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    Absolutely appalling company. Run the other way. Shipping is abysmal and the product was a cheaply made fake.
    I ordered a Pitsburgh Penguin custom jersey, then I discovered site jabber and decited to check the reviews on ....Holy cow, was in trouble... They had horrific reviews ..... I figured I would never get my purchase.. I made my order on the 5th, the 9th I got a shipping notice and it was delivered on the 13 th .... Mind you this was a custom order... So, Great job Thank you for a great experience
    I've been tracking my order via the LaserShip site. They could have walked to my house and delivered the package in the 10 days it's been sitting in PAULSBORO, NJ US. I admit that I'm used to Amazon delivery, but once something ships I think 14 days (and counting) is ridiculous. At least set the proper expectation!
    Do not ever, EVER, order on Fansedge! They have the worst shipping methods in the world. I ordered 1 SHIRT! A SHIRT!!!!! And its going to take them almost a month to send it to me!!! A MONTH FOR A 35 DOLLAR SHIRT!!! Do not ever use Fansedge they are cheap bastards that just steal your money.
    I needed a gift for a birthday, and fast. The men's basketball team was going to the final two, and wanted hubby to have the tee to wear. Site offered this item and fast. Did not arrive in two or three days but closer to a week. That's okay, we understand ... popular item. BUT, OUR shirt looked as if they'd run out of ink, and the quality of the actual shirt was so poor that we could have worn and washed it for YEARS and it wouldn't have looked this flimsy. Now, price is everything. FOR $36.00 with sh/h get that, right? WORSE: they ask $5.50 return fee. So they don't LOSE anything by having this poor quality item, or loss of Birthday Present time...WOULD NEVER USE THEM AGAIN. MUCH better businesses out there.
    Do not trust their shipping promotions. They use the cheapest methods to ship products and never deliver on time. Again, this site is not accurate on order times and calling customer service is a waste of time.
    I ordered a product from here saying it would take 7-10 business days to revive it. I even got a confirmation email saying it was shipped and that it would be here in the 7-10 days as stated as above. When I contacted them they just kept telling me when it would be here and that wasn't the problem, the problem was I orderd it and didn't get it when I was suppose too so I couldn't use it for what I needed it for.
    Called customer service to see if my order was ever going to arrive. Then asked why I only received $5.20 discount on a $80.00 order when I used a 20% off coupon. They could not tell me. probably will not use this website again.
    i am going to my first NHL game next week, so last night i decided to rush order a team shirt for myself. i paid extra to get it rush shipped. until i received the order email, their website says NOTHING about the shirt being a "custom order." the shirt i ordered does not have my name on it, and their website also does not tell you that it takes 3 days for them to make the shirt, and THEN they will ship it out to you. i paid extra for rush shipping for a shirt that i won't get in time to wear to the game. today (less than 16 hours after i placed the order), when i checked my email, i saw in the email confirmation the "3 day processing." so i used their customer chat to ask what the ship date would be, which was useless. the customer service person i spoke to had no idea what she was talking about. i kept asking, will my item ship on ____ (date), and it was almost as if she were copy and pasting answers that were completely not answering my simple question. so, i disconnected with their chat and called the 1-800 number to see if they can cancel my order. they said that they would have to put in a ticket, and someone would get back to me in 1-2 business days with an answer about a resolution. the woman on the phone put me on hold three times in order to create this ticket, and she was incredibly rude, treating me as if i were a child, and talking over me the entire time. "ma'am, it is clearly written on the item's website," when, NO, it most definitely is not. i would not have wasted time ordering anything from them had i seen this site first. be forewarned - this company uses deceitful business practices. i plan on disputing the credit card charge if they do not cancel my order, as the information i received before placing the order did NOT say the item had to be custom ordered.
    Don't but anything here.. the product will be ecpensive but will be cheap quality. so the product will break after 31 days and then they tell you they can't do anything about it because there return policy is only 30 days. Yeah I can read your return policy online. Doesn't come with any warranty, and customer service can't do anything to help . Don't buy anything from here ever.
