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  • Description:Herb transportation of natural health products and health products to more than 190 countries American and throughout the world.   the rapid development of the market, iHerb is the world's first-class best quality natural products assembly. IHerb in the American California and Kentucky, have 2 more than 600000 square feet of large modern warehouse GMP certification. Development began in 1996, now has a complete more than 30000 5000 kinds of high grade natural green product inventory to sales.
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    Package ordered 4 weeks earlier has not arrived. Notification about shipping was never received like in previous package. Contacted the customer support and was told to wait 6 weeks and then contact them again but they couldn't cancel the order and return my money because the package left their warehouse. I don't think the lower price is worth the hassle.
    Easy to navigate website, great selection of quality products, ordering was very easy, super fast shipment.
    I'm considering ordering something from this site, but I have noticed that many of the positive reviews are repeated at least once verbatim by the same poster. This makes me a bit warier of the site than I may have been. Should I still try it out?
    This is the worst service ever-If you wanna save time and your mind, please stay away from this seller. I ordered medicines worth of 100 dollars (because I had an injury and had nobody to go buy me drugs, so thought to save some peace of mind by ordering online) and its been over a month and a half and still haven't received those. No tracking is given, although some tracking number is given but then it is said that it cannot be tracked. I am not sure if I will ever received it. I am not sure if they are legitimate business or trying to just hoax money...Take my advice-NEVER BUY FROM THIS SELLER.
    UK customers will be charged VAT and handling which, on my order, totalled 50% of the order value!! Emailed asking for more clarity on the website and received a very condescending and patronizing email in return. DON'T USE THIS COMPANY IF YOU ARE UK BASED - THE PRICES IN STERLING ARE TOTALLY MISLEADING
    Items were well packaged and received promptly. Very happy with the whole experience.
    We have purchased a product through iHerb US website. The website promise us to supply the product at a price and when i received the product they had added the provided amount with extra duty tax which was not mentioned before during the time of payment detail.WORST WEBSITE NEVER TRUST THEM.
    If I could give them ten stars I would. iHerb is an awesome company to shop. They have just about anything you could want and the customer service is great. It seems like the prices are always better than anywhere else!
    This company make their own supplements under the name of California Gold Nutrition. I ordered a C0Q10 but when it arrived I noticed it contained modified food starch. I wrote to customer service to enquire what it was made from and if it was GMO. I have had 6 messages back from someone sounding like they are screaming at me and asking me why I am asking this and where do I get my information. I keep writing back saying I am not accusing them of anything but asking. Finally she answered saying it is corn starch so I wrote back asking where they purchase it if it is not GMO, all I got back was another email 'screaming' at me again asking me where I get my information. This company seriously has something going on and say on their home page, that they don't use GMO wherever possible. As corn in the US is 90% GMO I have to assume this product contains GMO and I am throwing it away. They are unbelievably impossible to speak to and very rude.
    I have made about 29 purchases between 2014 -2016 and I haven't had much to complain. The purchases have been 16 - 50. My purchases have gotten stuck in customs about 5-6 times. Usually that's happened when Iherb had free shipping, or when one of the items inside had been around 25. I guess Finnish customs let packages go easier even when their price is over 22. They usually give little free stuff with the purchases, like pens, magnifying bookmarks and tote bags, which are kinda cute. I had one of the pens open in the package and it had sprayed ink everywhere though. I usually buy makeup, hair products for curly hair, beauty products, ingredients for flax seed gel, oils and supplements. They once sent me an argan oil that had a rancid smell to it and they refunded my money. I like buying from Iherb because many of the products are usually over two times more expensive to buy from shops in Finland than from Iherb.
