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  • Description:The carousel check has been producing high quality personal or business checks for more than 6 years. All of our products we produce in our manufacturing facility in Bridgeview, IL. Check printing company is different from the direct to consumer typical, carousel provides the same low price to our clients, even when they re ordering.
  • Carousel Checks Review

    Ordering checks. Couldn't get any better they are providing great solutions. Thanks
    Found this site on a Google search for checks that have Yorkshire Terriers on them - they had many options and the prices were WAY lower than the bank's and a most of the other online check printers. Their shipping and handling charges were a little much though. The site is easy to navigate and it allows you to re-review the information you typed.
    Truth in advertising not their thing. First tied to order on my phone. After punching in all my info and going to check out a protection ad popup from them trying to sell me Identity thief protection. I looked and looked for a way to close it or decline it. And could not find one. Untill i tried backing out. And I lost everything I typed. After the second time on a computer I finished they gave me a total I paid it, then when I looked at my back low and behold $14.40 handling fee. They never disclosed. They Have lost my Business for good. If you are choosing this company for the price. Forget it. Even if they save you a couple of dollars they should not be rewarded for their business practices. Tip for consumers:Buy somewhere else Products used:Checks Service Shipping
    They advertise a good price, with free shipping. Then after you spend 5 mins filling out all of your personal and banking information, they add a handling charge that is higher the the checks cost. This is wrong and maybe a security risk for everyone dining business with Carousel Checks.
    Have received MANY Promo offers thru Email.and FB adverts. What should habe been $6.99 after Click Bait Ad was $19.99. Okay. Still do able. HOWEVER! Direct after entering g my Bank Info it force closed on that screen! NOT TO BE FOUND AGAIN! Could be a an innocent website issue or not?! POTENTIAL PHISHING SCAM BANKING INFO! I was not able to complete the order but there is a potential that they have my bank info now. BUYER BEWARE! Looks as tho they are paying for the 4* Teviews thru Trust Pilot Tip for consumers:Be aware that Manipulative practices are in play. Prices on Ads are not what you will end up paying. 4× Ad price is what my checkout amounted to. Products used:None, Website GC after entering my directly banking info from a 3rd Party push notification Service Value
    Total Scam. Everything seems fine until the very, very last screen of their over-complex checkout where they slip in a HUGE 'handling' fee - over and above the cost of your order, over and above shipping. If you're a bit too quick to click "submit" you find the cost of your order nearly doubled. What a load of BS! Avoid this pack of scam-monkeys like the plague.
    Added a handling fee they did not tell me about. Said it was free shipping but charged $3.99 for each box of checks. Does not have any cancel order button.