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    Dealing with Dhgate was the one of the most horrible online shopping experience. Please do yourself a favor and stay away from this site.
    Ordered a gown for $167. And paid $25. Extra for fast shipping..knowing that sometimes it takes a while to get stuff from China. I should have known better...clothes I have ordered from other sites turned out to be cheap. Awful fabric, shoddy workmanship, and sizing so off...even when adjusted to their sizing. Anyway, after many, many emails asking the status of my order with no answering emails, I finally get one from PayPal saying. Y money for this item would be refunded in a few weeks. Stated that the sellers account was shut down! So why do I keep seeing ads for this company???? BEWARE! DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING from DHgate!!!!
    I was giving Order around $9000, before this i check review and I stop to order after seen company bad reputation, same thing happen to me with another company i ordered even after i review, but this time 100% review is horrible, so Carefully don't wanna get headache any more FREE
    I ordered what looked to be a very cute bob style wig that should have been 16" long and "Bob Style" as advertised. Their return policy and/or buyer guarantee says that they will refund money completely without having to return merchandise if not as described. Long story short I received a 26" wig that had no style to it what so ever. Actually was layered with the a point in middle whwere the wig measured 26". They said they would pay for return shipping cost when the received wig back they asked me to ship it and provide tracking through USPS. Tracking with USPS is only good in US. therefore they were trying to make sure I never knew if they actually got it back or not. I chose to ship it back via UPS so I knew for certain it made it back. In the chaos of trying to get proper shipping I ended up providing tracking and shipping item back one day late. I spent $250 on wig & $105.34 to ship back on 4/26. They received and signed for wig on 5/4. I finally got response from DHGATE after multiple attempts and they claim that because I shipped it out a day later than 4/25 that DISPUTE closed so they are not refunding my money. WHAT A SCAM !!!! I paid to ship back item that should have never been sent to me to begin with & now they still will not refund my money. I'm sorry but that's not the way honest people do business!!!!! Please beware of this company!!!! They will steal from you!!!!!!! They do not even deserve one star! Only selected because I had to. STILL DEALING WITH THIS. I'VE SPENT ANOTHER VALUABLE HOUR OF MY TIME SENDING ALL DOCUMENTS AGAIN - WHAT NOW DHGATE?
    To keep it short i recieved a damaged item from them which is unusable. The seller wasted time offering 0.01 refund or $3 (item was around $20). So had to her DHgate to mediate. They ended up giving me half the money back (yet to be recieved) and another bit back as a voucher (not full amount with expiry and minimum spend on it). DO NOT USE THEM not worth the hassle or the time. I wish I could respond to their comment but Im pretty sure I didn't have a coupon for more than a dollar if I even used one (which I wasn't aware of) as they throw so many at you and we all know why now. They are definitely 3 customer down because of this issue and I hope there will be a lot more I am going to post reviews in everything that I can find so no one else gets ripped off by this company. ******UDATE JUST CHECKED MY RECEIPT FROM THEM IN THE SYSTEM MESSAGES AND THERE IS NO MENTION OF A COUPON SO THEY ARE JUST TRYING TO COVER UP THEIR BAD SERVICE*****
    I ordered a dress from this website and it took 31 days to be made and 4 or 5 days to be delivered which I was completely fine with. What I received I was not however. The dress did not come in the right color, I ordered dark navy blue and not royal blue. The boning in this dress is protruding unnaturally from the gown. There is a slit that goes from the waist of the gown down to the floor which was not described in any photo or write detail. Overall the gown looks like a cheap costume. I tried several times to fill out a dispute but would never allow me to attach any of the evidence like it wanted. The live chat ("highly recommended" they say) was very robotic because I used it 3 times in one night and received many of the same messages to do completely different things. I could never get a hold of anyone either over the phone. I spoke with the seller over messages about the dress and was told that I was past dues basically to return the dress even though I had been trying for weeks to return it. They also said that I needed to recheck the photo and that there WAS a slit in the dress. My dress order number is 258312251. unless I'm blind there is no slit in the dress going from the waist to the floor. Even if there was it was not at all made clear in any photo they provided. Overall I have WASTED $140.00 on a something I will never wear. I would like not to be contacted be the company like I've seen in the other comments for the damage is done. I will be warning all those that I know to avoid this site for it is a SCAM. P.S. Even if the website isn't at fault it should be aware of the numerous amount of fraudulent companies its letting distribute poor products through their site. I checked the seller as well before purchasing and it has a 99% positive feed back with good reviews. So who ever is out there saying that its the customers who are at fault should keep to themselves because I DID do all the necessary research for my dress and do not appreciate being told its my fault that my order was wrong.