    ordered some room spray for £24 and paid £8 delivery, when it got here I was asked to pay £17 in duty. This was not mentioned clearly when I bought it and it was on on the total cost, very misleading. I refused the order and sent it back and asked for a refund. The company said it was explained on the website (hidden somewhere not obvious when you go through the buying process) and that I could have a refund minus the cost to ship it back to them!!! Stay away from this company, they should explain this in big bold letters the whole way through the buying process, you don't find out until the produce gets here and DHL try to charge extra for VAT and then YOU have to pay for it being returned when it is not your mistake. really really bad. Unacceptable
    I bought some goat milk and colostrum from iHerb and when I received the items, there were not expiry dates on the products except a flimsy sticker stating the date of manufacture, which anyone can print and paste. The funny thing is iHerb could indicate the expiry dates its website when the products itself do not have them. Duh??? I was planning to give them to my children but am sceptical of its safety. Those could have been expired goods since nothing is printed on the product packaging. I feel cheated as I thought iHerb would do the due diligence on behalf of its customers since this is an online sale and we are not able to personally inspect the goods ourselves unlike buying in a physical store. And the customer service took more than 1 month to reply and each time avoiding my questions about if iHerb had concocted those expiry dates on its website. Also refusing to extend the period of refund as they have a 60-day return policy, even though they are the ones who wasted more than 30 days of the return period. Beware of this online store
    After reading the reviews on this site, I think it's safe to say that the majority of iherb's international customers do not have a good experience. Ordered from Australia, placed an order for discounted items and upon finalising the transaction, it showe AFTER I PAID that I had been charged full price. Tried to make the order another 2 times and each time had to cancel because the same thing happened. Looked at my bank account and saw I still had been charged. I also saw that that had been charged international transaction fees. There is absolutely NO WARNING that you will be charged international transaction fees. Extremely misleading also on the "total price" stated for orders. Emailed iherb about the situation, they told me in their own words that the total of transactions "is an estimated price" and that even though it shows your own currency for product prices it's is "to lessen the surcharge from your bank". Total B.S Still currently trying to get my money back. Good luck to me
    Even though it doesn't say on your cart you will have to pay custom charges. Mine was half the price of my purchase so the whole lot turned out to be much more expensive than buying froma UK online outlet.
    75% are custom charges or else the shippment will be destroyed by DHL without any refund. This extra charge is concealed from customers so that website can lure them for purchasing apparanetly low cost products. My worst experience with online shopping. The same product if i go to local shop 4km away woupd be cheaper than it
    ...really like placing orders from iherb - get the products as ordered - good expiration dates - everything always packed well and received in good condition. And, the products arrive amazingly fast! I see lower star ratings, many from the Brits --- customs, delay and duty could cause irritation - this Irish American commiserates, although not going overboard. It's state robbery - get after your parliament for duty & custom changes ... or move to the US - just don't bring your stricter prohibitive gun laws and regulations - it's bad enough here in The States. In any event, I am able to highly recommend iherb.
    I ordered from iHerb to Switzerland over $200 without problems. I ordered a second time again $100 and the shipper called and said that the box was leaking and they were refusing it. I contacted iHerb, they said that I was NOT entitled to a refund because the shipping was $86 to ship it back. How was it my fault the box was leaking?? In my opinion, they should have replaced the items or given full refund.
    I ordered herbs from this company approximately £50.... I had to pay an extra £21 for vat and delivery charges. I am just fuming. Surely this Should be added to at the time of order. What a dishonest company.
    I have also been charged import duties and tax of £20 to the UK on an order for £40. iHerb really should mention this on their website, very misleading...
    If it weren't for this company's good customers service responsiveness, this would get a 1/5 star rating. However, each time they respond, it is a new person almost everytime and you have to re-explain the issue all over again, and their broken English is barely coherent. Their deceptive checkout system and sneaky emails basically stole $20 from me. If it was more money, I would describe the details, but its just not worth my time. Long story short: DON'T SHOP HERE.
    There is no indication on iherb UK's website that you will have to pay Duty and VAT at British Customs for your goods. I've had a very unhelpful note from DHL arrived with no indication how to pay the £41.00!!!!!!!!! Duty on my shipment and, to adult insult to injury, have just had to spend the last hour holding the line, visiting various menus and transfers to call centres to pay this and organise delivery. Ordering from iherb has turned into a very expensive and time wasting debacle and I couldn't be more displeased.
    Amazing service, products and VERY affordable delivery! I ordered products all the way to Dubai, it came within less than a week AND in amazing condition. Very happy with my purchase and will definitely purchase again!
