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  • Description:The company was founded in 1987, USA well-known computer products distributor, digital appliances and television bought the site is also very formal. The brand is numerous, variety complete, Goods are available in all varieties. from computer, computer accessories, mobile phone camera, computer software, is a good place to buy electronic products and various accessories.
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    I ordered my Macbook Air from Tiger Direct and the battery doesn't last more than 4 hours. I am still trying to return it with no help from their customer service. They told me it takes a week to get the label, then, I was promised the label the next day, twice. Still nothing. I am extremely disappointed and I do not trust they will return my money. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!
    They want 15% restocking fee to return an item I purchased a week ago plus I pay for shipping. I never saw this published anywhere on their site. Although I'm unhappy to pay this I said ok, lets get this going. Customer support keeps saying they have to get this approved that I will hear back in 24 hours, that was five days ago. TigerDirect is a BOBO company, spend a few dollars more and have piece of mind, I got cheap and this is what you get. Stay away... please! Tip for consumers:Stay away from this organization, they will frustrate you and rip you off. Products used:Apple Airpods Max Headphones Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    Purchased 3 laptops for my business on Thursday, paid for expedited 2-Day Air shipping. Checked the order the following Tuesday and the hadn't even processed my payment. I spoke with Christopher, operator #7102 and he doesn't get customer service... at all. I tried to have them sent next day air and he kept re-explaining my problem without apology or solution. After I requested to speak with a supervisor, he placed on a permanent hold. Likely the first and last time I will be buying from them.
    If I can put lest rating I will, I buy a computer, didn't come as I request,( Was dirty and broken) I didn't even use, same day I receive I call to return, take a while to receive email back from them, i keep calling customer service, NO help, finally after calling almost every day they send me the order to return, I shipped back now it is more than two month I don't have my refund. STAY AWAY FROM TIGGERDIRECT. I am still waiting for my refund
    I used to purchase a few things from Tiger direct about 10 years ago. I don't live in the region any more and thus have no interest in receiving their promo emails. The emails come at a frequency of 1 a day and sometimes 2 per day. When I click unsubscribe I get a screen saying that my order could not be completed (there isn't any order) and that I must call a number. I called the number and they said they would remove my email from the list. I got more emails. Also, I made a rule in gmail to delete all emails from them and they still come into my inbox. How is that possible? Because I ordered a few times from them, I can now not get rid of their daily onslaught of marketing emails. This is a terrible service. The photo shows the screen that pops up when I click unsubscribe.
    I was very happy with the customer service I received ordering my computer. When I placed the order it was on backorder. I when I called to check on the order I noticed that the price had dropped. The representative was able to cancel my previous order and placed a new order at the lower price, and was still able to get the computer in a reasonable time frame. She made the transaction very easy for me, and I was very happy with the service. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I have done business with TigerDirect several times in the past and was pleased with my purchase. Recently, I purchased a battery back-up and power surge protector. It did not work out-of-the-box. I have spent HOURS on the phone trying to get a return label. When I give the customer service representative my phone number, they put me on hold for a long time, come back on the line, then disconnect the call. It's sick. On a side note, I have a very expensive doorstop now. Good luck!
    Please don't do business with this company. I ordered a document camera which the site stated as in-stock and "... usually ships the same day". Once I realized the item wasn't in-stock I contacted the company to cancel the order and received an email confirming the cancellation. Five days later my account was charged and the cancelled item was delivered. I refused delivery and opened a dispute with PayPal for which I am still awaiting the outcome.
    Super fast delivery and great prices. Sent an email following my order because I'd made a mistake and the customer support was speedy and accommodating. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    We had bought from Tiger some years ago, so we ordered a refurb. It actually worked for a few hours, and then it didn'[t. I called and wasted a lot of tim e onm the phone. Finally they said if ti was defective, I needed to contact the refurb place. I needed a code. The person there said they could not send a code--needed an e-mail from Tiger. Called Tiger and was told they needed that code. I cried a lot. Eventually someone said someone would call back but I'm not holding my breath.
    TigerDirect was THE website where most of my colleagues and I would order our computer parts. That's to say that the business is quite different from what it once was. Since they have been acquired, it is a pain to find a deal worth actually considering, especially when other online suppliers are faster to ship and have a better deal. The support is also being offered in a lax way. I've gotten two completely unprofessional responses when inquiring about the details of two of their GPUs since their listings are sometimes incomplete.
