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  • Description:In 1971, Roger Hojo created the first, not a luxury mail-order catalog in a store. Committed to providing unique decorative items from around the world, Hawthorn is credited with the use of Mr. Kai's placement catalog to order free phone numbers. His distinctive taste and vision uniquely matched the basic principles of the perfect Neiman Marcus, and in 1988, this was part of the Hojo collection that became the direct Neiman Marcus online directory division of Neiman Marcus today.
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    I ordered an over $10,000 bed in June from them. In November, I was told the bed was being shipped to me. On 12.9.22 the bed was delivered to me WITHOUT the headboard, footboard and side rails. All I received was the attached. How does a manufacturer, store and delivery company all review a order to confirm its complete and no one realize these pieces are not a bed. It's pathetic! I still have no bed Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I have purchased items from Horchow over the years, including furniture. It's never been a great experience so haven't bought from them in awhile. They had some Christmas decorations on sale so thought I take the chance. It's been over a week since I placed the order and am now getting notification that they don't actually have the items. I never have this happen with other stores. Can't believe how poorly run this store is. Tip for consumers:Don't waste your time buying from this company Products used:None. Didn't get them. Service Value Shipping
    Ordered a set of dinnerware. Three of the 12 plates were broken. Emailed them and asked for replacement. After 15 to 20 emails back and forth, finally received the replacement for which they said was free, only to find out I was refunded some money, and then charged for replacement. Absolutely insane the back and forth with them. Sent them pictures of broken plates, and did everything they asked for - beware if anything comes damaged or broken, you will be charged for replacement. Will never patronize this company again. This is the first time in my life I have left a review, but felt compelled because what I have had to go through.
    Watched a piece of wall are shown as "on sale" for 3 or 4 days. When I finally decided to purchase, I put it in my cart, and went to checkout. To my dismay it was no longer shown as on sale. I called customer service and they said the sale was off. I find it hard to believe that the sale ending cooredsponded to my checkout. Too conincidental. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I have done business with Horchow for many years but recently it has been a nightmare. My first bad experience was 2 years ago when I purchased. Duvet set for $1600. I tried everything to make it work. The spread had permanent wrinkles. I spoke with customer service and followed their suggestions but nothing worked so I returned it and order something different (which I love). The problem is their return process should not be such a mess. They do not process returns in a timely manner. Apparently returns warehouse held my duvet set and then marked it as not returned within the time limit. Six months later they resent and recharged me for the set I returned. Customer service said I had returned it, but apparently their warehouse did not process the return. Now I keep on top of any returns. Recently I returned a Santa same day I received it. Took to FedX as they instruct. I waited a month to get an email acknowledging return and credit. I received nothing. I called Horchow customer service and they confirmed return had not been processed. She processed it for me. I believe Horchow is a subsidiary of Neiman Marcus. However, I never have these problems with Neiman. Please note: when dealing with Horchow be on top of your return credit or you may never see it!
    This company is terrible they send me ruined table set with black patches all over and smell horrible. I started a return right away it has need a month and didn't refund me again... don't trust them spam Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    Is this site even legit? Quite possibly the worst experience i ever had in ordering any piece of furniture. I understand shipping delays and supply chain issues, but this shows "in stock" and even gave an option for NEXT DAY delivery. I placed an order on an item on 10/13 with a delivery date of 10/21.10/21 rolls around and nothing. I check my account online and there are no pending orders. I go to the original email they sent with order number so i can check the status and it just says "processing". I made a phone call and it was pushed to 10/24 delivery. Ok - fine. Low and behold, its 10/24 so i call AGAIN and they say 10/31. The website says 24 in stock! They say there is nothing they can do. At this point, if i dont hear back by 10/31, i'll just cancel the charge and let my credit card worry about the refund. This website is a joke! And the customer service reps are also jokes! This can't be a real company. It has to be some third party website who affiliated themselves with neiman marcus and sells promises and junk furniture at astounding prices. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    I ordered a light fixture that was 40% off. The day it was supposed to arrive I got email saying they canceled my order and that the money would be refunded back to my account. Website still said the item was in stock so I called to inquire about why it was canceled. They didn't know and offered to help me put the order through again. Only this time it wasn't 40% off it was only 30% off. They refused to give me the 40% off even though it was all documented in their system. Tip for consumers:Shop elsewhere Products used:None Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    Company deserves its 1.6 rating or less! Placed an order and the delivery date was pushed back twice - weeks at a time. Double charged me once after one of those changes so I had to call them. Then Horchow canceled the order altogether stating unable to fill. Service
    I ordered my water fountain in July, they promised an August delivery. It didn't arrive until January, and a bunch of boxes, surrounded by 2 feet of snow. Not a good time to assemble a fountain. I spent another $700 getting it assembled only to find that the top part of the fountain was missing all together. So we contacted them to send the top part that I had paid for, only to be told that it was past 30 days and there was nothing they would do for me. The pump died after two hours. Now I have an embarrassing expensive piece in my front entryway in a very exclusive neighborhood and nothing that they will do for me. I've even asked them to come and get it and refund me the installation costs. And they are just ignoring me. How hard would it be to just send me the top piece?
