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  • Description:USA large health care products franchise shop, its aim was to Live Longer&Save Money (that is, to live long + money). Vitacost provides a wide range of well-known brand products, including its own brand -- NSI. Thousands of vitamins, nutritional supplements and over-the-counter drugs are based on the wholesale price sales, most of its products are sold at the market retail price of 33% ~ 75%.
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    When you have an issue with a company you've spent thousands of dollars with over several years, you expect your problem to be adequately resolved. This was the first issue we've had. They do have a 60 day return or refund policy. We've ordered this product in lots of 6 and only open the small box when a bottle is used up. The sealed bottle in a sealed box of Liddell Vital Age Defiance spray was empty. CS response "Well, I guess you'll open the boxes next time, won't you?" Vitacost is owned by Kroger. We will no longer do business with them. We've reported them to the BBB and are contacting their corporate office in Boca Raton. It's just a $26 dollar item, but I'll bet there are thousands of folks out there who are being ripped off. Don't do business with them. At the least... open every single box you receive.
    I have been using Vitacost for the past 27 years. They advertise20% off on all supplements herbs and vitamins. I did not get it. They only gave me about 12% off and the company would not correct the situation. I will not do business with this company again because of their misrepresentation and not caring for their customers.
    I have tried to unsubscribe at least 25 times, I have called customer service at least four times, every time I was promised they would remove me from further emails. Their unsubscribe is a joke... don't ever get on VITACOST... so-called... mailing list... it will be forever... I'll never buy from them again... I'm going to copy and paste this on to my social media page! Tip for consumers:Never sign up for their mailing list, they'll never remove you, no matter how you try... Products used:Food Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I purchased a 4oz bottle of Vitacost Stevia extract drops last year from their website. I opened the bottle several months ago and the product looked fine. Now the liquid is cloudy and when I contacted Vitacost about the issue I was told there is a 60 day window to request refund or replacement after purchase. The product has an expiration date of 04/26. I didn't open the bottle until well past the 60 days and even though the product is defective, received no resolution. The product is inexpensive and clearly something has gone wrong. Any level of positive customer service support should have been able to rectify the situation in some way to my satisfaction. This company has been my "go to" supplement supplier for many years. I will never purchase from them again.
    I used to love shopping here... Vitacost was my go-to for everything for more than a decade. Way downhill since they transferred ownership a few years ago. I've had issues with my last few orders not arriving, or arriving damaged. The ones that didn't arrive where damaged in transit. No notification, refunds, or replacement orders sent. I had to call in every time when my orders never got here. If you call to have a replacement order sent and that one is damaged in transit, too. They don't notify you and cannot send a 3rd replacement. They also don't give you a refund unless you call in and sit on the phone with them for 20-30 min to get the refund... after waiting almost 3 weeks for your order. They no longer package their orders like they used to, so things will break. I've had flour and pastas explode in the box, and any liquids in glass bottles break almost every single time. No longer worth the savings... my time is way too valuable to deal with their incompetence. Tip for consumers:Don't order liquids in glass soy sauce, vinegar, etc. The packaging is no longer like it used to be, and they break in transit almost every single time. Service Value Shipping Returns
    They don't respect your privacy or your data I do not recommend doing business with such people, especially when dealing with health-related products.
    We are grateful for Vitacost's great, speedy service, wonderful employees & top notch products at fair prices! Products used:Supplements, food, vitamins and minerals. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I've purchased from Vitacost for years & always been happy with their pricing & customer service. I've had a few problems with items being damaged due to poor packing but the latest issue has made me decide to shop elsewhere. I received items near expiration date & items crushed. Was told refund would be processed within 72 hours & was not requested to return items. A month later & reporting to them several times that I didn't receive refund, they have now denied my refund & are requesting photos of items I have discarded. Shame on you Vitacost. You have lost a loyal shopper.
