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  • Description:A leading provider of buydig in North America consumer electronic products for consumers, has been in service for more than 25 years, has been rated as the destination of choice for consumer electronics products online. Synonymous with our brand, excellent customer service and choice and price competition is intense
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    They shipped the wrong item and were out of the correct one. Customer service made it right quickly and conveniently. Will definitely purchase from them in the future.
    Purchasing from BuyDig was easy and convenient. Charlie S from customer service was great and helped me out with discount. Thank you!
    Item ordered and shipping address provided, confirmed by email from Buydig. Fedex and USPS tracking number shows item not delivered to address provided but dropped somewhere in another zip code. Buydig refuses to replace or refund item, claiming tracking number shows item delivered! Customer service of no use. Thank goodness for Paypal protection otherwise would have been out of pocket. Will never buy from this outfit.
    Never before have I been treated with such priority and care as I was by when my purchase arrived in a million pieces. FedEx must have played football with my two gallon glass fermentation jar but when I contacted BuyDig, they made it all better than "Right", they bent over backwards to make me a loyal and satisfied customer. I will check their sight each time before I from now on to see if they have what I need. Trust me, this is a great company!
    I purchased a Sony a6100 "new - open box". The description said the box contained all original parts/packaging. New condition. Waited 8 days after my purchase to receive the device and immediately found that the lens had some kind of residue on it, and worse - at least 4 dead/stuck pixels. Resetting the device would not fix it. Appears to be a hardware defect or damage... Box flaunts an "inspected by" sticker - Great job team! After contacting them, the only solution provided was to return it. I now get to wait another 5 days to simply receive the return shipping label. Who knows how long it will take to get my money back. If I wanted to invest in your company, I would have bought stocks, not loaned you $630, interest-free for over 2 weeks. I am so glad I didn't buy the "15% off, $30 - 3-year warranty" that they were so desperately pushing to me through email. I almost did, and they would have only referred me to Sony if it was within the manufacturer's warranty. (all companies do this, watch out.) Very unprofessional first experience. Support was completely automated and the choices provided were limited. Won't ever buy again, Won't ever recommend. If it seems too good to be true, it is. Tip for consumers:Ummm.... Don't. Products used:Sony Mirrorless Camera Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    Ordered 75" Samsung The Frame and after the first one shipped was destroyed in transit, received the replacement. Checked it upon arrival and it turns on and looks good. Installed on the wall in our renovated house and it starts off working well but gets into a power cycling on and off making the television unusable. Call Samsung and Buydig where they both blame each other for various issues; Buydig claiming Samsung needs to repair the TV and Samsung telling be that the TV is not under warranty. This process started 11/12/2020 and is still unresolved 3/17/2021. Both companies have failed miserably in their responses and I consider this purchase a total loss at this point after spending 15 hours total time on the telephone trying to get a resolution. Buydig has promised they had contacted Samsung to make things right which was a total lie. Have plenty of emails and recorded phone calls to back up. DO NOT BUY FROM BUYDIG. Tip for consumers:Buy local from reputable company Products used:NONE Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    First time I purchased from them. Had them ship a LCD monitor as a Christmas gift. Arrived in perfect shape in record time. No freight charge and about 10 per cent less then others. Looks like they are heavy into cameras. I will use them again.
    Buydig might replace Amazon for me when it comes to buying electronics I want delivered quickly. Not only did they have the best possible price on the tablet I was looking for, they provided free shipping and that shipping was faster than anything Amazon has ever delivered to my house. I live 30 miles from an Amazon Warehouse, but the Buydig distribution center 200 miles from my house delivered a day before Amazon delivered an accessory for my tablet. I highly recommend Buydig, and will continue purchasing from them in the future.
    The Product came late. Customer service wasnt too bad, sometimes took a couple days for a response. Would buy again from them only if sale was really great. Otherwise, I'd go with others and just avoid hassle. Products used:Garmin instinct Solar Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    First time buying from Buydig and it was a great experience. Quality product and super quick free shipping. What more could I ask for?
    A very easy site to navigate. Had the pair of headphones I was looking for at a better price than any other place. Very fast delivery as well
    I ordered one set of Samsonite luggage with a super cheap price for my college bound grandson and then I thought about it and said, How about my oldest, a beautiful granddaughter, so I ordered her a set also. They are both extremely pleased with their new luggage, for my grandson may he do well in college and use it for visiting during breaks and my granddaughter can use it for vacations and for whatever the future holds for her, may it be mostly great.
    Next day shipping at no additional costs. I cant believe how quickly they shipped out my item. It arrived quickly and properly packaged. Not to mention they offered a promotion code that I was able to use for an additional discount. I would recommend this site to a friend and am very happy with the ease of use and service.
