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  • Description:Buy online luxury children's clothing retailer and the UK's leading confidence, provides the world's best designers, children and infants, children and infants clothing, shoes, luxury baby gifts and unique toys in newborns and children under the age of 12. Wherever you are in the world, you can buy what you like most designers "brand at the click of a button found designer babies and children clothing range widely, from more than 75 luxury brands, such as Ralph Lauren, Burberry, D  &   G junior high school, juicy fashion and Mark Jacobs.
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    I ordered from them about 3 days ago and have already had an email from UPS stating my parcel will be with me in 3 days and requires a signature.... Delivery time frame is a good start now just to see what the product is like!
    I ordered some stuff, didn't get delivery and didn't get my money back!
    DO NOT USE ALEX AND ALEXA IS A FRAUD!!!!! They claim free shipping and free custom fees and then you will receive a bill for custom fees over $85.00 dollars!!!. They clearly stated free shipping and not custom fees on their advertising as the items are delivered from USA. If you try to reach customer service nobody answer the phone. bastard!!!!
    I have AlexandAlexa time and time again and they have always been quite good BUT on this last attempt I will never ever be using them again and will be telling everyone to not use them. I ordered 3 items and wanted to return them for various reasons too big/too small etc. There was no returns label in the parcel and after 10 e mails I still without a returns label I then went through old receipts and found a returns label and posted them back on 30th July. I have not had a refund of £86 yet and I have sent them the proof of returns but I received a e mail saying it takes 1-5 weeks for a refund...... They suspend the phone line so have been unable to contact them via the phone I then logged a complaint with PayPal they advised I e mail them through pay pal and guess what they never replied. Yesterday I got through on the phone line spoke to a very rude lady called Kenze and she said I (Me) need to take the hold off the account with PayPal and she will refund. PayPal said DO NOT take hold off until you have a full refund as once a hold is taken off you cannot put it on agin. So why would she advise that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I called her today and got through and told her what PayPal said them amazingly she said oh I can see you have requested a refund today I said no on Sunday actually and months ago via a e mail. I have wasted so much time and energy on this and I certainly will be going to the Trading Standards about it all. I have got the next few days to see if my refund will come through and the hold will stay on until my refund hits my account........ This is the worst experience I have ever received. If you want a really good place for children's shoes in line try RubberSole they are just brilliant and the Customer Care is brilliant too.....
    If I could put 0 stars I would, Wish I had never come across this site, ordered a hat, sent it back, 2 weeks later I asked if they could update me about my refund, needless to say they had 'technical issues' which meant they only received some emails (however I had emailed them several times so they were bound to get even one of my emails if this was the case). A week later they finally got back to me after I told them I was going to trading standards and gave me a PARTIAL refund claiming they don't issue shipping cost refunds!! I would fully accept this if I hadn't been treated the way I was in the first place. Terrible customer service if that's even what you can call it. I find it absolutely disgusting how there is companies out there like this that set up professional looking websites and then scam and rob money off of people! I will never ever be dealing with these again and will warn everybody I know off them.
    I ordered shoes for my children that I expected would arrive before the festive season. After completing my order, I checked repeatedly on the courier website, only to be told that due to a missing invoice, my parcel had been sent back to Alex and Alexa. The customer service has been extremely unhelpful, telling me they have 1000s of boxes in returns and I would just have to wait for my parcel to "pop up". Useless, lazy and rude. No wonder they have suspended their phone lines. They must have been inundated with complaints from customers!
    Now been waiting ona top I purchased iver 2 weeks ago for a gift . Still no sight of this delivery . I have tried calling several times to be met with an answering machine with an apologetic messages saying their experiencing a high volume of calls . My patience has ran out with this company and will never shop with them again please be aware if considering a purchase save yourself the grief
    I am very disappointed with this company. BUYER BEWARE! I reached out to customer service of Alex and Alexa after getting a bill from DHL for $89.00 in customs duties (I live in the US). This was not clear at check-out and customer service did nothing about it. The company claims "FREE SHIPPING," but then a month later you will get a bill from DHL for customs duty. This is if you order anything over $ you're better off placing separate orders and waiting for them to pay for your shipping! Customer Service did nothing about it and just stated: "I am sorry you were unaware of your customs charge, you need to understand US import duties and fees." A company acting in good faith would be transparent that, despite “free shipping”, that there are additional fees and duties on any purchase over $200.00. But they don't -- so they have lost a customer.
    Very disappointed in this company. I reached out to customer service after getting a bill for 33.17 for customs from DHL since I live in the USA. This was not made clear at check out and customer services did nothing about it. They claim it's "FREE SHIPPING," but then a month later you will get a bill. This is if you order anything over $ you're better off placing separate orders and waiting for them to pay for your shipping! Customer Service did nothing about it and just stated "I am sorry you were unaware of your customs charge." Buyer Beware!
    If I could leave no star, I would. Awful experience, while I was satisfied with the merchandise and time frame, I was hit with $72 custom duty that company never advertised (for their own benefit), speaking to them didn't do any good. Be careful, international scammers!
