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  • was founded in 1998, is currently one of the UK's largest Internet retailer. And in 2011 by the Japanese website of electronic business affairs Le Tian (Rakuten) $39100000 acquisition.
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    Ordered from these many times before and not had any problems at all
    buy lots of items from here always happy!
    Good site, it's been redesigned recently by the looks of it. It was hard to find the film I was looking for as there's loads of toys and groceries on the homepage now. Still its good old as my dvd arrived quickly and it was a cheapest on the internet. I still prefer these guys to Amazon though I'm not sure about buying penny sweets from them...
    Fantastic choice and great prices! Lovely! :)
    Love, just make sure you leave plenty of time for stuff to arrive around Christmas, posties get a bit "light fingered" lol
    Have ordered many things from this site. I must say honestly that I have never had any problems at all. Everything I ordered was as it said on the tin and delivered within 3 working days. Prices were competitive too. This site is usually my first port of call.
    This is a cool site. I`ve bought a bunch of movies from this site for several years. The only negative I can think of is that it sometimes takes really long time recieving your items, but the good thing is that they don`t charge you for money before it`s been sent.
    still waiting for refund over 2 months, they should be quicker being big boys, a very shoddy company that we all buy from
    A good company prices are very competitive the only problem they sometimes have and i see other reviewers have picked up on this is if an item is out of stock it sometimes takes a very long time but to be fair on the other hand you are notified and no money is taken until they have the item so it is really your choice to wait but sometimes i frustrating, overall a decent company who i have used many times.
    sent me the wrong item initially- something that was no where near what I had originally ordered! Very hard to get someone to understand what had happened on the phone. I eventually just asked for my money back. The experience is a shame!
    placed order waited 6 weeks and items never arrived and refund never recieved, customer service is terrible and do not recommend this site, they seem to have a bunch of school kids running this site
    Great Site... What else can I say, if I can't find it on Amazon, then I'll find it on Their both pretty much the same to me. I've found problems with it like slow delivery (games coming a few days later when I pre ordered them,) but they are safe, reliable and mostly get the job done.
    This is a fantastic website. They are quick, efficient and very helpful. Only once have I recieved an item that was damaged in the post and when I rang them I could not find the receipt and yet they sent me a replacement and told me to throw away the other one! I cannot praise them enough!
    Never received goods, customer service non existent, and would not recommend this site, a bunch of amaters running this company, and alot of there stuff they don't hold in stock like most company's. Disgraceful this company in every way, you wait 3 months for items or never receive and take your money and don't refund
    Ordered a large EXPENSIVE item with PLAY.COM- they sent small CHEAP wrong item in a jiffy bag (Total incompetence).Many submissions to them informing them of the error- they totally ignored me.Had to send back wrong item by Royal mail special delivery due to their lack of reponse with a detailed letter including photos of packaging etc..Even the jiffy bag had the correct price for the large item which would never fit into a small jiffy bag. After a great deal of time the money appeared in my bank account-No reimbursement for the royal mail costs.No appology-No communication from them whatssoever. They are based offshore- DO NOT TOUCH-its just not worth the hassle. Use a UK mainland company only as the rules are better Rob
    Having used for more than 5 years I can safely attest that this is a great site. I live in Norway so the deliveries can take anything from one to two weeks but that's fine. I personally don't mind waiting if I can get a good price. I have ordered books, games, DVDs, Blu-rays and CDs from them. They withdraw money from your card when you make the order but will refund if the product you ordered has gone out of stock. This happened to me just a couple of weeks ago. Returns are also no problems from my experience. Also, free shipping to european countries!
    Back to the future mug received today. Marty Mcfly is now a happy man :)
    I have never had an issue with and have used them over 10 times- particulary around xmas!! always fast delivery - never had an issue with stock- never had to make a return. quick and easy (too easy) to buy kit once registered. Would recommend!
    This and the entertainer,i ordered a present for my nephew back on the 5/12/10 to make sure it would be here for xmas and they sent me an email saying they have sent your parcel. And when you ring up to find out were it is they say we havnt sent it even tho they say in an email its been posted.They have taken the money out of your account already then when i rang again they said your order has been sent and you ordered it on the 8/12/10 when i think i know when i ordered it. When i email them they don't even reply to any off them and they say we'll pass you on to our head office and they dnt even ring you back. Im so f**ked off by this they are so unhelpful its unreal this website is the worsed i have ever used
    bad customer service, waitng over 3 weeks to recieve the goods if they turn up and then waiting another 3 weeks or longer for a refund, never never shopping with them again beware shoppers
    I have found this to be an excellent site, consistenly good service and quick delivery. Any problems that have been encountered have been sorted out quickly and without any undue fuss.
