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  • is a company duly authorized by America NFL franchise stores. It provides not only from the famous brands top official licensing, and it also provides the return policy first-class customer service and simple, fast. It uses advanced encryption technology, ensure safety of consumer personal information. provides products mainly include: various types of male and female football sportswear, sports equipment, sports apparel, hats, children Home Furnishing and office supplies etc..
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    Ordered and received in a timely manner but the product was awful. They had stripped the former sticker/decal and put a new one on but you can still see the shadow where the old decal was glued. Also the color had faded along the fold lines where it had sat on the shelf too long and/or in the sun. My husband didn't want to return it as he was leaving for the summer and wanted to take it, says he'll use it as a work shirt. Grrrr. I will purchase my gear in person at a store from now on.
    I would just like to say I've been ordering them for years, great choice great price and now want to add GREAT customer service to the list. I had a problem which was not NFL shop fault, after calling everyone who cause the problem none of the carrier would take fault for their mistakes. seen my problem and told they will fix it now that's what I call Customer Service. Thank you again a NFL I will keep coming back for all my NFL gear.
    I was given a jersey as a holiday gift, however it was a size too big. I returned the item and followed the instruction for a gift return in order to receive credit to purchase a jersey of the correct size. After mailing in the item I never heard anything for over a month at which point I emailed the customer service and was told they had refunded the purchasers card instead of contacting me about a gift card due to a system glitch. It now being march, I was not going to ask the purchaser for the funds to purchase a correct size jersey. I had a jersey, mailed it in to get a new size, and was now out a jersey. After emails back and forth the customer service center issued me the credit for the jersey. Although I was not happy that I was never contacted and the system refunded the wrong account, I am satisfied that the customer service center resolved the issue.
    I purchased 3 jerseys and didn't receive them for 6 weeks and when I receieved my order 2 of the jerseys were the wrong ones and I emailed customer service and they just said keep them as a gift and will not give me what I ordered it is ridiculous and they are now avoiding me so my advice is to stay far away it is the worst way to say NFL they shouldn't even be able to use it in their name
    My daughter returned 2 jerseys that She received as a gift. Instead of processing the return as a gift and issuing a merchandise credit to her they processed it as a return and credited the senders credit card. She did not want this person to know that she returned the gift as she did not want to hurt their feelings. All they could say at customer service was that it was processed as a return. She has a copy of the return form but they could not care less. They made a huge mistake and could not care less about it. I am giving them one star as it won't process with 0. Upon posting the above, NFL Shop customer service contacted me within a few hours and offered to resolve the issue. They were apologetic and professional and made me feel like a valued customer. The issue was resolved in a day and I want to thank them for this. My rating is now a 5 for their customer service. Thank you again for your assistance in resolving the issue in such a courteous and professional manner.
    My mom bought me a customized jersey in September that she was giving to me for Christmas. I opened it Christmas but didn't wear it until the game on January 15th. It is defective because the shoulder length is for a small child, yet this was a women's xl. I have contacted them ten plus times. Each time they say "defective products must be returned within 30 days." Any logical person would realize this gift needs to be replaced, not because I don't like it or because I ruined it, but that it is defective and they should fix their mistake. I have gotten no where with them. They won't even pass me to a manager. They just create a ticket under my mom's email and refuse to respond to mine. Seriously, worst customer service I have ever experienced. I will NEVER buy from them again and hope others stop to avoid a similar issue. Football Fanatics for me! I sent a private message to Sarah B. stating something along the lines of "surprise, you 'can't help me'. It is a customized white Bell jersey. Regardless of how long it has been or what the product is, it is still a defective product. Make it right and send me what was purchased (and I will gladly send this crap back for you to "donate to charity") and do not send me another worthless apology."
    Do not order your team clothing from NFL shop. The t-shirts are made of a thin fabric and their hoodies shrink! Customer service basically said "tough luck". Just wait a little and Kohl's will have the same products in a few months. And Kohl's has excellent customer service.
    A package arrived but 5 jerseys that I ordered weren't in it. Also one of the jerseys was damaged. I also received a hat that I didn't order. Customer service says I received my order but I only received part of it. The order number is 180
    I have ordered a present for someone over a month ago and it hasn't arrived. I have tried to contact the company several times and they have chosen to ignore me. disgusting. they have a voicemail that is full. The next step is to go through my bank to claim the money back. THEN REPORT TO TRADING STANDARDS.
