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    Dyson sells inferior product and has the absolute worst customer service. Dyson's claim is that their vacuums should last 10 years. However, when I attempted to file an injury claim related to my Dyson vacuum, they basically said too bad, so sad that I would expect my 6-yr old vacuum to actually properly function due to normal wear and tear…and don't bother trying to talk to a service rep. All they say and keep repeating is "no worries". If I could give them less than a 1 star rating, I would. Tip for consumers:That dyson sells junk Products used:Dyson vacuum Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    Dyson customer service is appalling. No refund has been provided after incorrect parts were sent out by Dyson 2 months ago. Every time i call up, the agent is saying something different. Rang about 4 times and whatssaped their Dyson chat as well - no luck. Explained to the agent I would like to make a complaint and he hung up and didn't bother calling back either. This is now being escalated. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I ordered $650 worth of stuff from Dyson and their bargain carrier (GLS) lost the package (they admitted it via email and phone), but Dyson said I need to prove that they lost it by getting verified documentation, even though the package never even arrived in my local area. They refused to open a video file I recorded while talking to GLS, and a forwarded email can be altered to say whatever you want it to say, so they're requesting something that is impossible (short of me getting a notarized document and giving it to them in-person somehow). Their products are good, but pray that you actually take delivery and that you never have an issue with the item, because their bureaucracy trumps doing right by their customers. They're doing all that to hold my $650 for an additional couple weeks and get interest on the money (if they do that with 1,000 orders, it adds up). But if people refuse to do business with them, it will send a strong message, since apparently companies only value money, so that's the only way to hurt them. Note: GLS doesn't have a "we lost the item" selection so they keep putting "delivery rescheduled" but how many weeks would Dyson need to see that before they realized the package won't ever be delivered? Besides, they knew it was lost before I even did, when GLS notified them of the lost package before I was even aware of it Tip for consumers:Avoid Dyson products. They are nice and great looking, but risking ever having to deal with their customer service is NOT worth it. Just look at BBB reviews and others. Products used:None. Never even took delivery because their bargain shipper (GLS) lost the package and despite GLS notifying Dyson and me (in that order), Dyson refuses to make the next step and either ship a replacement or refund me. After 9 days of no replacement being shipped, I requested a refund, since that’s the only card I still held at that point. They also refused to open emails with attachments so I can’t prove to them that GLS told me it was indeed lost, yet Dyson expects me to somehow prove it to them, even though the product never even entered my city and I was not involved in the issue. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    There is hardly an option to talk to someone in the US who can actually solve your problems. The CS are very kind and trying to help - however, they have no access to do it. I purchased a vacuum FIVE times. Every time they confirm my order, and after anywhere between minutes to a day they send a cancellation. I called the credit card company and verified that they're not the culprit. I tried PayPal, as per Dyson's recommendation. I ordered via the website, the chat, the call center - nothing works, apart from seeing five pending charges and spending more than three hours on this stupid purchase:/ Update: finally managed to talk to a manager, who says that the PayPal order is still moving forward, and escalated my case. Will update accordingly. 2nd update: after five attempts and quite many calls, the order was finally delivered. As for the product - I already know I love it! Service Value Shipping Quality
    I placed an order for a vacuum through their website on 2/19/2022, charging me in full the same day. The order got stuck or lost during shipment with UPS, it stopped receiving tracking updates on 3/1/2022 and clearly shows it was not delivered. I called a few times to get Dyson to get the shipment moving, or send out another vacuum but on 3/23/2022 when that failed, I canceled my order. I was told at the time I didn't need to do anything and I would receive a refund within 10 days. I called back on 4/5/2022 after not receiving a refund and was told I need to wait 20 business days from the date of cancelation. I called back on 4/21/2022 when I still haven't received a refund and now I'm told I need to dispute this through UPS. Their customer service is absolutely terrible. They've had my money for over two months now. I never received my order. I do not recommend ordering from them. Service Value Shipping Returns
    I receivedtoday my Dyson replacement remote control and I must say im very satisfied. Got this one at only 29.99 and sf instead of purchasing at Amazon that will cost me 70$ Service Value Shipping Quality
