like Target, Amazon, etc. I know it sounds weird, but I was blown away by the way they packed everything because it showed an excellence in the way they operate. Even the packing material used was high class! Lol. I received a 20% off coupon for my first order as well as second order, plus it's free shipping which made the prices even better! My vitamins were priced lower than Amazon's price where I usually buy them. My toothpaste that I purchase from Target was also cheaper on Vitacost. There are surprisingly no membership fees; I'm still waiting for their to be a catch, because it's all too good to be true. I literally took time to seek out where I could place a review. This company holds themselves to a higher standard. You gotta give them a try!
    Jessica and Nyoka in their customer service department are the absolute worst. Our family has been shopping with them for a dozen years, spending thousands as repeat customers. An order recently arrived damaged and they wouldn't send us replacements, stating that we need to contact UPS. Dealing with Jessica and Nyoka was the most unpleasant experience ever. They give zero effort to customer service. What a way to treat a loyal customer. Will never shop with them again, and I urge everyone to stay away by a mile. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    A couple of years ago, Vitacost had 20% off coupons for the entire order. Then 15% became the norm. Now it's VERY seldom you see even that! I like this website, but will shop elsewhere for better deals if these coupon codes are not made available. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    Vitacost customer service was horrible. I shopped with this company because of guaranteed 2-day shipping offered by FedEx Ground through shoprunner. My order was shipped priority mail (4 day service) to my physical address where it will not be able to be delivered due to no street delivery by the postal service in my town. Customer service did not offer to correct the mistake. They just told me that once the package was returned then the matter would be taken care of. FAIL FAIL FAIL
    The company allow you to purchase products that at the end seems that are not allowed to be shipped to my country. But they don't let you know in advance only until you pay then, they will let you know that is your fault because you should check with your country which products are allowed to be shipped or not! Better companies like Iherb let you know in advance before your purchase the products if are allowed or not, so you won't loose your money.
    Be VERY careful with VITACOST products. I ordered 6 bottles of their Tart Cherry and it came today, and EXPIRES in 13 days! They are selling health products as "new" but they are outdated and OLD! Don't buy VITACOST products. THEY SAID THAT THEY SELL ALL KINDS OF PRODUCTS THAT MAY EXPIRE IN 35 DAYS! THAT'S THEIR POLICY. OLD. Outdated, won't let me return it. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM. At 1 TSP per day, my first bottle of six will be expired before I even finish it!
    10/06/20 Noticed a sale brand was completely. Out of stock on items I tried to order. Called on chatvlinecto ask about a rain check and was given a run around. When I suggested then that they extend the sale deadline til they got more inventory in I got the run around again. When I suggested sending me to mgmt. The Vitacost employee refused. Vitacost would be better off not having live chat. I have been a regular customer but am thinking of going elsewhere. Kroger now ownes them and their customer service is much better so that may be the route to go.
    I was a long time Vitacost customer - never again. My recent order was sent to the wrong address despite my updating my address book with my new address and deleting my old address. I was charged $31 and when I called to request a refund or replacement, I was rudely told it was my fault and they were going to do nothing. I was treated as if I was trying to defraud the company. Instead, I've been robbed of $31 by Vitacost. Good products pricing - horrible customer service. Never, ever again will I use this company and I will make sure everyone I can reach knows why. Tip for consumers:Stay away. Service Shipping Returns
    I placed an order, the next day they cancelled my order with an excuse that the billing address was invalid. They are doing stupid jokes. Im placing multiple on same card from different website. They never cancelled it. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    Cancelled order on me, "out of stock" however they never notified me. Order in my account stated "processing/ pending" customer service rep argued with me and told me I was notified and that order states cancelled as I was staring at it on my computer. Anyhow, waste of time, now I have no dish soap :(
    We placed our first order. A 20% off coupon was supposed to be emailed and it never came. I spent 1 hour on line trying to talk with a representative, She finally emailed the coupon and a $350 purchase was made. 10 days later no product and the website said "still processing". Another 30 minutes on hold to find out they had cancelled the order saying we never responded to the confirmation email. We never received any "confirmation" email. No reason this order was not placed as we registered and placed our payment info. This was an absolute scam. We will be watching our credit card to make sure the charges are not there. NEVER use this worthless company.