    Used them back in 2011 and had a major issue with my order not coming in time. Stopped using them for a long time, however I took another chance recently and ordered my boyfriend a custom soccer jersey for his birthday. Never recieved a confirmation or tracking number, but they processed the payment immediately. Order never arrived, called their customer service number only to be told that it's near impossible to find order info when you use the "guest account" feature and to wait it out. When I told him it wasn't an option to "wait it out". Was promised they would reach out within 3 days with an update. Never heard from them. Did the chat feature, was told to call the number. Called the number to be told I haven't used them since 2011 (for good reason) and that they didn't have my order. Had to basically demand the rep to keep searching for the order. When they finally found my order after being on hold for several minutes and being told they have no record of me placing an order, we found it. Turns out I had spelled my email wrong/used an email that I recently deleted -totally my fault I will admit. However, the representative when she realized it was my error was a total $#*! for the remainder of the interaction asking me if I knew where my mailbox was and if I had checked it before calling (the answer is yes to both). I'll admit to my error, but for the lack of follow up and the fact that I had to reach out 3 times, and rude customer service-- I'll keep using fanatics.
    Just received two SB50 shirts. Material is paper thin. Sizing is off by at least 1 maybe 2 sizes. Our daughter washed the product with all good intentions. I wasn't able to try them on before her good deed. I now have shirts I've been waiting 17 years for and can't even wear them. BUYER BEWARE. As an update : I was contacted by a Fans Edge customer rep within a few hours of my post. They were extremely cooperative and helped in returning the purchased items. Your site is really a good sounding board for customer complaints. Great job!! I would also like to thank Lauren at Fans Edges for her assistance in this matter. Excellent outcome!!!
    Ordered a Liverpool tracksuit for my daughter for xmas I washed it how stated and it fell apart emailed them over 15 times to get no help or reply or anything their customer service skills are disgusting
    I had never ordered off this site before however I really wanted a Washington Nationals jersey. I ordered one from this site and the first thing I noticed is that it took almost a week to get to me and not a day like it had said on the site. The next thing I noticed that I thought was weird was that the paper they gave me with my item, did not show any type of information about how much I paid. The only thing on the paper was the item number. A couple days later I was alerted by my bank of fraudulent activities on my account and found out that my account had been wiped clean. I know it has to have been this website because as I said I had never ordered from here before and never had a problem with my account until I did. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS WEBSITE !!! Whoever runs it, is stealing people's credit card information.
    My 3 day shipping took 1 month and a half. Ordered a personalized jersey a month early as a gift . Got it weeks after the birthday . They did offer 10.00 off my next order. That sucks considering ill ever shop there again. Drive to the stadium it will save time and money! Check the Facebook most orders are like this.
    Ordered a custom t-shirt for a dear friends surprise birthday party. He is a die hard TB Lightning fan and everyone's gifts were built around this custom shirt. Couldn't wait to receive this and when I did, the quality was so poor I am embarrassed to give this as a gift. The letters are pressed on and already peeling around the edges, what will happen when it is washed. Emailed customer service and they agreed to remake and ship overnight for me. When I checked on it today as I need it by Wednesday it will not ship until Wednesday but will ship overnight? So frustrated! Quality of product and service very poor. Would never use again or refer business to them.
    I have sent emails trying to get some help any help.This was going to be a Valentines gift for my wife. I was just looking for some confirmation. Save your money!
    Ordered Valentines gifts for son and husband on Tuesday. Paid for overnight night shipping , which wasn't cheap. Just checked my tracking because it is not here yet and it states that it won't be here until the end of the day Tuesday. Well, I guess no gifts on Valentines. Ugghhh. I should have read all the terrible review. There is no where on the website for customer service numbers, which is ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is no where for an email. I don't want to live chat or tweet my problem. Horrible. I will make sure to tell all my friends not to order from this site. Now I have to run out and try for plan B. And yes I am returning these items so they can't have my money and I expect my shipping money to be refunded because according to their website that regular shipping should have been free.
    I ordered 2 alabama shirts on 1-2-16 and it is 2-6-16 and have not recieved them i call them and they say they lost them but they didnt have a problem taking my money then they tell me that they have sold out of ine the shirts i ordered i buy a ton of shirts every yr and i will never order anything from fansedge even if they are the only ones who have it i would wait worst experience ever
    I placed an order on 1/29/16 for some items. They immediately took the money out of my account for payment. I shop online all the time and any legit business never charges the customer until shipment is made. The website said they would be shipped no later than 2/2/16. Here it is 2/5/16 and no merchandise and no notification of shipment. Called to cancel and get my money back and was informed it will be next week until it is processed. So much for having the items I wanted for our Super Bowl Party. Very poor company to do business with. Do yourself a favor and buy from another sports company online! Never use this company!!!
