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  • Description:The world's leading provider of domain name registration, since its inception, is committed to the highest quality products, the most preferential prices to serve the public. provides a very comprehensive domain name service, including: domain name registration, domain name transfer, domain name renewal (renewal) and the domain privacy services etc..
  • Review charged us for an extra year ONLY because they had delayed the transfer of a domain past the renewal date. After every one of 4 phone calls, they assured us that they would refund the $48.00 in fees for that extra year we didn't need. Now more than 2 months later, they still haven't refunded the money that promised they would after every one of 4 phone calls to them. It's just the same old game of stall, stall, stall and see if they will go away. In the end, if I ever do get my money back, it'll have cost me way more than $48 in my time. There are plenty of other inexpensive Registrars out there. I'm not here to promote them. I'm just warning you about these guys. They just want your money and they don't care if they give you anything in return.
    About December of 2013 they decided that they didn't want to maintain their very first websites called first step websites so they just "dumped" them with no warning. They are gone. You never got a chance to try to save them, to upgrade them, ...nothing. A lot of folks work was trashed and lost. That's not the kind of website that you want to trust to protect your data but I'm not yet sure that any other such website is any better. seem to be a very big business operating out of the U.S. whilst they do appear to have lots of 'satisfied' customers they also have many who they have hacked off - I'm one of them! Do not sign up for any of their services without reviewing their criticism on a number of sites on the web including Sitejabber. I am having on-going problems with them taking unauthorised payments from my CC account. Even the CC company seem unable to stop them.Once they have your account details they will persistently take your money and you will not be able to prevent it.Be warned!!!
    I was very excited because I found and wanted to purchase a domain name. So I created an account and signed up for the $0.50 plan (just the domain name). Within two minutes of registering, if even, I received a call and immediately, they began trying to sign me up for a $150 plan. I told the person on the phone I was not interested over three times and the only thing it did was "lower the price, just for me." Next, I received an email saying my information was not protected but if I paid a monthly fee of $11.00 it could be! Needless to say, I called the company and requested for my account to be deleted and my information to be erased. I will not be going with them again nor would I recommend their website to even my enemy. It is nothing but a trap to lure you into unnecessary fees and advertisement.
    CROOKED CROOKED CROOKED CROOKED CROOKED CROOKED CROOKED Received email saying my CC on file was expired. Somehow (I don't know how) they found my new CC number & charged me over $100. Trying to delete my CC from the account & delete it. The notice I got was: 'You can not delete this item because it is the payment method for services currently enrolled in our Saferenew program. Please change your saferenew settings or contact customer service for assistance.' My hold time has been over 20 minutes. How did they get my new CC number when I never posted it???????
    I trusted this company but it turned out to be disappointment. I thought has been around for years and I registered my domain with them (more expensive!) over godaddy (cheaper) which I use for all other domains (which I think not so important). However, all my other domains with godaddy never have any issues but my main domain with went down for over 3 days!! They were unable to renew my domain name due to their system bug. I kept calling them and every time I had to explain everything ALL OVER AGAIN. Until one of their staffs HANG UP on me because I was tired of explaining again and again and said "Just check your records of what issues I am having!". I called again and asked for supervisor, she can't do anything either to renew my domain. Then this time my phone got disconnected and she (they) NEVER ring me back. I waited 12 hours for a call back but NEVER HAPPENED. I called again and somehow this guy fixed the issue and he didn't know why other guys couldn't help me. So I didn't call them back and I would be waiting for nothing and my site would still be down. So beware of this website, WORST SUPPORT, WORST SYSTEM, and WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE.
    It was awful, they were deplorable from customer service to the overall product. I would highly recommend Weebly for web domain names and design.
    these guys where ok, registered was fast. well done