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  • Description:[Ashford] a America online boutique shopping website, founded in 1997, famous in the world for ultra low price and first-class service, the main product is mainly to watch, more than 3000 luxury watches, brings together many well-known brands
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    Bought a Men's Corum Tides watch from Ashford. Beautiful & authentic watch at a great price. There is no way to fake a mechanical moon/tide complication; its real and have never had a problem with the watch. Buying it was smooth and trouble free. Think all these negative reviews are from Jewelry stores which generally sell watches at list price.
    I contact them by the chat option as I never received my order. The agent names Eugene or something didn't even knew how to respond to a customer. That agent was very rude and was throwing me one word replies as if I was owing them something. Didn't even listen to my issue and asked to me to contact back. ***WILL NEVER ORDER FROM THEIR WEBSITE AGAIN***
    I will never buy another thing from this seller.The watch we got stopped working after about a year. Ashford refused to help fixing it because it was a whopping 10 days out of Warranty..BAD customer service!
    First, when I saw other reviews here, I was afraid to order my desired watch, because the rating is very low with lots of comments about fake watches and bad service. But, after some research, I've found that on amazon and ebay Ashford has very high ratings and excellent user reviews, so I've tried and you know what? I'm really happy with my purchase! I bought "baume and mercier" watch which has really very high quality. Also it was under sale from $3000 to $1400. So I can say that Ashford's rating is wrong here. Maybe because only negative reviews are post and all others who are satisfied hasn't provided any. That's the case I'm writing this one. Happy shopping.
    The watch I ordered from Ashford is great.It arrived very fast to my home.I spoke with a woman in customer service and she promised the item would be genuine.She said Ashford buys leftovers in bulk and sells cheap.I purchased the watch and never looked back.When it came five days later,I could not believe it.Thanks Ashford!
    I over $1300 for a Hamilton below zero chronograph, I had to send it back 3 times ,the first time chronograph didn'the work so they sent me another one, second time it stop working, third time it stop quarter til 10,they told me they let me pick out another watch but sent me the same watch Wichita they marked down half price so I am disappointed with ashford never again will I spend my money with them.
    scratch and damage the crystal and then blame on the customer. i am lucky i didnt spend thousand of dollars on zenith. worse customer service!!! by the way they are not authorized dealer for any of their watches.
    Beware of this company! They stole me!! I placed an order of 600 USD and they said they shipped it by USPS service and provided a tracking number that appeared as "Delivered" even though i NEVER received anything. They keep ignoring my messages, they haven`t sent to me any proof of receipt of the package because they don`t have it. They haven`t refunded my money and I am desperate. They are SCAMMERS!!
    10 minutes after placing the order on a Sunday (not a business day) I cancelled my order. I left a voicemail on their customer service number asking them to cancel my order number. The next day I get a confirmation number saying that my watches had been shipped. I email them asking for an RA# ( which they require to return a package.) They respond a week and a half later. I sent my watch back over a week ago and they still have not refunded my money. I have emailed them several times and they have not responded. I don't believe they are ever going to respond or refund my money. STAY AWAY FROM ASHFORD!!!
    Hello everyone, Be careful, Ashfor products are FAKE. That probably why items sent to any address outside the United States are considered final sale and cannot be returned. What a clever way to steal honnest consumers!!! Ordering at Ashford was my biggest mistake and it costed me a lot!
    Recently i purchased 2 watches and one order i canceled at same point of time. After continues follow up and mails, calls (after 15 Days) they send a mail in which they have written Please talk to your Bank with some authorization code to reverse the payment. Its really become a headache to get the money back from them. Really a bad experience.
    Over the past 3+ years, I've purchased 2 watches for myself and 2 for my college-aged daughter all from Ashford. My watches were a Citizen Ecodrive and a Bulova. For my daughter, I bought a Seiko and a Fossil. All watches have worked well and the packaging was very nice. My daughter has since dropped her Fossil watch down a two-story marble staircase and it no longer runs, but that was her fault. I have seen nearly identical watches (Bulova) on two of my friends who paid more than double what I paid at Ashford. I have never had to return anything to Ashford or otherwise deal with their customer service, so I cannot speak to that. All I can say is that I've bought four watches from Ashford for much, much less than I would have spent elsewhere. So far, I'm one happy customer.