    Horrible company, was days late shipping and overnight order, sent me a cheaper model and now refuses to refund me for returning a different model! Having to open CC dispute, stay away! Products used:They sent me the wrong model camera, a cheaper model than I ordered. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    This website offers products to consumers over the internet. It's not a bad service and the website is simple to navigate. Their shipping may take a bit longer than originally expected from time to time, I am unsure of whether that is a shipping issue or a turnaround issue, but they are usually honest about their products and their website is easy to navigate and use. I would recommend them to others. As with everything, check multiple shopping websites for reviews to get a better understanding of the quality of a product.
    After searching for weeks online and in brick and mortar stores, I found my 65" Samsung 4K tv for the best price anywhere. And it was delivered a week earlier than other resellers could. I will definitely buy from them again!
    I think this site is quite trustworthy on a Legitimate factor. Several sites that I shop/frequent have direct links to this site and that's usually quite a good sign. They have generally good deals all around on items, as well as giving quite good sales, when they have them. They don't always have the LOWEST prices around but they are quite close and sometimes they will have some of the lowest prices you can find on quality products. (depending on what you're shopping for of course) They may not always have everything you are looking for from a particular manufacture, but they have a good majority of their newer/mid-new products at a fairly competitive price. Their shipping cost is about average, but sometimes a bit more, and to all states but NJ they don't charge a sales tax. Overall I think this is a good site and would recommend it to a friend.
    I have been buying on BuyDig for some years. Not exclusively as their inventory is not as vast as the better known competitors in NYC. The prices are very good and even ground shipping from NJ to NYC is quick and usually is next or 2nd day. I like that with the camera they offer useful bundles with spare chargers and batteries etc. No complaints. Once I needed to return a camera I was not happy with and process was easy. If I need to buy some photo equipment I always check their site, and if price is right, I buy without worries.
    I love the variety of products I can buy from BuyDig! Their prices are comparable to other online retailers and they offer free shipping and usually I get my products quickly! The website is very easy to navigate, also!
    November 19 Update: Buydig responded favorably to the BBB Report and will offer me this at the advertised price. I will contact them tomorrow to take them up on it. I am increasing my rating to 4 stars because they did the right thing for the customer when confronted. ====================== Buydig are liars and pulled a price baiting scam last week. They ran this ad: "BuyDig via eBay offers the LG 32 inch 720p LED-Backlit LCD HD Television, model no. 32LN520B, for an in-cart price of $199.99 with free shipping. That's the lowest total price we could find by $29 and the cheapest LG 32 inch 720p LED LCD HDTV we've seen. Features include a 1366x768 (720p) native resolution, USB, and two HDMI inputs. Deal ends November 8 at 11:19 am ET. " I looked at it on the night of the 6th, was going to buy it the next morning, then they changed the price on the 7th to $250, a full day before the end of their sale date. If that is not bait and switch then I do not know what is. They were never out of stock on this item, they simply upped the price by 50 bucks over 24 hours before the sale end date. I have a report with the BBB about them. This should, and is, against the law in a lot of states. I certainly cannot walk in a store with an ad flyer good til a certain date and have them not honor the price, they would be sued for false advertising. And that is exactly what buydig did. When I emailed them about it, they purposely took 48 hours to respond, then simply said: "Dear xxxxx, I apologize, we no longer have this item available at that price. - buydig" Unbelievable. These guys are criminals.
    I saw a printer, in a local store, that I wanted to buy my daughter for her first year of college. I searched online for the best prices and BuyDig had the best price! It also arrived, on campus, earlier than expected. It was a double plus!
    Bought a printer at a cheap price, it shipped quickly and works fine a really good printer for a really good price
    First time and last time Buyer! I was excited to find an item I'd been seeking at a great price. I guess I was foolish to believe their advertising of shipping next day! This is FALSE advertising, as they not only didn't ship next day, they NEVER SHIPPED! They didn't reply to my email inquiry asking where my item was. They didn't answer their phone even though I phoned during CS hours, message said they were closed! Wow! I again searched their site for the item I ordered and now couldn't find it, it was shown a few hours before as IN STOCK. I was able to find the cached page and it now showed OUT of Stock! I've been waiting over 10 days for my order to ship, I'm guessing it never will! I could have purchased it elsewhere in the meantime, now those stores no longer have it. The only thing they were sure to do was to Immediately charge my credit card! Normally, online merchants don't charge your card until they've actually shipped your item. They've done nothing but caused me frustration and wasted my time. This company is a huge fail! I'll be sure to tell my friends and family how bad this company is.
    I was looking for turntable and stumbled upon this site. I couldn't recommend this site enough! Thanks for your wonderful work!
    Over the years I have bought several items from BuyDig including printers, cameras, GPS units and more. The prices were right and delivery was fast and free. There are many negative reviews here because consumers have a tendency to complain when something goes wrong and not compliment when things go right. I would not hesitate to purchase from BuyDig.