    When you choose the items and delivery options not a single word about import taxes and extra charges. Actually you get an invoice and 10% credit for your next order. You pay it and everything is OK UNTIL several days later DHL texts you the following RANSOM message: DHL would like to deliver a shipment with Waybill No 1234567890, however, £ XX is payable for Duty and VAT. Please make payment at Everything they do is legal but it is NOT professional. Would not recommend iHerb to UK customers
    I couldn't find anywhere on their website that I would be charged an extra £15 for VAT and DHL delivery, therefore, I won't be purchasing from IHerb again. To add to my annoyance, DHL have had my purchase for 3 weeks and I still haven't received it. They said they have tried to deliver 3 times, but I had no notification that they had tried to do so. They wouldn't leave my package in the secure place I specify on a note on my front door - every other company leaves packages, but not DHL without, I discovered after phoning them, a signed note giving the waybill number. It would have been so much cheaper and quicker to have purchased from Amazon!
    Very disppointed with the customer care of this company. Does not disclose properly or give you any warning about the huge additional charges asked by the shipping company! Happily take the money for the order!
    very unhappy with my whole experience with iherb- as summarised in the title. I will not be ordering for them in the future!
    After buying two lots of herbs at £10 each, already paying £8 for delivery then told to pay an extra £16 by customs the item became so expensive. I was told by their courrier on a web chat if I no longer wanted to pay then customs they would be returned free of charge so I agreed to do that. Nievely not knowing Iherb were charging me £30 for delivery. When Iherb told me there would be a charge I messaged them and contacted their courrier saying I would keep the herbs and pay the duties. The herbs were at my local depot 10 minutes away but Iherb for some reason then contacted them asking them to be returned to US. Now I have no herbs even though I paid for them. And Iherb are taking no responsibility over their part in this problem. With a web address of I did not realise nor feel the need to further look into seen if they were not based in the uk. For a big companie like Iherb I think a little customer service on this issue would have gone a long way! The value is not a big loss but I am upset at how things have not been resolved.
    I've ordered from iHerb on many occasions, always the US one and once on the UK one (it forces it now if you're in the UK), and all of my orders via the US iHerb did not warrant any customs charges. I order the Crazy Rumor lip balms (8 to 10 at a time), but my order through the UK iHerb was £26 and I was told to pay £12.44 for delivery of the items (£8 charge to Royal Mail) as a customs charge. I'm not pleased about this and I shall not be ordering again, especially since there is no information on the iHerb website alerting customers about any possible taxes and charges.So do I risk these items being returned and then iHerb not refunding me any monies because the return shipping costs were higher than the original order, or do I just bloody pay this ridiculous fee and get the items. On this occasion, royal mail wins, but it's not right.
    I have placed many orders through iHerb over the past few years, and they always have good prices on their products with very fast free shipping (available with $20+ orders). Their selection is good, although not perfect (but who has EVERYTHING you are looking for?) it is the best I have found. I like that I can rely on great value with the products that I get from them and it is shipped very quickly and packaged well every time.
    Very happy with the free shipping for orders over $20 and the quality of shipping and packaging. The selection of products is great and the expiration dates are excellent. Will definitely order from iHerb again.
    iHerb is awesome! All other companies should follow their business model. They offer great products, great prices and AWESOME customer service, down to the detail in how they ship the products. I will continue to do business with them.
    This is one of the best websites if you're looking for any supplement or vitamin product. The site is very well arranged, so it is easy and quick to order even if you are not a computer genius.
    Placed and order, it came. (I'm in the US, no shipping problems.) Everything was fine except for one product, which was incorrect. (The Frontier Foods Bac'Ums had two products: Vegetarian, and Bacon Flavored Soy. I ordered the SOY, got the vegetarian.) Went back to the website, explained the problem, and was told a new one was on the way. It arrived and it too was incorrect. This time I was told I needed pictures! So I did that, and got an email saying the replacement was on it's way. This product, for the THIRD time is still incorrect. Sent another email with pictures, and called- more hoops to jump through on my end as they want the bad product back, while it still remains if I get a corrected order or not. It makes me real leery of ever ordering from them again. This review was updated after receiving a FOURTH incorrect product in a row. I finally cancelled my order and downgraded the two star rating to a one. It doesn't get any worse than this, if you can't get the product you ordered because some moron on the other end keeps hitting the "repeat" button instead of actually looking to see what is wrong on their end.