    I placed my first order on FanEdge for a pair of Way Of Wades as a Valentines gift for my boyfriend and it was a huge mistake. They messed up my order twice and gave me incorrect order status multiple times. I ended up having to cancel and order from a different company. I will never order from them again my first order; 21-14071-2154154763 my second order; 21-12815-2154198415
    I ordered nfl salute to service hoodie and I got three weeks later an after market bad quality patch hoodie nothing like the onfield hoodie. I wanted to return item they said it would cost half of what I paid for it. There is no contact except through e-mail and that takes a day to get a response from or you get no response at all. I never got my refund and I am stuck with this cheap hoodie. Beware.
    I order eight Jeremy Lin clearance items from FansEdge online and one of the T-shirts that I received was a Carmello Anthony instead of Jeremy Lin. And like most Jeremy Lin fans, Carmello Anthony is next to Kobe in terms of most disliked NBA players so I don't care to have anything to do with that shirt. Mistakes happen so I called Fansedge about the issue. The gentleman who answered was very polite, apologetic and made things right. I am very pleased with the purchase and have nothing but good things to say about their customer service. Thank you FansEdge for the great deal and excellent customer service. This was my first purchase and now I am a fan. Cheers!
    Update to this review - after several emails and posting a bad review to sitejabber, FansEdge credited me for my order - thank you and great job!!!! I placed another order with them for the same item. My order shipped but was never received. I worked with FedEx to find the package for several weeks after Christmas with no luck. Was told by FansEdge that they won't help because it was 30 days past the date I ordered. Nowhere does it state that policy in any correspondence I received about my order. All other merchants I have ever ordered from make the customer whole. The hat was only $15 - that's all it would take to make a happy customer.
    I ordered a pair of slipper for my son on 11/12 for his birthday at the end of November. When I saw my son again on /15 he gave me the slippers back because the stitching on top was falling apart. I started contacting Fans Edge on 1/18 to ask for an exchange via email, live chat twice, then on the phone. Very bad customer service. They will not replace the item or refund the money because it is over 30 days. I guess slippers are not suppose to last more than 2 months. They feel that giving me a $10.00 credit on my account with an additional credit of $10.00 so I can order the slippers again and will only cost me $9.95 plus shipping should suffice. Why would I want order anything from them!!!!! Plus on the phone conversation they hung up on me. Not very good in the customer service department. One very unhappy consumer!!!! Will never order another thing from them especially when their items only have last 30 days from your order date.
    I ordered several items from them, none were customized they were standard sizing and issue. Upon receiving them 3 of items were to small for my daughter. Called customer service, got instructions for returning the items. Rebought the shirts and had them sent to her at college. Three weeks later I received an email stating the return was over 365 days and couldn't be credited. I called and proved not it was within the 30 days - then I was told one of the shirts (the most expensive) was customized and would not be refunded. After I originally called and got verification that could return the items. When I called customer service again I received attitude and was told this item had been donated to charity. Why would I have returned it after calling if it was going to get donated? And if it was donated where is my tax receipt? They also weren't "able" to tell me what charity. The exact same shirt that is supposedly customized is available on Amazon for prime delivery! NOT so customized!