    I ordered a console table which arrived broken. It was supposed to be picked up and returned. Fed ex was a no show and their customer service agents refused to help. They are a bunch of scam artists Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    For the last 3 years or so it has been one disappointment after another with Horchow. Their delivery is very poor, it takes forever to receive items that aren't on backorder when you make the purchase and their communication is incredibly sub par. You call customer service to discuss the situation and no one has any idea what is going on over there, all you get is empty answers or the same old customer service rhetoric. I cant write a review about two specific (expensive) pieces of art that I purchased on Horchow itself which is also bull. These purchases were made back in November 2021 and just recently arrived? No one even let me know they were coming with the deliveries so it's lucky I was home. On the 2 pieces of art title "Hidden Traditions I & II" there is no actual ceremonial mask on either one of these pieces as the description suggests, they are just painted on images that sort of resemble the photos and I feel like this is a gross misrepresentation of the pieces. The photos make it seem like actual masks are involved and so does the description which reads: "Ceremonial masks have been used by African tribes for transcendental purposes for centuries. Featured in the center of the composition, it rests upon a pattern of indigenous symbology and markings". The painted on images look nothing like the photos and secondly they took 9 weeks to arrive, that's nuts. Im super unhappy. And while we are at it, I still haven't received a third order from the same date and not one person can give me a straight answer about where this item is located. Last year I had trouble receiving items art that weren't damaged so I had to return the item, pay for it again (before the 10 days it takes to credit the original purchase) and start the whole ordering, shipping and delivery process over again. This happened more than twice as I recall. 2 years ago I couldn't get the correct items sent to me, they just shipped random pieces I never ordered and then I had to jump through hoops to send back and cancel the order and start over again on those pieces. For a Neiman Marcus brand store this is totally unacceptable. You talk to customer service but nothing is ever done to resolve these problems, it happens so often its sad and Im sure Im not the only one this has happened to. I am completely done with Horchow, they just aren't that special to me anymore. Tip for consumers:Be aware that you may bot get what you ordered, you will never get a decent customer service response, it will take forever to get the item you purchase and it may be the wrong item once its received. Horrible service. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    Doooooooo not buy furniture here! They are fake same item back force 5 time They are just expansive but cheap and damaged furniture, Tip for consumers:do not buy this company !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Products used:LAKESIDE PAINTED Service Value Shipping Returns
    Impossible to justify price for service. The worst customer service I've ever encountered. I'm still waiting for a dresser I ordered in August of last year despite me making 7 follow up calls met with empty promises. They always apologize but never follow through.
    I purchased 2 sets of Godinger Stainless flatware in Sept 2019. When I opened the box to use at Thanksgiving, one teaspoon was badly scratched so I sent it to Godinger for replacement as their warranty says they cover original defects. Still haven't heard from them so I contact Horchow customer service who told me their policy was 45 days and there was nothing they could do. Never offered any other assistance. I recommend not to do business with a company that will not stand behind the vendors and products they sell. Very poor customer service!
    This company sent me a lamp that electrocuted me and several other orders that were incorrect damaged or late. They have 0 customer service and they will cost you time and money if you order from them. I am in a battle with them now trying to get back money for nightstands that I ordered over 6 months ago. These prominent brands such as Bernhardt, Caracole, Drexal should stop supplying Horchow. They r destroying your name. This company will ultimately destroy anyone who gets involved. Buyer be very aware. Take my advice.
