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    I purchased a poetic waxing kit missing spatulas (how else do you apply this product to your body?!) and called customer service. I was told they hold no ownership of the product because I might have bought it at ONE OF THEIR OWN SPAS or at a third party. I was given the run around when asking for a discount on a future product (going up to three levels of supervisors). Bliss clearly has no care for long term or loyal customers and I can't imagine voluntarily trying to contact this number again. AVOID IF AT ALL POSSIBLE!
    I would give it negative stars if possible. Even if you like their products, do not buy them, it is not worth the hassle of dealing with them.Terrible customer service - basically could care less. After they messed up my order, and I cancelled, they sent it anyway. I returned it unopened and after waiting 6 weeks saw that the refund had not been posted. When I called, they posted the refund. I still have not received it. They said to wait another week.
    I've had two issues in the past 6 months. In June, I placed an order that hours later I decided to cancel. The items were on sale through another retailer. I was told the order was cancelled. Next things I know, my card is charged and I get an email indicating that my order shipped. They wouldn't me return it to a spa location for a faster refund. I had to mail it back and it took them 2.5 weeks to refund me (it was on them, not my bank). Then, on 11/20 I placed an order for a gift card. I never received shipment confirmation by 11/25 so I called and they told me that it takes them 5-7 business days to process an order (unheard of, shipping transit time is 5-7 business days). I called back on Friday 11/27 and was told the order shipped 11/23 but they didn't have tracking get because they ship via UPS Innovation Mail Services and UPS hadn't sent them the tracking number yet. UNHEARD OF! So many other retailers use this service and the tracking comes immediately. When I asked to speak to a manager I was told she left for the day and I'd get a call back on Monday. She called back Sunday to inform me that the gift card hadn't in fact shipped and they were supposed to get a new gift card out to me. Never happened. On Tuesday, I was told a gift card for $125 would be overnighted to me and I'd receive tracking (I originally ordered one for $100) and by Wednesday I hadn't received tracking or the gift card. I called and the customer service manager I was working with wasn't in so I was going around in circles with a regular rep. finally I demanded to speak with a manager and someone got on the phone to let me know that the WRONG gift card for $125 was issued (Remede instead of Bliss) so they now needed to cancel that order and issue a NEW gift card for Bliss. When I said the gift card was to be for $125, the new manager I was working with said he needed to confirm it with the person from yesterday (he didn't believe me and there were no notes in the system). He called her and she confirmed. Now I'm told I'm supposed to get a call tomorrow and the gift card by Friday. We'll see how that turns out but I can assure you that I will never be ordering from the Bliss website ever again. Customer service is essentially non-existent and no one knows what they are talking about there. Every time I called I got a different answer. UPDATE: I finally had to call the corporate office and they were very helpful and couldn't believe what I had gone through. the person I spoke with said that they should have let me pick up at the Spa due to the circumstances and additionally, she called her Gift Card manager who confirmed that what one customer service manager told me was a Remede GC was in fact a Bliss GC. All is ok now and hopefully the GC is usable!
    Order shipped after 30 days of ordering, i completely forgot about the order, so I called in to cancel since it took too long. The rep stated that for my troubles, she would waive the fee to the order. A month later I got my statement, and they never waived the charge. I called back, and guess what, but the rep and the supervisor both stated that I cannot prove the previous rep was going to waive the order and basically too bad....Crazy, DO NOT BUY!!!
    I placed 2 separate orders on La Mer in late August for myself and several friends, and the order did go through and I received the order confirmation notification soon after. But then I have waited for more than a week without receiving any further notification about the delivery status, so I called the 888 number this morning. I was shocked to learn that both of my two orders were cancelled! And for the reason that they don't have the items in stock! No explanation, no apologies, no notification... No trustworthiness! There is nothing more I can or want to say about them. I will never order anything from Bliss World.
