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    Outright refused to honor a gift card issued within the last 2 years because they're "under new management". Customer service was atrocious and outright refused to respond when directly asked "Is this card worthless now". Straight-up f*** these people and their completely unprofessional way of treating previous customers after a business acquisition. I will not be purchasing any products through them EVER AGAIN.
    Never ever wrote a review before but this company is pure trash. Expect a month shipping time or for your product to never be shipped because their too stupid to tell you the things been on backorder until last minute.
    I order a $60 SD card with free shipping. 8$ Faster shipping. FIVE days go by. No shipping confirmation email. No tracking #. I send an email upset requesting update. SIX days go by. No shipping confirmation email. No tracking #. And NO reply to my email within 24 hours. I have to HUNT down a # not readily offered on their website. No body answers and i'm sent to a VOICEMAIL. What 800 #s have voicemails?! I would have gotten better service from one of your failing bankrupt stores from the 90's. No wonder everything is in stock at your store! Pure TRASH! Run from this website. RUNNN! Wish I saw these reviews in advance. I wouldn't be surprised if my card shows up a month later and its a fake and sticky like a movie theater floor. I am SO confused!? If I paid the extra 8 dollars I wouldn't be treated like the 3rd class of Titanic sinking below decks with the gate locked?! SO PISSED!
    Great Camera and great price. Everything comes with the camera. Camera is easy to use and takes really good pictures.
    The domain, logo, and phone number were taken over by TigerDirect/Systemax after Circuit City's fall. The new return policies are ridiculous, as some brands of items, mainly major brands, cannot be returned. You're better off shopping elsewhere.
    I am surprised Circuit City in the USA has not closed. They have the WORST service ever. Cheap China products and horrific service make purchases just not worth the headache.
    Dont believe anything in the why buy from us link. I bought a tv, it didnt work Of course they have no contact # for that- then the customer service Rep. Told me that they have no service for non working products- even though I just got it yesterday and gave me a mitsubishi Phone #- that was a computer- In other word they have NO CUSTUMER SUPPORT. You as big a fool as me If you buy from them