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  • is an internationally renowned designer fashion store, has more than 200 kinds of merchandise. Coggles began in England in 1974 Yorkshire, it is a creative and design world.
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    In March 2015 I purchased an American Vintage Dwitt bag from The Hut Group. I received my order but was sent out the wrong bag (American Garrat bag) and this bag had very obviously been used, tags were torn off and placed inside the bag. It took me 7 weeks to eventually receive a refund. On the 17/11/2015 I notice Coggles have the American Dwitt bag so I place an order for next day delivery. Order arrives but low and behold I receive the American Garrat bag that The Hut Group sent me exactly the same bag that took me 7 weeks to get a refund for! Called customer service and have been given the same runaround treatment as I received in March 2015 with the Hut Group. I new realise that Coggles is part of the Hut Group as is Look Fantastic, My and a few others pretending to be an upmarket department store. None of the mentioned companies include an invoice/returns form with your order, you have to call/email if there is a problem and god help you if you do not own a printer as you have to wait and wait and wait until they post the invoice/returns slip. Then if like myself you live in a remote village you drive on a 14 mile return trip to take the parcel to a collect plus store. So its ground hog day for me , same wrong order, same USED bag...........I will never be ordering off Coggles or The Hut Group again!
    I purchased two handbags from Coggles which returned the same week using UPS, I just happened to be checking my statements and noticed the refund had not been credited to my card, two days later, several phone calls ,serve anguish and talking to some absolute idiots the handbags suddenly appeared in there warehouse , no explanation or apology was given. Needless to say as many of us don't check our refund statements Matthew Moulding Ceo of Coggles would have been £579 better off . . . . I was then insulted with an offer of £5. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS COMPANY.
    This is the worst online company I have ever delt with. I sent goods back for credit that I was told were out of stock and I had not been charged when I had. I have called them several times and every time I am promised credit will be in my account within 2/3 days but 18 days later I still do not have my money back. I have posted reviews as this one on several review sites and Coggles get them removed as they do not like negative feedback. I have tried to contact their CEO but he does not like to be contacted by the customers that have made him wealthy. Do not use this company if you are likely to want to return anything as you will not get your money back quickly if at all.
    My first experience with Coggles is something I don't wish upon others. And I do believe that they truly don't care about the concept of happy and returning customers. My order was for three items of which only two was sent to me. Of those two items one was sent back because of size issues and has been not yet been acknowledged to be returned despite proof of acceptance. The other item is a sweater that was clearly washed by a prior owner but as I liked very much I decided to keep it. The third a still not delivered item is a pair of Dr Martens Arthur boots in size 7 which was on sale at purchase. According to different so called customer service people they where unfortunately out of stock when I purchased them which is the reason for the purchase to be cancelled. But the truth is they where never out of stock and hadn't been for the last two weeks since my order was placed. And they are still available but with a higher price. Customer service is now avoiding my queries with standard phrases and fake pleasantries. It shouldn't feel like this when you've shop at a high profile online shop as Coggles clearly wants to be seen as. So potential customers I recommend that you look elsewhere for your online purchases. Matchesfashion or Zalando are in my experience better alternatives that appreciates the value of a happy customer or at least honors an agreement. UPDATE I did what Jordan at Coggles suggested (ser below) and contacted them both on email and then later on phone. During the conversation he never denied that the boots actually wasn't in stock but rather gave me the usual talk standard answers that he really wanted me to feel happy about Coggles and so on. In the end he said that he would get back with a for me satisfactory solution (which I explained is getting the boots which he kind of tried to persuade me out of without any success) the day after or by the latest the day after that. Well as you can guess that hasn't happened and I believe that the are not the least interested in solving this issue. The boots are still available to purchase so it shouldn't be a problem for them. This is the worst experience I've had this far with online shopping and I have a lot of experience with both small merchandisers, ebayer from every country you can imagine and the big names such as Matches and Farfetch. Coggles should not be mentioned among those. I will keep on posting on other review sites as well as style forums so that every one that is the least unsure about going with Coggles hopefullly reads it and chooses to go elsewhere. Response from Coggles on Trustpilot which the update section above is a reaction on. Dear Daniel, Thanks for taking the time to leave a review regarding your order. I am extremely sorry for the inconvenience and I fully understand how frustrating this must be. So I can take a look into this further for you please can you contact me through your account quoting reference TP491345. If you have further questions then please feel free to contact me. Many thanks, Jordan Customer Relations Executive.
    I ordered on 31 Dec 15 and Coggles said the item sent on the 1st Jan 15 with tracking number. After 2 weeks I found that the online tracking said the item could not be delivered due to false address. I contacted and they promised to resolve it. I heard nothing over a month and asked again then they said they will get in touch with the courier. Another month gone I have to email them again to follow up. This time they said cannot send the parcel to me and will arrange refund when they get the item back from courier. Is been over 4 months now, no follow up, no refund... worse UK online retailer for sure.
    19 February 2015 I ordered gloves on this site. More than a 1,5 month passed but I not received my order. I wrote to customer service and a very long time waiting for an answer. When I got the answer I was shocked. Here is the original answer from support: “Hello Nurik, Thank you for getting in touch about order 50662666. We operate a 40 day policy in which we ask you to please make contact to let us know that your order has not arrived. As it has now been over 40 days since your order was sent, we cannot trace this item and are unable to offer you a refund or replacement. We are very sorry for any inconvenience or disappointment caused by this. If there is anything else that we can do, then please do not hesitate to get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to help. Kind regards, Gary Coggles Customer Service Team” So, I was left without gloves and without money. People, if you want to buy something in this online store - you can just throw the money. So you at least save your time and nerves. Sincerely, Ducembaev Nurik
    Good online shop but with some deficiencies I have shopped 2 times, the second time I have the displeasure experience The delivery company "" have no telephone no email to contact with them?! So I had a problem with my parcel - I track my parcel and I saw that it returned to! no phone call, no email, no Morse code! Of course found the solution, but the package (which was a gift) came with 1 month pulse of delay.