    100 % real, 100% brand new Bell & Ross BR01. 1500 cheaper than anywhere else. Free 2 day shipping, Beautiful presentation case, papers, and a cool patch from Bell & Ross. stunning , heavy watch. Love It ! I could not have afforded this anywhere else. Unbelievable price, Called them up after reading these posts, Answered me on the 3rd ring. I would recommend highly.
    After reading the negative reviews i still went ahead and bought 3 watches for xmas present. What a BIG mistake. Poor packaging caused damage to a 5000 dollar watch, online chat to complain was a waste of time. said i had to wait 24 hours to 48 hours for a reply to my complaint in an email. Its now 5 days later and still no response. Its not too late to sent the watches bacK and buy replacments elsewhere. Service is non existant. Ignore there cheap prices with useless warranty as it will cost you a fortune to post and insure to return even when they send faulty goods. FRAUDSTERS
    Got a great deal on a TechnoMarine 500M watch, that is where the deal ended. Bought first of October, watch was great, but mid December, barely 2 months after purchase, battery dies. I called Ashford and they said it is covered under warrantysince watch runs while on the shelf. They expected me to ship it back and pay for the insurance. AZ to RI, with $1200 insurance was over $70 and would take 2 weeks 1 way. Would still need to go out for battery and be pressurized. So I would be without my watch over 1 month, have spent half of my purchase just to have. Hatters replaced. I took to a local high end watch dealer, and $60 to have done in 2 weeks, The least Ashford can do is pay for the shipping both ways since the battery went out so quickly.
    I posted my first review of Ashford 12/16/15, this is my second. You could see from the first post all was good. The watch was a Christmas gift for my gal. She didn't like the look on her wrist. I went to ashford web page and logged into their chat. I went through the return process with the agent and got a return authorization number from them. An email verification was sent to me after the chat was done. I mailed the watch back via insured USPS on 1/06/16. On 1/22/16 the full amount of my purchase was credited to my account. We are currently looking and will try again wit Ashford.
    The Watch broke after a few months use. At first Contact Ashford promised to pay repair costs in Sweden, but after this it has been impossible to get in touch with customer service. The Watch is now broken for the second time and my Watch master doubts the ETA mechanism is genuine. STAY AWAY FROM Ashford
    I both a watch that was not working. Sent it back still waiting on exchange nothing. It's been four weeks nothing no watch no money. They just took my money. Wow I thought I was living in United States of America. I guess that's how it is these days.
    Movado doesn't recognize them as a dealer, I found this out the hard way. Just BEWARE they are not genuine.
    Everyone in their customer service said different and they will say : We have different customer service reps all over the world , I do not know who said that to you" so , never trust their customer service for any inquiry. They do not know what are they talking about
    We've purchased four watches from Ashford. Two EDOX and two Bulova Accutrons. Wonderful watches. All of them were as advertised. The batteries on two had to be replaced as the ones in the watches were dead when we received them. Not holding that against them as I'd rather start off with a fresh battery than start wearing it and the watch stop working. I've chatted online a few times and the CSR was knowledgeable and courteous. We always look forward to Black Friday and Cyber Monday to catch great deals. We'll continue to buy as long as they continue to ship us great quality watches. Update: 2-22-16. I had an issue with one of the Edox watches. I called Ashford and explained the issue. They provided an RA# and I returned the watch. Two weeks later I had a replacement. The customer service agent was a bit guarded at first but after a few minutes of me explaining the steps that I had taken to evaluate the watch, she was extremely helpful. I've now purchased 7 watches from Ashford with no complaints.
    purchased 2 watches from these scheisters. both arrived broken and completely worthless. Paid with paypal and they drug their heels providing a refund. both were packed like they arrived- perfectly! then when i went to dispute the refund process, they lied and said they never received the merchandise back. complete morons! I'll never purchase from these idiots again, obviously. YOU SHOULDN'T EITHER!!!!!! GO TO BERNARDWATCH.COM AND HAVE THE BEST EXPERIENCE BUYING REAL WATCHES!!!
