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  • Description:Marks & Spencer is a British retailer, headquartered in London, at present in the world over with about 760 stores in 30 countries, including Hongkong. Marks & Spencer is one of the chain stores the most representative of the British, to 2007 March, with 520 branches in the UK, also Britain's largest clothing retailer. Marks & Spencer for selling high quality fashion, the acclaimed food and fashionable Home Furnishing activities by people of the world know and love.
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    If you like dead flowers then this is the place to go. My lovely family ordered flowers for me from M&S for Mothers Day. They arrived by courier this morning. I think they're lilies, but it's hard to tell. They were in a box with a plastic bag over the flowers. The stems were very dry and the leaves and flowers were dead. Some plant food was enclosed, but it would take more than plant food to revive these specimens. I have contacted M&S, but as yet have not received a reply.
    Placed 2nd order yesterday received conformation order shipped this morning express shipping AUD$5 or free shipping if order over $55, last order arrived within 5 days. Service great. Up date on order it arrived today that's 4days from order to delivery in Australia. Clothes are shown in picture and fit well really, very impressed. I will be ordering a lot more from M&S.
    One of my favorite online stores. Very nice customer support. I buy here already more than 2 years. Sufficiently large selection of goods for all family members. The quality of most things, too, is excellent.
    I visited the M&S website to order chocolates for a friend as a gift, the website interface was so nice and clean, very easy to use too...I was majorly intrigued by the option of being able to hide the price on my item(because it was meant to be a gift), adding a message to the order and being able to select the exact delivery date I wanted...maybe some other websites have this but I hardly even see was awesome
    Whenever I go out to buy some clothes, Marks & Spencer is always on my list. I've even bought clothes for my kids from there.
    You get exactly what you pay for; very high quality clothing and a nice site to boot.
    I bought 5 pairs of ladies trousers. They were all fit well, we're well put together and of quality fabric. They are all exactly as pictured. The buying process was very easy, delivery from UK to Australia was within the estimated time and delivery was also free because my order exceeded £30. Only negative is that there isn't a currency converter at checkout, but this isn't a deal breaker for me.
    I find this to be the best online shopping experience on the web. Every year I order all my business clothes, and some casual as well, from this department store. The sizes are standardised, which mean that once you know your measurements, every item in their shop fits in the same way. Also, the quality is excellent and the prices very cheap as compared to Australia (Recently I bought a pair of woollen trousers, made in England, for about $40 - the same item in Australia is $300 at Myer or David Jones [similar quality department stores]). Shipping is free to Australia if you order over a certain price, and the best part about this service is if you need something quickly it gets here within the week. All items are packed beautifully, even including wooden hangers and suit bags for some items. Their website is great, because it not only shows multiple views of the clothes, but also there is a video of a model wearing them, which means you get to have an idea about how the fabric moves when you walk (important when purchasing skirts, for example, and also you can see the fit of the trousers). In addition, the quality is so good the clothes last 'years', and because they are mostly classic styles it is appropriate to continue to wear them [e.g. I find it good to have a new 'look' each year, but after 3 years of not wearing a set of clothes, then you can bring them back and people have forgotten!]
    I applaud Marks & Spencer for their vast selection in-store in the UK. it's too bad that a lot of the stuff they have available in-store just isn't available online. so far I've ordered a handful of times from them online and their merchandise is of exceptional quality. my fave item thus far is their genuine leather duffel travel bag...such a classic staple. however, I knocked a couple stars off cuz they used to ship to Canada for free for orders over $30+...but they no longer offer this now.
    M&S an institution or in an institution! Marks and Spencers was once called an institution but now more of in an institution, a true shame that they seem so lost.   On a recent internet expedition into the depths of Marks and Spencers I ordered some hi-ball glasses. These glasses cost £7.50 for four. At a later visit to Asda I came across the exact same glasses for £2.40 for four, you should have shopped around I hear you say. How very true. My point is though, if they continually overcharge customers on their wares, in the end the customer goes elsewhere.   Following on with the same hi-ball glasses, Marks and Spencers asked me to review them. I pressed the link supplied and hey presto, a nearly blank web page stating that "this site is not supported". See what I mean! If they can't link web pages what can they do.   Just a few days ago I had another poor experience with M&S. I wanted to buy a gift card for someone; what card shall I get, I thought! I know (a spark of genius) an M&S one (bad mistake). Chose the card and value, went to the online checkout, got ready to pay; hang on a minute! Delivery charge! Yes they wanted £3.50 to deliver a gift card. I tell you, M&S have definitely lost the proverbial plot, no wonder their market share is going down. COME ON MARKS AND SPENCERS, THINK ABOUT WHAT AND HOW YOU SELL YOUR PRODUCTS ONLINE!!!!!   I really hope they can get there corporate act together, for look whats coming ........................NEXT.