    I have ordered refurbished PC from this agency. Computer works good, but was missing Wi-Fi adapter. Emailed customer service, took them 2 days to respond. To make long story short, I never got my Wi-Fi adapter. Would not buy from them again! Products used:Refurbished gaming PC Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I have been doing business with Tiger Direct, on and off, since 2008. All of my interactions with them have been positive. They offer a lot of computer-related products at reasonable prices. Honestly, not as good of deals like Amazon or Newegg, but still pretty good. They have sales and promotions running all the time, so you might find a nice deal on something you are looking for or maybe even make some impulse buys. The website is modern and laid out very well. Navigation and page loading speeds are both excellent. You can sign up for their newsletter to stay informed on all of their deals and promotions. For the most part, their shipping costs are reasonable and the time it takes to get your items is pretty quick. On the customer service side, I have had a great experiences in the few times or so that I have had to contact them about a problem or inquiry. They helped me out in a very satisfactory manner. Whether you are a casual or hardcore PC builder/enthusiast, Tiger Direct is a good option to satisfy your computing needs. Products used:Computer components, computer accessories Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    Paid for a webcam. No mention at all on their website that the unit was not in stock. Days later I receive an email saying it's back-ordered. No one at TigerDirect answers the phone or responds to chat inquiries. Total scam. Do not do business with this company unless you enjoy throwing money away.
    The Customer service of TigerDirect is rude and not knowledgeable on the services and company policies. I have called and got to spoken to: Jennifer; She was rude and unprofessional and has no knowledge about the company policies. The information she give was wrong, and moreover; she was very rude and arrogant. I will never place another order with this company, because just to change an email address is so asinine and archaic. Jennifer the customer service rep needs customer service training.
    Don't bother ordering anything from them, they will scam you. They also do not allow reviews when u order online. Indian scammers who will rip you off if u let them. I already wrote what happened to me twice by this lousy business. 0 stars if possible. Tip for consumers:The company is owned by corrupt Infian people. Products used:None Service Value Shipping
    So I know that this company has many positive reviews but that is not helping me out at all. On 10/9/2021 I ordered a refurbished laptop from tiger direct. I received the item in a box that had no signs of damage whatsoever. The laptop was wrapped in cellophane and the bezel on the monitor half of the laptop was coming apart and there was a giant bubble where the headphone jack was. I e-mailed them on 10/13/2021 and stated the issues. On 10/14/2021 they requested photos which I provided on the same day I took photos of the shipping box and the damaged laptop. After arguing for the price of the restocking fee which they finally waved I agreed to a product exchange that they said would take 5-7 business days for a return label which I thought was excessive but agreed to. It is now 11/1/2021 and still no label (11 business days). I have emailed them to remind them after 6 business days and told them to forget the exchange and just get me a refund with label. Still nothing. I have been more than patient and I don't understand why I am being treated this way. Tip for consumers:Poor Service. Dont Use Products used:Laptop (refurbed) Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    Good service. This is absolutely amazing. The UI and overall user experience is top class. Good service. This is absolutely amazing. The UI and overall user experience is top class.
    Order a 135KVA UPS. It was shipped with only stirofoam pieces holding the item. The box was too big for the item. No extra packaging to protect it from damage. It split the UPS in half. I emailed back to TigerDirect about additional packaging because the box was ripped apart. As heavy as it is, it should have been package a lot better, just as if it was brand new. No response. I had to provide pictures of the damage. Its day nine of 4-10 days, no reply about the return packaging issue. Returns take way too long. I am paying interest on that money. New Egg and Amazon does pretty good when they shipped my other UPS's.
    Great experience! I've got my orders on time, and I am satisfied with the quality. Thank you for your hard work!
    While the prices are great, I can't comment on the product quality as I haven't received it yet. Lost by the shipper. But when I called to check on this, that's when things went south. The first call ended abruptly when I expressed my displeasure at them not using the carrier I requested (I was firm, not yelling), they hung up on me. Second call ended when I asked to speak to a manager. Third call ended when I asked to speak to someone who spoke English as a native language. 4th call was dropped after they connected me to FedEx. They should have at least stayed on the line to verify that the package was being found. I have to say, I will NEVER but another item from Tiger Direct. Tip for consumers:Customer service is horrible Products used:Computer Service Shipping
    Purchased Apple Lightning to USB Type-A Cable from Received the order in 3 days and the USB cable is average in quality. Products used:Apple Lightning to USB Type-A Cable Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I placed an order in early Dec for 2 laptops, I only received one. Long story short, I called numerous times, and was told they had to do an 'investigation' because they weren't sure what happened. Each time I called, their customer service reps were not only rude but weren't able to provide any info. One guy that I spoke with had a rooster crowing in the background. I also sent emails that went unanswered. Finally a whole month after I placed the order I was told that the item was out of stock, no apologies and no remedy for the situation. Their website states they will not charge for any items not shipped but they charged me for both laptops and now I am chasing down the refund. I will never order through them again! Service Shipping
    I don't like this site because some of the products of this site are not as well as what it said. The quality doesn't work. Hope that improve. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I rarely write reviews, but here I see good service and knowledgeable professionals - so I leave my recommendation, all is well!