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  •  is to provide various types of hotel resources companies, it provides for consumers in various well-known hotel discounts, updated daily hotel information, help consumers to discount the price to taste all the famous hotel Food.
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    This site sold me 4 25-dollar restaurant gift cards for $17. What I did not realize (and I am to blame for falling prey) is that everywhere these gift cards are redeemable require an astronomical minimum spent to use the gift card ($50-100). I was inclined to trust the offer because it was sent to me on my company e-mail as a part of our PerkSpot-huge mistake. This product, in particular, is a complete rip-off and all consumers would do well to avoid this site.
    Had coupons given to us for Christmas. When we went to redeem them the owner of the restaurant said she participated once and no more but kept giving out coupons. We should have asked first. We didn't owed $35.00
    I find this difficult to use it for a singe person, every restaurant has a minimum to spend there is no flexibility for lunch, honestly there are better options for dinning with less trouble I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS FOR LUNCH or even Dinning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is a great concept in theory, but after all the fine print, lack of customer service, slow website, and horrible just isn't worth it. Nothing works correctly, can't even log in using the user name and password, can only use Facebook.
    Beware! As stated many don't take at all and some that do add a 18 percent gratitudy on saying that is requirements. This is for two or three people at most. Way below the six or more that menus state. One not only added tip but also a "service fee" taking the $25.00 discount to be only $5.00 less when all said and done! Restaurant tell me to contact, but alas no response. 95% of the time... Not Worth It!
    Why does my app spin forever. No customer service to talk with? Your app really sucks! Too bad I have to give one star to a zero star app. Someone in Illinois needs to pay them a visit, maybe get them on "60 Minutes" for an interview!
    Yes can we get a group together and do a lawsuit against this firm. when I've tried to use it at four different business they decline there coupons Something needs to be done when companies like this don't respond to their Customers needs and No Customer Service it's all about Customer Satisfaction None here where is the BBB WHEN YOU NEED THEM!!
    Didn't know you had to be a lawyer to use this site. While it will CLEARLY displays the mimimal amount of Purchase from the restaurant, it DOESN'T CLEARLY inform you that you can only use a segment of a certificate. For THAT you have to thoroughly read & understand the lengthy terms and conditions. Imagine my surprise, disappointment & dismay when, after ordering food for my family - I was only able to use $10 of a $50 certificate. Not only was it embarrassing - the money spent could have been used at the supermarket & I would have prepared the meal myself!
    I bought certificates and restaurants refuse to take them
    Having had several experiences with, I can tell you that it's coupons are essentially nothing you can't find in a newspaper coupon. The fact that this is not clear is your first clue as to what's wrong... The reason you see them promoted by other companies (e.g., Verizon and other companies) is that they can sponge up points from their points programs at near-zero cost to them. They - including Verizon - are well aware of this, but could not care less. I agree with those who say this company - and even those who simply link their "rewards" programs to it - are unethical. If they were above-board and documented what their "customers" need to know from their perspective, they would not exist. Capitalism ought to have a conscience (and I say this as a devout capitalist who despises crooks). Avoid.
    I have never been able to use at a restaurant. my just spins when I try to connect via the restaurant app. What a waste of $100.00.
    Wrote this email to and it went unanswered of course: Hi, So I recently got a 100$ gift card. I was excited when i received it thinking I can use it for places I have never tried before, I was unpleasantly surprised. Your website, is NOT customer friendly or intuitive. It does not blatantly say on the website, and in each restaurant - when the coupon is valid for example I would have to call every restaurant to find out if they accept the cards on the weekends, or holidays etc. Next the reviews aren't easy on the eye or easy to navigate through - why not just put the yelp reviews attached, would go to yelp for each restaurant because it is a trusting source of reviews. And not to mention most of the reviews are bad there are a handful of restaurants that had good ratings from reputable sites like zagat or yelp. Finally, the fact that the minimum purchase in many events HIGHLY exceeds the gift card amount, it makes the site nearly pointless. When you think your getting a gift card your actually getting a coupon, so i should of expected to spend anywhere from 20-100$. After hours on your site trying to find a restaurant with good reviews, it was available to purchase a 10$ gift cared with the minimum purchase being 100$, makes sense. This 100$ may just go to waste. Some suggestions: Make the instructions of the purchase, CLEAR, the days it can be used, and if alcohol can be purchased/ Have some quality restaurants involved. If you are passionate that you have a good company, good restaurants should want to get involved. Make the website more intuitive Make it clear you can't use 2 gift cards at 1 time in most places, so for example if the minimum purchase is 100$ and there is only 50$ gift cards, DON'T buy two. Stop making people find out the hard way. Kind Regards, Natalie
    Don't use Great prices for certificates but so many of the places listed are no longer in business. says you have to "exchange" them for other choices on their site. However, the choices are very limited. Use your money for other discount sites like. Better selection for places that you have heard of and are in business. Disappointing.