    I order shoes they took the money and cancel my order and remove their site.
    Please stay way from seller:Ebone is Amandazhukang this is the same seller Very bed experience .i lost a lots of money the Hifu machine was fake .I return the machine now the seller claim that I did not send the machine even I provide all tracking# and label .Everithing in this company is mess .All the discription are the same .Amanda had no clue of the business she is into .Dont purchase anything big headache !!!!!!
    I received a wig that looked like a bag of hair. The hair had a strong odor as I opened the package. It must have been something they washed the hair in. They're wasn't enough hair around the hairline with tan colored threads hanging around the edges. The wig was too small. I contacted the seller. They told me adjust the straps on the wig but they're wasn't any room to adjust it. I filed a dispute with my bank for the $260.53. I sent the week back through the USPS Post Office and dhgate claimed they never received it. It's been 2 months that they have been investigating the claim. I've sent pictures of the wig through emails with the product# and they're fighting the disputed claim. Dhgate isn't trying to refund any money back for unsatisfied contents. So too anyone is is planning on ordering from them you might want to think twice. It's a $#*!in headache. There's no way I'm going to let the bank take back $260 of my money for a wig that has been shipped back dhgate and I paid a shipment fee also. Do not get yourself involved in ordering anything from these people. They don't live up to their expectations. I clearly realize that
    This place is a complete rip off. They sell you junk, blame it on others and make it impossible to get a refund. Never buy from this site. Should be shut down immediately.
    hi, I ordered football boots to Ireland for my son on 17th April 2016. They have not arrived but you have taken payment from my VISA. I tried contacting through your website 2 weeks ago with no response. I am very unsatisfied. I will contact my VISA company to recover money if you do not deliver these boots. I have a very disappointed 12 year old who has been left without his birthday present. The website will not allow me to log to check on status.
    Seller sent the wrong size and will not make contact after I complained. Wants me to send $20 for additional shipping fee for their mistake? No I'm not falling for that one...take my advice order from ebay unless you want to experience the Chinese transaction from He**!!!!! I told him no more$$ and that was the end of the communication from the seller...customer support is giving me minimal help beware beware.should have review them first.shame on me
    Luckily my purchase was small, some silver plated beads for jewelry. I thought the company was in the UK, which is what the site implied. The beads came, the complete wrong size. You cannot just contact company and get a refund--or the right product--you have to contact seller, open a case, etc. It is like Ebay, but much, much harder to figure out. The seller wanted photos, customer service was online chat that seemed to take forever. It is a MESS to use, and it is simply not worth it. I strongly advise NOT using this company. ADDENDUM a week or two later: They did credit the amount of original purchase to my credit card, so are trying to be honorable, perhaps. But it was still a waste of time to try to shop here, and I still do not have the item I originally sought. Stick with companies you know and more or less trust.