    My order took 6 weeks to arrive, because it was held up at customs. I emailed iherb and they said there was nothing they could do. When I finally received the order, I had to pay 30.00 customs duty. It's not worth ordering from them if you live in Europe and I won't be doing it again. Waste of time and money and very disappointing.
    This was my first time buying from them. After 3 weeks of waiting, they could not tell me what happened to my order. I chatted several times with them and they were indifferent, never offered to re-ship until I finally told them to cancel the order and credit my card.
    I am very happy with iHerb. Very prompt, professional company.
    Quick delivery and happy with the products. Well recommended.
    Excellent and accurate service, and the best prices too. I appreciated the free shipping for orders over $20. Great site.
    I have been purchasing my vitamin needs from this company for a couple of years - they generally have what I need in stock and have shipped within a few days. I like it that there is a history of what you have ordered online for you to see.
    A very bad experienced. I checked first my savings visa balance before I decided to purchase. Now after completing filled up those informations and payment. A day after upon checking my remaining balanace I found out that they already deducted the said amount. So i was thinking the transaction is valid. Also on that day I received an email from them saying they hold my product for some verification regarding my account. As to make the story short they already deducted the said amount and now they've said that they did not made any deduction with my account. It is very clear in my part coz i have the receipt before and after the transaction was made. I am strongly believe that I am one of the victim's of online syndicate. Ò Hope that this message will serve as a lesson to put an extra careful by purchasing online. iHerb if you are legitimate online website our Customer's Protection is your primarily concern..
    Well I wrote them a complaint on an expired supplement and trying to send back the stuff so they could replace with a new one, I was shocked to learn the how expensive I have to pay for the shipping. Their answers are very condescending and rude. Last time I ever deal with this company. It was a mistake in the first place to placed orders from them.
    The site is seriously misleading. No refund if you decide to return your orders. Tax and handling are way too much (up to 80 % of the actual price) .
    I herb looks cheap at first but they dont highlight the cost of taxes and amazon is often just as cheap if not cheaper plus they offer rewards scheme that operate like a pyramid scheme except you dont know the person whose code finds its way onto your order and who benefits from your purchase to the tune of 5% every time you order.
    I placed an order without looking into the custom clearance price.. as i was already charged for shipping. This is simply pathetic! Was charged a bomb for clearance.. n t worse part is you cannot get a refund as the product will not be returned if you don take it! Just sad
    even if u order with them through DHL transporation it never arrives on time . besides when i ordered one time the vitamen was marked in stock and then they sent to me after making order that its out of stock !!! the customer service is horrible and definitely waste of money i use and am happier with it
    Very easy purchases, great product lines, reasonable & competitive pricing and fast 2 day free shipping. Always a pleasure to order from their store. Additionally, there are plenty of daily, weekly and monthly promotions on their specials page so check them out as well.
    basically this is the e-mail they sent me after I request for a refund: I mentioned in my previous email that if your order is returned to us due to a banned/restricted products policy, a wrong address, refusal to pay customs fees, refused to accept the order or because no one was there to accept delivery of your order, we will refund your credit card as follows: You will be refunded the total amount of the order, minus the shipping charge and the return cost. Also, refunds will not be issued until the returned package is physically in our warehouse. However, since the total cost to return the package, including the duties and taxes is more that the amount of your refund, iHerb requested to DHL to abandon the package, hence, no refund will be processed. If you have any additional questions or you need further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us. Regards,
    This is their respond after 6 weeks. Upon checking, it shows that the DHL return cost was $42.95, and we have requested to have the package to be abandoned. Therefore, there is no refund to be processed. I do apologize for that. Should you have any questions, please do contact us. Now you decide if this company is trustworthy. They ignored all my emails the phone was never answered, and I never received the goods, they never paid me my money.
    Whenever I order an item it's always available and iHerb has some great discounts. The delivery service is the best I've ever seen anywhere. I can't believe that I receive my orders within a couple of days.