    I purchased 2 restaurant. Com certificates worth $50. The restaurant changed owners and they refused to honor the certificates. I have emailed five times without a response. Buyers beware, not such a good deal
    It is not worth the purchase. If you have a $25 card, you have to purchase $50 or more in food to use it.
    Have no idea how they stay in business. Do even try calling.
    I purchased a $100 gift card here, for $30. I tried to use it at my favorite restaurant and all of a sudden they didn't know about this website or even about the gift card.... Stay away at all costs..
    There is nothing good about this website. Stay way.
    Terrible Customer Service, I tried using this website when visiting the US. It was just awful to work with!!
    First AND last time this company will ever see my money. There are no refunds at ALL even if you JUST placed an order and need to correct or cancel something. Like I said to the customer service attendant "I hope your company is perfect and NEVER makes any mistakes" because genuine mistakes happen but this company is 100% inflexible to work with you and/or repair anything. I am definitely NOT perfect and I deal with customers on a daily basis that stick with me due to the fact that I am understanding of their mistakes and even lateness, after all I am dealing with people and not ROBOTS that never make any mistakes. Not to mention the pathetic options offer us on top of displaying restaurants that are not even taking their specific certificates anymore. If that happen so often and no truly good restaurant sticks around for too long that should raise a red flag about how terrible this company is at doing business. Good restaurants not wanting to stick around = no good customers wanting to stick around! Will be sticking with only Groupon deals cause that never caused me any headaches before and I place orders with them at least twice a month! Hasta NEVER AGAIN!
    I've purchased certificates from for several years. first in San Francisco and now on Central Oregon Coast. I've never been ripped off and I don't think it's a scam. In my experience, the pros are: Often REALLY great savings (particularly if coupled with a special incentive through a site like RetailMeNot, Ebates, etc.), opportunity tor try places I might not know about/otherwise wouldn't try (and some of them have made me converts to full-price dining) and if I didn't redeem the certificate in the time period, I can apply it to something else so don't lose money (most recent example is a certificate I purchased at the Pork Store in SF several years ago, never used, but was able to apply the price I paid a couple weeks ago to some places in Oregon). The cons, again in my experience, are: Really need to read the fine print to make sure it will work for you (i.e., minimum spend, food only vs. food/alcohol, lunch vs. dinner vs any time, time period in which multiple certificates can be applied . . . ), limited choices of restaurants in your living/touring area and - like many "discounts" - the waitstaff may treat you like second-class citizens when you pull out the certificate (even before you order) so you feel like an idiot. Overall, though, I continue to buy on occasion.
    Avoid this site altogether. If a restaurant goes out of business they refuse to give a refund. If a business refuses to honor a certificate they refuse to give a refund. If you find a restaurant unfavorable they refuse to give a refund. Can you say scam??????
    . My code is not effective so I can not get restaurant credit. No customer service. Worst site ever
    I wasted my time and money. Forgot password and can't get a new PW to print certificate already paid. don't email/reply back. Some restaurants does not follow the certificate's deal.
    This company is a rip off . There is no way to contact them if you have a problem. I am so thankful I just bought something for $10. Then fine out I have to spend $50 in order to use $25 dollar gift card. I will tell you one thing anyone I talk to I will be telling them about my dealings with this company. Hopefully people will check review before buying anything from them
    NY Pizza Suprema ( has the most amazing pizza I've ever eaten. I've had pizza in several locations in NY, and this is EASILY the best. Their Fresh Mozzarella With Basil Pizza is perfect. I only get to NYC every 3-6 mos, and I can never get enough of it while I'm here. This trip, I've ordered 3 pies to take back to VA with me because I want to have it on hand. The crust is just thin enough and crispy. The pizza isn't too greasy, but it's nice and moist. It's cooked to perfection and you can truly taste how fresh it is. It's right across the street from Madison Square Garden, and they sell it by the slice or in whole pies. It is a MUST for anyone that comes to NYC.
    Jeremiah's Tavern. Ordered two Fish Sandwich's. They come with a slice of lemon and Tartar sauce. No fries or anything else. I was a little bigger than a medium size hamburger bun and it cost with tax $23.74. Biggest ripoff in the industry.
    Bought the emovie cash and deal. does offer decent restaurant deals but the movie tickets have an expiration and it's unreasonably short. I got burned you don't have to, stay away from this deal!
    Beware do not use , there is fine print after purchase. They did not respond to my requests at all. Fine print includes can use only one certificate per month per order etc. None of this info is given to you before purchase. If you try to get a refund or anything the will not responde. BAD Business!