    I had ordered a pair of lamps that were back ordered for three months. Received an email stating they would be back ordered another month. I called and emailed to cancel and they tell me they don't know if they can do that! What type of operation is this?
    I ordered a John-Richard centerpiece in June 2021. It was supposed to arrive in August and then got delayed to December. I said ok and they waived the shipping charges, which was nice. I kept getting emails that it would arrive December 24th but I figured I would call. I called and was assured that it would arrive on time. Four days ago, I got an email that it would not arrive until April 29,2022. I called again and the man I spoke with had no idea why the delay. He asked me to give him 48 hours to check and see what happened. Of course, I never heard back and so I called again and now was talked that the reason is because they ran out. How does this even make sense? Did they sell mine to someone else? Anyway, I cancelled my order now I need to make sure that my credit card gets refunded. Very poor company. My first and last order with them. Tip for consumers:Don’t use Horchow Products used:None Service
    I never write bad reviews but I must warn customers: Horchow held pending funds for three months and sent one e-mail changing the delivery date, then changed it again without notifying me. Then audaciously cancelled my order also without notification. If I hadn't followed up with them looking for my product I would have waited longer. Customer service provides a boatload of sorries but couldn't even offer to reorder these now in-stock items. Early January I ordered a product with a ship date in February. Once february came I received an email that the product would ship March 21 instead. As an understanding patron and With everything back ordered from the pandemic, I didn't complain and I waited patiently. Once March 21st came— alas, no product and no notification of shipment. I followed up with customer care and the expected ship date is march 24th. Come this date, I follow up again and customer rep. Stated the order was cancelled by Horchow. Cancelled?!?!? But I didn't cancel the order and the product is now in stock!?!? In no way did they offer to rectify their nonsense. What a nonsensical business. Horchow should be ashamed of themselves.
    Won't be shopping here or any sister brands, including Neiman Marcus. Leonardo C. And Jose A. In customer service are awful and beyond rude. Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    This business is garbage and hopefully they will closed down because of this next recession. My bed was two months late I called the lady waited on the phone for 30 minutes only to have her hang up on me.Do not ever buy anything from this company unless you just want to give away your money
    If I could give zero stars I would. Honestly the worst furniture buying experience I have ever had. I have literally NEVER posted a review anywhere, ever, and this was so bad that I felt compelled to post one. I bought a media console and waited two months for it to come (which I was even ok with). It arrived and didn't look good in my room so I initiated a return. It took them 3 weeks to come get it. After 10 days I started calling to see when I would be refunded. It took over a month, and a 6 more phone calls, to get a refund. They didn't refund me for shipping ($250), which I understand, but then charged me another $250 for return shipping (without asking/mentioning it- I just saw the (unauthorized) charge show up on my credit card). So I'm now out $500 for a piece of furniture that I returned. Compare that to Wayfair, who delivered a piece of furniture to my house that same week, free shipping, that I returned also. Wayfair picked it up the next day and refunded my credit card the very moment the shipper scanned into his system that he had the furniture on his truck. Unless you are 100% certain that you will keep the furniture you buy from Horchow you can't buy anything there. I will never shop there again. Tip for consumers:Do not order from Horchow unless you are 100% certain you will keep the furniture. Products used:Furniture Service Value Shipping Returns Quality
    They have created special site wide discount emails which are unusable. I tried to buy an item I wanted with this discount. The cart would not honor it. After "live chat" I was I formed that the item I wanted did not qualify. The site says "store wide". I got curious a d found nothing I tried would honor the discount. This is deception at it's worst.
    Just got a 20% code IN MY INBOX and tried to use it. Message on check out was that it was invalid. Tried to call. They said after 20 minutes of conversing (+20 minutes on hold) that they would give it to me - a one-time COURTSEY? They sent the code. If it's high end, what the hell? Their service and website suck. Go directly to whoever the artist or supplier is and buy that way!
    Horchow accepted funds for a large purchase and randomly sends e-mails changing the delivery date and has no concrete information on a real date. The "customer service" team is not informed and gives the impression they are not accountable. They give canned answers. A blase attitude, and there is no follow-up. Do not make a major purchase on Horchow.