    Faulty product, and an utterly useless support system that treat you appallingly. Bought Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool Formaldehyde (White / Gold) in August 2021, and by the end of February 2022 it had started to make an ear piercing awful whining noise when in AUTO (number 1 fan). I mainly use the machine in AUTO (number 1 fan), so this made the machine unbearable to use because of the noise. I followed all the necessary 'support help' on their website to the letter, to no avail. I tried contacting them by telephone and when I eventually got through I was met with an extremely rude man who repeatedly told me he couldn't hear me. This was odd as I had made/received lots of calls prior to that call with no problems at all. He was becoming increasing aggressive with me, and I became uncomfortable so I ended the call. I unplugged the machine and left it for a few days. When I plugged in it again the whining grinding noise was still there. I didn't want to telephone again after the experience I had with the rude 'support' so my Husband took over. He went through a series of 'plug pulled out/remove filter etc', just the same things they ask you to do on the website support, again to no avail. The phone was held up to the machine, and even without the phone being held up the noise was awful and obvious. The 'support' worker repeatedly told my husband that they did not normally have problems with this unit, so this was all very strange. It took me a minute to find quite a few people online who had the same issue as we had. She told my husband that an engineer would contact us that day to organise a time to sort the issue. We received a voice message a day later telling us that we were to phoned back so that they may do the same checks we had done lots of times previously (turn off on again/remove filter etc) My Husband phoned back and said we had completed these tasks many times to no avail, and we needed someone to come and repair or replace the machine as it is unusable as it stands. She eventually said that an engineer would contact us. This was 3 days ago, and we have heard nothing. I've basically bought a £600 brick that serves no purpose. Tip for consumers:Please check reviews thoroughly before purchasing anything. Products used:Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool™ Formaldehyde (White / Gold) Service Value Returns Quality
    This is my worst customer experience in 67 years. I bought an $800 door stop. Dyson no longer makes parts. Oh wait, they do, no they don't. Every sales rep gives incorrect information and incorrect part numbers. I give them my freaking serial number. How is it that I know more about the product than they do? I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO BUY A PART SINCE APRIL. Each time the rep gives the wrong part number and it arrives and won't work. Today I asked to speak with a sales supervisor. She had me searching for parts on Google. This is the worst customer service ever. MY DOG KNOWS MORE THAN THESE REPS. SHAMEFUL. I see from FB comments that I am in a league of customers that Dyson has screwed. Service Value Shipping Returns
    I bought a new Dyson Hot & Cool Air Purifier which on delivery didn't work at all. I contacted the retailer who was then out of stock and they told me that they had sorted the matter out with Dyson who I was told would exchange it, and all I needed to do was phone them. I then phoned Dyson from work, and after going through everything over approx 15 minutes I was told that I had to carry out some checks on the machine before they could exchange it. I explained that the machine was at home and so I had to phone back. I then phoned Dyson later that afternoon and spent another 10/15 minutes going through everything and then they said they had no stock. I asked when they would get stock in and they said they didn't know. I asked whether it would be a week or so or months and they said they didn't know. I said I was disappointed and could they provide another model for the same price, but they said no. That meant Dyson couldn't help and left me with no alternative but to go back to the retailer who had sold me the defective Dyson item and ask for a refund. I was very disappointed as anybody would if they had bought something new whether it was a car, washing machine or expensive air purifier that doesn't work from day 1, I'd been given the run around and there was no help replacing it. Products used:Don't know yet Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I love the Dyson vacuum product so I gave it a try to order a Dyson hair product on their website. Bad idea. Upon receiving it I found out it does not work for my short hair at all so I immediately requested a return. It took so long to get the return shipping label by email. The shipping label also acted so weird when I tried to print it. It printed backward. It never happened with my Amazon or other website purchase like this. I ended up doing a screenshot to print the label in order to make it work. After they received my return item it is taking now forever to receive my refund. Will never buy another product on Dyson website again. Tip for consumers:Buy Dyson from other retail stores if you like their products. Don't buy from their website directly. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    First, If there was a zero stars review, they would have earned it with flying colors. Trying to figure out what error H2 means on the AM09 fan heater, many emails and phone calls and it is apparently a company secret to either make you throw the old one away, or take it to a service center only to get screwed by their non-friendly, no phone call answering people, and no answering machine. It took over 5 emails and still I get the stupid answer which I stated in my first email that all I need is the meaning of the code H2, and I have done EVERY step they propose, so unplugging it and replunging it, was done days before my first email. However, clearly their online people do not read what the customer writes because they are more intelligent and the customer is stupid enough to pay $700 for a fan/heater, they will be stupid enough to need to be told to unplug and replug or take it to the service center where they will screw you into outrageous repair charges that can only be done in the back so the customer won't know anything. Save your money and try any other brand, it will be an UPGRADE to Dyson's repair series of unprofessional and disrespectful lies and ignorance. Tip for consumers:run away as fast as you can from this company, they are crooks and greedy. Products used:Dyson AM09 multiple units. Service Value Quality
    Customer Service was amazing. We have had several models over the years and each has performed amazing. Customer service has always done more than expected. Cannot say enough about this company. Thank you!