    order number is 34695267 The seller sent me an item that was not as described or pictured in the pictures. The item I purchased had puffco marked on them. What I received were not labeled puffco and were much cheaper looking than what was pictured! When the seller agreed to refund my money and pay the shipping if I changed my reason for wanting a refund from "item is counterfeit" to "I want to return item". I had already selected seller pays the return shipping, but when I changed the reason DH GATE automatically selected that I PAY THE RETURNS. What a crock! I tried contacting DH GATE and the were absolutely ZERO help what so ever! I sent screen shots of the guy saying he will pay the shipping and everything (see attached). I am still trying to return the item, I have filed a dispute with cc company but DH GATE provided tracking info to them and now cc company wants tracking info for the return. Guess who is screwed into paying for the return? You guessed it, me the f'ing victim in this who scam! And to make things worse I can't leave negative feed back because it has been more than 15 days. What kind of BS is that.!!!! Stay away from DH Gate, check out Alibaba. Less of a scam. Haven't had any issues with Alibaba yet! BEWARE IF YOU BUY ON DH GATE, KNOW IT IS A MAJOR GAMBLE!!! Justin T (very unprotected buyer) I bet DH GATE will reply to this with the same crap as they replied to everyone else. So sorry for you loss... Blah blah blah... lol You are as transparent as a glass window! Updated 5/7/16 I did not select that I Will pay the shipping, your RIGGED website changed it on me. Tell me why when the reason is changed that the shipping method is mysteriously changed. And tell me would you trust some mofo that just burned your a$$ that he will repay you the shipping LMFAO... Not after reading on here about people getting ripped off all together when they ship it back. I'm not as dumb as you might think. My credit card company is done with the dispute,they returned your stolen money to you. You guys are so full of ($hit) I can smell it all the way on the other side of the planet.. It stinks bad. Good thing I didn't ship the item back or I would be really screwed! How do you sleep at night? On stacks of stolen US currency?
    The worst customer service ever. I have never received a returned message. I bought a $109.39 item that arrived broken. I was told on two separate occassions that I did not have to return the item, but would receive a refund. I then was told I had to ship it back at my expense, and was given the wrong address (granted this was 4months in the process). It took me and a postal worker over an hour to find where to ship it back for $67.00... I provided the tracking number (due - I was told by the 9th) on the 6th. The seller received the shipment, and the adjuster closed the case. They kept everything, won't respond, and then I was told in one of 22+ chat sessions, that from "time to time" the adjuster would check with the seller to see if they would refund my money. I have proof of all of this. They could care less about their buyers. Chris RESPONSE TO JOY: I do not envy your job. I tried to work with you on (now) 25 seperate chat messages and 15 unreturned emails to both my scammer - err. "adjuster" - and guess what? NO RESPONSE! Go figure. 'Gone legal; sit and spin!'
    I ordered a dress for my sisters wedding and I never got it! No number and these rates bastards sent me a $#*! ingredients scarf???????
    Purchased Guitar for $280...was told they didn't have it after they took my money! Then they had the nerve to ask for more money.....STAY AWAY!
    There is a seller on DHGate called honeywedding. DO NOT purchase from this seller. I ordered a wedding dress from this seller. I got it, I loved it. I ordered it early as a precaution. Thank God I did. I went to pull the dress out of the closet and it had yellow stains all over it. On the appliques, on the back. The dress was defective. Most likely a cheap fabric was used that discolored. I took great care of this dress. It was stored in a garment protective bag. It was in a clean and dry closet that is not subject to temperature fluctuations. The dress is ruined. My wedding is in June and I had to buy a new dress. I contacted the seller and they told me that the stains were probably my fault and that I probably didn't take care of it. I then contacted DHGate. This site is completely geared toward SELLER PROTECTION not BUYER PROTECTION like that would try to have you believe. They told me that they couldn't do anything. That my order was closed and that the money had been released to the seller. All that I could do was come to an agreement with the seller, (which obviously isn't going to happen). I sent them the screenshot of what the seller said to me. They said that because we hadn't reached an agreement, they couldn't open a case. What is the point of opening a case if you have an agreement with the seller?! You need a case when you can't reach an agreement. I told them that if I couldn't get my money back, could I at least alter my review. They told me no. They said that only the seller could allow me to alter my review. How is ANY of this protecting the buyer? So, now I'm out the money for 2 wedding dresses. The one that they sent me that is cheap and defective and the new one that I had to purchase from a real and reputable business to replace it. DO NOT order form here. No one will help you. You will lose your money, you will receive a crappy product, and you will be told that there is nothing you can do. This is a complete and total scam. Period.