    I ordered a manning jersey and when I got it, decided that I wanted the stitched one. I sent it back and was told they gave it to charity and cannot refund me because it was customized or damaged. It was not customized and it only hung in my closet, I only tried it on. Very upset customer. I don't splurge on myself very often and the one time I do, I guess I gave it to charity.
    I ordered a jersey around 2 months ago, put all my proper information and everything, order never got shipped to my house but got shipped to a place 7 hours away from where i live. I just got an email today saying the return is over their return policy of 60 days and that my jersey was donated to a charity. I NEVER EVEN RECIEVED MY JERSEYS. WORST WEBSITE TO ORDER ON NEVER ORDER ON THIS WEBSITE!
    Never ever order from these crooks. I order two jersey's in October for a Christmas gift. They were too small returned them In January and since after 30 days return policy they donated them to charity and took my 125.00. This is the worst place ever. Please DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THESE CROOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Can't sat I had a bad experience. ...I place an's arrives on complaints here...note to to others READ THE FINE PRINT...when you order a special item like division..conference or super bowl merch..they advised it BUT IT CLEARLY STATES ITEM WILL SHIP WHEN ITEM IS IN STOCK..WHICH MEANS THEY DON'T HAVE THE INVENTORY YET...retards
    I was getting everything together for the Christmas season, buying gifts. I figured one thing I ordered for my dad would be a NFL shop gift card for $75. I ordered this gift card on the 18th of December and it was supposed to arrive at his house by Christmas. Not only did he not receive it by Christmas, but he still, 2 months later has not received it. I figured I would wait awhile to see if it would ever get there until finally I called customer service. A very friendly representative apologized and said he would have another shipped immediately. About a week later I checked my bank account and saw I had received a payment from FFL shop as a refund. I called back today and she said they were never going to send the replacement gift card, as if my order hadn't happened. I am EXTREMELY disappointed by NFL shop for not following through on their promise to send another card and the poor manner the situation has been handled with these people. I was hopeful but this situation has completely overwhelmed me, all it was, was a gift card. I am very let down by this company. I will NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THE NFL SHOP EVER AGAIN.
    I wish I had read the reviews on this site prior to placing an order. Much like the other complaints on this site, I too ordered a conference championship t-shirt that was supposed to be shipped no later than February 2nd. I sent an email to customer service on the 3rd. The next day (apparently it takes them 24 hours to respond to any inquiry) I received an email saying the order would be delayed. I tried to cancel the order, but they were "unable to accommodate" that request. The t-shirt showed up yesterday (like others, after the Super Bowl was over). The plastic wrapper indicated the right size, but when I opened it low and behold it was not the same size listed on the package. Sent another email to their customer service, to which I received an email saying there was an error processing the email, and that they would be closed for christmas. Take your business to a more reputable vendor.
    They have all the correct words and plaster photos all over the web site which makes them look professional. They are not! Please read reviews before you waste your time and money. I ordered two tees the day after the play off games. I paid for quick shipping. I called daily to follow up. My shirt arrived the day AFTER SUPER BOWL 50. And now they want $5.50 to take it back! Shirt was promised to ship on 2/2 and shipped on 2/6. I am hoping that people read this and stop before they enter the web site. Unfortunately the page itself shows a high rating. Not sure where this comes from? Must be the retailer themselves or they have paid for it.
    Where to begin? First of all, when first placing my order I attempted to get the 10% off when you sign up for email alerts. Well, that didn't work. The email says nothing on how to redeem this offer but even if you click the link within the email, the 10% discount was not applied. So I settled for 5% promo code I found elsewhere on the site. This "special event" jersey I ordered said that it would ship "No later than Thursday Feb. 4th." I thought, "Ok, well then I'll get next day shipping so that I'll have it in time for the Superbowl in a worst case scenario." As the hour got later on Thursday and I had yet to receive a shipping confirmation I decided to call NFLShop. I spoke to Adrienne who told me that there's still a chance it could ship that day but did not sound confident. She told me that she had seen some that were promised to ship by the 2nd go out on that very day (the 4th). I told her about the 10% issue I had when ordering so she did give me the additional 5% off which was nice. She also attempted to put in a ticket to upgrade my shipping to Saturday delivery just in case it didn't ship Thursday but instead on Friday. She could not guarantee me that it would happen though (the upgrade nor the Friday ship). Fast forward to this morning (Monday the 8th) and I see an email letting me know my item has shipped. According to FedEx it will be delivered tomorrow, which as you'll notice is NOT before the Superbowl. So I called this morning and spoke to a man (Devin?) who eventually agreed to take off the 24.95 shipping cost since I explained to him that I'd have never payed for next day if I knew it would come AFTER the Superbowl. He then proceeded to inform me that "Well sir you ARE still getting next day delivery" which you can guess didn't go over very well with me. As if I care AFTER THE SUPERBOWL. Before agreeing to take the shipping off he also tried to tell me that NFLShop emailed me on the 5th to let me know there was a delay. Gee... really? You think? Thank you for the "captain obvious" email there NFLShop. Emailing me the day AFTER it was supposed to ship to let me know it was going to be late. Also, I never received the email, not that it matters. Overall the whole experience has been bad. "No later than Thursday, Feb. 4th" is not a suggestion. It's a promise. A promise they failed to deliver on.
