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  • Description:Total  Hockey was founded in 1998, is a professional provide all kinds of hockey equipment retailer, a shop is also the world hockey in a retail store with the fastest developing speed. It is committed to provide consumers with the latest, most popular hockey equipment, quality products and excellent customer service. Total  the main commodity Hockey include: hockey goalkeeper related equipment, clothing, hockey players in hockey stick etc..
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    I placed an order on a Thursday. When I did so I was told all items were in stock and would ship the next day. I received an email the next day that my order had shipped. I thought Great! Until I read farther down the email and two items shipped from halfway across the country and the majority of my order hadn't shipped. I contacted customer service and they assured me they would get it handled. Well come Monday evening I receive a notification that a shipping label had been created but the package hadn't been picked up. I contacted them again. The customer service rep said " your order was pulled from a store and had to be shipped to a warehouse and then the warehouse shipped the package to you." He said the package was already loaded in a UPS truck on site and he couldn't cancel the order. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. So I asked to speak to the guys boss and he said they had gone home. He gave me the corporate mailing address for TSG Enterprises which is the holding company for Total Hockey, pure hockey and hockey giant. I called and the guy that answered the phone said "This isn't the corporate office, but hang on" then ten minutes later he came back and said "oh yeah this is the corporate office I'm going to transfer you" I then talked to a guy Nick who said he was the customer service manager. He said he was going to check on my package and see if it had been picked up and if they could upgrade it to overnight shipping. He also said the package was coming directly from a store and not warehouse(which contradicts the first guy). As of the time of me writing this I have not heard back from him. I found an email for the owner of TSG and emailed him. I received an email that said yes we dropped the ball and I hope you will buy from us again. No explanation of what they would do differently etc. no acknowledgement that Nick never got back with me as promised. No explanation why, if the order was in stock at the closest store, two items were shipped from across the country and the other items didn't ship for four days. The company in my opinion has some serious management and customer service issues. I advised the owner I wouldn't be shopping there in the future. The owner said the orders were shipped directly from a store so he contradicted Nick. Very sad that companies like this can provide poor customer service and still be in business. Looks I will join the long list of customers that don't buy from there anymore
    I needed to return a second item to total hockey but the website wouldn't allow. I contacted customer service and Jeff sent me a return label just as soon as we hung up. SCORE!
    It's been one hell of a process to get ice skates. It's now took 4, that's right! 4 try's for total hockey to order my skates. As of right now I still don't have them and now may miss sign ups. Thanks total hockey.
    We received some shirts as a gift and my son wanted to return them as they were too small and exchange them for a lacrosse shaft. Not only can't you do that on line and you have to call but they don't do exchanges. You have to mail the items back and write on the order that you want a gift card and then they send you the gift card and you have to go online and use it to order what you want. They says that it is easier this way. Easier for them but not for their customers. If you want to sell on line, learn from Zappos.
    2 pairs of faulty Bauer MX3 skates. I was dealing with customer service manager Nick Webb. Nick is very much out of his element as a manager of any kind. He made mistake after mistake. Lied. He even told me that "I did not do everything I could have to resolve this matter". It's been over a month since I first ordered a pair of skates. I still don't have skates or a refund. I spoke with Dave the assistant sales manager, he told me "I just don't care about this as much as you do, when I leave work tonight I'm not going to think about it again". I would highly recommend you buy from anywhere else.