    Never signed up for this!!! Started getting coupons coming in???? Called them, put on hold for 20 minutes. Told them to take me off their phony website!!!! They wanted me to Join!!!! #$@&*#*@* I honored their phony gift cert. $10 off on a $20 purchase!!!!!! I've been in biz for 30 years. If I keep getting these things I'll be OUT OF BIZ in less then a year!!!!
    I ordered four tickets to a show (Broadway national tour of Lion King) - two orchestra seats and two balcony seats. I paid more (of course) for the orchestra seats, which were a special Christmas gift for my daughter. Specials by charged us for the two orchestra seats but sent us all balcony seats. We couldn't reach them the day of the show (when we discovered that the tickets were wrong), so the situation couldn't be remedied. I tried their customer service email address for three weeks without receiving any response. After searching online for a phone number to call (none is provided on the Specials... website), I reached someone who agreed to "pass my information along to someone who could address it." I insisted on speaking to someone who could help me today, as I'd already been waiting three weeks. Finally, I was told to call another number. The furthest I got there was that I would get a refund for the extra money I paid toward orchestra seats I never received. Of course, if we had wanted balcony seats, we would have bought those in the first place! We certainly did not have our faith in restored. The customer service was appalling, and I will not purchase from or recommend Specials by again. Oh, one more thing! While I was at the box office trying to get our orchestra seats, the person at the window next to me was also trying to work through poor service from - tickets never received!
    I thought I was getting a good deal when they advertised 1/2 off on tickets to a Cirque Du Soleil Toruk show. I purchased 2 $150 ticket to be close to the arena area. 1 week before the show they call me to say that Toyota Center bumped them out of the system for the Sat show which I had purchased, but that they had Fri and Sun available. I asked if the seats would be the same and :"Kenan" said yes, therefore I chose Fri. I had to call several times, because here it was, Friday show night and I had not received any tickets or email. They finally called me back and said the tickets would be at Call at the office box. We get to the box office and the seats they gave us were up in the 400 nosebleed section. I told them that I purchased different seats. At that time I tried calling and they did not answer. Funny that they actually called me on a Friday night the week prior to tell me of the change, but could not answer my call then. I left several messages and never received a response. Toyota Center was nice enough to get me seats closer to the area, but not worth the $150 I paid for. They also warned us about using these 3rd party jokes to purchase tickets. Do not buy tickets from these people. They are a fraud. The BBB should investigate them.
    This site is a complete joke. we got $200 from a auction at a charity event. We thought we got a deal until.... we tried to "convert" gift cards to certificates. #1. it came as a shock you have to spend 2x worth your certificate value #2. i'm an internet guy and can navigate any site and understand tech stuff, but it is impossible to "redeem" the gift card. on multiple occasions we gave up since we would be late for dinner and went to another restaurant. #3. when you call support for help, they close at 5pm.\how convenient, when people go out to dinner to use the cards. #4. when you do reach thier "support" in india, theyre rude and insulting. unreal stay away
    What a joke. It's been two weeks now trying to get customer service to just RESPOND to me about a voucher that should have $40+ on it, but shows a zero balance. A waste of money and time!!!
    I had a problem of Staropolska restaurant not accepting coupon purchased from After a few days I finally received support from I hope that Staropolska coupon won't be posted again. I'm going to use again, hopefully Staropolska was simply a bad luck.
    I attempted to exchange and redeem my account several times. Once I logged out before exchanging them I lost all my credit on my account. Never use this site or you loose your money!!!!!
    I bought 2 certificates here and went to the restaurant and was told they do not accept the certificates the restaurant said they have asked this company many times to pull their ad but obviously it wasn't pulled which I beleive considering I've reached out 3 times asking for a refund on selling me something that wasn't valid and they have never reached out to me once. Beware and save your money they sell items that aren't even valid.
    I blame Groupon for steering me here. The restaurant told me they hadn't dealt with for months, and were apologetic I had been suckered into paying for a worthless coupon. There are no refunds; instead an exchange which may be just as worthless. Stay away...
    I could not use all the money on my gift card because the restaurant required a minimum purchase and it would not allow me to make a purchase for more than "4" in the drop down box. If you use this be sure to use it all at one place. Because if you don't they get to keep your money,
    My husband and I rented tuxes from Jos A. Bank who was having a special that if you rented tuxes from them you would receive a $100 gift card. Needless to say we never got the gift card so we asked Jos A Bank who said we had to call to redeem. We never got the gift card. Both businesses were extremely unprofessional during our experiences. We do not recommend either.
    I received the card from my daughter as a gift, I dont know how much she paid, but the reataurants are 3rd or 4th tier eaterys, places I dont go to. I dont know how much the restaurants paid to get listed on & now i find out I have to buy the the gift cards too. They make $ 3 times.Jennifer was right the website sucks, you have to log in every time you change a page. I"m cutting up this freekin $100.00 card.
