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    :D happy with the outcome.
    But Thier wmployees are morons
    Best Buy is one of those stores that burned me about 15 years ago and I have never shopped there since. If companies do not treat me right they are not going to get my business.
    Good coverages warranties offered
    Best Buy was once THE destination for electronics. Not any more. They have changed the thrust of their operations but they have had to with the onslaught of on line retailers such as Amazon, Ebay, Egghead, vying for sales. First of all you are met with a person at the door that is watching a theft deterrent screen. That's an immediate turn off. I understand why they do it but I don't like seeing it. The associates are usually young and for the most part not as knowledgeable as could/should be. My guess is they attract that talent based on their pay scales. I think that is why Circuit City eventually failed. I have to be honest though, I do not go into their store much anymore because of the plethora of info and products available on line. I was also turned off in the past by their return policy. I don't know if it is still the same but even if you paid with a debit card you had to wait for your money to be refunded. They also push extended warranties hard at the register which is aggravating.
    Bought LG water and dryer there at a good price and we love them.
    went in there to buy a laptop and the sales guys there knew nothing. I head over to visions electronics where my needs were met.
    Got a relatively older vacuuming robot when the latest one came out. Picked up in store within an hour and all was ready at the new sales price!
    Love this price
    everything I always need.
    I read reviews that they overestimate the price. I kept thinking to buy one on this site or not, and eventually chose another site)
    awesome site love shopping at bestbuy
    Their easy return policy gives you the confidence to make the purchase and the ease to return it if it doesn't work. Their prices are always the best, or at the bare minimum extremely competitive, as well.
    muito boom
    Все просто суппер!!! Рекомендую!!!
    Who does not love best buy. Movies are a much better deal on Amazon but the electronics are great at best buy
    If I need the latest and greatest tool to improve my electronic efficiency, I will go to Best Buy. However, I try Walmart Electronics Department first. Best Buy obviously doesn't like returns so they deliberately make it very difficult. The wait is always long, the requirements are extensive and hard to meet and though I endure it, I always leave the store vowing I'll never shop there again.
    With my experiences with Best Buy, they have overall kind, helpful workers. Whenever I buy any technical devices they usually have it. The one thing I don't like about it is how expensive it can be there. Some people just don't have that kind of money. However, I am aware that everything is growing more expensive these days. Overall a good store to buy good quality tech.
    As the name it says..... Best Buy..... The store serves the same to there customers, I think! I like it!
    tutto perfetto se non fosse per il ritardo per via delle poste italiane
    Excellent service, delivery really good timing and prompt delivery. Good. Good quality goods. My Best Buy was a pendulum clock from Lightinthebox, I love it. Also their clothes are beautiful.
    I purchased a stereo about 30 years ago from best buy and it has only just noe started to die on me was a great deal as far as lasting as long as it has !!!!
    I purchased a luggage set from them it shows a 70% discount from $990. So the final price is 297$. But about one month later the exactly same luggage set was change to original price $890 and discount 70% so another discount price is 267$. Do not like the way they play with the price.
    I love browsing around through the Best Buy stores. I find many products ranging from movies, computer software, prepaid cell phones, and other great products there. Check them out, you will find something there that you are looking for.
    I have purchased several laptops, games and electronics from Best Buy and love the convenience of online browsing, purchasing and picking up at the local store.
    I bought a computer and a printer from them and when came time to pay it was 120.00 less than I figured. Come to find out they were on sale. The sales was very helpful.
    Our imac is awesome stuff, I am so happy with their services
    Got really good offers over the years
    I libe right next to one and thier aint a week i aint in thier to pick up a some new aswome item for cheap. They match prices.