    If you're office was near by I would crumple the jersey you guys sold me and throw it in your face, this is very unprofessional and not good for business, customers Beware!!!!!!
    I have read all the angry reviews AND I echo "Something needs to change"... 1) Items not shipped on time should be shipped free 'Express' 2) Dump current carriers that won't deliver on weekends 3) If package changes carrier in route (why?) then provide new tracking info, so when FedX takes the wkend off and dumps package at post office I am not being told "that isn't our tracking #, I can't help you" 4) If I email customer service, then respond 5) STOP the blame game! 6) I have seen more feedback on this site than on NFL Shop; merge NFL ShopJabber!!! 7) Where is my SB50 package that says it will be delivered today by COB? Surprise; people want it BEFORE the game!!! $$$$$$$$ made?
    I ordered a jersey Jan 30th, paid for next day shipping, and only to find my jersey undelivered without notification!! I ordered my husbands jersey from fanactics due to size. His order shipped 2 days later. Im still waiting on mine. Anyhow, I cancelled the order but Im pissed I dont have time to order from another site!! God I wish I wouldve read these reviews first, seems shipping is an ongoing issue with Nfl shop. I will never do this again and Ill tell all the sports fans not to order from nfl but rather try FANACTICS. They're better at customer service and shipping.
    Ordered my SB50 gears on 1/25/2016. The items I ordered would not ship out until 2/2/16 the latest so I upgraded my shipping to 3 days. I did not get an email/shipping confirmation on 2/2/16 so I chatted with Cindy. She apologized for the delay and she said it would ship overnight and I will receive my order on 2/5/16 the latest. I also sent an email to them about it in order to help speed the process. So today, 2/5/16, my order did not arrive. I was so disappointed. I received an email notifying me that NFLShop shipped it out overnight. Ok cool, not! I checked the tracking number and It said it won't be here until 2/8/16! I called FedEx and the rep said that NFLShop knew that standard overnight shipment does not include weekends. I was upset as hell with NFLShop. I spent over $200 for nothing. The Chat and Email did not help and their customer service number was not listed for easy access. I was freaking mad about the whole situation that I was able to find their number after I did some digging in their website. I got a hold of a representative and he said they dropped the ball on this matter and they are willing to give me $10 back in order to make up for this. Really? I will be returning my order and I expect a full refund! I will go to D-I-c-k's tomorrow and buy my gear for SB50. Lesson learned.
    I ordered a SuperBowl jersey with 2 day shipping. The NFL site says it will ship no later than Feb 11. However it does not say that it will not ship sooner assuming that I paid for express shipping. Two days later it hasn't even shipped. The customer service rep I asked about it basically treated me like i wasn't smart enough to read and clearly was just reading off a book and was beyond useless. It is now 2 days to the Superbowl and I just ordered a Jersey that will be here tomorrow. There are so many other companies that are willing to fulfill their orders in a timely manner don't even waste your time with these pricks.
    I ordered some Carolina Panther Gear for my husband on Tuesday 02/02/16. I paid an extra $24.95 for "NEXT" day delivery only to find out that my items were shipped "ground" the cheapest option. (Arrival date projected for Monday, 2/8/16 -AFTER the Super Bowl.) This is very Fraudulent & quite Misleading! You (NFL shoppe) owe me & every other person who has paid EXTRA for overnight service a FULL refund of the cost! S-E-R-V-I-C-E! Nobody wants to SERVICE any more! And I can't even find a Customer Service Number!