    I just want to say that I bought a Movado a couple of years ago and couldn't be happier. It was around this time of year. I bought it on sale for Black Friday or Cyber Monday. A week or two later, they had a "Movado Sale" and the watch was cheaper. I sent them an email and my card was credited within a couple of days. With all the negative reviews, I just wanted to share my experience.
    I rarely write negative reviews about products or services, but has serious customer service issues that people need to be aware of. Here's my story: On 11/1/15, I purchased a men's Calvin Klein ring that was on clearance for $20.16. After receiving the ring in person, I decided it didn't suit my preferences and so I contacted for a RA number so I could return it. It took several phone calls and e-mails to obtain the RA number, but I was finally successful. I mailed the package via USPS with a $50 insurance back to on 11/12/15. My tracking information shows that it was delivered to their store on 11/14/15. Ok. So far, so good. Or so I thought. By 11/29/15, I noticed that my credit card still hadn't been refunded the $20.16. Granted, 11/29/15 was "Cyber Monday," but I decided I would call and speak to a customer service representative to get a status update. After waiting about 25 minutes on hold, I finally got to speak to a real person. The person was friendly, but stated she couldn't help me at the moment because they had "not yet received the package" I'd sent. I advised her that I did have my tracking information showing that it was received by on 11/14/15, but unfortunately I did not have the tracking number in front of me to give to her. I asked her what I could do, and she suggested I check my credit card statement to see if I had been refunded. I explained that I'd already done this, but there was nothing more that she could apparently do for me at this point without a tracking number. She stated I could wait a few days and check back to see if the package had been received. So, I decided to do that. In the mean time, I sent two e-mails to their customer service e-mail address. No response as of today on 12/4/15. So by this point, I was beginning to become pretty frustrated. I called this morning (12/4/15) and waited 22 minutes before I could speak to a real person. A guy came on the line and muttered his name so that I couldn't understand. I asked him to repeat it, but it sounded like "Jesus," which couldn't have been accurate. By this point, I was frustrated and so I blurted out the whole story. At the end of my story, he said, "Sorry, sir, but you need to talk with somebody in customer service." I stated quickly, "No, I'd rather you transfer me because I just now waited a long time to speak with a real person and I need to get something resolved here." The guy said, "Well, I'm in sales so I have no way of helping you with your issue." I said, "Fine, but let me just tell you that I am beginning to become VERY frustrated because I feel like I'm getting a run-a-round from Ashford." He said, "I'm sorry sir. We've been working on 10,000 orders and we have a log of upset people just like you." He then reiterated that he would be unable to help me and placed me BACK ON HOLD. I was notified by the automated voice that I was the 12th caller in line and had another approximate 20 minutes to wait. By this point, I was far beyond enraged. I actually hung up and tried to regain my composure. After an hour or so at around 11:00 AM today (12/4/15), I called back and spoke with someone named Allyssa in customer service. So I proceeded to give Allyssa the entire story from the beginning. (I was very polite and did not convey even an ounce of frustration in my voice because I believe they will simply place you back on hold for eternity if they sense you are angry). Allyssa was friendly and told me she would look into this issue for me. After placing me on hold for about 10-15 minutes, she came back and informed me that they had not received my returned package. Allyssa said she would check with their receiving department and would call me back. I gave her my cell phone number and she repeated it back correctly. I said "thanks" and breathed a sigh of relief. Not so fast--I waited then for the rest of the day and never received a call back. Bottom line: DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM ASHFORD.COM. They are basically just friendly scam artists who will just blow you off when you call with questions about your purchase or return. Also, I think I just donated $20.16 to without knowing it. So at this point, I'll chalk it up to experience and shop at a more reputable online store, like Please do yourself a huge favor and shop somewhere else!! Caveat emptor. :( -Michael
    I am an online shopper, and I love watches. I recently purchased a zenith watch from and I cannot be any happier, in fact I I was stunned by the low price of this watch ( same watch was on jomashop , and authentic watches by $1800-$3300 more) ridiculous right? I know . Anyways, because of the low price even though it was 2 days before Black Friday I purchased it, well the watch got even cheaper on Black Friday by some $300 dollars, we'll I called customer service and Lisa answered the phone and she refunded me the $300 dollars without asking twice, I don't know about you but has become my new favorite site to shop. I wish I knew this site sooner having shopped at jomashop and authenticwatches in the past I feel like I could've saved me some more but o well, now I know better. Thank you ashford, thank you Lisa . P.S I am looking to buy another watch, I love these Baume et Mercier and they have the best prices out there.
