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  • Description:Aerie was founded in 2006 September, is affiliated to American  Eagle underwear brand. Its products superior fabrics, combining pop elements of the times, advocating natural and comfortable, by the large number of 15-25 years old young girls love. It provides products mainly include: bras, underwear, lingerie and swimwear, etc.. Aerie is now cooperating with Ebates China station, you can through the into the official website to buy, enjoy more preferential rebate!
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    I'm not sure. The sizing is a bit iffy because I just ordered a dress at my normal size, and it barely fits. But, the clothes are cute and certainly popular. The prices are high.... but i guess it's ok overall. Oh wait one more thing. Make sure you read the reviews on the site to find out more info. I ordered a dress that seemed perfect on the site, and when I tried it on, it was so short and very see-through. I returned it immediately. But, I do like the clothing most of the time, but ehhhh..
    The website for this store is the best. It is immaculate and easy to navigate. Payment is secure too. The only thing you need to look out for is that there are service fees so your order may come up to a little more than you had originally expected.
    Went to American Eagel and bought a flannel that they over charged me for in the first place so i had to drive 30 minutes back to there to be told that i was stealing even though i had the receipt with me and wouldnt give me my money back. American Eagle is a whole bunch of frauds! Never shopping at this over priced store again
    While American Eagle was a great place to shop at reasonable prices, they have now incorporated a bit of greed into their business. Prices on items have increased and coupons are few. Their sizing is WAY off and many of their items are very thin and go not wash well. While I loved their brand, I see it changing and it may be time to move on. Sizes are not consistent across the board. A small in one item may be equivalent to a medium in another style. Very difficult to purchase online.
    I've been buying ae jeans for YEARS. I'm tall (5'11") and ae has jeans long enough for me. I'm been saddened by the company this past year. I've ordered a total of 8 pairs of jeans and only TWO have fit me close to perfect... I've even ordered identical pairs of jeans and had the inseams be FOUR inches different and waist 1-2 inches different. It's terrible. I can't rely on them for good jeans any longer. Not to mention their customer service is terrible. Has no training on products and has no helpful tips other than "our jeans can vary from style to style" this doesn't explain why I still get inconsistency even when ordering and identical pair of jeans! So sad.
    I keep remember why I only order once a year! I placed an online order on Dec 25. Today is Jan 6 and it just now shows "shipped". Which really means only the label has been printed and will sit another 2 days somewhere. The shipping email I recd today was very confusing. It said 1 item was on backorder and 1 item shipped. I only ordered 1 item to begin with. I'm assuming my item had been on backorder that whole time and I was never informed. So if this shipment is ever released, UPS shows it is a 7 day timeframe. This was a mess just for 1 overpriced bra! Lesson learned again.
    I order 3 sweaters from American Eagle only to receive 1 sweater and 2 pair of women's shoes. As the items were Christmas gifts I contacted American Eagle and asked them to dispatch the correct items in time for Christmas and I would return the women's shoes. They ignored my request and asked me to return the goods which I did at my cost and now they will not dispatch the missing items or refund my credit card until they receive the incorrectly dispatched goods in their warehouse. They also will not refund the postage. The correspondence with American Eagle has been slow and they seem intent on stalling and not responding to queries and they also wont accept responsibility for their mistake. I would avoid this retailer at all costs - spend your money at a retailer that respects its customers.
    I have been a fan of american eagle since my early teen years. They carry my favorite jeans and I always look forward to wearing their winter collection (I like it better than their summer collections, but I've always liked their shorts, because they aren't too short or too long). They have good clothes and great service. Love it!
    Their jeans are amazing and my money is well spent with them.The clothes last me over 3 years and better than Charlotte russ clothes there trash.I highly recommend American Eagle they have the best jeans ever and their so comfy.Even buying clothes from China its better to shop here your wasting your money on clothes from China(Sammydress,RoseGal,dresslink etc). American Eagle is my favorite store and the clothes last a long time.Here is a tip buy their jeans when they have sales :)
    They use nice stretchy materials and the jeans mostly come with an option for long and extra long which is great for anyone who is 5'10'' and up. Jeans last a good while too as most brands tend to get a hole in the knee rather quickly. As for their other apparel I've yet to have a negative experience.