    This website has engaged in consumer contract fraud. It does not disclose that it expects United States customers to pay a USD 17%++ customs duties on all orders over $200 USD. I have checked other UK children's products websites; they all explicitly note the inclusion of any duties in the Terms of Trade (the agreement to purchase goods) between the company and the United States purchaser. The website AlexandAlexa hides any reference to duties on all of its order-confirmation pages (which constitute the purchase agreement), and includes only one paragraph referring to duties, in the last section of the last part of its customer service page (which no customer is alerted to consult)- and provides no warning to customers that duties will be imposed ex-post-facto on orders over $200 U.S.D. Obviously, this fraud is in their interest - foreign customers will unknowingly spend more money on their website (over $200 USD, for example) without realizing the duties that will be imposed, and Alexandalexa does nothing to warn them in the course of the purchase. Customer service for the website, whom I contacted, stated it is exclusively the customer's responsibility to know about their country's duties. That is fraudulent practice, because duties are integral to the Terms of Trade under which the product is sold. The international seller has control of all information the buyer must know prior to purchase. If I had known that an order of USD $200+ would incur duties, I would not have given $200+ in business. Non-disclosure of potential duties is plain vanilla contract fraud. Companies with Good, fair practices WILL in fact notify customers of potential duties, whether or not they are imposed in the customer waybill, or after the fact by U.S. customs, e.g. The White Company (UK), and provide fair notice of potential duties. should be investigated by U.S. trade authorities and either be barred from selling in the U.S., or be required to disclose the potentiality of duties, to their customers. It is of note that the brands the website sells are available from other websites - nothing is exclusive to, and so customers should stay away from it completely. In a world of internet based retail competition, it is amazing to see how incompetent a UK retailer can be, and the company will lose out to better market players.
    Update. I have the fantastic shoes. Wishing you the same luck. I am waiting for an exchange and after exchanged 28 emails between different people, I received some emails telling me my order is on its way but 3 different Customer Update Ref, 3 different order number and strangely only 1 track number which isn’t recognised by Royal Mail. I really ask myself if AlexandAlexa has a hell of nerve and they give the same tracking number to everyone. What a pity ! They were absolutely ok when I passed my first order, 3 days after the shoes were there exactly what I was expected but unfortunately too big. Incomprehensible behaviour !!
    Order n p101004367 I trusted alexandalexa. I bought all my Christmas gifts from their website. my experience was awful. they ruin our party. half of the gift not arrived and this without telling me. they have debited my card for the full amount of the order .... I still waiting for refund after one month. it's a shame. The help line is not answering. It a nightmare. I so regret my purchase and will remember this Christmas party...........
    Purchased item, then told "sorry it was actually out of stock" days later. They refunded me promptly which is good, but website still should have been updated if the item was out of stock. I don't know many other online retailers that have this happen.
    I was a little uncertain about purchasing a gift through Alex and Alexa because of reading a number of negative reviews. However, they were incredibly quick at posting out my item, which was beautifully packaged. The price was very reasonable and the item I purchased was out of stock on other sites so I am very pleased with the overall service and would definitely shop with them again.
    My brother ordered a hat for my son and to be fair it was posted out really quickly. It was however too small and we therefore followed the return instructions and sent it back within 2 days. 2 weeks later and we are still waiting, this was supposed to be for a Christmas present but there is no way that this will be received in time for Christmas now. I have phoned and spent half an hour waiting each time (I dont believe they actually have anyone on the other end of the phone!) and emailed and received absolutely no response. Really disappointed, DO NOT TOUCH THIS MOB!
    Disgusting customer service. If you have to return items don't expect a refund in a hurry. 14 days after recieving my returns i have had no confirmation from them. Do not answer phone calls or emails. Still no refund likely i will be taking my complaint up with credit card company and trading standards. Will never shop with this business ever again. Avoid at all costs!!!
    I sent some return items to this company on 14 November, it's been 2 weeks and they can't even locate the returned items. Therefore, it seems that I will be waiting for a very long time before I can expect a refund (if at all). Their response for not being able to locate it is a warehouse stocktake. A stocktake is a normal part of any business of a retailer. If you can't even deal with a stocktake, what are you doing? Prior to returning my order, I had made another complaint to their customer service team to which I received a reply 10 days after the date of my complaint. The reply came from their CEO and it informed me that due to their recent warehouse move and an unprecedented demand for their sale, they were faced with multiple technical difficulties which "resulted in an unexpected surge of enquiries and unfortunately we will not be able to reply to your previous correspondence."... Nice - a reply from the CEO telling me that they are too busy to reply and therefore will not be replying. It’s almost funny. Also, their returns form is one of the most impractical forms I have seen to date. Problems with completing their returns form: (i) you have to dab in arts and crafts when it comes to sticking the address label on their form: Step 1: find scissors; Step 2: cut off the returns label from "customer invoice"; Step 3: find a glue stick Step 4: stick the address label to the form. (ii) The exchange form has a 1.8 cm wide window in which a customer is expected to write in the SKU code - which is 15 digits long. I’m not sure what kind of handwriting one must have to master that task. I will stick to shopping at childrensalon from now on.
