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  • Description:TuneUp is a member of AVG's, is a well-known global optimization tool. It was known as the best in the world a system optimization program. TuneUp  Utilities is the first brand of German system optimization tool, through the use of this software, it can make the operation of Windows system for your faster, more secure. TuneUp  the main tool of Utilities provided include: system analysis, transformation / disk / log file cleanup, system acceleration, log file editing, uninstall the software, task manager, the paperwork reduction / cleaning etc..
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    powerful and extremely useful pc assistant which is must-have if you’re surfing a lot in the web. It updates all the time and has always good protection against bad stuff. I just love it
    i like norton myself but the prices aren't good, the lower ones might be but i would recommend the trial version with another antivirus then you might be good
    There has been a tremendous turnaround with Norton. A few years ago, I got rid of Norton due to it's unreliability and poor screening for viruses. Also, it used to be next to impossible to remove the program, and they used to sneak it on your computer when you downloaded something else. They have really turned this company around and I give it the highest ratings. Norton catches almost everything, except malware, and is very reliable. I currently use Malwarebytes (Fantastic program) in conjunction with Norton. I have not had one issue since doing this. Both are constantly catching something, and I would recommend using both. POST NOTE: The difference between using the free Malwarebytes and the Pro version is that the Pro version catches malware as you surf (real time) while the free version is an after the fact scan.
    In a way it pains me to rate this service so low, as I have had good service from them for a long time (almost 4 years). But lately there have been too many changes, and if you dare to complain, you are shuffled around among different people, and left on hold for longer and longer times while the call volume on your phone drops away. Earlier this week, I had the FBI Virus removed, and purchased a 'tune-up" for seventy bucks (I prepaid for the virus removal). When the job was done, I shut down for several hours, then fired up the next morning, and noticed a boot-up time of several minutes. When I complained, I was told that it was probably something else, and I would have to pay another fifty dollars to have it fixed. Say Whaaaaat? So much for their seven-day guarantee.. When my subscription is up, I'm gone. I'm going to use a local tech, and learn to do more myself.
    powerful and extremely useful pc assistant which is must-have if you’re surfing a lot in the web. It updates all the time and has always good protection against bad stuff. I just love it
    I had Norton installed years ago and have never hesitated to renew...until my computer was hacked. They didn't find this out - I did. First thing I did was call Norton and they promised to take care of this...for a fee. A $300;00 fee and asked for my credit card. Well, I've hit hard times and could not believe the amount, and knew I couldn't pay it. I was trying to hide the fact that I was crying until the gentelman informed me that he needed the number to another credit card, because first one was rejected. No sense in hiding the crying anymore...I knew I was screwed and told him to forget it, I didn't have the money. Don't know if he felt sorry for me or if he was just a kind man or if he was to "get what he could" because he said he would take care of it for $100.00 now and $100.00 the next 2 months. Payment of $100.00 went through...he took care of hacker and I haven't heard another word about "payments". If this gentleman had not been so kind I would've rated Norton much, much lower. I do realize that he could've been just "getting what he could" but prefer to think he was simply a kind man. As far as Norton is concerned....kind of sleezy claiming to take care of attacks on your computer and then charging a ridiculous fee if your computer is attacked under their watch.
    i put my account in with them and thought that it was ok but my account is gone and i had 300 and some odd days left on it ,now my account is up an gone an they want me to repay for enough one on me,that suck by norton you got me this time but no more