    I'm reading all these reviews and am discouraged in placing an order. How is it that they have an A+ standing with the better business bureau if their service and quality is so terrible?
    To all that have posted their experiences with Ashford on this site, thank you. I was about to purchase two Movado watches for myself and my wife and on a whim decided to check the reputation of the company. Based on the overwhelming negative customer experiences reported, I have opted to forego the purchase and take my business elsewhere. I would much prefer to spend the extra dollars for peace of mind and superior customer service than chase the deal of the century only to wind up with buyer remorse. Again, thanks to you all for saving me from certain doom. Regards
    I think this site is bogus 2 times i want to purchase a sale item and at the checkout its out of stock lol imaginary items and dreamy prices
    All of you guys crying about fake watches and poor customer service are stupid. The guy at the coach store, where I took it to get the links taken out, said that it was absolutely real and when I told him what I paid for it he was floored by what a great deal I got. So all you salty Aholes should really do your research before you start $#*!ing online.
    With so many discount sites out there for watches ripping people off, the only real tell is by others experiences if one should purchase there or not. From what I see here, it's quite clear this is not a company that will receive my hard earned money. I see some single review posts that are 5 star, but who's to say that isn't masked employees... I see a very, very minor amount of multi-post 5 stars, but then again, I see 60-70% more bad reviews and at that point it's not just bad luck of the client draw on the business side; it's just bad business. Last point I'd like to make before closing is, I see a lot of very upset clients and I see a company trying to respond, which is usually good. But, the responses to these upset clients (for the most part) is to save face only for the company and not to do anything to assist or keep the client. Explaining to them and others the fine print of your company publicly is doing you or them no favours. These types of rebuttals just upset your already upset clients more. I've given two stars. The reason being is because "you would not recommend it." is perfectly suited to my current idea. I'd have to buy to give it a one, but a two shows I don't want to buy and do not want anyone who asks me if it's a good site to buy based on my above reasons.
    I'm pleased with my purchase. Will definitely shop again.
    I bought a Hamilton watch from Ashford and decided I didn't like it, so I returned it. They refunded my charge very quickly. I bought another Hamilton watch from them, which I love. It stopped. I stupidly thought it was the battery so I called customer service. The very helpful and non-condescending rep informed me that my watch was an automatic (which is emblazoned on its face! Duh!) and that all I needed to do was wind it and wear it. Why am I writing this review? Because of all the horrible ones here. I was apprehensive about ordering from Ashford, but I'm glad I did. My watch was $400 less than at Saks, where I first saw it. The watches at Ashford are not fakes. Do you really think that major watch companies would sit back and allow a website with as much volume as Ashford and allow them to sell fakes? Movado, Hamilton, Tag Heuer...they all have anti-bootleg divisions in their companies.
    My Rado watch is a fake! Scratched after a week. It looks absolutely horrible! Waste of $1000.00 dollars! Im so sad!!
    I bought 3 Charmex watches in one month as the gifts for my family members. However, when I was trying to return one of them, I was told I need a RA#. Then I contacted their customer service dep. multiple times (two emails and couple of live chats), still couldn't get the RA! no idea how this company is running. Will never buy anything from this site.
    Was ready to purchase a Seiko watch from this outfit, but after reading the reviews on them, I decided to purchase from a reputable store. I received the Seiko three year warranty along with great service. Based on the numerous extremely negative reviews on this Company, I think the appropriate word to describe them would be : SLEEZY.!!!! BILL M.