    Order one jersey, the did not ship, did not charge me, did not reply to any of my emails, same thing happend to one of my friend, stay away from these losers
    Ordered my Jersey Thursday night, was shipped monday morning, Arrived Friday afternoon after some FedEX/USPS delay. Great quality shirt. Love it! After reading most of the revieuws here, i got a bit worried about the shipment time. People need to considere the time that they order, 1 week before christmas is primetime for companies and may thus lead to delays. I'm 100% satisfied about the product and delivery time
    I ordered a Houston Cougars women's strong slim fit shirt size medium for my mom (order number 2224515), a Houston Cougars baseball cap for my sister (1669410), and a Peach Bowl shirt for my dad on 12/12/15 for Christmas and I didn't receive any type of email that the first two items were shipped or any tracking number until I emailed them on 12/20/15 when they told me that they would deliver it by 12/24/15. I finally got it at 8PM on the 24th but unfortunately the Cougars shirt did not fit my mom. I proceeded to return the shirt with their easy pack label (I got free shipping because I spent over $40 and they were having a free shipping promotion on orders over $40). I have been tracking the shirt online and have even visited my local post office and it has not even gotten there yet, after 18 days. My post office has told me that the label provided does not provide for quick shipping and has said it might take 30 to 60 days. In the meantime I ordered the same shirt of a larger size. For this order I got an email that for any return, if the easy shipping label is used, $5.50 will be taken from the return. I was really surprised (again) because I NEVER received any type of email like this for my shirt the first time I ordered it. I even have called customer service 3 times and all 3 times I was assured of a FULL return and none of the associates told me about the $5.50 fee. The return still has not been delivered and now, based on some of these reviews, I'm worried that I'll have problems getting my refund despite their 365 day return... It seems like I am getting one unfortunate surprise after another. For all this trouble I should have known not to reorder the shirt but I wanted my mom to have the correct size. Very disappointed and I'm not sure what to expect in the end.
    I ordered a 2004 David Ortiz autographed baseball with the inscription Reverse the Curse on it. To Fansedge's credit, the item did arrive in a timely manner.. However, the inscription was difficult to read, so I called customer service, explained the situation and was told they would send out a replacement and for me to return the item using the instructions in the package. I returned the item and then the problems began. I started receiving emails indicating I needed to take a picture of the item. This was after the item was already returned. Attempts to communicate with those sending these emails was somewhat fruitless. They could not answer any questions re: the status of the baseball that was supposed to be getting shipped to me and had no information regarding the conversation I had on the phone. Finally, I received some confirmation that something was being sent to me. When we received it and opened it up, it was not the baseball, it was some framed football collage. So then I spent another hour of my time contacting customer service again. They indicated it would take weeks for them to validate whether they had received the baseball I had sent back. In addition, they indicated they had no more baseballs. They had no information regarding why a football collage had been sent to me. After 20 minutes, they finally committed to reassuring me I would receive a prepaid return label for the football collage and that I would receive an update via email by the end of the week regarding the status of new baseballs that became available. I have not received either of those. What I have received since then are more emails asking for pictures. I don't think I have ever had such a horrific and time consuming experience. I'm not sure how I could justify ever shopping with this company again.
    I ordered a shirt for a game with two day shipping to make sure that I received it before the game! When I got my confirmation number & looked up my shipment, it said that it wouldn't be delivered for a week!! I was so angry, I called customer service & they said that they couldn't do anything to help me! & I should just return it. I'm returning my product as soon as I receive it & never shopping with this website again!!! Horrible service & such an inconvenience for me.
    I really hope that folks check this sites reviews PRIOR to ordering from FansEdge! As most people do, I began shopping for Christmas gifts in November. On November 26th, 2015 I found a great Seahawks Neon Lamp that my god son would LOVE! So I purchased it for his Christmas gift. Upon opening the lamp, his mother noticed the light wouldn't come on, she had to move the lamp around a couple times, then the light came on. A week after Christmas, the lamp went out altogether. I inquired with FansEdge for a replacement, all I wanted is what I paid for. They said it was past the 30 day policy for returns.....REALLY! It was a Christmas gift so, it wasn't even opened or given to him until December 25th! That's not even possible! I was offered a small store credit. Absolutely ABSURD resolution! Why would I want to spend even MORE $$$ on a product through a company that wont even take care of its customers! I will write on as many of these online sites as I can find and tell EVERY person I know NOT to purchase from FansEdge. I have 2 children very active in the community in track, soccer, softball, and basketball. I will let every coach, player and league official know to stay away from FansEdge.