    First, you should have apologized for keeping my money during these 16 days and not shipping out anything. I don't believe you that it was because of system error, since my order was not even shipped and no tracking number, nothing was provided! What if I wouldn't write back? You would just keep my money and feel happy about it? Someone recommended me your store, but now I understand that it was a huge mistake, how many more customers didn't get anything because of your "system errors"? Good luck with your fraud business.
    Very pleasantly surprised and impressed! I was looking for an item for my son that I could not find anywhere else, all others were sold out! So, without researching too deep, I made the buy on AlesandAlexa. Afterwards, and reading the reviews, I was quite nervous. I emailed the company to let them know my concerns. I received a very polite reply almost immediately. The next day I received a notice that my package had shipped. Voila, 3 days after the order, it arrived! Perfect condition. My son will be thrilled and I am pleased at wonderful customer service from AlexandAlexa.
    I have recently had my first and last experience with this shoddy company, an experience for which I am £35 out of pocket (after reading other reviews I should be thankful it is only £35), an experience I am still going through and trying to sort out. I ordered a Nike jacket for my nephew. Delivery and packaging were satisfactory. However, when the item arrived it was not suitable, (I might add this was not the fault of the company), the item was too small and not what I really expected. I therefore searched high and low in the packaging for the prepaid returns label, which apparently comes with every delivery. Nowhere to be seen (after reading other reviews this now does not surprise me as it appears to be a regular occurrence). Despite two emails to the company, no response whatsoever. They can, however, find time to send out daily marketing emails to fill up my inbox. I can only assume that the suspended phone lines and no response to emails is a deliberate tactic to avoid paying refunds as there is a time limit of 28 days. No-one should buy from this company, they do not deserve to be in business. All I want is a prepaid returns label and a refund. From a company that supposedly prides themselves on customer service (laughing out loud) I don't think this is too much to ask!!!!! Never, ever again. Consumers avoid alex and alexa, com at all costs.
    Ive had fantastic luck with this site. Ive bought from them twice. It takes a few days for the package to be "dispatched" but once sent it comes very quickly despite coming from england. I have always recieved my orders in complete (and always order many items at a time!). I have never tried to contact customer service (but then again never needed to) nor have i tried to return anything. Only good interactions.
    SHAME ON YOU! I will go on each and every review site on the internet and give you the same review. Taking almost GBP 200 from me two three weeks ago and not delivering my product or responding to my emails. This is theft, how you're allowed to operate I do not know! No wonder you have suspended your customer service phone number, and no wonder you post on your website to please only email once. I hope you go out of business. I will keep posting bad reviews of your business! Shame on you!
    The box was completely intact, however the boot itself had a large hole in the suede. There was white spot on the side of the boot where it was ripped. The price of this boots on the website were twice as much money as the boots from
    Disgusting site they take your money and you don't receive any goods and they don't return your emails
    Would Stefanos A be Mr Stefanos Anastasiades who, according to the Scamadviser website, is the owner of AlexandAlexa? Now even more worried than I was about ever getting my order or money back.
    AlexandAlexa is the worst online store I have ever shopped with, even they do carry great selections of children clothes. Very quick to charge your credit card, slow to ship out your order, and takes 2 weeks to reply your email (sometimes, non reply at all). After I ordered and paid for 8 items, lexandAlexa asked me to pay for $120 custom duties and handling, service charge, (no payment, no dispatch) Only 7 items were received. I emailed/called them over 7 times and finally got an "out of stock" reply. I tried to return unfitted clothes and asked for return address but no reply at all in the past 3 weeks. I am not sure if I can process my return in time because AlexandAlexa's return policy is in 28 days and no return on custom duties/service charge/handling fee. Anyway, I won't go back to this store again. And try to warn all moms I know to avoid this shop.
    I earlier submitted a negative review but was very pleased with how AlexandAlexa handled my issues. They contacted me to apologise snd the clothes were delivered in 2 days and the clothes were great !
    Their customer service wrote to me: ....our website is not the best & either works perfectly or is beset with problems. The only way our customers with these issues get past it, is by persistent attempts to place an order. It is something we are working on, but as yet have found no permanent solutions. Kind says it all doesn't it! BEWARE! DO NOT USE!
    If you order from them and you live in the United States, be aware that there will be a 17% import fee (They will not tell you about this), that "FREE" returns are limited to $30, which will not be enough to return clothes to England (they will not tell you they are shipping from England), and that when you return clothes you will not get the 17% customs fees back. These guys are a legitimate business in the UK, but their international sales are a scam.
    Personally I believe that it is a great web site. You will find an amazing selection of designer wear for children and organic toys for children at good prices. Customer service is also very good.