    I can't tell you how much I regret having tried to purchase a Dyson vacuum! I order a Dyson vacuum a week ago and spent $800 on it. I purchased it over their website on the chat. The and the guy promised to deliver it two days ago. Yesterday I call them and they were like ups! We will process your order! I waited and today I receive an email from my office saying that the machine arrived broken! I called again and they promise to send a new one "right away". An hour ago, I receive an email "congrats! Your technology is on its way!" with a tracking number. When I clicked on it, turned out to be the same tracking number for the broken machine so I called then (again) and waited 45 minutes on hold until I was able to talk to someone. The guy said that I might get it in a week or more! What? This place is a disaster! They are mocking the naive clients who attempt to purchase from them! And now I just got another email saying that I need to print a label to "return my machine"! What machine? DON'T BUY DYSON! YOU WILL REGRET IT! Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    Customer service is horrible. I have been trying to get a refund on a battery I shipped back to them in October 2022. It's now January and I still do not have my refund. They sent me a conformation that they received the part, but I was never credited the money to my credit card. I have contacted customer service and did the chat as well. Now they are telling me they have no record of receiving my part even though I received a conformation email from them. They are not even willing to give me a supervisor's email to forward my conformation email to. They are only giving me a generic support email account to forward the email to and what a surprise, no one has contacted me back after 4 days. I did contact the better business bureau and filled a complaint. They rip people off! Tip for consumers:do not buy anything from Dyson! Service Shipping Returns
    I bought a $700 Dyson animal vacuum directly from the company one year and three months ago. The beater bar failed after one year. I took it to the Dyson repair center who said it was unfixable, fill out this ticket and they will send me a new one. I stupidly filled out the ticket and left. After 2 months I contacted Dyson support and they had no record of my ticket. They also have no record of my ever buying the Dyson from them and refused to do anything to help regarding my $700 useless vacuum. Luckily I had registered the vacuum online and was able to request a new beater bar through that service. That was six weeks ago. They are backordered with no ETA. I just bought a new Shark vacuum cleaner which knocks the socks off of the Dyson at half the price. I will never again buy a Dyson and I recommend you do not either. Absolute junk with absolute $#*! customer service. Much better quality products available from other companies Tip for consumers:Avoid like the plague. Do your research, and get a better brand. Dyson is overpriced crap Products used:Dyson vacuum Service Value Shipping Quality
    If you are reading these reviews then one can safely assume that: 1) you were ripped off by Dyson or 2) you are about to buy a Dyson product and was smart enough to research the company ahead of time. If you fall into the 2nd category then I applaud your foresight and due diligence. Approximately 3 months ago my wife and I were excited about buying our first Dyson vacuum (model V8). We placed an order directly with Dyson (mistake #1) and upon receiving the shipment discovered that the magic wand (main handle) was bent and damaged. We immediately contacted Dyson to discover that the company had charged our credit card for 2 more orders of the exact item. At that point there was nothing we could do but wait until receiving the 2 vacuums in order to process a return (because the vacuums were shipped out already). A few days later when we received the 2 vacuums both items were severely damaged and the shipping containers were shredded beyond belief. We had to request Dyson's video support feature (where you call Dyson and they Facetime the call) in order for the company to see what they had sent us. In the meantime the company had shipped us a replacement for the original V8 vacuum that was damaged. By then we were done dealing with this company and when we received the replacement vacuum we decided to send it back and have nothing further to do with Dyson... but that was when our problems began... When we returned the replacement vacuum to Dyson (via a UPS label and dropped off the package at a local UPS receiving center) we discovered a week later that UPS had lost the package. At that point we immediately contacted Dyson to inform them that UPS had admitted to and lost the package. The issue then should have been resolved between Dyson and UPS but we had to wait nearly 2 months before we finally received a refund from Dyson. After more than 20 calls to Dyson's customer service, which was the worst experience ever, and dealing with incompetent staff we had to file a claim with our credit card company in order to get the money refunded. The bottomline is don't make the mistake of buying a Dyson product through the company's website. Instead, consider buying through an intermediary like Costco or Amazon where you can get an immediate response in the event something goes wrong. Seriously consider the number of negative reviews here before you spend you hard earned money through this company. Tip for consumers:Do NOT buy from the Dyson website Products used:Dyson V8 Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    We bought Dayson vacuum with much money from Costco and we are so disappointed at the quality and their service. Recently we found the power of suction is very weak and can not pick up anything on the floor. The product we bought is still under the warranty. So we called them and asked how to solv