    So impressed by FansEdge, especially after seeing all of these negative reviews! I ordered several things from here about a week before Christmas and had an amazing experience. I got a shipping confirmation just TWO HOURS after placing my order and got my neat package well in time for the Christmas Eve! Definitely recommend them for all of your sports apparel needs :)
    Placed an order on 12/18/2015 with standard shipping which guaranteed that I would receive the order on or before 12/24/2015. I never received an order confirmation and I never received the order so I called customer service on 12/30 or 12/31 and was told that it must have gotten lost and they will reship the order within a day or two and I will receive a confirmation for the new order. Still haven't received anything as of today (1/4/2016) so I am on the phone again only to be told that the order shipped but was returned to the warehouse and then she told me that it looks like the order was never actually shipped at all. I called back again and spoke to a different representative and was told that the order never shipped because the items were out of stock so my money was refunded on 12/30. So which story is true??? These were supposed to be Christmas gifts and guess who looked like the idiot on Christmas day when someone didn't have anything to sure wasn't anyone from FansEdge.. You people didn't even have the decency to let me know that the items were supposedly "Out of Stock" so that I could order something else. When I placed the order your website said that the items were "In Stock" so maybe someone needs to update their software!!! I was offered a $10 credit for a future purchase which is a nice gesture but after reading other bad reviews some customers were offered more than $10. So Sara B. my expectations were far from exceeded and I will not be back so apparently you guys haven't done your job!!!
    I ordered a T-shirt for a basketball game I was going to on 12/30/15. I placed the order on 12/26/15 and payed for 2 day shipping. I got an email confirmation saying my order shipped on 12/28/15. So it should have been here 12/30 just in time for the game and it didn't come in time! I was really upset I needed it for the game and when I called they told me it wasn't going to come in until the next day! Now I'm returning the items and hopefully I get a refund. Let's see how this goes.
    Returned 4 shirts and a pair of earrings on 12/15/15 via UPS (tracking number 1z0115580310178917) out of my own pocket. After receiving an email only crediting me for one shirt, I called customer service & spoke with someone saying they haven't got to the total refund YET! As of today and back and forth emails, no refunds for merchandise!!! This company is a scam, with its "365 day return service". Stay away unless you want to spend $$ on legal fees to get your money back. Total BS outfit!!!
    I bought a few birthday presents and one Christmas present at the end of September because the items were on sale. I did not look at the Christmas present until it was time to wrap and upon opening I found that part of the logo was damaged. I called customer service to return the item and low and behold their "365 day Hassle Free Return Policy" does NOT apply to damaged items. You have 30 DAYS to return those. Does it say this anywhere on the return slip? NO. I should have inspected the items right when I received them so part of this is definitely my fault, however, I would think the company would like to keep their customers satisfied. I suggested they make it clear how many days you have to receive a refund for EVERY return reason on the return slip. I have purchased from them many times, but was disappointed with this encounter.
    I ordered two shirts on December 17th that were intended to be Christmas presents for my brother and father. The t-shirts were from their alma mater. Two shirts arrived on Christmas Eve, but they were from the wrong school. I double-checked my receipt, and I had ordered the correct shirts. I called customer service on December 24th and explained the situation. They apologized for the inconvenience and put in another order. By this point, though, there was no way I would have the t-shirts by Christmas. The second order arrived today, December 30th. Once again, they sent the wrong t-shirts (from the same incorrect school as before)! I called again and simply cancelled the order this time. I told the customer service rep that I'm pretty sure the shirts are cataloged incorrectly in the system. The description above the bar code on the outside of the bag is correct, but the bag's contents are incorrect. It should be the company's responsibility to catalog the merchandise correctly. I have been inconvenienced in several ways. First, I did not have a present for my brother to open on Christmas. Second, between the two calls, I had to spend over 20 minutes on the phone with customer service trying to fix the situation. Third, I am responsible for mailing the shirts back. Even though the package comes with a label, it requires me to make a trip to the post office that I would not have made otherwise. That's another 20 minutes of my time. Now I'm back to square one and have to find new presents. I will never buy from FansEdge again.
    Was looking for some Winter Classic items (jersey and plaque). On Saturday, December 19th I went to the website and purchased the items. I even paid for 2 Day shipping. On Tuesday and Wednesday (December 22nd and 23rd) I called as I did not receive any e-mail about shipping. I was told the jersey would not get here by Christmas Eve so I cancelled. I was told the plaque shipped and would receive it by Christmas Eve. I got it yesterday (December 28th). Hard to put under the tree when you get it 3 days late. I was getting e-mails from FansEdge up to December 23rd saying that you could still order in time for Christmas. Honestly, I have just read all these reviews but wished I did before I ordered. I don't think I will ever buy from them again. Anyone who reads this should be aware and read ALL the reviews. There are a few who have had a positive experience but the majority have found it very disappointing.