    This must be one of the greatest sites on the internet. It must have a low rating on here because people seem to complain more than they compliment, never mind the millions of happy customers lol. I have been a customer with for years and never had one problem. Best value, everything is usually always in stock and they have the biggest range of CD's, DVD's and games on the web. The reviews of products are great too.
    I haven't had too many bad experiences with them since I always received my product - however I am UK based so presumably it is less likely to get lost than an overseas customer. However, I received a hooded top that was smelling terribly of fish. Even though I used copious amounts of Febreeze to get rid of the smell, it didn't quite get rid of the smell. I didn't really want to wash it straightaway. I wrote a review mentioning this and it was never published. When I wrote back to ask why they refuse to post my review, I never received a reply - I thought that was bad form. I didn't use any offensive words at all. They probably didn't want the bad publicity. Another thing that isn't great are the descriptions they provide for their products, and even the images are inaccurate at times.
    Has good deals, and a great selection.
    First waited weeks for a DVD they said had in stock. On receipt of delivery Play sent the wrong DVD, which they billed me for. I sent the DVD back but they only refunded me my postage. Later I cancelled the order for correct DVD as it was taking too long. Still waiting for Play to refund me the price of wrong DVD. No email address to correct this. Always get a foreign Lady on the phone I find hard to understand. She says she will amend but never does. Also the calls cost quite a lot.
    Excellent site.
    Bought quite a few things from and it's mostly been very good service. My only gripe is my account being awkward and not accepted my log in details quite frequently. They also don't seem to send games early anymore (which makes them arrive on the release date) and instead ship them on the release date itself making them later than if I went to a store. Price wise and product range wise though they are very good.
    Delivery can be slow when item are out of stock, but over all they have been good. Customer service is helpful.
    very unhelpful phone service id advise anyone not to buy from playtrade especially one guy sold over 20 copies of assassins creed a few days before christmas one to me i followed procedures and sent him a complaint email which he had 3 days to respond before i was refunded this was 5 days ago when i rang they told me they had to send him another email and i had to wait another 3 days which would have took me to wednesday i rang today (tuesday) after thinking this was rather unfair they told me to ring them back on thursday hey what happened to weds i asked to speak to someone in authority and was told there was no chance of that and i must follow the procedures? i thought i was it was them who made me wait a second set of 3 days and now another extra day and now am told they offer no guarantee if you buy off a playtrade seller well thats nice they willingly let thieves operate on their website with no guarantees? cheers don't trust them, also i have preordered games from them which have arrived later than the release date special offers added to games which have been ordered and not arrived with the offer they offer me to return item!!!! when i paid for it 2 months before cos i wanted it on release date i preordered modern warfare 2 hardened edition for £80 and recieved standard edition £45 none week late and they somehow managed to get online business of the year award i have been ordering off them fo 6 months and have had nothing but trouble a terrible service backed up by a pretty website rubbish
    I've had an absolutely awful time trying to purchase a Christmas present from Firstly I pre-ordered the item on 7th Nov which was due for release on 11th Nov but they kept pushing the date back (its currently 18th Dec!). But I gave them the benifit of the doubt thinking that it could be the manufacturer so on 4th Dec I cancelled it and ordered a similar item that was in stock. As I'm writing this I still haven't received the item and the status online is 'Order Placed'. I contacted them and they told me it was out of stock, but it is still listed on their website as in stock. I was told they would submit and application to get me the item as soon as it comes into stock and I should get an e-mail within the next couple of days, that was 5 days ago and still nothing. Feels like I am banging my head against a brick wall. Looks like I am going to have to cancel it and find another present for my sister. I would never shop with again!
    They took my £10.95 but failed to make my music download available. They repeatedly say their website is under temporary maintenance when I attempt to download my already-paid-for music. They ignore my emails. I'm always polite towards them, but they hang up on the phone when I call to complain about my order (order number 182197492) not being honoured.