    I purchased a Men's Movado watch from Ashford approximately 2 months ago. When I received it the battery was dead! I live in Canada, and to return this item to New York, would have been costly for a mere battery. I took the watch to my local Jeweller, and they sent it to Movado to have the battery changed. 3 weeks later, the watch was returned. Within 2 hours, the inside of the watch started to "fog up". Within 6 hours, it was so fogged up you could not even see the time! I called Ashford to report the problem, and the lady I spoke to said it must be returned to them for inspection. I advised her it was just sent to Movado for a new battery. She immediately said, "You just voided your 2-year warranty". I asked why, and she advised Ashford must open the watch first. I explained to her the watch was opened only once, and that was by a tech at Movado. The conversation turned quite rude, and I was REALLY put out to say the least. I returned the watch to my local jeweller, and it has been sent back AGAIN to Movado for repair. I have not yet received it back, but was advised the back seal was no good, and there were two small interior mechanism parts which were faulty. Two months ago I ordered this watch, and was only able to wear it less than 8-hours. It is still out for repair. Yes, my jeweller is charging me $35 for expedited shipping to and from Movado. At this point, I do not know if Movado will even cover the cost of repairs!!!!!! I am BEYOND FRUSTRATED with Ashford, and will NEVER EVER purchase from them again. I thought I found a "good deal / price" on-line. What a mistake. If it appears to be too good to be true - it usually is. My recommendation - READ the reviews on Ashford, and decide for yourself. NEVER again will I purchase or recommend Ashford! EVER!
    This past week I purchased a Designer men's watch at the lowest possible price on the net. Upon receiving it (very short delivery time) I was amazed at the professional packaging. Unfortunately the watch was not running. I contacted Ashford customer service via phone and did not have to go thru a phone-tree (press 1, press 2, etc...) I was immediately greeted by a friendly, personal, well spoken, easily and simply understood voice. An immediate apology and suggested that it was the battery. She suggested I try a new battery and Ashford would credit my charge for up to $10.00 with a copy of the receipt. If it wasn't the battery I could send it back for a FULL credit. Yesterday I took it to a jewelry store where they replaced the battery. I emailed a copy of the receipt and within the hour I received a confirmation email that my $10.00 credit was issued. Ashford's customer service should be the model for ALL customer service departments!!!! Thank you Ashford, you've made me a loyal customer.
    Got my watch, it's beautiful. Customer service was EXTREMELY helpful. I would definitely order more and recommend to friends. Thanks Ashford!
    On July 3, 2015, I ordered online a Seiko watch that had a very appealing discount. After my purchase order was submitted I ws told the expected delivery date would be July 10. I was amazed when the watch arrived on the 8th. Very prompt service. The watch arrived in excellent condition and I'm extremely satisfied. For any future purchases of watches Ashford will get my first look. I have already recommended them to a friend.
    Bought from ashford jeanrichard watch at great price.good service
    i live in Mozambique and had my 2 watches hamilton and movado shipped on the new years deal and 4 more i bought later for giving gifts to my customers . very good prices . watches were delivered in dubai on time but i had to wait for a month for them to get there by my brother . All watches are fine work fine . i am satisfied . honestly i wouldnt have made a review untill unless i had a problem. but reading all these reviews i thought i should... for me i will keep on buying from them . Now i want to order some expensive watches looking fwd ...
    No wonder, when it's cheap, there's a catch. Here's what they will not tell you when you buy watch from Ashford: all the watches are "expired or expiring soon". When they get the watches from the manufacturer, these watches are manufactured long time ago, the battery is already or almost dead! that's what I recieved in my order... a dead watch! Even though they can refund me battery change fee, but there's big difference between manufacturer sealed and jewery store clip-back-on. manufacturer has special equipment to clean it and seal it air-tight! You should not expect it to be water resistant when changing battery in jewery store. That's why most of the manufacturer warranty will be voided when you open the back in jewery store or yourself. (btw, the manufacturer warranty card in the package of your watch is FAKE! be aware! Ashford has so-called 'ashford warranty' because you cannot use manufacturer warranty!) Ashford customer servise is extreme bad! Be prepared to be hung up and scolded in your phone conversation! When I ask them "should I expect a manufacturer sealed runner watch when I receive the order", their reply is " NO" and they said they will not post this informaiton in their website so that you can bite the bate! So in fact the price you are paying to buy from Ashford is to buy an old watch! Ashford is really a refurbished/2nd handed watch seller!