    So I purchased my fiance a jersey he really wanted. Their site had advertised order by 12/22 and it will be there by 12/24. I ordered within this time frame. On 12/23 I tracked the package with Fedex and noticed it had a delivery date of 12/28. I called Fansedge and asked why it wouldn't be here in time. The guy assured me it would be there by the 24th and if not I would get my money back. Well what would you know it didn't get delivered until the 28th. Too late for Christmas and this was my big gift to my #1 guy. I called customer service and the guy advised I wasn't eligible to get my money back. Tried to tell me their deal was order by 12/20 and it was guaranteed by 12/24. Well unfortunately I do not have a screen shot of their deal so I can't really fight it. I will not be ordering anything from this company again. I was given a promise when I ordered it, and then again when I called about the tracking number and it didn't arrive on time and the wouldn't refund my money. What a crappy company to not stand by their promises.
    I was told that if I did not receive my package before Christmas Eve, money back guarantee! I called on Christmas Eve day and made sure that my package would be delivered and I was told yes of course! Unfortunately, my package was not received until Dec 26, a day after Christmas and when I called in, I was told unfortunately I would only get part of my money back!!!! So wrong, I specifically ordered from their site because they guaranteed my package in time to put it under the tree. Then come to find out I won't even be reimbursed... Wrong. Bad business and terrible ethics.
    I placed an order on 12-20 and paid for 2nd day delivery. Did not receive an Order confirmation so I followed up with Fans Edge Customer Support who assured me that even though I did not Receive confirmation, the order has shipped and would arrive on or before 12-24. Of course, the order did not arrive. The Fans Edge Customer Service Rep told me it was an issue with their carrier Laser Ship but how can Laser Ship ship what they don't have or never received from Fans Edge? Received order on the 29th just in time for next X Mas!
    Received a defective jersey. They asked me to send it back to them with a tracking number. It cost $50 to send it back. They still have not refunded me!
    Ordered 2 jerseys cost me over $100 chose 2 day shipping, I ordered it on Tuesday at 7am, it said it was going to be here before or on the 24th. My merchandise never came.
    Ordered a Christmas gift, received a tracking number, estimated delivery date 12/24. I tracked my package at 5 pm 12/24 and the courier's site says they never received the parcel from the shipper. Contacted customer service and still waiting for a response. Totally unacceptable and I will NEVER order from this company again.
    I previously wrote a review of FansEdge about Christmas items not arriving on time and the rep who responded on this website was very helpful. Once my order arrived, I did end up sending one item back; however, I am confused as to why I was credited back less than the cost of the item and the $5.50 shipping charge. I've asked twice now for an explanation (by emailing customer service) from the website and still have not gotten a response.
    This was the first time I've used this site and never again will I use them. I made an order with this site on 12/18/15, with guaranteed delivery before Christmas. Here it is 12/24/15 and my item was not delivered. Not only am I extremely dissatisfied but now my family member does not have a gift to open. Unacceptable business practice to give a promise like that to your customers then not fulfill it.
    I've ordered a lot of stuff from these people and I've always been happy. The quality is good and they have great sales. A lot of the team stuff from different websites is all actually shipped out of the same location, so bouncing around sites is really a waste of your time.
    We ordered youth SMALL hoodies on the Black Friday sale. We received youth LARGE. Customer service said they would expedite replacements with the correct size. They didn't expedite shipping. Now, two days before Christmas we finally receive the wrong size...AGAIN. FansEdge policy dictates they won't reship again. Not that we want that anyway. Now we get the displeasure of going out on Christmas Eve to get gifts to replace what we ordered a month ago from FansEdge. We will not make the same mistake of buying from FansEdge again.
    I ordered a Baltimore Ravens Jersey from this website for my boyfriend for Christmas. I was so excited to find it on this website on cyber Monday because of the discount and it was reasonably priced (about $100) with free shipping. I placed this order 12 DAYS AGO. It has been at the "fed ex" location in my hometown for 3 days. The delivery date has been changed 3 times and it supposedly is arriving by the end of the day today. We'll see. I'm extremely disappointed with the customer service as well as the BS shipping promises. This was a big Christmas gift ! So upset!