    Granted I am really not a teenager anymore, I still love wearing this brand. I bought several items online & when they arrived I tried them on. I had to take a few shirts back because they didn't fit me right. When I took them into the store (I had both of my kids, 2 & 4, in tow) to return them one of the sales people were working on displays & asked me what I needed. I told them I had to return some things and they asked if I would like to exchange them for something else. I politely declined considering I had my kids with me or I would have. The person called a different person from the back to handle my return. Not exactly sure why this person couldn't have done it considering they were right there but whatever. Another sales person comes and does what she needs to do to refund me. Another sales associate comes up and starts talking to the first sales person that I encountered. The music in the store was a little loud but I could hear the conversation the two were having. They were talking about ME! Before I left I made sure I turned around to them and put in a few scents worth to them. I found it very unprofessional and most of all rude! If I ever have to return items to this store again, I will go to a different location!
    My wife works in the store. But my si z e is only online. I like that I can choose from the comfort of my home.
    I love this store. I am 6 feet tall and have a extremely hard time finding clothes that fit my arm and/or leg length. This is one of the few stores where i can assure my pants will be long enough and in some cases may have to hem. The other thing I like is they have jeans that come high on the hips. I can't wear (excuse me... I WON'T wear as I am far too old for that) the low cut style that ends at the pubic bone. The jeans that I purchased are so soft that I could wear them straight out of the bag. I would wear them every day if it was acceptable at work. My only complaint is the variety. The high waist artist jeans are so tight through the thighs that I am not sure how others fit in them. I would love to find just a straight leg Jean that doesn't flare and look like a bell bottom. I did rip up one pair and sew in a straight slimer fit. Finally price. Everyone knows there are pricey jeans out there. Especially if you need an custom size. I can watch my email most weeks and get some kind of discount offer for being a member of there mail list. $40.00 is a great price for what you get. Returns are handled quickly and efficiently. I have not purchased any tops, so I don't know if they will be long enough for my arms. Yiu won't be sorry for investing in their quality clothing.
    Customer Service, I would like to state how incredibly disappointed and how your customer service have no clue on items ordered online. I placed an order on 12/3. On 12/5 was told there was a delay. I then contacted Customer service live and was giving a lot of bologna that all items are in stock and will Arrive in time for Christmas 12/19 we receive a notice that 4 out of 5 are backordered. Totally unacceptable and I will be returning the 1 item shipped to me. Just lost a customer.
    They have some good clothes at good prices and the free shipping took about a week. I would shop at ae online again.
    The site was introduced by my friend who has got several satisfactory purchase experiences for characterized t-shirts. They are well-made with good-quality materials, and what’s mentioning is that it is free for shipping and fast. I got my order today which I placed the day before yesterday, how fast and cool it is!
    Site did well by me. Good coupon code. Cool shorts, easy checkout!
    I love their clothes! They also have a 40% off selection. This is an awesome site to checkout. They have nice quality, good fitting clothes, which are reasonably priced.
    So far so great! I ordered on 4/23 and recevied on 4/ FULL order which was made up of absolutely awesome clearance deals. So they ship fast and actually have in stock what they say they do. Great quality clothing too.
    Love their clothes, specially the aerie section. The shipping is incredibly fast, I live very far away and in 4 days the order was in my doorstep. Just one thing I have to say if you are thinking to buy from them, never pay full price, if you search online you'll find lots of coupons.
    I ordered a shirt on a Monday night and by Thursday the package was delivered to my doorstep! They are one of my favorite companies to order online from and I'm never disappointed with any of my purchases :) has quick and relatively problem-free shopping. They have some nice deals and some even nicer clothes.