    I ordered 2 items. In a time frame of about 3 months I got many texts from this company: 1. Order received 2. Processing 3. Sent 4. Canceled due to damaged in transit (I requested replacement) 5. Processing, 6. Sent, 7. Delivered (but, nothing was delivered) so I requested a replacement again. 8. Processing, 9. Sent, 10. Delivered (again nothing was delivered) so I requested a refund. But there is no record of a refund on my creditcard account. Then, I contacted Vistacost via chat. They investigated it and informed me that it was delivered twice and refunded once. But I never got my order or refund from them. I've now asked my credit card company to investigate it. Tip for consumers:If you can purchase you items elsewhere, I'd recommend that. Products used:None because I never got them. Service Shipping Returns
    This company hits all the high points i. E. the ones mentioned in the subject line. Their prices are very good, but what also differentiates them is that, unlike iHerb and AllStarHealth, their packaging is 100% environmentally friendly. Kudos. See the attached image of my order from this week. Products used:Various vitamins and supplements, and organic instant coffees. They also have some food products that we will be exploring. Service Value Shipping
    I normally don't write reviews but I get tired of companies using every excuse to not deliver their products and have bad customer service. I'd give NO stars for Vitacost if I could! I've waited weeks for a box of simply items and still waiting then just today after another round of excuses as to why I've not yet received my order I get an email from Vitacost saying one of the items I ordered weeks ago and they had said was on its way is out of stock. Yet they took my payment weeks ago and also I paid for shipping! Bad customer service and horrible excuse for a company in my opinion and I will never order from them again. Service Value Shipping Quality
    I've ordered from this company for about 20 years and shipping has always been rather quick. I had always received my items within 3 or 4 days, now it's a week or more. Also, since Kroger has taken ownership, you have to watch the expiration dates on the products. I've received some items that were past or close to the expiration date. Products used:food Service Value Shipping Quality
    I've recently placed 2 orders with Vitacost. The first order resulted in them sending me the wrong product, so I have 3 huge boxes of product to return, but no meaningful response from customer service. The second order has been completely cancelled by Vitacost (? Due to not having the product they advertised), and I've now received at least 50 emails telling me that they are not sending me anything. This company should be out of business. Products used:None Service Returns
    I have been waiting for a refund for 5 weeks! They don't care to either give me a credit for item that were damaged n shipping... Very unprofessional...
    Ordered several bags of Choc Zero white chocolate chips. They arrived completely melted, thrown in the box with no insulation, no cooling packs, just bags of mush, chocolate ruined. Never again. Value Shipping
    Sent wrong items (packed with care by Maria R), called customer service and they were useless. As soon as I asked to talk to a supervisor, they hung up on me. Called back and supervisor Tracy told me that it would now be 7-10 business days to reship my items due to a "Bin search" that is Vitacost policy! Since when did their mistake become the customer's problem? Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    Vitacost>The worst customer service ever The worst customer service ever! Ordered 7 large jars of zoup bone broth. Arrived on doorstep( fed ex) in soaked, smashed up carton. Immediately called vitacost. Was told my order didn't exist on their site; Then magically appeared with a tracking # from USPS (the tracking number went to Texas. I am in Georgia.) The heavily accented woman gave me a fake tracking number! Each time I try writing to customer service: I am told" no such order exists!" I have the receipt in front of me with that exact order#. Today spoke to another "agent" whom I could barely understand. She informed me she is caribbean ( arrogantly) I am out $53 and realize Ceo Jeffrey J. Horowitz keeps prices down by hiring non American rude agents! What an absolute mess! Tip for consumers:Be very careful of damaged or expired items. No quality control. Owner/ceo Jeffrey Horowitz a person all about profit, .not about customer satisfaction. Products used:Vitamins. Natural foods Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I was looking for an alternative to Amazon a few years ago and discovered Vitacost. I buy everything from bulk herbs and vitamin supplements to toothpaste and food! I have not been disappointed yet! I even had a mishap where the laundry soap wasn't fully closed. It was in a bag, so I wasn't too upset. I let them know just to let them know, I wasn't expecting anything, and happily they refunded an item for me to make up for it. Products used:food, toothpaste, bulk herbs, vitamins, herbal supplements, noodles, chocolate, mushroom powders Shipping
    Vitacost shipped my items to the wrong address. I talked to a customer service representative (Henry) who said he would send a replacement to the correct address. He shipped the replacement to the incorrect address again. I called Vitacost and asked for a refund or replacement as I never received the items. They refused and the supervising customer service representative hung up on me. In essence, I did not receive my items and Vitacost is keeping my money. BUYER BEWARE!