    This is the sketchiest website I have ever dealt with. They want you to purchase their gift cards, then get so fed up with their *%&#ed up website that you give up and throw your certificates in the trash. Don't waste your time.
    I bought 30$ worth of coupons. First time l tried to redeem one (rascals bar and grill)I was told they have never worked with and they do not honor their coupons. I emailed 2 times nobody ever contacted me. Don't waste your money
    Iit's all lies and trickery. They should be banned from the internet. Don't be suckered in as even a business law expert can clearly see that if they were running a business this way anywhere other than the internet, they would have been shut down and possibly under a class action lawsuit by now for intentionallyl misleading the consumer base.
    I bought a couple of $10 gift cards that I then used at a Mexican restaurant nearby. No problems the first time. I even bought into a promotional offer for five $25 gift cards fur $25 after that visit. The second time that I went to the Mexican restaurant, months later, they didn't want to accept it and even said they had no idea what it was. Now that made me mad enough, considering that they'd taken one before, that the manager agreed to accept it but that this was "a one time courtesy". That's more than you get from It's best to call the restaurant you want before you even select the gift certificate. I've emailed this website over so many places refusing to take them, mostly with confusion over what even is. I recently moved and was super excited to see a pizza place just minutes away that accepted them as dine in, and they even let me do carry out instead. But I only got to use one $10 before they stopped accepting them. Now I'm trying to exchange the gift certificate that I never got to use, but the website won't let me. I have over $100 in credit still and it's not looking good. So far I've just about broke even when you compare what I paid directly to vs what I've been able to use. And it's a lot of fun trying to get them to combine gift cards into something usable. It's a lot of automatic replies before you actually get a person to respond that will fix them same day. I imagine that, maybe, if you live in a metro area with lots of restaurants and new places popping up constantly, this could be worth while. But I will never give them another dime.
    I've used them for years. I'll skip the obvious stuff and give the bits that may not be obvious. The fact that their coupons never expire is great. That means that you have to keep track of them and exchange them, but if you persevere, once you have a pool of coupons you can stop buying any and just move around your credits. Always check that the restaurant will accept the coupon in advance. I can't tell you how many times I have found a neat restaurant, bought and printed a coupon, and headed there during its stated business hours to find a vacant building (the restaurant failed a year ago), or been told by a sneering host that "they don't take those things any more". I'm not a restaurant, but I've heard they pressure the restaurants pretty hard, and it is a better deal for the consumer than for the restaurant past the early days where the restaurant is new and needs to promote. Their web site is terrible. In theory it is well-thought out, but is often too slow to use, or just buggy. If it works, great, it can do almost anything to help you organize your coupons or find restaurants. Open one window there, another with Yelp, and go research your area for bargains. Watch the fine print. Holidays, no way. If it says you have to spend $50 to use a $25 coupon, does that include what you spent on your drinks? Probably not. Watch if it only for dinner, or doesn't apply for specials. Read the restrictions very carefully, And watch your bill, in some cases they add the tip in, and if you aren't careful you can tip twice. But overall, if you are careful and methodical, it's great.
    I received a $50 gift card when I signed up for a membership at BJ's Wholesale Club (Jan 2016). Don't waste your money and time. Unable to redeem anything. Aggravating and frustrating website. This is one of the worst promotional scams I have ever seen. If you try to redeem a certificate the waitress/restaurant look at you like your crazy. They don't know anything about this. You have a discount your trying to claim on your mobile device???.....DENIED! I'm cutting my card in half and throwing it away. I've got better things to do.
    First off it is extremely hard to use a coupon. There are so many restrictions that make it hard to use the coupons it is not worth it. Then to add insult to injury, we got a coupon for 10 Street live in Kenilworth NJ and the we got there and asked about the coupon the manager politely said that they no longer took coupons and had asked them to take them off the web site several months ago and they refused. So buyer beware, do use them they stink. Brian
    I get the impression that many visitors to this site don't fully understand how this whole "scheme" works. First, you buy or receive a gift card from Typical price is $20 for $125 "worth" of gift cards. Then you go to the website and "purchase" restaurant certificates (or whatever they call them) from "participating" restaurants. So, typically a $25 gift card (which cost $4) will purchase a $25 restaurant certificate, with the typical restriction that you must purchase $50 worth of food (liquor may or may not be excluded). So, you are really getting $50 worth of food for $29 out of pocket. And all of the above assumes the restaurant you want to eat at, is even one of the restaurants on their list. And further, even if the restaurant is on their list, MANY commenters have reported that when they have shown up at the intended restaurant, the staff knows nothing about these "certificates" and claims they have never heard of There is something very wrong with Pay attention to the fact that the majority of reviews are 1 star. Should probably be 0 stars. BUYER BEWARE, BIG TIME!