    The watch they sent us stopped working every few hours. When we went to send it back, we had to argue with them on the phone to get them to cover the return shipping cost! They finally said they would "make an exception." Yeah, thanks a lot...send me a defective product, then try to make me pay for shipping... that's good customer service! Oh, and apparently we are not getting the watch back for 8-10 weeks, because that is their turnaround time. There is a reason their products are so cheap... its the only way they can get customers. Buyer, beware!
    I live in Australia. I bought a CK watch and it stopped after a couple of weeks. I was told to get an estimate for the repair and once it was approved I would be reimbursed via PayPal. The estimate to repair the watch was $109 but Ashford will only give me $45. The estimate to repair the watch was from an authorised CK repairer. The service from Ashford was good as far as ordering and delivery but I am really disappointed with the way they haven't honoured the warranty. All advertising says that they have a two year warranty but only covering 41% of the cost to repair my watch is not good enough. I would not recommend buying from this company!
    Bought a movado watch from Asford. It was great for 30 days, then after 30 days (literally 40 days), one of the links on the bracelet part of the watch got stuck and it looks horrible. Called Asford and they said it wasn't covered under warranty and cannot accept return for an even exchange. Very disappointed with this companys customer service. Now I'm short 350 dollars and my husband has a watch that he cannot wear. Will never order from them again.
    After writing my initial reviews on Sitejabber and other websites about the appalling service I encountered with Ashford Watches following a purchase of a Seiko watch that fell apart and was subsequently confirmed as a fake by the manufacturer, their customer relations representative Gloria Forbes posted responses indicating their concern and commitment to resolve the matter. I contacted her on multiple occasions to provide the information she requested, and the only response I ever got was her claiming that she had not received the information. I have found this company to be completely untrustworthy, lacking any real commitment to customer service and not in the slightest concerned that they have been found to be selling fake goods. Their only interest has been to try to undermine the impact of poor online reviews with empty promises to resolve matters. I would advise anyone considering purchasing a watch to avoid Ashford Watches.
    I just received my Movado watch today. I received it within five days and it is beautiful. The packaging was wonderful. 2 boxes. The customer service people were friendly and great. I called to check on the order and they told me it was on the truck and I would get it today. Could not be happier with the product or the company. Battery is fine and it is keeping great time.
    Bought a Pulsar watch after a few weeks the stem/crown started to randomly open and the watch stopped. I sent it for service, they fixed it. Lasted for another month. Same problem of stopping every few hours. Obviously, useless as a watch. Sent it back again. They said nothing wrong. Got it back and it stopped within 25 minutes. So, now I have an almost new, worthless watch. Paid for the watch and shipping twice. They say sorry, it's not their fault. . Do not buy from Ashford. Steve G in Cary, NC
    I live in Australia and ordered a RADO watch from Ashford few weeks ago the watch looks genuine but the date key doesn't work and I took it to the watch shop and they told it is not working so I am not very impressed. I know Ashford has provided me with 2 year warranty but it doesn't help when you in Australia as it will cost me nearly $75 just to send the watch back for repairs so I didn't expect that kind of service after spending nearly $2000 for a watch. Delivery was on time and the packing was great SO I WONT RECOMMEND ASFORD TO ANYONE IF YOU NOT LOCAL
    I live in the UK and ordered a Baume & Mercier watch from Ashford a week ago. It's currently retaining on their website for $1,250 but I got it in their Labor day sale for $800. It arrived within a few days, very well packaged, sent using UPS tracked mail. I had to pay import duties when it arrived but that was to be expected. The watch looks absolutely genuine and I've just had some links taken out of it today at a high end jewelers in London and they agree it looks spot-on. No issues with scratches or anything. I've received the Ashford 2 year warranty card (rather than the manufacturer's warranty) as I expected from the information I found online before I ordered. It has an international phone number on it should I need to call from the UK. The watch looks just as described and I have no qualms about using Ashford again. I can see that they said no refunds for foreign purchasers and I've not tested that as I don't intend to return it. I've also not needed to use their after care service either but as far as product, description, price, speed of delivery, packaging etc goes they get 100% rating from me.