    Don't bother with these people. You waste your time entering an order, and they won't except your valid credit card. They tell you to try another card. You do; same result. Their customer service people are totally worthless, and won't do anything to fix the problem. Find another place to buy your vitamins. I did (with same credit card Vitacost won't take!) Tip for consumers:Just don't waste your time on this worthless, unhelpful company. Products used:Puritan's Pride, Whole Foods/// Service
    Even though I live in a metro area where food allergies are accommodated Vitacost offers me easy, fast ordering and a wide variety of products. I hung with this business for that reason through the shipping problems I originally experienced and one or two unhappy customer experiences. To their credit they have always refunded my money and are constantly improving. Logistics have improved dramatically and I now receive my shipments in perfect shape and within 5 days sometimes sooner. If you have a special diet or food allergies this is a great place to shop. I also get cents off coupons and they frequently run sales. I can search for products that fit my particular diet so don't have to weed through things I can't eat. I've been shopping here for about 5 years and feel comfortable saying this business is terrific Tip for consumers:shipping is free with medium orders. The dollar amount occasionally changes. Check back often for good sales. Products used:allergy foods and supplies Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I had purchased hundred of dollars from Vite Cost. Couple years ago they sold ti Kroger now their service has gone down hill. In last year had several issues with buying product. They would run products with off per cent, I would buy and next day they would send email If you buy get better cost. I would call and they would not even honor a 5% difference. On April 1st got email said Cone back and we will give you 20% off. So I spend time ordering $144.43 in vitamins thinking I would get 29% off. Email said had to Oder on my email I did that, said use the code listed and type in. I Did. Got message code out of date. I just got email hour before and no where on email showed a date. I messaged with customer service and was told to order and they would refund the difference. Been down that road before. Customer server said they can't give me a code. I spend over hour deleting trying different ways but never worked. All I can say is if you get off from them be careful, before Kruger bought them they where awesome, customer service was great, 10 years never an issue. Now almost every time I order sorry I did. Extremely dissatisfied with t them. I have emailed them and not once hit an answer. Tip for consumers:Always check couples Products used:Was trying to use 20% coupon they sent to order Their code wouldn’t work Service Value Shipping
    A couple of years ago, Vitacost had 20% off coupons for the entire order. Then 15% became the norm. Now it's VERY seldom you see even that! I like this website, but will shop elsewhere for better deals if these coupon codes are not made available. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I placed an order for the first time with Vitacost and upon receipt, opened one of the 4 bottles and stored the remainder in my overflow storage box. Today I went to open the last bottle and found that it was not the product I ordered. Note that I understood how a mistake like this could be made as the product was from the same manufacturer in the same size and color bottle but it was not the product I ordered. I contacted Vitacost thinking that they would simply credit me for the mix up as I was going to place another order with them but they refused stating that it was my fault for not noticing the mix up when the order arrived. I will no longer be doing any business with a company that makes a mistake and then blames the customer and refuses to make good on the error. Tip for consumers:Personally I would not order from them but if you do check what you order immediately upon receipt Products used:suppliments Service Returns
    I was given a 20% discount to return as a customer so placed an order for $230 worth of goods. I received no notification of any delay and placed another order of 3 items that came within the 4-5 day window. I called 2 days ago and the customer service rep stated it would be shipped later that day. I checked today and still no notification and nothing has shipped after 11 days! I called and cancelled my order and will be buying items needed from the store and not ordering from them anymore. Tip for consumers:If you place a large order you can wait >10 days for shipping Service Value Shipping