    One Monday, 1/25, right after the NFC championship I ordered a Cam Newton Super Bowl bound jersey for my son, and I paid extra for expedited shipping. Guess what? It didn't ship until today, 2/4 and says it won't arrive until next week -- after the Super Bowl. My son has been asking about this jersey all week. It's lame that the NFL would promote a Super Bowl product then ship it late. I called customer service, was on hold for 20 minutes, and then got a rude person who told me it was my fault for not getting FedEx overnight and that the NFL got a lot of orders this year. Really disappointing. The NFL should not promote Super Bowl branded gear if they are not prepared to fulfill orders. Either have the jersey in stock or not -- but don't take a customer's money and then not follow thru. I wouldn't care except it's for my kid.
    I placed an order for a Broncos Manning t-shirt on Monday. The item said "this item ships WITHIN 2 business days". So, it's Monday, right? Should ship by Wednesday, and if I pay $15.95 for expedited 2 day delivery, it should arrive to me Friday and no later than Saturday. Right? WRONG!!! I received notice that my item shipped today, yet when I pull up the tracking info, it says it shipped "ground" and is set to arrive Monday. I contact customer support online, she was unable to contact the shipping company because she says she is chat only and has no access to a phone, but if I'd like to contact customer service directly, she gave me their number. She did however say that she would refund me my shipping costs, so I did take that. I also told her that I would not have ordered this shirt ($60 for a t-shirt!!!) if I was not going to be able to wear it for Super Bowl. She tells me that I will be able to return it for a refund if it arrives to me too late. I now call customer service. This guy says that the day I ordered it does not count as business day and the shipping label was created today, but it did not ship today and does not count towards a shipping day. He also said that Saturday is not included as a shipping day, so technically, if my order officially ships tomorrow, then Monday will be the 2 day delivery day. This company uses LaserShip to ship it's orders. Have you ever heard of this company? I haven't! Every other delivery and shipping service I know of (UPS, USPS & Fed-Ex) all count Saturday and sometimes even Sunday as a delivery business day. Why would I assume that would not be included??? He also told me that since I customized my shirt to a Manning shirt, that it was nonrefundable, nonreturnable. He gave me a $10 credit on my account to go towards my next order. So now, I have paid $60 for a t-shirt that appeared to get delivered within 4 days based on their website verbage, but in reality will get to me 8 days later. I also have a $10 credit towards an order that I will never ever place in the future. They don't show anywhere that they use this so-called LaserShip shipping company and if you google the company, it has HORRIBLE reviews. I will personally never order from this deceptive site again.
    I wished I'd looked into all of this prior to purchasing a Conference shirt. I doubt I'll see it before the Super Bowl, altho the rep said it would ship before Friday (it is Wednesday). When I asked her for a tracking number she was all 'oh it's still processing so I don't have that information'. If it's still being processed, how am I going to get it in 2 days???? Color me chump.
    I ordered 2 different jerseys - got 2 of the same jersey. Wrote customer service and 3 weeks later no response. Wrote them 2 weeks ago - no response. Decided to keep both jerseys and ordered another on 2 weeks ago and received fake tracking info - and no jersey. Wrote them twice and no response. Zero customer service. This company takes your money and doesn't fulfill the order. Wish I could rate it zero stars. UPDATE: While I still have never received any response from this company after numerous requests, I do have tracking information...finally. It seems that over a month after ordering one shirt, I will be receiving it. It's supposed to be leaving Chicago today so I'll get it some time this week. I thought that ordering it a month before the Super Bowl would have been plenty of tine. I suggest you provide at least 2 months to get a jersey from this company...if you dare order from them. Update: Just got the jersey. It wasn't the one I ordered. I even left a remark on the website about getting the right jersey. I'd tell them about it, but it wouldn't do any good. IT's a ripoff site.
    I ordered a Browns Jersey in December, after waiting and waiting to receive my item, I was told it had arrived in Australia (where I reside) but was returning to the sender and was for some unknown reason not able to be delivered to my location.. I called up NFL shop 2 times, and was told the first time once the item is returned to them I'll get an email notifying me and I can get a refund.. Nothing happened, I called them again about 3-4 days ago and was told the operator has issued a refund ticket for me and I would get an email about this is in 24-48 hours that my refund is being processed... The email said that the jersey has to return to them first but I was told on the phone that would not be the case since it is most likely a lost item.. I am long past my interest for the jersey, for all I know it is lost... I would just like a refund for my product...