    I/m typing this review on a 17" Screen ASUS "Gamer" Laptop I bought from Best Buy in 2011 - which is now sporting a brand new 2.5 Terabyte Seagate Hard Drive purchased the day before yesterday (to be used as an Internal Backup Drive for the system's primary Hard Drive). Next to my laptop is my wife's ASUS Laptop (also bought in 2011), with two External; Hard Drives and an External spare DVD Drive - all purchased at Best Buy over the years for one reason or another. And of course (for the little kid still hiding in this old body) is,a stack of PC and XBox Games stacked next to the Samsung 50" TV we purchased from Best Buy in January's post Christmas sales. Almost every one of the Video Games was also purchased from Best Buy over the years - with the exception of a few given to us (me) as Christmas or Birthday presents by relatives from the lower 48 states. And those electronic items are just the ones I can see from where I sit in my home - many others can be found in other rooms of the house, or in the vehicles in the garage or driveway. I'm sure I have a few electronic gizmo's in the house purchased elsewhere - my wife and I do shop around before making a purchase. Its just that - when you have that vast amount of electronic items located in one spot, made by many different manufacturers and for many different purposes - you are bound to find more often than not exactly what you are looking for - at the price you want - to do the job you need it to do, And that's Best Buy.
    Another antiquated business that needs you to create yet another marginal internet account instead of using top-level single sign on SSO providers e.g. Google, Facebook
    Great place to shop for a new TV, I am happy with my purchase.
    Maybe most customers do better than me But my product was defective and arranging exchange was not easy Cost me a lot of time
    They have continually improved the site to add a wider variety of options and this is where you can find huge discounts on their returned items. I have found is the best place to find the absolute best deal on TVs. Not always the absolute best deals on the internet, but by far my favorite Black Friday website.
    I want to point out that they chose a proper name. Indeed best buy :)
    Need a special cable, That newest 4K UHD flat screen. Go to Best Buy first they have it before anyone else !
    you can get all relative electronic stuff from there but price is stricts and don't get and sell stuffs
    I've never been helped the way Tina helped me. She was polite, respectful and very acknowledging. By far the best costumer service I have received!! Thanks!!
    Cheap and Great Quality
    I always get help when I need it. I only shop in the stores and I have purchased everything from a dryer to a frig. I also always get help in the store with a friendly staff.
    Okay but service has gone downhill.
    I have been going to Best Buy for at least 25 years. Almost every item that I can think of that I have purchased there has been EXCELLENT. The small appliances, phones, and TVs which I have purchased there have lasted me for YEARS! The only other retailer I can compare them to is AMAZON - nearly always satisfactory. The only exception I can think of - just for the sake of argument - was Michael Jackson DVDs, three or four of which I had purchased when MJ had passed. By the time I watched them, I saw that they were Complete Duds. I now feel cautioned about purchasing things which have been produced quickly to keep up with a temporary Demand.
    I purchased a Galaxy S7 with the VR goggles wish I had read the reviews but what a piece of junk, error messages I finally decided to return the phone. I went to our local Best Buy and the sales person said that I had to ship it back the way I got it, Well I asked for the manager the manager tried to pull the same thing, but at the bottom of my receipt it states if you are not happy you can return to any store.The manager was pissed but took it with my receipt in hand I left. I waited a week and there was no credit Got paypal involved what ever the dude at Paypal said with in 2 days the credit showed up thanks Paypal.
    Despite rarely ordering from the site, when there is something, more specifically an Amiibo, in stock I'm looking for, the order is processed and taken care of, and usually at my door, within a week. My biggest plus is definitely how well packaged they are. Other sites like Amazon cram them in small boxes, and yet there is more than enough space in Best Buy's boxes.
    Like it!
    This is long overdo, but in January , a year ago, we went into a Best Buy and ordered a dishwasher, and another high ticket item, that we found on their website. On the delivery day, we get two conflicting texts, bottom line is they have no more machines, since they dropped ours that morning., and the other said it is on it's way here. The new delivery date was 6 weeks later, and we had already waited 4 weeks. I called and talked to the store itself, where we were fed more lies, and then I called corporate headquarters. The lovely lady yessed me to death,made nice, and that was the last I ever heard from her, despite assurances that she'd call back as their computers were down. I gave up and bought the machine locally, from an independent that delivered that weekend. Fabulous machine, by the way.
    Lack of Customer Service and long waits in the checkout line
    Their so called experts gave us the run around on audio and had to return our items 3 different times