    The Kids Smart Balance Wheel is a con. I ordered two for my grand kids and they came without batteries and a peddle. The free helmets were baby size not youth size and the color was blue not pink. In short they were not even put together correctly. The company I ordered from is refusing to take them back. They ripped me off for $477.28 and it took almost 30 days to receive. I believe they are rerouting our orders to non reputable suppliers and building things on demand. This is the third item That was bootlegged. Dont order from this place its a rip off.
    This is just site that connect buyer and seller. After buying items and pay for it, it will held the fund and not pay the seller after almost 4 weeks. If you don't get your item and ask for will get v the fund after 2 month later. You need 4 weeks from purchase time open dispute case . So dhgate will use your fund for 3 months. The Chinese government should to investigate this site..because is doing great damage to chinesse ecommerce. .
    I purchased what appeared to be a beautiful prom dress until I received a shower curtain material with missing clasps and hanging threads!! They told me to return it asap for a full refund of my purchase plus shipping...well that was 30 days ago...Now I have NO DRESS AND OUT OF $165!! DO NOT PURCHASE HERE!!!!
    I bought a prom dress for 175$ And they told me it would be delivered in no more than 20 days. I tried to track it and it wouldn't let me so then I tired to contact them and it didn't work. I waited a really long time for my dress and it never showed up. I couldn't even get my money back. This site is a scam! (By the way I had less than 2 weeks to find a real dress to wear)
    I expected to get a big box with my dress in it I seen a small little bag I open it my dress was wrinkle n didn't look nothing like the picture. I couldn't believe how unprofessional this company pack their dresses. The dress is has a cheap material the gold looks like a orange gold omg I think I'm going to sue the company I paid alots of money to get a cheap dress no way am I going to let them get away with that
    I found the unit I purchased was a copy in many ways in appearance of the original Hitachi unit. It was less powerful and poorly constructed. I do not want to go through the hassle of photos and writing to get my money back. Don't spend more than you are ready to give up. They do not reference their shipping number to the order number so it is impossible to track more than 1 order.
    ok dhgate is a website that hosts companies and their products. Dhgate is not at fault for any of your problems... before you order an item look at all the info given about that item and also look at the reviews and the feedback from the people who ordered that item. not every company on dhgate is very good but that doesnt mean its dhgate's fault. so you only have yourself to blame for your bad experiences with ordering off the dhgate website. so stop itching and complaining about something you have control over.
    If I could give a numbers in the negatives I would. The absolute worst company ever to deal with. They lie about their products. They lie about their refund/return policies. I was told because it was the wrong product I would get a full refund and that they would reimburse me for the shipping cost. I sent it registered mail, they tried to tell me it was stuck in Dhl customs it was going to cost me a $150. They deleted all the messages/conversations between us, no record of it now. This has been a fight now since December of 2015. This company needs to be put out of business asap. LIARS, SCAM ARTISTS !!!!!!
    Dhgate has been giving my sister and her husband horrible service after sending them almost $300.00 to get her gown and her husband's tuxedo. If they do not reimburse her, due to their budget their wedding my be ruined. Her gown wasn't hemmed completely, the gown wasn't as described, the size was a teenager's size versus a woman's size. Her husband tuxedo was a little boy's size. Just awful! They are not responding and when you call that number, they always have t g e same recording that they ate extremely busy. We have reached out to them by chat and have given them the order numbers. They even insulted my brother in law and asked to give 30 dollars back if he keeps the suit.
    This is a horrible website to order from the clothing is cheap quality and looks nothing like the photos it's all just a giant scam don't waste your money
    Do not order from DHGATE! I ordered an evening clutch purse for my daughters prom on March 7th. I have not received the purse and her prom is less than trip weeks away. Costumer service is a joke and the chat room for tracking your purchase is a joke as well. They took my money and I got nothing in return. You will always read "Hi Friend, sorry for the delay..." Which does nothing but infuriate the person being ripped off. I should have read the reviews before ordering. All in all, DONT DO IT, DO NOT ORDER FROM DHGATE!!! BTW still no purse.
