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  • Description:24  Hour  Fitness was founded in 1983, is one of the world's largest fitness club, with more than 400 clubs in the world. At launch for individual physique health plan, providing innovative exercise, aerobic exercise and functional training, is committed to helping members improve their physical health so as to improve the quality of life.
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    Mesquite gym need to clean the lady's room showers.Mildew ,drains stopped up.Its look so bad.They clean the floor but not the showers what sense does that make
    I have gone to Facebook /site jabber to Voice my complaints since I have called members services and received no response at all. I even called back to follow up and was told I would receive a call within 5 business days.Still No calls I was insulted by a club employee and another occasion told I could loss my membership for signing a petition that was being circulated over the changes of a class time that for many years has been the same classes still full.don't get me wrong I am all for positive change once again what happen to what is best for the members and their feedback before changes that could affect the members routine and workouts this class was always full most of all what about FREEDOM OF SPEECH . It really bothers me that the club seems it do not take members opinions into consideration before changes what happen to our members satisfaction. Communication with the members is key.People forget that if it had not been for the members there would be no 24 fitness. Corona 24 hour fitness sports
    This is a gym that appeals to the masses. Its relatively cheap (especially if you buy the Costco deal for a prepaid 2 year membership). However, it can get very crowded, especially the classes. I did one free personal training session and it was a joke. I guess you get what you paid for.