    Telephone customer service is essentially non-existent. There was an error on some gift cards I received; I called the 888 number on the gift card folder and was on hold for about 15 minutes and then got the recording that my call could not be completed; "Goodbye". I called back and went through the same process, but this time lefta a "call back" number. Got a call back in about 10 minutes, but when I picked up it was a recording saying to "Press 1 for..." etc. etc. Which lead me back to the same recording as my original call. In other words the phone calls I made during a 1 hour period just lead me in circles. I never actually got connected to a live, the 888 number on the Gift Card brochure was essentially useless. After more than an hour I called again and went to the "place a new order" section and eventually a person answered the phone. Once got a real person on the phone she was very helpful...but what a cluster...with that phone system. HORRENDOUS! And a waste of customers' time.
    Bliss Lemon Sage BODY BUTTER. Body butter is a richer, thicker type of body lotion. This is the reason I buy only body butter because I have dry skin due to excezma. The first ingredient in this lotion is WATER! It's a waste of money and it doesn't smooth the skin at all. Never again.
    I ordered a pair of FitFlops from Blissworld and they sent me an em with a tracking # but there was no info when I checked the tracking # so I waited a few days and called and they gave me some rig-a-ma-role about the warehouse made a mistake but they were shipped but they couldn't give me a tracking # as UPS was sending them through USPS and I should wait til I get a tracking # from USPS. No em came so I checked on their website and there was a different order # from my original order #, so now I'm really confused. I called again and they said they didn't have the sandals I ordered (they gave the reason of "they were sent back to the warehouse" SENT BACK FROM THE WAREHOUSE TO THE WAREHOUSE??? huh???)and of course paid for so I wasn't going to get them. They never let me know they were not shipped or going to be shipped (remember they had already told me they were shipped and even had given me a tracking #) and I have no idea when or if they were gonna let me know. I told the lady I spoke to that I wanted my credit card charge refunded and she said she was doing it as we spoke. Well, lo and behold, it's not back in my account so I guess I'll have to call them again tomorrow. I would never do business with this company again and would warn others not to either. VERY disappointed.
    I will never buy from Bliss again. Second, I will tell everyone I know about my experience. There are too many options out there for shopping online and Bliss needs to get its act together. Until then, I will be spending my hard-earned money elsewhere.. I purchased a jacket on line from Bliss as the prices for this particular jacket were lower than other retailers. I didn't like the jacket and returned it for a refund. (on December 5, 2013) and I AM STILL WAITING FOR MY REFUND AS OF DECEMBER 19, 2013! I contacted Bliss the week of December the 9th (after experiencing very long hold times and having having the calls disconnected after waiting on hold before I even got to an agent). I gave the agent the tracking # of my return and she said she would process a refund after confirming that the warehouse had received my item (which they had according to the tracking info). No refund was posted to my credit card as promised. I tried several days after that to reach some and was on hold again for long periods and when I finally got someone to speak to, it was an "overflow" center that was answering the calls and taking messages. I get it, it's the Holiday Season. However, what I don't get is why AFTER LEAVING THREE MESSAGES, no one EVER RETURNED MY PHONE CALLS. Throughout all of this, I left a review about the jacket and someone from Bliss emailed me about how sorry they were that I didn't like the jacket. In desperation I told this person (via email) about my futile attempts to get my money back. She told me she would look into it and process a refund for me (which still has not credited to my credit card). So, here I sit still waiting and warning other consumers out there! I for one will not be wasting anymore time with a company that not only doesn't even answer their own phones, but doesn't return customer's calls.
    Their BLiss in SF is so amazing and I feel wonderful every time I visit them. I highly recommend the bliss body butter
    I orderd almost $200.00 worth of product, with a 60 day trial. I sent it back Priorty Mail w/ tracking & they got it on 5/17/13. I purchased it late 5/5/13 a Sunday. I sent it back on 5/15/13, after recieving it on the 13th. I still have not gotten a refund & tried calling many times. I had to dispute the charge & would Never buy from them again
    This site is amazing. I purchased a cream from them that really helps reduce the appearance of cellulite. They also sell shapewear and nutritious supplements. This is an overall great site to find all your weight loss needs.