    I purchased my wedding dress on I received my product and it was terribly sewn together. I took the dress to a tailor and they stated the dress was sewn so badly they could not even take it apart to fix it. Dhgate did not help to refund or dispute the product through the seller, in fact they directed me in circles after I had already told them I could not file a dispute per their website would not allow. I asked them how to post a review for their website and other buyers and they would not give me information to do this. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS SITE! The product is terrible and they are from China. Therefore, if you receive a bad product you will not receive help. I have a piece of trash I purchased for 135.10 that was suppose to be my wedding dress. No dress, no refund, and no way to let other buyers the risk of purchasing from this business. My suggestion DO NOT BUY FROM THIS WEBSITE DHGATE.COM.
    I Was Ripped Off By All 3 The Seller DHgate And 1st Convience Bank Inside Your Local WALMART OR KROGER!!! I ordered and didnt get all my headphones reported it to seller and DHL, DHL did investigation and couldnt find any evidence that they're employees were going into my packages.. So I let seller know she was ripping me off by taking one of my items out of the box after weighing the package and she never did try to deny it, So I opened a case with DHgate and they wanted me to upload a video to youtube so they could see the evidence that I have and they still gave the china bitxh my $403.00 dollars. So I used my last option t o try to get my money refunded the BANK because DHgate will not accept PAYPAL, so I filed a claim and had to wait nearly 2 and a half months for them to send me a letter in the mail saying they couldnt refund me so they All ripped me off none of them can be trusted and I chose to buy from the seller because the seller had good ratings but none of them can be trusted and far as 1st Convience Bank, I will open a account with a real a** Bank Like Chase, COmerica, Wells Fargo Charles Schwab not Some Rip Off 1st Convience Bank That Is Open 7DAYS A WEEK When Every Real Bank Is CLOSED On Sat @ 12PM And Closed On Sunday. Real Banks Close They Dont Stay Open 7 Days A Week And 1st Convience Bank Doesn't Even Have Security Guards Like Real Azz Banks Do!!!
    my idea lately do business with people u don't know is tough.i other five pear of shoe size 43/10 the stupid man send me two pear size 42 now is telling me that he will give me discount next,u think I want to do business with u anymore,i other another shoe he was a mess two I told the send am going to send it back he told me is expensive so u knew why u send me trash looking shoe.i call customer service no I have to chat all the time they take there time to help u,
    they make you file a dispute to return your product and they will not let you return it for a refund. I will never deal with them again.
    I am contacting the Better Business Bureau, on this company. I feel if your company sends me a letter stating that if I send a product back my seller will pay shipping cost. Your company should uphold that that agreement, The seller is still selling merchandise on this site and when I speak with Representative from the company I am getting the run around for three months.. This is a Horrible way to treat your costumers.
    why can I order some items straight online straight from the website and others you have to do side deal orders through some remittance or bank account? I was trying to order a quantity of electronics from one seller and they asked for my email and gave me different accounts to send my money to.
    I have bought clothing from dhgate. My first two experiences were excellent. Ordered and received within 10 days. Since then it has been spotty. There is something strange about the shipping that I cannot figure out. One seller ships DHL and DHL has the package the same day and it is on its way. Other sellers ship with DHL and it could a week or more for DHL to get the package. Nobody seems to be able to explain this to me. Some sellers make promises that they then ignore. A seller was making a custom dress and forgot the sleeves and on another made short sleeves instead of 3/4 and refused to refund my money. The mediator was of no help. I got a partial refund in a dh pay account and two dresses I cannot use. If I want to get my money back I have to pay to transfer. I have also had problems with payments. One order they forced me to use Western Union and even though I had proof that they received payment, they took 17 days to approve it and only after I sent a copy of my Wesern Union receipt. To use this site takes a lot of patience and a willingness to lose money.