    Ordered a jersey and was provided a tracking number but the number seems to be fake. When I asked for an update on tracking they provided info from Dec 2015 which is before I even ordered the jersey.
    Same as the other hundreds of complaints. Ordered 2 items, one sent one probably not but both charged to me. The one we never received was addressed to the town only - they left out the house number and street and then insisted it was delivered. The other was returned, tracked and signed for by them but NO refund issued because they say they cannot find the tracking. TOTAL SCAM. See the hundreds of complaints on and here. Also the Facebook page is buried in complaints daily. The just roll along denying responsibility and posting nonsense that they want to be helpful while all along ignoring their incompetence. WILL NEVER ORDER FROM THEM AGAIN & WILL CONTINUE TO TELL EVERYONE I CAN TO AVOID THEM.
    First of all I should of known $34.99 jerseys were too good to be true. I ordered 2 jerseys 12/3. Never got an email for a receipt. I tried contacting customer service. Never heard anything. I get an email stating one jersey is out of stock. I pick a new one. Apparently they don't understand English or something. Cause they were having a hard time understanding which one I wanted as a replacement. So, I email them and telling them I wanted a refund. The lady emailing said it's going to be a 10% service charge. I explain to her that their website says if I'm not satisfied I get a full refund. Then on 12/17 I get an email from her saying she had to fight with her boss to get my refund. But I should have it in 7-15 days. Here it is 1/19/16. And I still have no refund. So anyone thinking of ordering from this site.. DON'T DO IT! You'll save yourself in the long run.
    Customer service is non-existent at Most of the employees have less than a high school education. "Customer Service" function is to get rid of any customers who complain or try to return merchandise.
    I sent my return back on 12/26 its not almost a month later and still nothing no email no call no nothing. Why any I get a refund for something u guys shipped damaged. I dont recommend anyone shopping here . This was my first and last time
    Received a hoodie as a gift for Christmas. It was too small so I sent it back and marked the box that said "Return Gift" It says if you received item as a gift please provide YOUR name, email address, and phone number. Your return will be processed as a merchandise credit for use on future purchases from us. It has been 20 days since it was delivered to them and have not rec'd email or call. I did online chat which was no help so I called. I was told that unfortunately they do not give credit and refunded the money to the original buyer. I asked why they even have return gift as an option. I was told that since I used my name instead of the buyer's name, they had to refund the buyer. Even though it clearly reads If YOU received this item as a gift, please provide YOUR name! Thanks for nothing NFL Shop! Looks like you have yet another UN-satisfied customer!
    Ordered on 30th November 2015 still not heard anything!!! I have sent numerous emails to the customer support and complaints page! Where is my order??? 8311/301115/48
    It been over 2 weeks and I'm still waiting on my refund. Firstly they don't pay for shipping when I purchased the item, secondly, they don't so prepaid shipping for international customer. I paid a little extra and registered my shipment for returned. Received an email from Canada post over a week ago that the warehouse has received my package. Yet, still no update, no confirmation for a refund. I was really wanting to replace the jersey I purchased for another size, but now I think I will just purchase elsewhere. Consumers beware! There's are many other places that will pay for shipping and returns are hassle free! I am an un satisfied customer and will never shop on this website again. The wait time for a refund is absolutely ridiculous!
    Same story as everyone else. Ordered December 1st. Not heard anything since despite emailing. Also been informed from several people that I shouldn't expect to receive my item and if I do it will be horrible quality. So upset this has happened as I used all my money on what I hoped was going to be a magical Christmas present.
    I also wish I had read reviews about this site before placing an order for a Christmas gift. I placed an order on the 10th of December and have still not received my order. I have tried ringing and emailing customer services multiple times but not once has anyone gotten back to me. They have no trouble taking peoples money but cannot seem to follow through on their orders! I have made a complaint to my bank and they will open an investigation into what seems to be a fraudulent site.
    I should have read this site before placing an order with the company out of Shanghai. Placed my order, money was transferred but no confirmation e-mail and no responses to multiple e-mails regarding this order. Do yourself a favor and avoid this website like the plague! This is straight from their website--what a joke! 11. Why do you charge my card more than your product price? We only receive the product price. The extra money may be charged by the blank as the blank fee.Hope you can understand.
