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  • Description:Founded in 1995, is headquartered in Emeryville City, California USA, award America consumer products winning the jumping frog products respectively in six languages in over thirty-five countries worldwide retail. In American, jumping frog has reached as high as seventy-nine percent brand awareness and electronic teaching market sixty-three percent market share. As one of the world's educational products to the leading brand, jumping frog has become a common choice America thirty million family.
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    Leapfrog has the worst customer service ever. They sent me two duds after my son's leappad ultra xdi had a distorted screen. They made me pay shipping to send the last dud back. I will never buy another leapfrog product. Do yourself a favor, buy a Kindle instead. Also, don't pay attention to the reviews on the leapfrog site as they delete any reviews they don't like.
    The leapfrog experience started for us in 2002 when I bought their plug and play gaming system. It was high in price but low in quality, no customer service and no help. Recently I've purchased two more of their products. Both were the leappad 2. The pink one worked just fine straight out of the box but the green one had a cracked screen probably from being mishandled at the warehouse. The crack was internal so we couldn't see it until somebody touched it with a stylus and it broke like ice,underneath the screen. They told me to go to a store to return it but the store wouldn't take it so I had to send photos and details to leappad at which point they sent me a shiping receipt to send it back to them. About three weeks after Christmas the new one showed up, but nobody was playing with it since his sister got one and he "didn't". We called the green one "the grinch" and sold it (having already bought him something else). Customer service was terrible, rude, and acted like everything was my fault. I had to send back the unit so they could "determine" if I qualified fora refund, AND I'm pretty sure I know why it was so cruddy in the first place if they're just upcycling the parts from old sent-back units to create new ones! They're sort of old fashioned anyway since there are so many apps for kids on the computer an diphone now.
    last year I bought all my grandkids the leappad, they can play online with child security they can email gma gpa or their friends. TAKE PICTURES AND VIDEOS they have a blast with these and helps them prepare for kindergarten. better than using you cell phone for games that are questionable
    I bought the leap frog ultra for my 3 yr old there's only 1 game he can play which is art gallery. We have to buy all games and apps i can get better FREE GAMES ON MY CELL PHONE
    Many children have learned many things by leapfrog.
    LeapFrog is good for your kids and not so mind numbing. All of the apps are educational and my kids have learned so much from leapfrog.
    Please spare your children from Ipads, even steve jobs didn't allow his own children to use ipads. They are not meant for kids. I thought I would review this site as an ipad for kids alternative. They are good for your kids and not so mind numbing. All of the apps are educational and my kids have learned so much from leapfrog