    Hi Dan! Please provide us your order number so we can check the status of your order and we'll provide the resolution on your concern. Riane DHgate Dan R. wrote: ------------------------- I have received no help from you, or your seller. I purchased an item that doesn't work, and the seller refuses to respect the warranty, and you jus say "We are here to help you" but do nothing. You can write all of the phony canned service quotes that you want to. but it doesn't replace my product that does not work. Reply Delete Still no reply from this company about the item that I bought; you know the one that doesn't work, the one that I bought in Oct 2015, and it quit working in Dec 0f 20015
    Ordered the dress on line. It came to me absolutely un wearable, the jacket sleeve one was bigger than the other one. I could not put my arm it is, the dress was way too big even though I sent my correct size. the dress was plain and the applications were not attached. the design details were totally different. I tried to work this out with customer service but they said they can do nothing for me and wanted me to send them a picture of the dress. What??? I ordered the dress for a picture they had on line. Can someone help me get my money back I am so frustrated. Vonda
    Quite possibly the worst site I have ever dealt with. Sellers ask for more money after the transaction. Customer service simply responds with default responses (when they get around to it) There is no customer service at all to actually help you sort any issues out, beyond another nice message saying "we're looking into it", yet nothing ever actually gets sorted out. Avoid at all costs.
    I bought an item and as we all know it takes a while to get the USA. ( no problem) However after I purchase the item, they do not ship it. I email, and email, the seller nor DHgate would respond, and still has not ( a week later). They did set up a refund ( out my money for 3 weeks.) They also are still allowing the same seller to operate selling products, the same product. I am just not sure what this site is. Is it real, or is it an illusion?
    They sent the wrong size for hunter boots, on top of that, they want me to upload a picture and the system does not work, so I cant start a dispute. Spent hours chatting with no solution. the boot are FAKE! Totally fake, Stay away!!!!! And now that I read their response to my review, I have to say: After some days going back and forth to upload a picture of the wrong size, they asked for more pictures. Then, they are offering me a partial refund and get to keep the wrong size shoes. I paid $50 and offered me $15. Why would I want to keep fake shoes that I can't wear? The other option was to send the shoes back and wait until they get them back another 30 days at least if they ever get there. Imagine if they get lost? I will never be able to prove that I sent them back and never get my money back. Their BUYERS PROTECTION is not real!!! Please stay away!!! More than ever!
    Looks they are new in business
    "I ordered a bullet proof vest from one of there sellers. Ordered a XXXL and they shipped me a Medium. Asked for an exchange but they said I needed to pay more and pay for freight. I had mediation help and they did not. They worked great for smaller purchases but once I spent $231 I got screwed! Beware...use ALIBABA instead! DHgate order #34200935 I have tried to contact the seller to renegotiate and have tried to use your online customer service to no avail. Please do not respond with your ROBO reply because everyone can see that your responses are bogas!!!
    They don't care about the customer. They are seller oriented even when seller is clearly at fault. The dress I bought was shipped out after the day it was supposed to arrive. The shipping tracking number was invalid. The dress that arrived looked nothing like what was in the picture and it was poor quality. I put the 2 pictures of the dress that was advertised and the dress that arrived side by side & sent it to them. It was very clear that it looked nothing like the advertised. Took months to get a partial refund!!! Save your money and time...horrible service, not to be trusted!!!
    Do not order from jackhorse. I ordered many items from them in bulk quantity and a portion of the order never arrived. They ripped me off. I will never order from them again or DHgate ot now DHport again. They must be changing their name to hide their bad reviews.
    We use a pre pay card. It was denied 2times. However my son recvieved 2 different emails with confirmation numbers . I called the credit card company and they put a hold on the card. So please do not buy from them. I will wait for a while before I remove the hold on his cc to. Would have given them a 0 if I could
    Worst company ever. I ordered over $1100.00 in products and the sellers requested more money each time, Then the customer service did nothing. I was able to get refunded after 2 months of hassle.
    I ordered my daughter's prom dress from a Chinese company called DH Gate. The dress was nothing like the photo. In order to return it, it would cost hundreds of dollars to ship with no guarantee of a refund. Luckily I used my American Express card because I was able to get a refund through them. Now I refuse to buy anything online from China or Japan.
    Promote space seller is a scam. I ordered a dress instead I received an used hair pin. Horrible experience. Do not buy from Promote Space seller or dh gate in general. Amazon has better customer service.