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  • Description:America famous men's flash purchase site, was acquired in 2010 group purchase website Thrillist. Jack&nbsp; Threads is a membership based urban style shop, you can use the Facebook account to login to use, can also be registered. This will be a day to give you a push discount information, selling things are relatively high-end tide products, but the price is not expensive, can be regarded as cheap. <br / >
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    This morning I placed an order with a service called JackThreads. It's essentially a personal shopping service except rather than having items pulled on your behalf you choose your own. It's high end, and it's the kind of service I've seen before and always meant to try. Their main draw is that they have a "TryOut" service in which you can select items to be shipped to you at no cost, and then you can try them on at home and see if they are a good match. You have 7 days to decide, and you ship back - for free - everything you don't want. After that, you are billed to the credit card on file for the items you wanted. I filled my cart with around $2,000 worth of clothing, accessories, plus a few interesting looking home items. I also added in a Beats speaker and headphone set. I was fairly certain I would not want to buy those last two items, but I've always heard how GREAT Beats audio equipment was and this seemed like an ideal way to find out. Since losing a bunch of weight I don't really own clothes that fit great, and I'm tired of paying to have things altered and taken in. I also hate the personal shopping services at Neiman Marcus etc... because they never seem to grasp a sense of personal style when it comes to big & tall men. They just pull a combination of "urban" clothes and a selection of shapeless golf wear. It honestly seemed too good to be true that this company was going to ship me $2K of merchandise on good faith, even with my credit card on file, so I spoke to a customer service rep before putting the order through. "What's the catch?" I asked. "There's no catch!" she assured me. The order went in at about 10AM. By 5PM they had cancelled it. I got a very basic email saying "Your order has been cancelled. We hope you try again, 100% free, no catches, no surprises." I'd say having my entire order cancelled without notice - without them even having attempted a $1 charge off on my account, let alone a full charge - was a surprise. About an hour after my order was cancelled, I got a promotional email encouraging me to try 300+ new items. Interesting. I spoke to another customer service rep (via online chat) and I was told that for whatever reason, their safety department had deemed my order a risk and it was cancelled. She said she had no way of knowing the exact reasons for this, but that she would reach out to them and they would email me in the morning to clarify. She told me there was no way of directly contacting and speaking to anyone in this mysterious decision making department. She also said something about the "TryOut" feature being in beta and that they were only selecting about 500 customers to use it. I found that kind of insulting and suspicious. When you go onto the site and attempt to use the "TryOut Beta" service, it asks for your email to check if you are eligible. In my case, after doing so, I get a pop up saying "Congrats. You're In!" So obviously I was selected, right? At the end of the day, JackThreads is going to need to be a LOT MORE transparent about the fact that it's entirely possible if not in fact likely that your order will be completely voided out without explanation. I am going to assume the only reason my order was flagged is because I am a new user with a very large order, but at the end of the day this is a high end service selling high end clothing and items. If I can't place a large order through the service, what's the point?
    Ordered for my teenage sons. Great prices and quality. Arrived quickly and in good packaging. Would definitely order again, and would recommend to others.
    I really like the styles of most of the items here. How I wish they have smaller sizes for kids and teenage boys. Today's kids wants to be look like an adult. I like dressing up my kids and Jackthreads is my taste. I am pretty sure it would not only me but also my growing up kids will consider Jackthreads an all-time shopping site if they made it, especially for shoes and suits. The delivery was reasonable enough and the quality of the pants that I ordered was pretty good except the sunglass.
    excellent service and always comfortable clothing. they were out of my size for the Arch Joggers so I went to Revolve instead, but nothing against Jackthreads. I'm just extremely thin and require an X Small size. They usually always have in stock and the clothing is great quality. also, I love New York <3
    $6.99 charge for a refund which just happens to be equal to a S&H charge to otherwise "free postage" return service. Just can't help themselves!
    I love Jack Threads. I buy joggers for my husband there that I can't find anywhere else and they ship super fast! The app is the WTG tho.
    BEWARE. When you purchase the item it says "returns accepted." but they are the first company that does not refund your money. They only give you store credit. Do not refund money on returns.
    Very fun site to shop for my husband. Finding his birthday gifts have never been so easy!
    Best Men's fashion website online! Great designs and good deals.
    Wonderful products at amazing price points. Something here for your guy and the house as well. So easy to navigate through the site!
    ordered some shoes came very fast at a great price will shop again!!