    I ordered a Jacksonville Jaguars tee shirt for my son on December 15th, money was taken from my account the same day. No confirmation email was received as the web site indicated it would be. As of today, I have received nothing, nor even responses to emails I have sent them. My login tells me they are processing my order, but nothing. Please don't make the same mistake I did. Will be contacting Trading Standards to ask them to look into this company, to see if I can get my money back.
    Ordered a Seattle Seahawk Thomas Rawls Jersey for my girlfriend on October 15th and the numbers were starting to come off by the end of December. I called Customer Service at NFLshop, and they said they could do nothing for me after the 60 day return policy is up. So just a heads up for all that want custom jersey's made at a rediculace price..... Don't do it. They don't stand by their products with any kind of warrenty pass 60 day's. Mike
    I ordered a toque and it wasn't what I thought it would be. I requested a return. They were helpful however in this day and age most places give you a full refund. I paid to have it shipped to me (12.95 USD) and paid to return it back to them.(18.48 CD) I lost my shipping both ways. I also find it weird that it is in USD and yet I had to return it to Burlington ON Canada. I live in Canada so why couldn't I order and pay for it in CDN. Won't shop there again. If you don't like it or there is something wrong with it you are on the hook for both of the shipping costs.
    Sarah, I have sent you a private message as requested. I would like a response as soon as possible please! You have all information needed to track me within your system, considering you guys have been emailing me for the past week and a half to tell me my item is out of stock and will not ship. You guys are quickly asking to have this issue turned into a social media awareness campaign for NFL Shop; believe me, it will not be a positive campaign that's for sure! A response and a resolution needs to be communicated immediately!! Buyer beware! I can kick myself for not reading the reviews on this site before I ordered a Christmas gift. I received an email that said my jersey had shipped. Two days later I receive a "sorry, the item you ordered is out of stock due to it is popular by our customers. Please make a new choice then we will know how to do with your order". How to do with? Who are these people?? In other emails the rep signs off by saying "Have a nice day. You are the best". These people are so unprofessional. I JUST WANT MY ORDER, LAUREN E, KARMEN, and JOANE. My order number is 3673; I don't want to hear your timeless excuse that the order number does not belong to NFL-Shop like you've told countless people in these reviews. You have no trouble emailing me so I know the order is there. Not to mention you took the money under that order number. I need a resolution to this quickly, LAUREN E, KARMEN, and JOANE!!
    I have ordered from the site on the 17th of Dec well in time from Christmas, but received nothing. On the 29th of December now and the order is still being picked, this website is absolutely useless, you would be quicker making the product yourself from scratch
    Ordered a gift card on December 20. Got a shipping confirm on the 21st. Two customer service reps later still don't have it. Now they are telling me January 6. What happened to 2 to 3 days as promised? It's a gift card! It shouldn't be that hard!
    I've ordered from this website many times for myself with no issues. But I ordered a Redskins cap for my dad for Christmas and it's the 29th and I'm still waiting... My status say delivered but nothing?
    I ordered a jersey on Dec 5, my payment posted on Dec 7, this was supposed to be a Christmas gift but I never received my order. I have sent 3 emails to the address that was given to me and I have not heard anything. I am beginning to think this website is bogus and they are in the business of just taking peoples money.
    I placed an order on Black Friday. After about 2 weeks, I finally received a tracking number. But, that has been a joke. When I entered the tracking number in the tracking link, it tells me the shipment does not exist. After many emails, some nice, some begging, and some ugly, I still do it have a delivery timing for my shipment. Matter a fact, I've received no response at. I have about decided that I should have just tossed my $200 out the car window and I would have been much better off. Is this site for real or just a rip off?
    Everything about the transaction was wrong and misleading - charged more than quoted, told there would be no additional duty or exchange rate add ons....wrong, wrong, wrong. And xl is equal to xxxl in any other brand. And colour is wrong. Return policy/process makes it pointless - throwing good money after bad.
    My son wanted a Gostkowski tshirt - not a jersey - just a tshirt with his name and number. I ordered a Men's medium, which is his usual size. When I opened the package to wrap it, my 12 year old daughter said 'that would fit me!'. For a minute I thought they sent a kids XL, but the label says men's medium. I'll still give it to him since it's Christmas eve and it took 3 weeks to arrive, then my daughter who wears a ladies small will wear it and I'll order another in a much larger size for him. Either that, or I'll just go to Patriots Place and get one from the Pat's pro-shop. It's a bit of a drive and they don't have them online which is why I went with the NFL site instead. Lesson learned!