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  • Description:In 1971, Roger Hojo created the first, not a luxury mail-order catalog in a store. Committed to providing unique decorative items from around the world, Hawthorn is credited with the use of Mr. Kai's placement catalog to order free phone numbers. His distinctive taste and vision uniquely matched the basic principles of the perfect Neiman Marcus, and in 1988, this was part of the Hojo collection that became the direct Neiman Marcus online directory division of Neiman Marcus today.
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    Is this site even legit? Quite possibly the worst experience i ever had in ordering any piece of furniture. I understand shipping delays and supply chain issues, but this shows "in stock" and even gave an option for NEXT DAY delivery. I placed an order on an item on 10/13 with a delivery date of 10/21.10/21 rolls around and nothing. I check my account online and there are no pending orders. I go to the original email they sent with order number so i can check the status and it just says "processing". I made a phone call and it was pushed to 10/24 delivery. Ok - fine. Low and behold, its 10/24 so i call AGAIN and they say 10/31. The website says 24 in stock! They say there is nothing they can do. At this point, if i dont hear back by 10/31, i'll just cancel the charge and let my credit card worry about the refund. This website is a joke! And the customer service reps are also jokes! This can't be a real company. It has to be some third party website who affiliated themselves with neiman marcus and sells promises and junk furniture at astounding prices. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I ordered a light fixture that was 40% off. The day it was supposed to arrive I got email saying they canceled my order and that the money would be refunded back to my account. Website still said the item was in stock so I called to inquire about why it was canceled. They didn't know and offered to help me put the order through again. Only this time it wasn't 40% off it was only 30% off. They refused to give me the 40% off even though it was all documented in their system. Tip for consumers:Shop elsewhere Products used:None Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    This company is terrible they send me ruined table set with black patches all over and smell horrible. I started a return right away it has need a month and didn't refund me again... don't trust them spam Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I ordered my water fountain in July, they promised an August delivery. It didn't arrive until January, and a bunch of boxes, surrounded by 2 feet of snow. Not a good time to assemble a fountain. I spent another $700 getting it assembled only to find that the top part of the fountain was missing all together. So we contacted them to send the top part that I had paid for, only to be told that it was past 30 days and there was nothing they would do for me. The pump died after two hours. Now I have an embarrassing expensive piece in my front entryway in a very exclusive neighborhood and nothing that they will do for me. I've even asked them to come and get it and refund me the installation costs. And they are just ignoring me. How hard would it be to just send me the top piece?
    Company deserves its 1.6 rating or less! Placed an order and the delivery date was pushed back twice - weeks at a time. Double charged me once after one of those changes so I had to call them. Then Horchow canceled the order altogether stating unable to fill. Service